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As of April 2014 Samba Mobile is closed. Samba products are no longer available to buy, and existing Samba SIM cards will cease to function. 

For alternative options visit our pay-as-you-go mobile broadband or contract mobile broadband page. As Samba was a Three MVNO you can also carry on using the Samba dongle with a Three mobile broadband SIM card.

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  • happy

    by pinkcalculator at 09:40 on 29 Apr 2014

    Sad to see the service wasn't sustainable I had nearly two years of free data . I have loads of watched data now lost I appreciate what I had when I had it. Using a 500 meg gigabag from giffgaff for £5 now

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  • neutral

    by Steve at 00:06 on 29 Apr 2014

    As of today - Samba is no more.
    Their service has been discontinued with no notice to users.
    It was great while it lasted.

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  • neutral

    by James at 13:22 on 28 Apr 2014


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  • unhappy

    by sandy at 22:59 on 19 Feb 2014

    Don't expect to earn credit whilst viewing the ads using the samba sim. You will often use more data than you can earn.You also have more limited access to the ads when using the samba sim to view the ads.

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