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Sky raising cost of some broadband packages from April

Sky has announced a price increase for two of its home broadband packages as well as monthly Sky Sports subscriptions. 

Annual price increases are standard for most broadband providers (and mobile services too, as we saw just last week). It is possible to cancel a contract for free if the price goes up, though there is an exception if the increase is linked to inflation and the provider has specifically mentioned this in the terms and conditions.

ISPreview has highlighted that the Sky T&Cs do not specifically mention inflationary rises, which means you may be able to cancel a Sky contract without penalty if you’re unhappy with the change. But before you rush to switch it’s worth trying to haggle as Sky may offer you a better deal to stay.

The change comes into force in April and affects the following services:

  • Sky Broadband Unlimited - currently £28.99, increasing to £30
  • Sky Fibre 25GB - currently £28.99, increasing to £30
  • Sky Sports (31 day) - currently £27.50, increasing to £28

If you’re a Sky customer impacted by this you should receive notification very shortly.

Speaking to ISPreview, Sky UK CEO Stephen van Rooyen said: “Not all customers will see their bills increase with many Sky products remaining at their current price and, for some products, this will be the first increase in two years. We continue to invest in content, products and services that our customers love, offering both new and existing customers great value and more choice through flexible packages.”

If you aren't a Sky customer but were considering signing up don't let this announcement put you off. Sky Broadband Unlimited is currently available for £20 for the first 12 months, including a £50 pre-paid Mastercard. This deal may change come April though so you might want to switch sooner rather than later to take advantage of the current offer. But make a note of the contract end date to switch or negotiate because after 12 months it will revert to the new price of £30.

Alternatively, if you are looking to switch broadband in light of this announcement, you can find some great deals on Broadband Genie's unlimited broadband page.

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