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About Primus

Acquired by New Call Telecom in October 2010, the Primus brand is known for its award-winning budget home phone and broadband products which offer incredibly cheap broadband and phone line rental.

Primus offer two tiers of broadband product: the inexpensive Primus Saver with download limits for just a few pounds a month plus line rental, or Primus Unlimited, which is now a truly unlimited broadband service without data usage caps or traffic management. Activation is free and both options include a free wireless router.

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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 17:24 on 31 Jul 2014 | registered | 53 posts

    Hi C.Hawken,

    I can confirm that you should now have a reply to your email.

    Kind regards,

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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 15:11 on 29 Jul 2014 | registered | 53 posts

    Hi Paolo,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues with your line. If you would like us to look into these issues, please send your account details to [email protected]

    Kind regards,

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  • neutral

    by hectorroxy,(C.Hawken) at 00:53 on 29 Jul 2014

    Hi Ian,Moaning minnies,!!! Primus tried to bill me for £86.00, I indemnified it. Then the tried to bill me foor,wait for it,........£917.00, they bounced this DD, back and forth $, yes$, times incurring me £60.00 bank charges, and then, when I first signed up with them I had a limited packagage, of £17.00, after the 2nd month,I got DD'ed £35.00, not vey economic,So I says I'll go unlimited, which Im did, that was 9months ago,one snag,alto I was informed of unlimited package, they didn't book me it,Hence the£86.00 bill, I got in touch with this pages on-line team, who finally got their finger out,and it transpires,I've been £76.00, in credit ALL THE TIME!, despite this, I was cut off TWICE!!, I informed the on-line team that my phone wasn't working, £ weeks ago,I even got an e-mail this:
    Hi Clinton,

    I apologise sincerely for this. I can see from the notes in your account that you are now in credit and I have requested that the suspension on the line be lifted.

    When we require yourself to set up a direct debit again, you should be contacted with the information that your bill has not yet been paid. We would then need you to contact us to reset the direct debit.

    Kind regards,
    Guess what my phone is still off line, Moaning minnies,I could happily detonate them, So shay, before you give the glib, "" ..we value your custom bulldung, how about actually doing your job,your firm sets a new low and fails to reach it, the only reason I haven't sued you yet is I'm to busy, BTW, I requested your formal complaint process which is required by you to satisfy Ofcom, and you haven't replied to that, Joke,repeated, a little boy when asked what he'd like for Xmas,..he replied," a cowboy outfit", his dad bought him Primus...useless

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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 11:46 on 26 Jul 2014 | registered | 53 posts

    Hi Ian,

    I'm very glad to hear that you are enjoying your services! If you are ever to experience any issues in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

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