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    by Trish sheffield on 27 Feb 2015 21:45

    I cancelled after placing an order within days 11days before it was due to change over.they took over my account anyway and blamed open reach .i then had to wait 14 days for it to be changed back .in this time I was left with no internet they promised they would not take money from my bank account .They did ,they refused to refund until I sent copy of my bank statement ,proving it had come out ,and they... more>
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    by Sandeep on 27 Feb 2015 15:35

    PATHETIC, Avoid it, worst service you can get. Ordered a house move request, 15 days and engineer visit is done and still no sign of Broadband. I have spent hours on costly PHONE CALLS. You will reach customer care in 30 min waiting time and then customer care people will transfer your calls 5-6 times and in end some one will hang up. FRUSTRATED !! .... Please avoid. I will now have break contract and... more>
  • XLN Telecom Reviews

    by Hewkin on 27 Feb 2015 12:08 | registered | posts

    As a Business , an internet connection is very important to us . We placed an order with XLN on the 14th January .2015
    As of today 27th February 2015, we are still without an internet connection .. Although XLN can not supply this service to us , They threaten large cancellation fees ..
    Needless to say , we have cancelled with them and have no intention of us paying any cancellation charges .
    See you... more>
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    by Nick Chinn on 26 Feb 2015 21:40

    EE is simple appaling! The product was completely mis-sold, with installation timescales promised that it later transpired were known to be incorrect. Customer service is extremely bad. I strongly advise everyone to steer clear...
  • BT Reviews

    by Paul on 24 Feb 2015 17:41

    On the 5th of January I placed an order with BT on their website (Broadband and Calls). I was particularly attracted to this offer because of the Sainsbury s gift voucher that was being offered as an incentive to sign up (Either 75 or 100). Having received confirmation by email, it was said that everything would go active on the 28th. That date arrived and I hadn t received my equipment.

    I... more>
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    by Mikey on 24 Feb 2015 14:53 | registered | posts

    Possibly the WORST customer services I have ever encountered together with the worst service - DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR LINE RENTAL UPFRONT - I MADE THAT MISTAKE, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. YOU WILL BE FAR FAR BETTER OFF IN THE LONG RUN. I'm currently in dispute with them and am using the Ofcom ombudsman service -CISAS- but they (EE) even appear to be ignoring them. Dreadful Dreadful service.
  • Plusnet Reviews

    by Kelvin on 24 Feb 2015 11:48

    Unless you want internet service delayed for a month and spend everyday dealing with their CSR who also don't know what is going on...
  • TalkTalk Reviews

    by Jamie on 24 Feb 2015 10:45

    BEWARE MIS SELLING. After being directed to TalkTalk sales from, I agreed a package by phone with one of their sales team, reiterating the channel selection as part of the bundle. After a fortnight te service was installed and a number of the channels were not present. A call to customer service to enquire resulted in being told I'd need to pay more for additional channels and that... more>
  • TalkTalk Reviews

    by Alma Beha on 23 Feb 2015 20:28

    i can not agree any more with these reviews. In each of them it looks like they are speaking for me as well. No wonder. This is what customers of Talk Talk are getting from their provider. Appalling, very low standards service, careless, nonsense and irritating customer service that aims to circle you around first line support answering to everything with standard repetitive answers without ever intending to... more>
  • BT Reviews

    by Cory on 23 Feb 2015 18:14

    Horrible customer service, do not care in the slightest about you. Charge you for anything they can find an excuse to charge for, and you'll receive less than half the speed you pay for.

    Avoid at all costs.