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BT broadband price rise on 7th January - is it time to leave your BT contract?

A price rise on BT broadband packages comes into effect on Sunday 7th January, pushing the cost of its cheapest unlimited broadband service up to £43 per month.

The price increase was announced in November and affects all existing BT home broadband customers. ADSL broadband services are going up by £3 per month (an extra £36 on a typical 18 month contract), and fibre optic deals are going to cost an extra £2.50 (adding £45 to the overall cost).

BT customers were notified of the change in November, at which point you had 30 days to cancel and switch providers without charge. If you’ve not received notification get in touch with BT to find out if you’re affected. If you didn’t swap during the 30 day notification period you can still switch to another ISP, but it may result in a termination fee. If you are keen to switch you can find some great options on our broadband deals page.

Those looking to move to another provider will find no shortage of cheaper alternatives. If you don’t want to go too far from the BT network there’s always the BT-owned Plusnet, which is currently offering broadband for only £19.99 per month for the first 12 months.

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