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  • unhappy

    by Bill Franklin at 15:47 on 6 Apr 2014

    I'm a new customer I've contacted Primus countless times by email to which I've had no response, and have rung the helpline that they have never answered, I still can't get on to my email, none of the passwords work, and I have now been locked out of the account. I have been unable to access my bills and yet Primus are happily taking money from my account and I have no idea what services I am being charged for and whether they are correct.

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  • unhappy

    by Nigel at 22:01 on 4 Apr 2014 | registered | 3 posts

    Once again I see that Primus have asked only certain customers to contact them so that they can sweet talk them into staying!
    As I am an ex-customer who had to leave because of their incompetence, staff lying who go back on their words and leave a mentally disabled lady with no lifeline facility even though the bill was fully paid up to date, they do not want me to contact them!


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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 10:03 on 4 Apr 2014 | registered | 40 posts

    Hi Allan and Tony,

    I apologise for the experience you have had with our customer service. Please could you send your account details to so that we can look into your cases and provide a resolution.

    Kind regards,

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  • unhappy

    by tony at 20:39 on 26 Mar 2014 | registered | 1 post

    Booked them in december, gave up waiting, cancelled or tried only the guy who took ,my order would not cancel it, money was taken out of my account. Have been pestered with loads of emails, phone calls, letters ect demanding more payments even though i have explained that i don't even have any of their products. They are the worst i have ever had to deal with, please everyone ask them for the contact details for the Ombudsman which they have to give you by law, then take Primus down

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  • unhappy

    by Allan at 12:58 on 24 Mar 2014

    I have been on the phone twice this morning and both times kept waiting for 2 hours without reply . It is just to cancel my phone and broadband service as I no longer need it , very disappointed with the customer services I will just cancel the dd

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  • neutral

    by pippa at 12:08 on 21 Mar 2014

    FINALLY!!!!!! after having to threaten them with refering this matter now to Watchdog!! which I would do!!! make no mistake.... I had a call yesterday 1st ever!!!!! with profound apologies' ??? admitting their mistake but that 'I HAD NOT UNDERSTOOD THEIR LAST EMAIL TO ME?? told you they thought i was suffering from dementia or something didn.t I ? I promptly assured him that i had no problem understanding his email and that it quite clearly said that they would ammend my account next month!!! anyway after argueing this point he said that I was not to pay this huge bill of £92 at all and said all my bill was was in fact £33? Hold on a minute!!! where is the £15 ddiscount as well??? i asked. Oh yes!! madam you are right .. I then finally got the bill I should have had in the first instance of £18.11p. What a difference eh?? But like i told him how sad that I have had to fight tooth and nail for ages, and spent money phoning them etc plus numerous emails you know the story Hectorroxy don't you only too well!!! I also told him to make sure that as my bill still states that i owe this £92 I am not cut off by their billing department when i pay my correct amount!!!! I do not trust them!!!!! Wonder Why??? we will see what occurs now!!! I really hope you get your money back quickly like now would be good wouldn't it? Fingers crossed now but i bet i am having to come on here again before long just have a feeling !! hope i am wrong !!! we will see.............

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  • unhappy

    by matt at 09:40 on 21 Mar 2014

    Update - yesterday i called my bank to try the indemnity claim and they very helpfully refunded the DD in question where I had been over-charged in the region of £65.

    This morning - I've been cut off.

    I have an angry e-mail from "customer services" informing me that my account is suspended until I call them back pay the money back.

    It's taken me 3 months to try and get a refund and yet only 1 day when I hit them where it hurt - in the wallet.

    Well, you know what New Call? How about you call ME back??
    I'm happy not having broadband provided by you, I'll happily find a new provider that knows how to correctly bill it's customers

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  • neutral

    by hectorroxy at 00:17 on 21 Mar 2014

    Update: You see, its no good being nice, after asking for Head office address,(which they didn't give) I finally got a result, they still maintain that they did send me an Eimail saying my bill is online,I have NEVER received any such notification, I enclose portion of e-mail I received today,(gimme my money or else")-:
    After our conversation earlier on today i have now amended your account.
    Your refund request is being processed and the earliest we can refund the money to your bank is on the 27/03/14. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    When looking at your account i have worked out that we owe you £63.99 not £90.00 as that is the over usage charge we deducted from your bank last month. The over usage charge you see on this months bill has not been taken and will not be taken as i have already amended the direct debit to prevent this being taken.

    Also when looking at your account we have not over charged you for the whole year we have actually undercharged you.
    The point is the words amended your account, it should have been done last year!, anyway fair's fair, customer service has VASTLY improved, now how about getting your billing right NewCall???? be nasty,tell them you are really pee'd off and you wanted your problem sorted TODAY!!!!, after all thats their job, good luck,don't be ground down

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  • unhappy

    by hectorroxy at 14:01 on 20 Mar 2014

    Update: First of all thanks to gerry for info about contacting bank. I phoned my bank, and yes they are disputing the DD.. New Call MUST inform you about any further price increases.2) phoned Customer Service,(C.S.) asked wheres my money? Oh yes we'll refund you in 2-3 weeks, not good enough, I am not a loan company, and you have no right to take such an excessive amount from MY account without permission. Told operator to go and find the person and issue me my money and to do the job he was paid for.
    I demanded Head office address, as I was going to complain directly to them. Then announced thaI was going to give them a 7 day letter of intention, to go to small claims court,(that makes them nervous, as they(New Call), will have a County Court Judgement against them(C.C.J.), not good for their rating!
    Demand that they send you an e-mail, as to the cost of your next bill. Again I demamded prompt payment of monies owed to me. If you use the phone line for calls, ask where's the phone bill. New Call have NOT sent me ANY phone bills, not even by E-Mail, they must give account of services supplied by then and INVOICE you, Just like BT. I have been promised by C.S. that he will look into it and contact me . I'll believe that when I see it.
    Be firm,be persistent, tell them you want it sorted now! Its their Job, tell them you are not a happy bunny. Mention this site. I'll update you as to progress. good luck.

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  • unhappy

    by Gerry at 10:14 on 20 Mar 2014

    This seems to be a common theme - people being overcharged in the region of £100 and then having to fight for months to get a refund.
    Perhaps that's their plan - super cheap broadband (plus a huge whacking up front fee)
    Do what i did - immediately dispute the DD with your bank, call and register and indemnity claim - they'll refund the FULL DD back into your account and then the ball is in the court of New Call Telecom to justify why and how much they've attempted to take from your account.

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  • unhappy

    by pippa at 15:19 on 19 Mar 2014

    Oh LOrd!!! how many more emails phone calls etc!!! do not tell me this is a great company!!! As you know I have been waiting for this phone bill after my recent move !!! IT ARRIVED and as expected I am charged for an engineers visit plus VAT for this etc etc etc etc and to top it off I am not given the discount that I should have had with the package I took out !! Long story short they have admitted that they are wrong and I should not have been charged thus !!! etc etc BUT when i asked them to send a revised bill please for the correct charges as this would take all of my pension for the week and some, they tell me that my bill will be revised next month and these charges will be credited then ! NO NO NO I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE THEM £92 THIS MONTH . FOR WHAT????? may i ask ???? it is their error not mine !!! they are having none of it so I have now had to give them notice to quit within their recent offer of being able to leave due to their charges going up without penalty???? I am now waiting for another email back regarding this. Lets see what they say I think I can guess!!!! They cannot reasonably expect anyone to pay upfront for their errors!!! just because their billing system is printed early, all I want is someone to make a note on my account that I shall pay the charges I have accrued this month and nothing more, surely they can and are able to do this.... and then just send out their revised bill next month... or is this just laziness or could not care less attitude.. I am tired of calling them emailing them, it is a wasted effort.... FOR GOODNESS SAKE NEW CALL GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER PLEASE!!!! and as for the customers that find them to be wonderful well Good for you!!! I sincerely hope that you never have a problem with them, because I would be very interested if your viewpoint would still be the same.... I appreciate everyone is entitled to their opinion and free speech!! so I cannot understand why it appears that some people on here seem to verbally attack those who are having a rough ride with the Company, not very it ??? Good Luck to those who are having an easy time with them, long may it reign for you...............!

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  • unhappy

    by Matt at 10:35 on 19 Mar 2014

    In response to Ian - GOOD!!!! This is why websites like this exist - for when you have received bad (in my case shockingly terrible) service you should let other people know so they may avoid making the same mistake as me!

    I know it's terribly un-british of me to not just accept the bad service with a stiff upper lip and a cup of earl grey but what Primus offer is nothing short of a scam!

    As it has been said before - you should have seen this coming paying for such a cheap service? Yes, I would expect a slightly lower quality of service...however I would not expect complete incompetence when it comes to customer services....
    Besides - with the overcharges that I have had (and still no sign of a refund) I've actually ended up paying MORE than any of the legitimate providers.

    See Ian, this is how business works - if your customers are unhappy they will leave and take their business elsewhere... The directors at Plusnet apparently felt all they needed to do was create an ad with some (unfunny) bloke from Yorkshire for a low priced broadband provider and then sit back and watch the money roll in??!

    Not ONCE have I been called from Primus. Yet I have had to call them over 20 times now. It becomes quite boring making my weekly call only to have to repeat the same story to another idiot who i can only assume hasn't quite mastered the complex KEYBOARD (hence having to reiterate my quandary over and over...

    But there is light at the end of the tunnel...I'm going to take HECTORROXY's (thank you!) advice and write them a letter, including the cost of phone calls, including 8% interest on the overcharges, nicluding bank charges...
    Maybe that will make them listen...

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  • unhappy

    by hectorroxy at 14:02 on 18 Mar 2014

    hello fellow sufferers.
    I chased up the £86.00 overcharge, after an hour on the phone. Ill give credit where its due, the bloke on the phone was helpful!!! however more of Primus incompetence was revealed. After being charged double on two occasions, with the "saver" rate, I opted for the "unlimited" package,some 6 months ago, the upgrade was agreed over the phone. However the moron in Primus didn't log it, consequently I was being billed with overcharges, not a lot, but overcharged.
    Primus actually admitted they got it wrong!
    Here's how you squeeze Primus:
    I reminded Primus, that as they took a large amount of money from my account, they caused other DD's to bounce.,thus I incurred bank charges of £15.00, I told Mr Helful, why should I pay for Primus incompetence.
    So they can add that to my refund.
    I reminded them that as it was an unauthorised "Loan", that I could charge a further statutory 8% interest!
    I demanded my money be paid back PROMPTLY!
    After being put on hold,(again), They agreed that they owed me£90.00, When do I get my money? In about 2 weeks ,not good enough says I.
    So here's what you do, cos I'm a retired Lawyer.
    1. Send a 7 day letter and E-mail.
    2. List what's owed to you, plus any charges you have incurred through their incompetence. This includes ANY money you have laid out in pursuit of your claim.
    3. Go to the Local County Court, and fill in a Claim form, you will be charged a small percentage,i.e, £100.00 claim, £10.00, this you can claim back.
    Charge for taxi to Court,(fares), add all your outlays up, and charge the Statutory 8%.
    Primus MUST send a representative to the Court, if they don't you win by default. If they refuse to pay, you can send in the bailiffs, who will take goods to cover their cost!. Don't be frightened of the word "Court", it is usually a side room with you, the Judge and Primus rep.
    Enjoy it, you can watch the rep it crow and be paid for the pleasure. Plus a massive bollocking from the Boss on high as he has been made to look incompetent.
    Tell the customer service bloke, that you insist ALL monies be paid in full in 7 days, then send 7 day e-mail AND letter,(oh we didn't receive it). Also tell them to read this forum, we may be "little people", but we bite you right in your wallet and so called prestige.
    Contract Law. If a contract is broken,(overcharging for services not received), You are entitled by LAW, to be put back in the same position,had not the contract been breached,(broken), this includes ANY expenses in pursuit of the claim, and charges ,i.e, bank charges.
    You have not broken the contract,as YOU pay by Direct Debit and trust Primus to get it right. Any money owed without your authorisation is subject to interest,(the banks do it every day.
    So pick up the phone, say you want your money within ! week, or your area manager can explain to a judge, why he/she has ignored your very reasonable request, try it, Managers will suddenly be consulted.
    In all honesty,if you knew what you knew now ,would you have used Primus?,, Good luck, be firm, don't let the baaalambs grind you down.

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  • happy

    by Ian at 00:07 on 18 Mar 2014 | registered | 11 posts

    Hi Matt, (again)

    For every person that posts a negative comment in here there must be hundreds that read it. Primus are losing a fortune in potential new business because of you. In the large call centre I worked in you would have placed in what was called 'intensive care' where you would be allocated a single representative who would phone YOU and either cancel your contract (with some cash refund) to get rid of you or make you an offer you can't refuse to turn you into a happy customer like I am.

    I await Primus response to this mate.

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  • unhappy

    by Nigel at 23:27 on 17 Mar 2014 | registered | 3 posts


    As you read these posts, I notice that you have not asked me to contact you?
    I have repeatedly emailed in the past and you have never responded.

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  • unhappy

    by Jenie at 20:10 on 17 Mar 2014

    AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!! I signed up 2 months ago still no internet. I have been on hold for a total of around 10 hours and this is no exaggeration. I have been hung up on twice. I have asked to speak to a manager 3 times and have been told on each occasion they're not available and will contact me- 2 months later and still nothing.

    I told them a month ago I wanted to cancel. They are saying I need to pay £180 to get out of the contract despite never ever receiving any internet from them.

    Please take my advise and don't take the cheapest option. This company are disgusting. I spoke to Citizens Advise and my complaint has now been passed to Trading Standards. I have been told they have actually broken UK law which shows what kind of company they are.

    Absolutely disgraceful. They deserve to be shut down immediately.

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  • unhappy

    by hectorroxy at 14:36 on 17 Mar 2014 | registered | 1 post

    Avoid Primus like the plague!!! I'm on a fixed budget. I signed up to Primus, for approx£17.00 a month, on a limited package. paid by DD.
    I watched you tube ,etc, then checked my account, and discovered 2X £38.00!!. I complained and was told that I'd overrun my limit. I asked Ms Sniffy, why couldn't they inform me? I was told that they didn't have an app for that, I nformed them they did , it's called an E-Mail! ( T-Mobile tell you, and thats on a Pay as you go dongle) on the 2nd overcharge they cut me off! Even though it was DD. No apologies,
    I chose the Unlimited package, all went quiet, then I checked my Bank statement, £86.77, was taken from my account, on the 27/03/14. No refund, I phoned and bitched, " Oh there was an error, and we overcharged you". So I'm asking for a full refund TODAY, plus £15.00 bank charges as, New Call, didn't leave enough funds for another DD., plus a Statutory 8%, for an anauthorised loan from me!
    DO NOT USE NEW CALL, THEY USE SHARP PRACTICE! LEGAL BUT NOT ETHICAL. i CAN'T WAIT FOR MY CONTRACT TO EXPIRE! There broad band is slow, and the worst rated, There is a culture at Primus of raking money in ,and to hell with the punter, this is a lousy ,inefficient company, and probably charge an exit fee. Utter,utter, garbage firm, be wise AVOID!!!!!

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  • unhappy

    by Matt at 11:17 on 17 Mar 2014

    Hi Ian

    I would love for you, or any lawyer, or indeed anybody with the ability to read - to have a look over my contract and find the clause that says -
    "we will mistakenly debit your account by almost £100 of overcharges; we will admit this was a mistake and you shouldn't have had these charges, but we are within our rights to take over 3 months to refund this to you" (and still waiting for the said refund as I type this...)

    Also, the clause that says -
    "customer services are a bunch of brain dead sloths who probably couldn't even fill in the application form to get a job at mcdonalds and were granted a job at plusnet whilst found wandering aimlessly around the jobcentre dole queue. You will spend upwards of an hour on the phone EVERY time you speak to them trying to explain simple concepts like - THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A £80 DIRECT DEBIT AND A £15 DIRECT DEBIT IS £65 - only for them to turn around and infuriatingly claim that only a £25 refund is due.
    You will also tear your hair out on a weekly basis having to call them back as what the last Sloth promised you hasn't been actioned and only to spend another hour on the phone re-describing your issues to them."

    As an aside, i genuinely can't understand how they fail to see that instead of employing hundreds of these Sloths to answer the phone and listen to the issues people have but never fix them, why don't they actually put that money towards actually fixing the problem?!
    I must have spent at least 20 hours on the phone to them so far trying to get a £65 refund back. Assuming minimum wage that has cost them at least £130 of employee time and still no resolution???!

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  • neutral

    by Trish at 16:08 on 15 Mar 2014

    Well having just had a rep of NewCall come to my door I thought I would do some research. One of the things the rep said was she wanted to check if I could have Newcall at my address both my neighbours could and people across the road could. so I asked her why wouldn't I be able to then? I know what company my neighbours are with and I'm with the same one. She said some lines aren't compatible with their services. I pointed out that I could have TalkTalk BT Sky to name a few on my line and she told me I couldn't...errrm yes I can. I then told her I would do some research. after reading comments on here I have decided not to change my provider for these.

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  • happy

    by Ian at 12:57 on 9 Mar 2014 | registered | 11 posts


    I am not 'Peter of Merseyside' but I am someone who like him is also NOT an employee of Primus and am fed up like him with moaners and complainers who can't read a contract and so we comment often saying Primus ain't bad at all, indeed they are far far better than any other providers I've sadly dealt with.


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  • unhappy

    by Matt at 12:02 on 5 Mar 2014

    Hello "Peter on Merseyside" (or should I say Primus broadband employee in charge of posting positive reviews on social media sites in an attempt at balancing out all the negatives....amIright...?!)

    If you were in deed actually a customer of primus (and not an employee) you would have received e-mail notification form Primus last week informing all customers that prices are rising from April '14 and therefore customers who took out a contract prior to Dec '13 have the option to leave as the contract has changed.
    You are correct, price increases are permitted! In line with the RPI...a £2 increase on a £16 contract (in my case) puts that about 13%...and I think even you can understand how ridiculous that is...

    And finally, i would almost agree with you about being the cheapest....if they hadn't overcharged me £90 when I first started with them (which I am still fighting to get back piece by piece) and you can't put a price on the 20 or so HOUR LONG phone calls I have had to endure repeating exactly the same issue to a different 'advisor' every time you call as it seems the customer records system that you (sorry - primus) use is to write the customer complaints on a piece of tissue that gets thrown away after the call has ended...
    I'm sure MANY of the other companies that offer broadband even if they charge a £1 or £2 more won't leave me tearing my hair out in frustration at the ineptitude of every single employee I've had the misfortune of speaking with...

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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 11:02 on 5 Mar 2014 | registered | 40 posts

    Peter and Simon,

    We are very glad to hear that you are happy with our services and thank you for leaving positive feedback. If you ever have any queries or issues, contact us at the address provided below.

    Pippa and Matt,

    I apologise for your dissatisfaction with the services provided. If you would like us to help with any issues, please email your account details to

    Kind regards,

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  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 11:26 on 4 Mar 2014

    * Matt * - perhaps you can post a link to the information saying they are putting their prices up.

    (In any case, price increases are permitted, so not sure why you think it's possible to just "walk away" from a contract!)

    For myself, I have a far lower monthly cost than I would with other firms (and no need to pay a year in advance to get the reduced price, either), so unless the price has gone up to well over 9 pounds a month, I think I'll be staying exactly where I am….

    ... With New Call Telecom / Primus.

    Very happy for around 30 months now...

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  • unhappy

    by pippa at 10:50 on 3 Mar 2014

    S I am back again !! Finally i have moved home had to wait a couple of weeks to be put back on phone etc, Initially as I said there was a working phone line in my new property which New Call wanted £59 activation fee for a new line ??? to be put in.??? Long story short my previous threads expalin that i had different people telling me that i will have to pay it, then i wont etc. finally i am told iWON'T have to pay it as it is just a matter of transfering my services, I was pleased to say the least as i am a pensioner and that is a big sum of money to me, So OK i moved and checked the line when i moved in and there was a live line but just an engaged tone, i contacted new call and told them this they replied NO there is no line there???? So they continued to send an engineer out to put in a new line for me ??? He arrived and found that i could make outgoing calls but no incoming calls ?? and that the line was in actual fact LIVE!!! he did nothing at my property at all other than let new call know that he had attended my home via his ipad. he told me that there was no work required at my home at all and that now he has told them it is live this end they just need to flick a switch that end !!! he had no idea as to why i would be charged £59 as he had not had to install a new line.. However!! it appears that I am still being charged this as an activation fee????? so the initial arguements i had with them were pointless really .... looks like i am snookered now !! doesn't it?? they have managed to charge me this anyway irrespective of the fact that there was a line in here...... I am not sure how this works now as to me leaving them with these new charges policy either..... also i was told that new call were in actual fact an agent for talk talk ???? Er!!!!! it gets more confusing doesn.t it ??? So really NOT looking forward to my next bill...... not happy at all.............. sick of talking to different people and always getting told different things just do not know where you are... I might be 60 but I DO NOT suffer from dementia or have any debilitating old age sufferences... so i would be grateful if they did not speak to me as if i do not understand the system if you know what i mean... NOT GOOD !!!

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  • unhappy

    by Matt at 14:45 on 27 Feb 2014

    EVERYONE!! You can leave new call telecom NOW!!! They've put their prices up as from next month, therefore allowing the opportunity for customers who took out a contract before Dec 2013 to LEAVE!!! I can't wait to go with a provider that actually know what they're doing and aren't going to take DD's out of my account equivalent to 6 months (for which I'm still waiting for them to refund!)
    Goodbye and good riddance!
    I can't wait to hear how New call telecom go under in just a few months time!!!

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  • neutral

    by Simon Wilkinson at 09:14 on 25 Feb 2014 | registered | 2 posts

    My experience of line installation was also one of delays. However, I lay the blame for this firmly at the door of Openreach. Primus customer service - and this was when you could actually request and talk to a manager when phoning the customer services number - did everything they could to get my line installed on the requested dates. It was Openreach who, almost doggedly, persisted in supplying appointment dates at times when I'd stated quite clearly that I would not be able to attend the installation.

    Now how could that be? Let's see: Openreach - owned by BT; Primus - BT competitor. What could possibly go wrong? Hmmmm…...

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  • unhappy

    by Nigel at 19:58 on 21 Feb 2014 | registered | 3 posts

    Before you commit to this Company you should read our experience below and which we are still having to endure.
    In December 2012 we could suddenly no longer make outgoing calls, all of our bills were fully paid and up to date, however our Broadband was still on so I phoned via Skype only to be told no problem exists.
    My wife is disabled and our property is fitted with lifeline as she also blacks out and wears a falls detector which automatically calls the emergency services.
    After a few days of arguing Primus Newcall finally booked & sent a BT engineer, nearly ten days later the BT Engineer arrives who then confirmed after checking our property and the local exchange that this was a Primus Newcall internal issue and that only they can rectify it.
    More phone calls and getting no-where, asks to leave and asks for a MAC code, no code given but only more excuses.
    Now we have Social Services involved because we are having to arrange sitting cover for my wife when I need to go out.
    Finally Primus Newcall telephones me, Mohammad said he has reset something and it is all working (which it was), he also said that out bills for December 2012 & January 2013 will be waived and also a £80 credit would be given.
    Guess what Bills arrived, upon checking I was told by staff Jordan Slater & others (I have logged all names and calls and will post them in the near future) not to pay them and that the system will catch up, March 2013, Bills arrives, more phone calls only to be told not to pay.
    Then text messages and phone calls from management telling me to pay or they will take me to Court!
    I finally have had enough and asks to leave, once again no MAC code, I involve Ofcom and surprise surprise a MAC code is given to me!
    In April 2012, I receive through the email a Debt Collection Email asking me to pay Newcall Primus, they got told where to go.
    Numerous Emails have been sent, I have never received no reply only a text message telling they are passing the account onto another Debt Collection Agency.
    So to recap, not only did Primus Newcall stop a disabled lady from having any freedoms or dignity in her own household, they now go back on all of their words and call in another Debt Collection Agency who will now try and intimidate my Wife with a mental & physical disability into a payment that had they stuck to their word should never be owed.
    Please DO NOT go to this Company at all costs!

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  • Primus Saver Representative

    by Primus Saver Representative at 14:55 on 19 Feb 2014 | registered | 40 posts

    Hi Jade,

    I'm sorry to hear you no longer wish to move your services to us. If you could send your details to and I can have this arranged for you.

    Hi Nathan,

    If you could send me your order/address details to on and I can investigate this further for you.

    Hi Ian and Peter,

    Thanks for the positive comments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

    Many thanks,

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  • happy

    by Ian at 20:19 on 18 Feb 2014 | registered | 11 posts

    In the the 18 months I have been a happy customer of Primus and followed this blog, I can say that EVERY complaint is either BT's installation fault, a misunderstanding or not reading the agreement on broadband limits or free phone times.

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  • happy

    by Peter on Merseyside at 15:55 on 17 Feb 2014

    Sorry to act like a parrot, but some of the delays are outside control of the ISPs. OFCOM is investigating Openreach delays.

    Just last week, on Monday, a new phone line was ordered for a shop in Chester (within the walls). Order placed 10/02/2014, Openreach will install on 12/05/2014. Telecom firm renting my client the line gave massive apology and hopes to bring that date forward if some other work gets cancelled, but they have their hands tied by when Openreach can provide and engineer.

    A year ago, an order was placed on 15/02 and installation date was 13/03/2013 so you can see how floods and other things have overwhelmed Openreach...

    I've been a landline customer for over 2 years, and service has been fine. Delays getting installed are a nuisance but could happen with any other firm, too.

    Good luck, be patient.

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