Home broadband survey 2015 results released

Our annual broadband survey is a chance for us to gather the opinions of users from all over the country and measure how providers are performing in key areas such as customer service and speed. We can recognise those ISPs that are doing particularly well, highlight areas for improvement and provide some guidance for buyers comparing providers.

The 2015 results are live now so if you’d like to see the full breakdown head over to the Broadband Survey page, but here’s a summary of the main results:

Best Broadband Provider 2015: Plusnet

Plusnet are the overall winners for a third year due to their strong survey results that saw them come out on top in four of five categories.

Fastest Broadband Provider 2015: Virgin Media

Using data supplied by our speed test partner, we found Virgin’s average speed was double of the nearest competition. Virgin was also highly rated by users for speed satisfaction.

Best Budget Provider 2015: Plusnet

Plusnet was again voted best budget broadband provider thanks to a great choice of low cost packages.

Best Bundle Provider 2015: Sky

Sky TV and Sky Broadband make for a formidable entertainment bundle, offering both fast broadband and a huge choice of TV channels that can be customised to taste.

Most Innovative ISP 2015: Relish

Relish provides home broadband in London using 4G mobile signals, a unique offering that led to our judging panel voting them the most innovative provider.

Broadband Genie user polls

In addition to the main survey we also asked 1,400 visitors to our site for their opinion on a variety of broadband topics.

What’s most important to you when choosing a provider?

Price: 41%
Speed: 38%
Customer service: 7%
Bundles: 7%
Other: 4%
Tech support: 3%

Would you have a landline if it wasn’t required for broadband?

No: 54%
Yes: 46%

How many connected devices are in your home?

3-5: 47%
6-10: 29%
1-2: 18%
10+: 6%

What device do you mainly use to access the internet?

Computer: 74%
Tablet: 14%
Smartphone: 11%
Games console: 1%
Other: 1%

How many hours do you spend online each day?

3-5: 51%
6-10: 23%
1-2: 14%
10+: 12%


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