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Ofcom broadband satisfaction findings: Broadband Genie responds

Ofcom has released the latest update to its annual research into broadband customer complaints and general satisfaction levels. The key findings from the 2019 report can be found below:

  • Overall, 83% of broadband customers are satisfied with their service
  • Only 13% have complained in 2018
  • TalkTalk scores lower than the industry average on several metrics; overall satisfaction remains at 79% however
  • Complaints about Plusnet increase after introduction of new billing system

Alex Tofts, Broadband Expert at Broadband Genie, had the following to say: "Poor customer service is a common complaint for home broadband but it can be difficult to find out about this aspect of a provider before you buy, which makes the Ofcom report a valuable resource when researching deals.

"Customers that are not satisfied with their existing package should check their contract and consider switching. Switching is a great way to improve your service and to save money in the process. 

"If your contract is currently up for renewal you can swap to a new deal without paying cancellation fees. And remember that once activated you still have a 14 day cooling off period in which you can change your mind. If you’re tied to a contract you might encounter a penalty when switching, though there are circumstances where you can leave for free.

"For example, if your provider raises their prices above the rate of inflation you can cancel without penalty within 30 days of being notified of the price increase by the provider."

For more, see the original research on Ofcom's site:

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