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TenTel in administration, TalkTalk acquires broadband customer contracts

Broadband ISP TenTel has gone into administration, potentially leaving thousands of customers in limbo.

We were informed over the weekend that late on Friday (4.50pm, to be exact) TenTel Limited appointed administrators. It is no longer possible to order TenTel broadband products through comparison sites or direct from the TenTel homepage.

Where does this leave TenTel customers? Right now, we’re not sure. We’re waiting to hear back from TenTel, and will update this post when we do. But TenTel’s support team is still answering the phone, so if you’ve got any concerns that should be your first port of call.

If you’re a TenTel customer affected by this, or you have any further information, please drop us an email or reach out on Twitter.

Update: TenTel customers to be transferred to TalkTalk

The administrators have issued a statement confirming that TalkTalk has taken over TenTel customer contracts and services will continue without interruption. TenTel will operate its offices until the end of June to ensure a smooth transition.

Update 2: TalkTalk posts FAQ for TenTel customers

TalkTalk has an FAQ for TenTel customers. The good news is there will be no changes to your broadband contract, or the price, and services will continue as normal.


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