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  • unhappy

    by James at 20:36 on 22 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Rubbish service, a week ago I was getting a genuine 8mbps with Sky, left because of throttling issues went to BT because they advertised 'unlimited downloads' with option 3. Now I average 11kbps and throttled to 900bps at peak times. Absolutely no point in phoning the helpline, better to ask your Granny to sort it; at least she speaks English! As far as I am concerned BT are liars and have misrepresented their service and a chat to Ofcom is underway. If you have a choice of BT broadband or being run over by a train then pick the train, it will be quick and painless, unlike BT!

  • unhappy

    by Ian at 22:43 on 17 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Absolutely appalling speeds and customer service.

    I'm only a 1/2 mile from the exchange connected at 7.5mb but BT is only allowing 15kbs. Phone call after phone call to some call centre in India, they won't fix the issues. The whole town is the same with everyone I know having the same slow speeds (8 months now), but BT don't care to lift a finger. As long as they have you in their contract, it's not their problem.

    They blatantly lie to the customers, renew contracts with no notification, reduce your speeds and threaten you with fees for trying to go elsewhere.

    Try 02 / BE for good broadband.

  • unhappy

    by Nick at 17:32 on 10 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Absolutely appalling customer service department. Stay well away from them.

  • neutral

    by Bill at 17:45 on 8 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Generally, the backup from BT has been good, but I'm thinking of moving to cable because of the slowness of BT's landline broadband download speeds. True, it says 'up to 8Mb' but 0.5Mb, which is all I get, is just not good enough, and nobody can tell you when it is likely to improve. Trouble is not many people seem to think much of Virgin Media (cable) either!

  • unhappy

    by Kevin at 19:34 on 4 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    Just to tell the uk to keep away from BT broadband. i have just renewed my contract for another 18 months, now cant wait until may next year until my contract runs - out customer service rubbish

  • neutral

    by s,bowler at 17:28 on 1 Feb 2009 Report abuse

    i have been trying to get a broadband connection for years now and keep getting told we are too far away from the exchange,yet my neighbour 2 doors down manage to get broadband and the person who lives exactley oppersite me gets it,why,,,,then cant we get it,foned bt thousands of times to be told they trying to up grade all the lines,lol when i get it is anyones guess, rubbish.

  • happy

    by Lynsey at 2:18 on 24 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I have BT Broadband, the newer black hub and yes we have the odd weak signal when the wii, the xbox, the laptops, the PS3 and the wifi stereo are all on at the same time. It is totally annoying when it does happen, but 99% of the time it is fine. I have always found BT helpful, our office has BT Connect and when I had a problem the techie sat for about 90mins remotely logging into our computers to resolve the problem. It was resolved, thanks to him and I can honestly say there are not many companies out there that will accommodate their customers in this way. If you do have a problem and things aren't working always count to 10 and then phone, a heated exchange will not get you where you want to go.

  • unhappy

    by Nuke747 at 17:05 on 22 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Absolute terrible service, this is a digital age, but yet BT seems to be in oldschool while other companies are progressing with technology, BT needs to pick up the pace and follow virgins business plan instead of a business plan which was made in 70's 80's come on get a grip!

  • neutral

    by ALIEN at 19:51 on 20 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    ok id just like to say i used to be with virgin broadband before i moved house using fiber optic cables.i never had 1 problem what so ever with my internet ,it was allways on and fast as hell,reacently i moved house and decided my virgin broadband would follow me to my new address but i would ask them to install the new 50 mb package....i was disapointed as virgin said the new area i now live in does not have fiber optic cable connection in this area so i can not have the 50 mb package and i would now need a phone line installed as well to connect me becouse of this......damb ..so if i have to have a phone line installed then ok ill do that but then id be paying two companys ,one for for line ,and for one like virgin ,for my internet broadband connection ,,,ok then so if i pay bt for my phone line , i just might as well get my broadband with them aswell ,that whey i can pay just one bill at the end of each mounth to one company ,so i have decided to go all the way with bt, with some slight disapointment too ...bt only offer up to 8 mb ,, ok i wont be gready ill take that,,,and as ive read in others comments none of yous are ever getting 8 mb even though you pay for it ..i asked bt to do a line check to see what mb i could reseive down my connection line,,,they said it read 3.25 and it depends how far away i am from them ,,,,,if thats all i can get down a phone line ..i have to be greatfull becouse i need to be online ....but come on bt get off your ass and stop living in the past,with old copper phone lines from the 60 s and 70 s ,,,take a look at virgin and there 50 meg deal , bt 8 meg come on . ok virgin have not coverd the uk yet with fiber optics but i hope they will ..and i hope they reach my new area soon were i live ..so i chose to get bt for now . bt you need to get in shape and offer fiber optic all over the uk or some how upgrade are phone lines to handle 50 mb or more if eney body know s bt s future let me no ,,,i mean we live in uk right ,so why are we so far behind ...why do they make us wait ...come on .there s countrys out there who have real unlimed access to broad band there in like the the 100 s mb the 1000s mb broadband packages all ready ....in the uk virgin have only just 50 mb ......and us lot on bt using copper phone lines receiveing like 3.25 mb on a 8 mb connection is a joke .....ill leave my email in case eneybody can tell me more about this and what we have to look forward to on bt ,,[email protected] come on bt get in shape its 2009 and i want to love you i want to be with bt ...but i want super fast broadband on fiber optics as well ,i want more like 50 -100 mb ....not 3.25 mb ......i mean 20 mb will do for now .....we are the british public we want better broadband

  • unhappy

    by Jon at 18:45 on 16 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

    Technology is ok but the administration is appalling.

    Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and frankly doesn't care.

    Sign up at your own risk!

  • happy

    by Tim at 13:00 on 8 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Reference Opel above - watch out for anything to do with Carphone warehouse and Broadband - I went with Talk Talk and it was the biggest mistake of my life - ended up losing my number and having to reconnect to BT - they failed to provide connection and then had gone and nicked my line in their 'unbundling' programme - be very careful.
    Have to say now I'm back on BT it's not so fast either - but at least it works -

  • happy

    by DISABLED BUT USEFULL at 11:18 on 5 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    i left aol as i felt their e mail security was a sham a year later it was released in the press by someone else thsat had severe problems with them. i went to bt yes no matter what isp you go to there are teething probs more so if you have my disablities and medication. i explain this every time and they take their time toi explain slowley took out a package for 12 pence a day which you help from bt it staff and as i can sort out most things with assistance from my wife, but gives me peace of mind if i am on respite or in hospital and something goes wrong. yes option 3 is higher than most but it is geared for most things in the future so no more changes for you and no price increases as you are already on that tariff.

  • unhappy

    by mark at 16:38 on 4 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    very poor service. slow connection. could not ever reach 8 meg even live 1/4 of a mile from BT exchange.

    poor customer service very patronising.

  • happy

    by Alex at 20:14 on 12 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    I work for BT so can in all honesty just wanted to add my two pennies. Any company you go with, you will have pages upon pages of the bad things, before you see the good things. I myself have just ordered my broadband from BT. I would suggest for people having speed problems, upgrade your hub, if you have the white one, there is a new black one called 2.0. BT arent the cheapest company out there, but theyre by far one of the companies that want to help the customer if there is any problems. I know this by obviously what my manager gives me **** for... The other thing you need to bare in mind guys, and this is for every company, it all depends on who you speak to, ie. if you speak to someone whos in a ******* mood, chances are your experience isnt going to be the best

  • unhappy

    by JonK at 15:28 on 10 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Beware: BT are trialling a tool called Webwise, with the intention of launching it generally.

    Webwise is billed as an anti-phishing and web secuity feature but the agenda appears much more devious than that.

    The main reason for Websise is for BT to make money,

    For Web users, this means intercepting your browsing habits, extracting what you are looking at and feeding you adverts (on web pages carrying adverts generated through the service) which are selected according to what BT believe to be your interests.

    For website owners, this means intercepting your (possibly copyright) data as people request it and using the intercepted data it for their financial gain.

    BT may also alter what people browsing your site actually receive - they may generate a cookie which appears to come from your site but is, in fact, generated by Webwise.

    Not nice, especially if you make a point of telling customers that you don't plant cookies. Some customers will be kinda miffed!

    Oh, and don't expect to be abple to comment on BT forums. BT appear to be clearing their forums of all anti Webwise criticism and barring people who regularly question them on the subject.

    Interestingly, BT have trialled this interception of subscriber's data a couple of times already - without the decency of asking and, when questioned, denying they were doing anything.

    BT claim to be running a further trial now, with an "unavoidable invitation" for selected subscribers. They're so confident that "service" is desirable that they make the "sign me up" logo huge and bright, with the "no thanks" option much less prominent.(ironic humour)

    Oh, I nearly forgot, the company partnering BT is called Phorm. They used to be called 121Media, who did a nice line in Malware and Rootkits.

    So, would you want an ISP as trustrorthy as BT?

    Would you want a company that is associated with some of the darker and nasiter side of the Internet providig your service?

    I'm not going to recommend BT or otherwise.

    You're bright enough to research the names and decide

  • unhappy

    by nicky at 23:19 on 9 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    weve been using bt for about 2.1/2 3 years and tbh nothing but problems have happened download speeds are considerebly lower than they should be wireless conection is no better continusly gettin disconected or just plain not at all im currently still on there bt home hub 1.0 wich could be part of the problem with wireless as it is not up to date like the new N series 2.0 model but this does not explain poor download speeds for this amount of time any discusion with people from bt results in no sullotion to any of these problems each time stear clear of bt is ur best bet

  • unhappy

    by No Rookie! at 12:57 on 25 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    BT I would NOT give them the time of day at the moment, having put up with their intrusions for over 2 Years with a Service they State that everyone wants(BT Webwise).

    But when people find out that it looks at every part of your surfing on http they often say that can't be Legal!

  • neutral

    by Raymond at 23:17 on 8 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    07/11/08 Had a call from opel telecom to- day wanting me to leave bt ,would give me a new wireless router ,much better than BT.Said they were updating exchanges in ni and opening a call center here which was being painted at this time.Their equipment was now more modern than BT and would give much better broadband speed.Opel is owned by carphone warehouse who seem to be playing a big role in the unbundling ot the telecom system from bt .Contract hasnt arrived yet but i would simply like more info.my bb nd is not great with bt but it could be from the frying pan into the fire

  • neutral

    by Hacker at 14:24 on 5 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Well, I am pleased with My new BT broadband Option 3 and the Hub2. It is still settling in and adjusting the speed, but so far is a continuous 2mb average with peaks obviously higher.
    If you want c**p customer service in India, you should sample Toucansurf who were my 2mb providers till a few days ago. The contention rate was terrible and download speed was non existant at buzy times, also the Indian customer services was as thick as the proverbial!, but luckily I can sort most things so do not worry too much about customer services, but at least it is free with BT and not 50p per minute and getting nowhere after a 45 minute call like it was at Toucan.
    After getting my MAC code and being disconnected for 10 days waiting for the BT switch on, Toucan have now "Welcomed" me to my 8 mb upgrade and are trying to smack me for a years disconnection penalty charge after being with them for THREE years.
    Check the forums and you will find people have good AND bad experiences with every provider.

  • unhappy

    by Happy Customer at 20:26 on 9 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    I have never been so happy with my broadband service as I am now.
    That's right, I left BT and went to a real ISP.
    When with BT I experienced the horrific slowdowns, the terrible disconnects, the loss of dns at random times, and the excuse for a router they call the homehub.
    I left them and on the day of switching, my connection was syncing at aprox 400kbps higher with my new supplier, since then I haven't looked back.
    BT used to be a name that was associated with quality, reliability and integrity. Now is stands for Broken Telecom on the days I'm feeling kind, and means much worse when I'm being blunt.
    I wouldn't advise anybody to take service from these clowns, they charge a premium price for a 3rd rate service.
    I was paying £25 a month for option 3, and would find myself 'restricted' almost constantly, my new supplier charges me £20 a month and I have yet to exceed my bandwidth allowance. (30GB peak, 300GB off peak).
    If you want quality service, stay away from BT.

  • unhappy

    by Stan BBand Junkie at 21:44 on 8 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    I have had BT for 2 to 3 years. Very unhappy about the use of a system to intercept all that I and others in my house use the internet for. The fact they did secret trials in 2006 and 2007 is awful (listening in on our internet usage without our consent and without a legal warrant) - Odd that the police agree they did it but no full investigation and prosecution?!? Stinks of cover-up!

    Well they are at it again and connection speed now poor. Phorm, the providers of BT Webwise seem to be a bunch of people with a seedy past of "Adware" or "Spyware" (according to F-Secure and Symantec Norton Anti-Virus)... They need to wake up at BT - customers do not want Webwise and the anti-phishing included is a red-herring!!!! Absolutely criminal IMHO!

  • unhappy

    by Robert at 18:26 on 8 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    I was a customer of BT Broadband (Option 3) for several years until this morning. During this time, the service was fine, except for a period of several months in which the internet was inaccessible for exactly 1h early each morning. The email tech support was useless, suggesting the problem was interference from a neighbour's electrical appliances (I suspect they were working on the exchange). Service was a slightly pedestrian but acceptable 1.7 to 1.9 Mbps download.
    I switched this morning to another ISP because of BT's plans to use the vile and intrusive Phorm system of scanning all customers' web activity for targeted advertising. Not only is this probably illegal, but is being deceptively marketed (fortunately only on the third trial just now). For more info see https://nodpi.org It's too early to say whether my new ISP is any good, but when I checked my download speed it was 6.2Mbps (possibly partly due to the time of the day).
    If you value your privacy, don't choose BT.

  • unhappy

    by Karina Davies at 13:43 on 8 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    Selecting BT as my ADSL supplier was the biggest mistake. So far we have had nothing but problems in the 11 months of service and calling through to the Indian tech support team to no avail.
    We have finally given up and requested a MAC code to change supplier and surprise surprise BT have yet again gone against Ofcom regulations by not proving us with a MAC in the set time line of 5 working days. So far it has been nearly 3 weeks of phone calls and BT ignorance. From notes not being added onto my account to being accused of lying by members of staff I am now utterly outraged by their incapability to provide any sense of customer service. Even managers have failed to call me back. The case has been passed to Ofcom but this still has not spurred BT to provide any form of result. As of this moment I am currently writing to the CEO of BT and BT Retail to express my disgrace.

    I advise all to consider other Service Providers as BT Retail lack any form of Customer Service.

  • unhappy

    by cobby at 13:30 on 27 Sep 2008 Report abuse

    if all you lot who say bt is c**p and dont touch it why dont you drop it an go with nother provider. i bet theres worse out there as for call centre in india a evrybody goin same way so unless yo learn indian wot do yo exspect evrybodys tryin save money an bt ay no different except them dear££££££

  • unhappy

    by Bria Brown at 3:33 on 21 Sep 2008 Report abuse


    I upgraded from package 1 - package 3 (as advised) and have gone from 4mb to 65kbps download time, it's like surfing through quick-sand. I run my business online and this is costing me customers, time and money.

    The 'help' line is a total sham, most of the time I get put through to India/cut off half way through/told it's a fault my end (it's not, it was working fine two weeks ago on package 1).

    Every day I phone up (2 weeks this has been going on for) and they tell me the 'tech department' are looking into it and to phone back in 24hrs and all will be fixed! I want to rip their heads off and eat their lying tongues.

    I hope BT get abducted by aliens, or sucked into a vortex (much like my broadband speed).

    I'm switching to Virgin. BT can stuff their broadband where the sun don't shine.

  • unhappy

    by Dave T, London at 23:17 on 27 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    The biggest mistake I ever made was letting a BT salesman con me into upgrading from Option 1, which I'd had for years and ran fine, to Option 3 which is useless. Needless to say, the 8megs promised proved to be a figment of BT's imagination. They rated me at 2megs - which would have been fine if it was true. I can download at between 15 and 25Kbps. Spend hours on the phone complaining and they will reset the server and it runs fine for a couple of days, then the service drops back down again. The last time this happened, a BT help desk drone said the answer was to pay them £9.95 extra a month for their IT experts desk! Yeah, right. At least they have no grounds for stopping me cancelling my contract: the service doesn't work, therefore the contract is void.

  • unhappy

    by Jamhead at 13:34 on 19 Aug 2008 Report abuse

    An absoulute piece of junk. The worst deal I've ever seen.
    It's the biggest piece of lying junk I've ever seen. I crash on average once per half hour, or sometimes I get 11 times per half hour, like today. I go at an average of 20kb/s and it's dropping. a terrible deal. It's more expensive then most. It's supposed to be wireless, but the thing is, you need to put a wire in for the wireless to work. When I download it CLAIMS I'm going at 56mb/s... WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH. Another really annoying thing is that I have to change around wires every day I want to use it and whenever I connect it, the downstairs telephone doesn't work. I really cannot stand BT it's the worst thing I've ever bought. I HATE BT!

  • unhappy

    by Mr Angry at 12:26 on 27 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    I have had BT Broadband for 6 weeks now. During this time I have had no end of problems with very very slow speeds. They eventualy sent an engineer round who said the line was easily capable of 8Meg and that they had limited me at the exchange to a maximum of 2Meg. They still have not managed to resolve the issue. Their Indian based "help line" is no help at all. Wish I had gone for O2 instead! DO NOT GET BT!

  • unhappy

    by Gab3xOxford at 7:37 on 23 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    The cost of BT total broadband + line rental with VAT is £50. In OX4 my speed is 537Kb, a 1/4 of their minimum advertised speed and 1/16 of their advertised 'up to 8Mbs' service.

    Obviously not knowing that I will get such a slow service I ordered the unlimited option as I tend to use broadband a lot. No one warned me that despite being 1.4km from exchange my maximum signal strength will be 2Mb or as it is proving in reality a quarter of that.

    Forget iPlayer, forget fast page loads etc. This reminds me of my first broadband connection, faster then the dial up but not fast enough for anything practical.

    On the basis of this I managed to break the contract with BT after spending two weeks on the phone to them. I have ordered Virgin which also has bad rating but they are 50% cheaper and the only company that can give you a better line then BT as all other suppliers rely on BT's infrastructure.

  • unhappy

    by tom67421 at 20:07 on 6 Jul 2008 Report abuse

    BT is total rubbish do not buy it , im stuck at downloading 8.1 kb constalty shuts down having to ring them every week and get useless advice total worthless service i suggest that you should never pay this and swich like i shud

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