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  • Virgin Reviews

    by colin at 1:46 on 8 Feb 2016

    Had slow speeds since November 2015 , phoned and complained they gave me £34.99 credit for december but still took the direct debit , i reversed this with the bank and got a refund had to then cancel direct debit , long story short phone again in jan 2016 received a further £80 credit only to discover virgin media impose a penalty of £5 each month because even they give you a good will... more>
  • news/blog comment

    by james galletly at 14:06 on 4 Feb 2016

    This company stinks on all accounts don't go any where near them over.Charging. is specialty for a crap company
  • news/blog comment

    by Martin at 16:34 on 2 Feb 2016

    EE's customer service is absolutely horrendous, today I've been put through to at least 10 different department and still no further to rectifying my miniscule problem of moving my broadband from my old office to my new. All call centre workers must be retarded!
    I then tried to cancel due to there incompetence and was again passed from department to department! still my issue has not been sorted. I... more>
  • Post Office Reviews

    by Simon Laughton at 10:21 on 2 Feb 2016

    Joined PO Broadband service Oct 26 2015 after an acceptable service from Plusnet. Speed has been a problem ever since with speeds often below 2Mps and even less at peak times. The help desk have always been extremely helpful but, after 3 months (and at lest 5 long telephone calls) eventually said that they could not improve my speed! At one point they asked me to monitor speed and pings through my Command... more>
  • news/blog comment

    by Jayne at 13:51 on 30 Jan 2016

    I've just discovered that EE charged me £60 for an engineer visit during switchover when they cocked things up. The engineer did not find any fault at my end but EE have just lied to me over the phone saying that he did!
  • news/blog comment

    by Graham Grimshaw at 23:11 on 28 Jan 2016

    This is my second comment regarding EE. I am now at the stage where I am waiting for a call from one of the executive team to sort my problem although, until EE changes it's traffic management policy, this can't happen. My download speed drops each evening just after 4-00pm until just after 1-00am and at weekends after 1-00pm until 1-00am, as stated in EE's policy documents. What their policy does not... more>
  • news/blog comment

    by Dan at 1:17 on 28 Jan 2016

    Overall EE has been very reliable with just a couple of dropouts in approx 2 yrs but speed usually averages around 7 down / 1 up. Not sure if this is due to new build on a new estate but I am noticing traffic managing in the evenings which seem to affect online games. Line tests score well at pingtest wuth minimal jitter so all appears good both in UK and nearby EU locations.
  • Virgin Reviews

    by Ruth at 19:49 on 27 Jan 2016

    I've never had any problems with Virgin's service it is quick and consistent, even when there are several devices playing music and videos (I'm on their 50mbps tariff) and they were really good when I first swapped back to them and I was having trouble with my router, running diagnostics, and finally sending an engineer around to sort things out. They start out competitive price wise, but are prone to... more>