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EE announces ultrafast 145Mb and 300Mb Fibre Max broadband

EE customers lucky enough to live in an area covered by Openreach G.fast technology can now choose new ultrafast fibre optic broadband services with download speeds up to 300Mb.

G.fast is an upgrade to the Openreach network which provides significantly improved download and upload rates over existing Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connections.

Lines that were previously able to offer up to 38Mb or up to 76Mb (or an average of approximately 35Mb and 65Mb) can now deliver up to 160Mb down/30Mb up or 330Mb down/50Mb up (though of course advertised rates will be slightly lower in accordance with the new average speed rule). There is a minimum speed guarantee of 100Mb which means that even if you're in a G.fast area you'll only be allowed this service if your line can support 100Mb+.

EE’s new packages take advantage of this technology to offer the following deals:

EE Fibre Max 1

  • 145Mb average download speed
  • 28Mb upload speed
  • £42 for 18 months (then £48)
  • £0 setup

EE Fibre Max 2

  • 300Mb average download speed
  • 47Mb upload speed
  • £47 for 18 months (then £53)
  • £0 setup

The packages include the usual EE extras (Wi-Fi router, unlimited usage) plus a bonus data boost of 20GB for EE mobile customers, up from the standard 5GB.

These are fairly reasonable prices for a speedy broadband connection, but the bad news is that for the time being not many of us will be able to take advantage of this offering as G.fast only covers around 1 million homes and businesses. But it is estimated that will grow to 10 million by 2020, and earlier this month Openreach announced the next 59 locations to receive G.fast including Plymouth, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Southampton.

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