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  • Good value, straight-forward options
  • Earn Tesco clubcard points on your monthly bill
  • Unlimited downloads actually have a 100GB/mth fair use limit

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About Tesco

After an aborted broadband partnership with NTL back in 2004, Tesco returned to the UK home broadband market in 2009 with telecoms firm Cable & Wireless. It currently offers broadband and telephone rental services on BT's UK ADSL telephone network.

Largely putting itself out there as a budget consumer brand, Tesco Broadband deals offer aggressive pricing backed by UK call centres, no set up fees, inclusive wireless router and a variety of call packages with 30 day or 12 month contracts, plus of course the lure of extra Tesco Clubcard points.

Customer reviews

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  • happy

    by Ian at 18:31 on 13 Mar 2014

    i took tesco broadband as they where the cheapest out there at first they where shockingly slow after phoning them they sent a bt engineer out in 2 days after this they have been really good they estimated 11mbps im getting 15.54mbps and never had a drop out so i assume most people complaining must just be to arsey when they phone cause mine was sorted in 2 days (just so you know i live 254metres away from exchange)

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  • unhappy

    by Lillybritto at 12:59 on 6 Mar 2014

    Saga of tesco - I have had six engineers - one specialist all from BT/ also independent / the problem is down load speed /fine during the day hard wire test to BTwholesale is about 9mb/from 1600hrs it gets slower throughout the evening/can't watch films to much buffering /total rubbish with customer care and technical help / problem since dec 2013 /still ongoing / I know what it is the throughput / have had lift and shift / new crimp outside / new split box to wall / 3 modems / lines have all been upgraded by BT am 300 yards from box and 400 yards from exchange / have been fobbed off /excuses made and a million apologies but NO fix / will keep you posted as to when it fixed / but am in the eternal triangle TESCO and BTWHOLESALE and me the end user

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  • unhappy

    by Annoyed by Tesco at 16:10 on 2 Mar 2014

    Currently lucky if we receive 1MB, generally 0.8 - cannot download ANYTHING or do anything. Phone line is also awful, crackly and echoing.
    Called and emailed Tesco on numerous occasions, 4 engineers been out and they 'cannot find a problem' - even been told there is no fault by one man!! They want to send another engineer out, but its crazy - although they try to be helpful, nothing works (had a problem for years now). Can't even be bothered to complain any more!
    Think they should just stick to selling baked beans

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  • neutral

    by Robert at 20:13 on 20 Feb 2014

    Endless throttling (unlimited package). In the last year it's got really bad. I leave my computer for twenty minutes - it's throttled. I work for a couple of hours online - it's throttled. I'm a light user but have to flick the router switch on and off 4 or 5 times a day. Sometimes it only takes five minutes to reconnect. Sometimes it won't reconnect even after I restart my computer. And sometimes I just have to turn everything off and walk away for an hour or two.
    As for their complaints procedure - there's a character limit of about 124 characters if you use their form to email them, you try making a complaint in 124 characters. Clearly don't want to know.

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