Mobile Broadband Genie Road Trip 2012 Winners

Editors note: We recently published the outcome of our latest Road Trip, a test of the UK’s mobile broadband providers which aims to put mobile internet under scrutiny in real-world conditions.

At the beginning of May Broadband Genie hit the road for a fourth year in row, taking mobile broadband dongles off on a grand adventure in an attempt to discover if they really do live up to the promise of providing broadband internet on the go. The whole office packed their bags and piled onto a train, laptops at the ready.

Last year it was Leeds but this time we decided to go west, heading for the beautiful city of Exeter. While the core aim of the road trip remained the same circumstances dictated a few changes. There were a lot more of us, and with BT and TalkTalk declining to be involved for the 2012 event we had ‘just’ 6 dongles - O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three and Virgin Mobile as the only MVNO.

For hundreds of miles we put the dongles through a set of punishing tests, using a mix of real-world uploading, download and streaming tasks as well as our own speed test tool provided by Think Broadband. Now, having collated the results and crunched the numbers, you’ll find the results below. 

Broadband Genie Road Trip 2012 - overall winner









Broadband Genie Road Trip 2012 - recommended

Three took first place as the overall winner but other providers also impressed with strong performance in many areas, making them worthy of a Road Trip Recommended award.
















Overall analysis of the Broadband Genie Road Trip 2012

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