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  • TalkTalk Reviews

    by Milena at 13:53 on 26 Nov 2015

    Very unhappy with this company been with them for 2 years always paid by direct debit never missed a payment yet when I moved house I had no connection although they were informed about my move a month in advance. I didn't have any connection for 3 weeks and had to chase up a few times a week for someone to visit my property. At last when I had an engineer come out I was told I will be charged 60 if... more>
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    by Martyn at 9:36 on 25 Nov 2015

    Possible worst reliability I have encountered - works for a few weeks and then drops out to less than half a meg for days.

    Came to end of contract, phoned for migration code, customer service is rude and obnoxious, hung up on me. They did tell me I was out of contract and there would be no fees, but then charge me 10 because I am still in contract after I move. Phoned multiple times a day by their call... more>
  • news/blog comment

    by Sarah at 18:29 on 23 Nov 2015

    Just cancelled with EE with having them less then a month. No phone for 14 days constant calls to technical support in India . 2 engineers assigned only one attended. Engineer assigned and told us it wasn't a fault on our side. So another call to EE tech support where they wanted to send another engineer 7 days from now meaning we've been without a line for over 18 days in the end cancelled contract with... more>
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    by Kim at 15:09 on 20 Nov 2015

    I cancelled my contract and asked on the phone if it was OK to go ahead and remove EE from my direct debits on online banking. The person on the phone said that yes, as a payment had just come out I was OK to cancel the direct debit. EE then tried to take a further payment after I'd cancelled the direct debit. When I received the letter stating that my payment hadn't been collected I contacted the customer... more>
  • news/blog comment

    by Beki at 21:52 on 19 Nov 2015

    Recently signed up with Tentel after Sky put our price up, I hadnt heard of Tentel before but Im glad I signed up and have been impressed with the service so far.

    There was a little hiccup when I signed up because of the phone line, but I phoned them up and they sorted everything out pretty fast, though the people in their Scotland call centre were a bit hard to understand! (glad they have call centres... more>
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    by Al at 22:09 on 18 Nov 2015

  • TalkTalk Reviews

    by Tanya at 11:19 on 17 Nov 2015

    These clowns are a waste of time and money. They promise you different things on the phone and then when you phone back up none knows what the he'll you're talking about. - this is because they want to get you to sign up to their 'services ' so they spew a load of tosh at you. I've racked up over 50 talking to these idiots in September /October- when I first signed up they said an engineer would come... more>
  • news/blog comment

    by Linda stafford at 22:50 on 16 Nov 2015

    EE home broadband is terrible one year wifi has never worked , on the phone for 3 hours this evening and many times during the year customer services non exsistant rude unhelpful. Lorraine (team leader in customer services) is rude and so unhelpful she told me it wasn't EE responsibility 'actually it is' very rude lady. Customer services terrible they all need sacking. DO NOT GO WITH EE HOME BROADBAND... more>