Broadband switching survey results

This month sees the introduction of new guidelines for switching broadband providers, with OFCOM aiming to make it a much smoother process by placing responsbility for the switch on the new ISP (known as Gaining Provider Led - GPL), obligating providers to minimise service disruptions and laying down clear rules about what information we should be given during the process.

Swapping providers has always been seen as a headache so this streamlining and improved transparency is good news all round.

We were curious to know more about the UK's experience with switching so we asked Broadband Genie visitors for their opinion on a number of aspects, including how often they'd switched, how long they'd been with their current provider, the reason for switching and whether these changes would have an impact on future decisions.

The charts below give an overview of the 2066 responses to our survey. These are Flash charts so if it's not displaying correctly check you've got the latest Flash plugin and add us to the whitelist for any script blocking browser extensions. If you'd like to use these charts on your own site click the Share button, we only ask that you let us know when you do.

How long have you been with your current provider?


Since you've had broadband, how many times have you switched providers?


Have you ever been a victim of slamming?


When you last switched, how did you find the process?

Only those who indicated they had switched at least once before.


Would your previous experience switching providers put you off switching in the future?

Only those who said their last switch was 'unsatisfactory'.


What was the main reason for your last provider switch?

Only those who indicated they had switched at least once before.


Are you aware of the cost to end your current broadband contract early?


If you were choosing a new provider what would be your preferred contract length?


Will the changes to the switching process make it more likely you would switch provider in the future?