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EE Huawei E392
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May 2013

Road Trip 2013 Winner

Having launched in October 2012, EE was a new contender for the Broadband Genie Road Trip, and we were all excited to see how the much-hyped next gen 4G mobile network would perform under pressure. To be honest we were also somewhat skeptical that it would be up to much, but the fledgling provider managed to surprise us all.

EE supplied a Huawei E392 dongle, which as well as being 4G capable also supports HSPA+, a flavour of fast 3G. Its technical capabilities came through in the speed tests where EE blew away the competition with an average of 3.43Mb.

Surprisingly it didn’t manage to beat Three’s best result of 8.66Mb, falling just behind with a peak result of 7.11Mb, but what it did very well was provide good speeds almost every time. It completed 11 out of the 13 speed tests and never dipped below 1Mb. Three of the speed results were over 5Mb, and two others were over 3Mb. That’s extremely good, consistently faster than any other mobile broadband network in the UK.

Nine of the 11 file download and upload tests were successfully finished, and the remaining two only failed by a fairly small margin. It completed five of the 11 video streaming tests, neck and neck with Globalgig for the best results in that category, and three of its failed attempts were 60% or more through playback when we called time.

With this year’s Road Trip EE proved it has an extremely competent data network. While just pipped to the post by Three as overall winner thanks to higher completion rates, EE still managed to finish many of the tasks and put in some very fast results, and we have no hesitation in giving it the award for “Fastest Mobile Broadband Network”.

Overall analysis of the Mobile Broadband Genie Road Trip 2013

by Matt Powell May 2013

About EE

EE is the newest kid on the mobile broadband block. Sort of. This joint venture from T-Mobile and Orange originally began as Everything Everywhere when the two mobile giants decided to join forces, but in late 2012 it was re-branded as EE for the roll-out of 4G. Now, rather than just a name EE is a network all by itself.

Each of the three is aimed at a different market segment, though they do all share the same network architecture so coverage is excellent as it combines both the Orange and T-Mobile signals. While Orange continues to be the value offering and T-Mobile the middle of the road network, EE is positioned as a high-end service because it's the only one providing 4G connectivity at this time.

This is an exciting proposition as 4G can provide speeds in excess of 20Mb so our little dongles can potentially give faster connectivity than a home broadband service. That's great news for anyone still stuck on an old 8Mb ADSL line.

The network provides both standard USB dongles and a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device. The latter is ideal as a replacement for fixed-line home broadband since you can share the 4G link with multiple devices.

You do need to make sure you're in a 4G area, however. The EE 4G network is expanding rapidly but they're currently focused on the UK's major towns and cities so huge swathes of the country are still without 4G. Even then the signal may not cover the entire city, and if 4G isn't available the dongle will drop back to 3G when possible.

Unfortunately, at the present time EE is not the best value around. The cost remains high and with very low data usage limits on the cheaper options. This will have to change once other networks introduce their 4G services, but for now you can expect to pay extra for the right to use fast mobile broadband.

EE customer reviews

  • unhappy

    by keith at 22:42 on 15 Nov 2013

    could not see map too low, work out signal coverage

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  • neutral

    by john phillip morgan at 20:06 on 9 Oct 2012

    very happy new ee good job

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  • happy

    by john phillip morgan at 20:04 on 9 Oct 2012

    i knew you could do it gould old mercury one to one and tmobile

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