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BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE: £40 M&S voucher with NOW Broadband, including fibre optic

Broadband Genie and NOW Broadband have teamed up to offer an exclusive Black Friday deal you’ll only find on this site: until the 29th November you can claim a £40 M&S gift card on selected NOW Broadband packages, and you’ll get free anytime calls too!

This offer is available on two NOW Broadband packages, including a fibre optic service:

NOW Broadband Brilliant Broadband + Free Anytime Calls

11Mb average speed | 12 month contract | £18 per month | £9.99 setup

This is a really cheap entry level deal, with an effective monthly cost of just £15.50 including setup and voucher. The price after the initial 12 month contract is £25.99.

It’s an ADSL service with an average speed of 11Mb, so is best suited to individuals or a small household with light usage (largely web browsing, social media, email). Streaming TV will work but If you need more speed for sharing the connection or doing lots of downloading, check out the NOW Fab Fibre broadband offer below.

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NOW Broadband Fab Fibre + Free Anytime Calls

36Mb average speed | 12 month contract | £25 per month | £9.99 setup

With an average download speed of 36Mb, this is the deal to go for if you’re planning on streaming Netflix in HD or doing lots of downloading, or your connection is shared in a busy family home. But it still offers good value, with an effective monthly price of £20.99.

Go to dealBoth deals come with a £40 M&S voucher that’s issued by Broadband Genie. You don’t need to claim this, but when clicking out you will need to supply a valid email address so we can send your gift code.

In order to issue your voucher we must be able to track your purchase. If you click on another link after ours, or stop halfway through the sign-up process, you’ll need to come back here and click one of the links above again. If we cannot verify that you signed up to NOW through us, we can’t send your reward. We also need to wait for confirmation from NOW that your service is successfully activated, which can take up to 90 days.

As well as your £40 M&S voucher both packages include free anytime calls. Setup is just £9.99 but this assumes you have an active telephone line, otherwise additional setup costs will apply to cover a new line.

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