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BT unveils 152Mb and 314Mb Ultrafast broadband packages

BT has launched a new range of high speed home broadband products which offer a maximum speed that's significantly faster than its existing Infinity 1 and 2 fibre services.

The new BT Ultrafast packages make use of G.fast and Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) technology to offer a top speed of either 152Mb (Ultrafast 1) or 314Mb (Ultrafast 2), a big step up from the 52Mb or 76Mb offered by BT Infinity. Upload speed is not yet confirmed but is expected to be up to 30Mb for Ultrafast 1 or 50Mb for Ultrafast 2.

Alongside BT’s usual free extras (online security, BT Wi-Fi hotspots, BT Cloud storage) those signing up to a BT Ultrafast package will receive the new Smart Hub X, which includes an integrated G.fast modem. BT is also touting a speed guarantee that will see customers paid £20 if their connection drops below 100Mb.

But don’t get too excited, as it may be some time before many of us have access to Ultrafast. Less than a million homes currently have coverage for G.fast or FTTP. Openreach is aiming to reach 10 million with G.fast and a further 2 million with FTTP by 2020.

It’s not cheap, either. Ultrafast 1 is £54.99 per month including line rental, while Ultrafast 2 is a few quid more at £59.99. Both packages require a £59.99 upfront payment too (although BT is currently sweetening the deal with a £110 pre-paid credit card). It’s still early days of course, and as other ISPs announce their own ultrafast broadband services we can expect prices to become more competitive.

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