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About Primus

Acquired by New Call Telecom in October 2010, the Primus brand is known for its award-winning budget home phone and broadband products which offer incredibly cheap broadband and line rental.

Primus offer two tiers of broadband product, the inexpensive Primus Saver with download limits for just a few pounds a month plus line rental, or Primus Unlimited, which is now a truly unlimited broadband service without data usage caps or traffic management. Activation is free and both options include a free wireless router.

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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 15:06 on 12 Apr 2014 | registered | 40 posts


    Nigel, if you have any issues or queries, please do contact send an email to

    Bill, I believe that your issue has now been resolved. If it has not, please contact us at the above address.

    Helen and Malc, please send your account details to so that we can look into this for you.

    Kind regards,

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  • unhappy

    by Malc Dow at 22:55 on 8 Apr 2014

    I've contacted Primus countless times by email to which I've had no response.

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  • unhappy

    by helen leake at 20:59 on 6 Apr 2014

    What a terrible company, didn't get a connection for weeks after ordering, then it didn't work so I took time off work for a BT engineer. It worked for a few days then stopped again. I have refused to make any payments and raised a complaint but received no satisfaction. Meanwhile I keep getting bills, and a threat to cut off my service which will be clever of them as I am not receiving any. Their customer service is non-existent and I would recommend anyone reading this to avoid them like the plague, never known anything like it!

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  • unhappy

    by Bill Franklin at 15:47 on 6 Apr 2014

    I'm a new customer I've contacted Primus countless times by email to which I've had no response, and have rung the helpline that they have never answered, I still can't get on to my email, none of the passwords work, and I have now been locked out of the account. I have been unable to access my bills and yet Primus are happily taking money from my account and I have no idea what services I am being charged for and whether they are correct.

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