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bOnline Business Fibre
40Mb max speed 18 months £21.90 +VAT £33.90 + VAT after 6 months 0808 168 9197
Price includes line rental
bOnline Business Broadband
18Mb max speed 12 months £13.95 +VAT £19.90 + VAT after 6 months 0808 168 9197
Price includes line rental
bOnline Business Broadband Plus & Calls
18Mb max speed 12 months £12.95 +VAT £22.85 + VAT after 1 months 0808 168 9197
Price includes line rental
bOnline Business Broadband Plus UK Calls 500
18Mb max speed 12 months £12.95 +VAT £26.90 + VAT after 1 months 0808 168 9197
Price includes line rental
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bOnline features and review

bOnline is an independent ISP specialising in affordable small business broadband. It was initially launched (by the founder of XLN Telecom) as a web design service aimed at very small companies, but has since branched out into broadband and phone connectivity.

Line rental costs are low (bOnline boasts it has the cheapest in the country) and bOnline is also proud of its excellent customer service record.

What does bOnline offer?


bOnline broadband deals encompass both ADSL and fibre optic broadband technologies, using the BT Openreach network so they’re widely available to premises all over the country. It doesn’t have a huge range of packages, but small businesses will find that they are competitively priced.


Phone line rental from bOnline starts from just £12 per month, which is indeed as cheap as it gets. However, if you’re buying a phone and broadband deal this price is only available on one package, otherwise the cost will be slightly higher (but still less than many other ISPs).

The standard line rental does not feature inclusive calling, but you can add anytime calls and a bundle of mobile calling minutes for an additional monthly charge.

bOnline broadband coverage and speed

bOnline broadband availability

bOnline utilises the BT Openreach network, so ADSL broadband is available to the vast majority of premises, while more than 80% of properties will be able to get fibre optic too.

Availability varies with location. The exchange serving your premises must be enabled for the service you wish to use, and you must be within a certain range. Nowadays this is rarely an issue, but in some cases - especially rural locations - you may find your choice is restricted or speeds are far below the possible maximum.

When comparing broadband deals use the postcode check on our comparison table to display only those packages which are available in your area.

bOnline broadband speed

As a BT Openreach network provider bOnline broadband deals are broadly similar to most other ISPs, though it does claim slightly higher maximum speeds.

It’s ADSL broadband packages go up to 18Mb, while fibre optic broadband is available up to 40Mb or 80Mb. Other providers typically quote up to 17Mb for ADSL and up to 38Mb or 76Mb for fibre.

Always take broadband speeds with a pinch of salt though (remember, they say “up to” for a reason!). Your broadband speed will depend on factors such as line quality, distance from the exchange and network congestion. When joining a provider you should always be given an accurate estimate so you know what to expect.

bOnline broadband usage limits and traffic management

bOnline states that its broadband packages are unlimited, however if you delve into its terms and conditions you’ll find a fair use policy which contradicts this.

If your telephone exchange is local loop unbundled (LLU) there’s a monthly limit of 500GB, while non-LLU (or “market A”) exchanges are limited to a much smaller 50GB. The implications of breaching this limit are not clear as the only reference to extra charges is in relation to phone calls (which are also subject to a fair use restriction, though the amount is not specified).

Traffic management does not appear to be used to slow down the connection.

bOnline review - the Broadband Genie verdict

We like…

  • Lots of positive customer feedback
  • Cheap line rental

We don’t like…

  • Fair use policy means it’s not actually unlimited

bOnline makes a big deal of its customer reviews, and it is indeed very highly rated on Trustpilot, which suggests that you can rely on its customer and technical support. With so many providers failing in this area it’s refreshing to see one getting it right.

It is also an extremely cheap option. The entry level broadband deal is under £20+VAT per month, and with line rental from just £12 it can offer big savings for small companies.

But it is disappointing to find that bOnline is one of the few ISPs still hiding usage limits in the small print while claiming to be unlimited. Although the 500GB limit on LLU exchanges is perhaps not going to be a problem for many businesses, 50GB for non-LLU could be overly restrictive. You should confirm whether or not your exchange is LLU or non-LLU ( can help there) before signing up, and consider carefully whether this allowance is sufficient.