Sunburn, bedbugs and no bog roll: holiday sacrifices Brits would make for internet access

Hot showers, decent weather and a bed free of parasites would seem like a fairly low bar to set for a holiday, but for some British holidaymakers these things come below internet access on their list of priorities.

In July this year a new EU regulation slashed the cost of mobile roaming in Europe by prohibiting networks from charging extra for calls, texts and data when outside your home country. 

That’s a win for British holidaymakers, and not just because it’s now cheaper to use the internet abroad. In a recent survey we asked 1,500 people how much they valued internet access on holiday and discovered that for some it’s more important than basic creature comforts.

Many say lack of internet access is enough to cross a holiday destination off the list.

That’s not an entirely unreasonable stance to take in this connected age, but things get a little weirder when we play a game of “would you rather”. 

34% would take internet over breakfast, which on the plus side means that first poolside cocktail is going to have much more immediate impact.

Sunburn is a major cause of discomfort for Brits abroad but 20% will take bright red skin over no internet.

No toilet roll? No problem for 10% of respondents. At least with internet access they can complain about it on Twitter.

Who needs hot water? If it’s sweltering a cold shower can be very pleasant....

...unless the weather’s not great. Though 10% said it isn’t an issue so long as they can get online.

Losing luggage is probably up there as one of the most irritating experiences you can have when travelling, except for 3% of masochistic holidaymakers who say not having internet would be worse.

Most bemusing of all are the 4% who said that finding bed bugs in their room is worse than no internet access. Though we bet that the first thing they do on the internet is Google “how do you get rid of bed bugs”.