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  • Great value, straight-forward options
  • Earn Tesco clubcard points on your monthly bill
  • Friendly UK call centre

Broadband Genie Home Broadband Awards

While the 2014 Home Broadband Survey didn't result in any award wins for Tesco Broadband, the service was nominated as the finalist in the Best Budget Broadband category, with the judges saying that Tesco is "not just offering cheap services but also challenging the 12/18/24 month minimum of the market".

Who are Tesco?

After an aborted broadband partnership with NTL back in 2004, Tesco returned to the UK home broadband market in 2009 with telecoms firm Cable & Wireless. 

Largely putting itself out there as a budget consumer brand, Tesco Broadband deals offered aggressive pricing backed by UK call centres, no set up fees, inclusive wireless router and a variety of call packages with 30 day or 12 month contracts, plus of course the lure of extra Tesco Clubcard points.

In early 2015 the Tesco broadband and phone service was sold to TalkTalk. Existing Tesco customers will be gradually transferred to TalkTalk broadband. 

Customer reviews

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  • unhappy

    by Malcolm pert at 07:04 on 28 Dec 2014

    I have with Tesco for years I won't be staying with them for years that's for sure when you have to use the libraries computer because once again you can't use you're own because yet again to slow or no signal then you know THEY have a problem

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  • neutral

    by d at 10:34 on 7 Oct 2014

    Do not use Tesco broadband, i had it installed last week and have already made arrangements to go back to Virgin. Painfully slow internet, drops out all the time, wifi on my phone loses connection when i,m in another room. Its like having dial up internet from the 90s

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  • happy

    by miles davis at 11:55 on 3 Sep 2014

    If I had the choice between carrier pigeon, two cups and string,stone tablet and chisel or Tesco broadband then the pigeon would win! It would be quicker and I could eat it once I have moved providers!!
    Worst broadband in the entire world! Constantly slow, dropping out of connection, always having to ring customer service or wait in for yet another engineer to visit. Utter garbage!
    When I said I was leaving they tried to charge me £65 for terminating my contract early! I pointed out that Tesco had been in breech of the contract in the first place by not providing the service stated in the contract. Fee waived!!
    Have since changed providers....yummy pigeon!!!

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  • happy

    by miles davis at 19:59 on 2 Sep 2014

    If I had the choice between obtaining information via a carrier pigeon/two cups and string/stone tablet and chisel or Tesco Broadband.....the pigeon would win hands (or wings) down!! In an attempt to save money I switched to Tesco Broadband and home phone. I saved money, but lost any usable broadband and internet. 4 engineer visits and various lengthy phone calls and 3 months later and still no workable internet! When I told them I was quitting the contract early, they tried to get me to pay a £65 early termination fee. I then informed them that they had been in breach of contract in the first place by not providing usable broadband
    Have since switched providers....pigeon breast in garlic and red wine is sooo delicious!!!

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