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Streaming survey: Up to 50% of tele addicts cheat subscription services

The way we watch TV and movies is changing. A huge number of us now use streaming media services for content that would have once required an aerial, satellite dish or cable connection. Netflix alone boasts more than 62 million subscribers worldwide.

And it's not just video that's affected, streaming audio services like Spotify and the recently launched Apple Music are challenging broadcast radio too.

But the rise in popularity of streaming has led to some new consumer behaviours and challenges for the operators. For instance, not everyone using streaming on a regular basis is paying full price because it's not unusual to share accounts by providing friends and family with your login details or even their own guest account.

The rules around this are often ambiguous. Some services appear to explicitly permit it by offering features that facilitate sharing, but even when they don't there are rarely any technological barriers or consequences for doing it. There are even online communities designed to save money by matching you up with others who wish to split the cost of a single account.

To find out more about this emerging trend we ran a poll to find out how many of you share access to streaming services. Here's what 1,664 of you had to say on the matter.

Do you share any of your subscriptions?

Which services do you share?

Are you worried you might get banned for sharing your subscription?

Have you ever taken part in account sharing via an online community?

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