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About Primus

Acquired by New Call Telecom in October 2010, the Primus brand is known for its award-winning budget home phone and broadband products which offer incredibly cheap broadband and phone line rental.

Primus offer two tiers of broadband product: the inexpensive Primus Saver with download limits for just a few pounds a month plus line rental, or Primus Unlimited, which is now a truly unlimited broadband service without data usage caps or traffic management. Activation is free and both options include a free wireless router.

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  • neutral

    by Ian at 14:34 on 24 Jul 2014 | registered | 12 posts

    Cannot believe the moaning minnies in here. Mark asks for installation involving an engineer then goes off on holiday for a week and THEN complains about a router being left on his doorstep - get a life!

    Two years on-line no problems fast broadband cheap international calls even - great service

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  • unhappy

    by Mark at 17:41 on 22 Jul 2014

    Hiya. I left wrong email. The abovementioned one is the correct one. That Primus Saver know and have as they have had several. Wrong email in complaint but same sentiment. Terrible company and customer services a joke.
    old style pushy and lie about service and prices to get your business. As mentioned.Have not resolved or even attempted to. Still not collected Router, requested last month.As stated before no engineer as per agreement, and dead phone line. So Router never going to work. Customer services, take forever and never resolve the problem and very rudely especially as they know you are phoning from a mobile, do not call you back as promised.
    You have wasted my time, patience and made me lose my trust in small companies. I have what I had a month ago No Broadband. No I tell a lie I have a bill from yourselves, for no service and its way more than that stated and written on application form by salesperson. You should pay me for all the calls I made to you, probable £10 plus.
    Shameful way to try to conduct business.477

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  • unhappy

    by Mark at 16:28 on 22 Jul 2014 | registered | 1 post

    (New Call) Primus Saver. I would advise you not to use this company ever. Their sales person lies or the company lies.
    I was told and have it in writing that free installation and free engineer, and free phone socket as mine is several years old (was BT phone socket that never had any problems) engineer date to be set up by post..No letter or appointment by phone for engineer and instalment.Router box left at door when I was away for a week, for any one to take! They have several phone numbers but no one to answer them quickly usually about 10 minutes, Router box never worked, called about a dozen times, they promised to check and call me back and they did not, as phone line still dead I had to use my mobile at 14 ppm. Only one professional person actually called me back one day from the Technical dept. I tried calling them for around 4 days, no one could help. I also Emailed them several times, I eventually got a reply a day or two later. Sent other emails, no reply. I informed them to collect their Router, if they want it, as they have brocken their contract.They have also sent a bill for a lot more than the agreed amount. Adding insult to injury. Do not use this company. I want a free postage sticker to return Router or they can uplift it.
    I think trading standards should also be informed.
    This is about a month now..
    Elizabeth McGuiness (contact centre manager) and Primus Saver should be ashamed of themselves

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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 12:54 on 21 Jul 2014 | registered | 49 posts

    Hi Steve H,

    I'm sorry you feel this way about our service.

    At NewCall Telecom we pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Services available.

    Please can you email me your account details or full address including postcode to so I can have a look at exactly what went wrong during your signup process and make sure this does not happen again?

    Kind regards,

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