Broadband Genie Road Trip 2013 Award Winners

BBG Road Trip Winner Award LogoEditors note: We recently published the outcome of our latest Road Trip, a test of the UK’s mobile broadband providers which aims to put mobile internet under scrutiny in real-world conditions.

Around this time each year the Broadband Genie team piles onto a train with armfuls of technology to discover how mobile broadband really performs. 

Forget estimated speeds or vague coverage maps, this is a practical study of how the UK’s mobile networks cope with real world tasks.

The Mobile Broadband Road Trip continues to be the only test of its kind and we’re very proud to say it’s now in its fifth year.

Since we’ve done this a few times and have a good understanding of how to make it as accurate and useful as possible (while also having a bit of fun) it was time to shake things up by making the 2013 Road Trip the most demanding yet.

This year we travelled all the way from London King’s Cross to Waverley Bridge station in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland. The four-hour-plus journey took us through major cities, small towns and a lot of beautiful countryside.

That’s twice as long as any of our previous trips, covering more of the UK than ever before and taking us into another country for the first time. Would the dongles be up to the challenge?

The providers on test in the 2013 Road Trip were EE, Globalgig, O2, Samba Mobile, Three, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.

As with previous years we put the networks through an extensive set of tasks designed to emulate the things an average person might reasonably expect to do with a mobile service: video, music, downloading and uploading files, plus a whole lot of speed tests throughout. Alongside the dongles we also had a group testing tablets, plus some of the latest smartphones to put through their paces in Edinburgh.

And for the first time ever we were accompanied by the tech gurus from PC Advisor magazine who got involved in the testing and shot plenty of video along the way...

Below you’ll find the winners of this year’s Road Trip, visit our analysis blog for the full in-depth details.

And don't forget to read PC Advisor's take on the Road Trip results

Overall winner: Three








Fastest network: EE








Recommended: T-Mobile









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  • unhappy

    by David Curtis at 10:55 on 25 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    There is absolutely NO coverage on 3 around my area despite the map saying cover is good. Tried in Leominster, Bromyard and LLandrindod wells. Works in Birmingham though

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