Leeds to be kitted up with 100Mb broadband this year

Following the news folks in Bournemouth and Dundee are looking forward to being able to access a new fibre optic broadband network offering download speeds of up to 100Mb, residents in Leeds have been told they should also expect an imminent broadband boost. However, this time, rather than being delivered by Fibrecity it will be on behalf of telecommunications service aql.

The Leeds-based telecoms company aql has confirmed it will be rolling out its new superfast broadband network first of all to businesses in the Calls area – a district which plays home to a number of media and marketing agencies.

At the moment aql runs several exchange sites around the country and already has established fibre optic links running from London to Leeds. Once the network is running within the business areas the plan is to roll out the service to other parts of Leeds city centre this year.

Speaking to technology website Pocket-lint, aql’s managing director, Adam Beaumont, said: “This model allows many businesses to get a head start on their competitors, reaping the advantages of high-speed-working long before the delivery of the Digital Britain promise. Smart businesses already realise the advantages of not waiting for their mail to download or for a file to transfer.”

The Digital Britain promise acknowledged by Beaumont refers to government’s pledge to provide every home in the UK with broadband speeds of at least 2Mb by 2012. Meanwhile, the Tories have pledged 100Mb broadband for the "majority" of UK homes by 2012.

Today it was confirmed which internet service providers will be offering Bournemouth's 100Mb packages. As of today, consumers in the area will be able to choose from providers Fibreband, Velocity 1 and Vispa. However, it is thought more providers will be jumping onto the network over the next year.


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