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Broadband Genie responds to new Ofcom broadband speed regulations

Ofcom has introduced new regulations regarding the way in which broadband speeds are displayed to new customers.

From 1st March providers must tell all new customers the minimum speed they will receive at a property. 

If speeds do not match these levels, and the provider does not improve things within one month, customers will be allowed to cancel the contract with no penalty.

Alex Tofts, Spokesperson at Broadband Genie, had the following to say:

"We found from our own research that the majority find broadband advertising to be dishonest and many have felt misled in the past. Broadband is a technical product and some of the jargon can confuse the average user. It certainly doesn't help that information on speed isn't accurate to the individual user.

"But by asking ISPs to provide a minimum speed guaranteed at the point of sale should give consumers more confidence when purchasing a broadband service, and also help reduce complaints. Broadband customers will have a clearer idea of what they're purchasing and stronger rights when the service fails to live up to expectations."

More information about the new rules is available from Ofcom.

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