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Plusnet named UK’s Best Broadband Provider. Post Office and Zen also feature on winner's list

Broadband Genie has published the results of its annual Home Broadband Survey. For the third year in a row, Plusnet was voted the UK’s best broadband provider.

But while Plusnet took the coveted ‘Best Broadband Provider’ and ‘Best Customer Service’ crowns, there were also major awards for Zen Internet (‘Most Recommended’) and Post Office (‘Most Trusted’).

Broadband Genie partnered with polling company OnePoll to survey 2,000 broadband bill payers. A further 2,718 people were queried about their experience with home broadband in a survey run by Broadband Genie between 26th March - 29th April 2019.

These awards complete the 2019 Broadband Genie Home Broadband Survey, aimed at helping consumers make the best choice when buying a broadband package. 

Please see the results below (NB: Each category used a series of questions, which were averaged to create a total score and determine the winner.)

Provider Best Broadband provider score (out of 5)
Plusnet 3.81
Zen Internet 3.74
Post Office 3.70
EE 3.67
Now TV 3.54
Vodafone 3.50
Sky 3.46
BT 3.37
Virgin Media 3.37
TalkTalk 3.26

For the third year in a row, Plusnet has been named ‘Best Broadband Provider’. They scored high in all areas and recorded the highest average score across all sections.

Provider Best Value Provider score (out of 5)
Plusnet 3.50
Zen Internet 3.49
Now TV 3.44
EE 3.38
Post Office 3.37
Vodafone 3.32
TalkTalk 3.11
Sky 3.04
BT 2.95
Virgin Media 2.84

Plusnet customers also rated their provider as best value for money. However, this came out as the lowest scoring category in the survey, with providers scoring an average 3.24 - compared to an average score of 3.75, 3.72, 3.53 for the ‘Best Customer Care’, ‘Most Trusted Provider’ and ‘Most Recommended Provider categories respectively. This suggests all providers could improve in this area.

Provider Most Recommended Provider score (out of 5)
Zen Internet 3.92
Plusnet 3.75
EE 3.66
Post Office 3.58
Now TV 3.47
Sky 3.46
Virgin Media 3.46
BT 3.38
Vodafone 3.35
TalkTalk 3.27

For the first time a ‘smaller’ or ‘niche’ provider is featured in the awards. Zen customers were most likely to recommend their provider to a friend or family member.

Provider Most Trusted Provider score (out of 5)
Post Office 3.99
Plusnet 3.94
EE 3.83
Vodafone 3.72
Sky 3.72
Now TV 3.72
BT 3.65
Zen Internet 3.63
Virgin Media 3.61
TalkTalk 3.40

Finding a provider that you can trust is an important factor to consider when choosing a broadband provider. Post Office customers rated their provider the highest in this area, which represents their first category win in the Home Broadband Survey.

Provider Best Customer Care score (out of 5)
Plusnet 4.11
Zen Internet 3.94
EE 3.92
Post Office 3.87
Vodafone 3.82
Sky 3.71
Now TV 3.68
BT 3.59
Virgin Media 3.57
TalkTalk 3.27

Plusnet takes home the last award, which historically has always been a strong area for the provider.

A spokesperson for Plusnet, said: “We’re proud to provide our customers with great value and brilliant service. We’re pleased to be recognised for this in Broadband Genie’s recent home broadband survey.”

Richard Tang, Founder & Chairman at Zen Internet, said: “We are delighted to be recognised as the ‘Most Recommended’ broadband provider in Broadband Genie’s Home Broadband Survey. The people-first culture we have built at Zen has led to our customers getting an award-winning service that has many times been voted the UK’s best. Free from external shareholder pressure to hit short-term financial targets, we make the right decisions for the long-term. We are committed to stay true to our values so our customers can enjoy the Zen difference.”

Meredith Sharples, Telecoms Director at the Post Office, said: “We are focused on ensuring Post Office Broadband customers receive the highest levels of service, so we are delighted to have been voted Broadband Genie’s Most Trusted Broadband Provider.

“Broadband is now integral to our day to day lives, so we know that being a provider that our customers can count on is hugely important. While we’re really pleased with this award, we know there’s always more we can do to keep improving, and we’ll continue working tirelessly to offer a broadband service that customers can rely on.”

Alex Tofts, Broadband Expert at Broadband Genie, said: “Congratulations to Plusnet, Zen Internet and Post Office for their performance in their respective winning categories. Plusnet has been delivering high-quality service for many years and once again achieved great results across all areas, with exceptional performance in customer service.

“However the survey does show an area for improvement for all ISP’s. Value for money is a particular weak spot, with all providers scoring considerably lower in this category - despite good results in other areas.”

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