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    by Jason Wells on 30 Oct 2014 14:58

    Ok so I run a computer cpompany and did a terrible thing TRANSFERED TO EE so far from the get go it has been a sham to say the least, BAD CUSTOMERSERVICE is one thing but total INCOMPETANCE is something altogether worse!

    So I was with talk talk (no angels themselves) and went for EE to help reduce outgoings and low and beholdf no notification of an activation date! But BAM I come in to work and NO... more>
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    by Jennie Sutton on 28 Oct 2014 17:32

    I have never, ever, been so frustrated by a complany as EE. The contact centre promised to provide a smooth re-connection from Tiscali on 6th October. This never happened. Apparently, ..'Openreach had seized my phone number' & the order was cancelled on 30th September. No-one told me this from EE. I had to find out by calling 6 days later when we had no landline nor internet/broadband connection. Since... more>
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    by Michael on 26 Oct 2014 21:52

    Hmm where to start.
    I opted on 21st August 2014 to upgrade my Orange mobile as it was old and unreliable. EE shop stated that as I had a contract with Orange for mobile and broadband(thought they were the same) then I would need to start again with EE and they were "kind" enough to offer a mobile/home phone/broadband package at a lower cost than the original Orange mobile/broadband and BT home phone deal... more>
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    by Matt on 26 Oct 2014 13:17

    EE customer service is abismal! Had to wait nearly 2 months for broadband to be installed. The first problem was due to EE not being able to transfer the number however I was not contacted to tell me this! The 10 working day connection period then had to be reset for installation as it was a new order. This happened again and I was the one who had to call. The staff had no power to do anything and put... more>
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    by Helen on 24 Oct 2014 15:59

    The whole EE broadband changeover has been extremely stressful. I would avoid at all costs and can not wait for my contract to end. I was told the changeover would be within hours, I was without broadband for 11 days! I have been billed incorrectly and everytime you need to call them you are on hold for ages trying to get through. I rang the customer services at 6.45 pm last Friday was on hold waiting... more>
  • Sky Reviews

    by tyrone on 22 Oct 2014 20:08

    Signed up to sky on the 13th of October with the 2 years free broadband deal. Waited a week and no router so I rang SKY, for them to tell me I only signed up for TV...After an hour of them trying to sell me some kind of internet deal that would cost an arm and leg I decided to cancel it all together. Then they made me pay a further 10 pound for the service I had received GREAT! So I have an appointment made... more>
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    by Adr on 18 Oct 2014 17:41

    I changed from PlusNet to EE in June via Money Saving Expert (MSE) website to save money & the promise of a 120 Amazon voucher after 3 months. After providing the MAC code, changeover went smoothly for both Broadband & landline on the dates agreed. After the usual initial 5-7 days, broadband speed was same as PlusNet (which was same as BT which I had before that)- about 14-17Mb d/l 1Mb u/l. EE has... more>
  • Plusnet Reviews

    by Jay on 18 Oct 2014 14:31 | registered | posts

    I have plusnet at my office and has been ok, they used to be really good over the phone at customer service but I have noticed them slip a lot.

    I opted for their fibre service when I moved home, unfortunately could not get virgin fibre optic which I would have back without thinking twice, virgin was installed at my previous house and ok at times there was the odd outage but virgin connection speeds and... more>
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    by Leon on 17 Oct 2014 20:25

    I have recently set up Mobile Broadband with EE (60 min's ago). During the call I was advised that I could get a 50 off my mobile phone. At the end of the call I had to get my details verified. But the verification person had no idea regarding the Mobile discounts. So I went online and tried to use the chat facility, but the person advised that they had no knowledge regarding this discount. I then phoned... more>
  • Plusnet Reviews

    by RRees on 14 Oct 2014 19:47

    It is mentioned that Plusnet have a set answer. Tend to agree. They act more like some council jobsworth thana private company