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Virgin Media launches 350Mbps broadband, existing customers to get free upgrade

Virgin Media has the announced the immediate launch of its fastest ever home broadband service, taking the maximum speed of a Virgin connection to a rapid 350Mb.

The new VIVID 350 packages replace the 300Mb VIVID 300. VIVID 350 is available now to new customers, while existing 300Mb subscribers will receive a free upgrade to 350Mb. It’s available to more than 95% of the Virgin Media network, which now covers more than 14 million homes.

This new service is significantly faster than the UK’s average broadband speed (44Mb, according to Ofcom) and more than four times quicker than the 76Mb Openreach network fibre which is the fastest broadband available to most of the UK. It’s also slightly faster than BT’s new Ultrafast 2 service which tops out at 314Mb.

At 350Mbps you could download a 4GB DVD movie in under two minutes, or grab the latest Call of Duty game (a hefty 64GB) in about 24 minutes. The additional bandwidth will be particularly welcome for busy shared or family homes where there may be multiple devices using the internet at the same time.

In our latest Home Broadband Survey Virgin had the highest rating for customer speed satisfaction, and the fastest download speeds. Although gigabit fibre broadband services are slowly expanding across the country, Virgin continues by some margin to be the quickest mass market broadband service.

To find out if you can get Virgin Media's fastest speeds, and for more information about the Virgin broadband network, check out our Virgin Media in your area page.

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