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BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE: Sky Broadband from only £18 with £50 M&S voucher

For Black Friday 2018 we have a fantastic deal on selected Sky broadband packages you won’t find anywhere else.

Our exclusive Sky offer not only includes discounted pricing for the initial contract, but we’re also throwing in a £50 M&S voucher. The offer ends on November 29th so you’ve only got a few days to take advantage of this deal.

This special offer is available on the following Sky Broadband packages:

Sky Broadband Unlimited

11Mb average speed | 18 month contract | £18 per month | £9.95 setup | £50 M&S gift card

Including the voucher and setup fees this ADSL broadband service has an effective monthly cost of only £15.77, which is currently one of the cheapest broadband packages we have listed. The price does increase to £30 after 18 months though, so as always we recommend you make a note of the end date and either switch to a new offer or negotiate the price with Sky.

The download speed of 11Mb average isn’t spectacular, but it’ll still let you stream, download, game and do whatever else you like online. Where it will struggle most will be sharing the connection, so if you’ve got a busy household you might be better off with the Sky Fibre Unlimited or Max offers below.

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Sky Fibre Unlimited

63Mb average speed | 18 month contract | £27 per month | £9.95 setup | £50 M&S gift card

If Sky’s standard broadband isn’t fast enough, you can get more than three times the speed for less than £10 extra with this offer.

Sky Fibre Unlimited provides an average download of 36Mb, which is sufficient for families sharing the connection and generally more than enough if you’re the only one using the broadband. And with our exclusive it comes to an effective monthly price of only £22.75 for the first 18 months (after the initial contract ends the monthly cost does increase to £38.99).

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Sky Fibre Max

63Mb average speed | 18 month contract | £27 per month | £9.95 setup | £50 M&S gift card

This is the fastest broadband service available from Sky, and at an effective cost of just £24.78 it’s incredible value for money. It too has a price rise after the initial 18 months though (increasing to £43.99) so stay on top of this to ensure you’re always getting the best deal.

Fibre is best for shared homes, or individuals with very high usage. It’ll make short work of large downloads, and uploading is also no challenge with speeds up to 19Mb. It is overkill for many, but at this price it’s not much to worry about unless you’re on a really tight budget.

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All Sky packages include a free Wi-Fi router (postage is included in the setup fee) and free access to The Cloud Wi-Fi network.

The £50 M&S voucher is sent by Broadband Genie to the email address you provide when clicking on the deals. We’ll send the voucher after confirming the sale with Sky so please allow up to 90 days. It’s also vital that we’re able to track your sign-up, so avoid clicking any other links after ours. If you’ve got any questions our help page has more information.

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