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    by Ted on 18 Jan 2015 23:50

    I have a Huawei mobile Wi-Fi unit which gives me 2gb of data when working but lately it keeps losing signal, I went to EE and basically told that the unit would not be repaired but could supply me with a different unit which would cost more and only give me 1gb of data I was also told to take the matter up with T-Mobile as it was nothing to do with EE,I was under the impression that EE was T-Mobile I... more>
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    by Alan Dixon on 08 Jan 2015 14:25

    Hands down the worst network with both signal and customer service

    Beware 1. This network is rubbish and drops more calls and has no reception and is 100 the weakest network out there in my eyes and i have tried them all. Don't compromise cost for a poor signal.

    Beware 2. Their customer service is based in India and they are like robots. They are trained to say exactly the same thing. I am 100... more>
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    by peter on 05 Jan 2015 11:01

    I'm now on the 15gb a month deal but only £14.99. But I got rid of my house phone line as the rent went upto £15.99 and my broadband £8.50 a month. The 3 broadband can be a bit variable speed wise but works fine. I'm not into watching TV on the net I already have Freeview with 100 channels of garbage don't need anymore junk 'not to watch'.....
  • by Mark on 27 Dec 2014 15:18

    After over a year still waiting to get what was promised when con into contract sales people are crap
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    by Ryan on 23 Dec 2014 17:57

    Reviewed by Ryan from England on 23rd Dec 2014
    I have to be honest... I was previously a Three "The one plan" tethering hog typically tethering 20GB to 40GB a month (I would let the world and his wife tether my connection, used it as my home broadband as it was 10x faster than my ISP, after all, this is how I was sucked in to three) but as you know those good days came to an end and Three kicked me off... more>
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    by peter on 08 Dec 2014 10:37

    I've been using this for years and in all sorts of situations. Sometimes it can be appallingly slow, especially in the evenings. Overall though I'm pleased. I've just got rid of my phone line in my home and am totally dependent on Three for phone and broadband. It's costing me 14.99 for 15gb and no line rental. I can just pick it up and take it with me when I go on holiday.
    Dongles and routers vary a... more>
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    by Neil Black on 08 Dec 2014 10:10

    Hi, I am a 15Gb data package for about 17 or so. Over all I have been happy with three, bearing in mind what I wasn't getting with BT and the rest in terms of speed (0.1 at best) I have been getting near 1 Meg.
    However I have a couple of bug bears with them, the first is if I go over my data allowance they seem to think I want to buy more data at 10.2 pence per meg but only up to 20 at which point they... more>
  • Three Reviews

    by sam edwin on 06 Dec 2014 08:01 | registered | posts

    The internet never works so you are waisting your money is unlimited but 15 hours a day is not connection so you are waisting your money.