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  • unhappy

    by Ben at 22:00 on 19 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    I've been with BT Broadband for a while but it has been getting progressively worse and now, in the evening it is total crap. 192kbps and i'm on option 2 which advertises at anything up to 8mb. I've been told by their not very helpful helpdesk that the maximum speed I can expect due to my being more than 1 mile (i know..huge distance) from the phone exchange is 512kbps. Personally if they knew this then I will have to get Trading Standards involved.

  • unhappy

    by Jon at 18:02 on 17 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    Bt total broadband should be renamed as it is 'sometimes' total broadband. What is particularly annoying is that the service constantly stops you watching bbc iplayer, but cutting your service so you have to restart the hub every few minutes or so. Based where I am in Highlands of Scotland, I have little choice but to put up with this poor service (one might even call it a bit of a rip off). I can't wait until more choice reaches me at which point I will be the first to jump to something less problematic. My advice is if you can avoid BT then avoid them.

  • unhappy

    by Brian at 13:50 on 7 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    I am very fed up with BT Broadbands deplorable service. For the last 3 months my 8MB service keeps dropping out and the IP Profile drops to 135Kpbs several times a week! (this is the maximum speed set for your line at the exchange) even though the line could support more than 3MB. I have had one visit from an engineer a two months ago who did not do anything but said he could change something at the exchange. Now from www.speedtester.bt.com the lines maximum throughput is down to 1248 Kbps from 3500 Kbps and the IP Profile at 500Kpbs and it will probably drop back to 135 shortly. Phoning BT I am told that the profile cannot be changed as an engineer is due to visit on monday, if I want the IP profile raising then I have to cancel the engineer. I guess I am only customer, I have had enough of hanging on while they do tests and now after hours and hours on the phone I say please run the test but I do not need to hold while you run it.

  • unhappy

    by John at 23:02 on 5 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    I've been with BT since what is it? 2-3 years now maybe more?.. Our Phoneline has always with BT needless to say we've been a loyal customer for many a years now and yet over the past 6 months i've noticed our 8mb BT Total Broadband is falling well short of the package im paying for.

    I understand traffic is a factor in the speed as well as the location however the speed test from BT says we are capable of getting 7.5mbps with our package. This is over-stated.. i've yet to see our download speed go above 400kbps and recently its been under 70kbps. As i right this im downloading at 17kbps 17.

    I wrote a complaint email to them and nothing came of it, they didnt even reply to me, and since writing that email my speed has gotten slower. I cant even stream music anymore without it stopping and starting every 5 seconds (and thats not a ball park figure its actually true) my music stops every 2-5 seconds and re-buffers.

    Im not happy with this Company at the moment.

  • happy

    by Amz at 17:35 on 3 Jun 2008 Report abuse

    hi i been with bt for 8 years now and i think bt great there customer service gd and another thing is bt rolling out 24 meg broadband speed around my area on jun 30 cant wait

  • unhappy

    by P.P. at 22:50 on 16 May 2008 Report abuse

    BT works ok from 11pm at night until 5pm in the afternoon - as long as not a lot of your neighbours are consuming your shared bandwidth.
    BT is awful from 5pm afternoon until 11pm at night - where mine is limited to 10KB download!
    My BT fixed 12months contract has been up for years now - so i do not renew it and stick at 2MB with them - but i'm still with them because reading the small print of all other ISP's they are no different - too many people online at once makes eveyones speeds slow!

  • unhappy

    by ofum at 12:50 on 6 May 2008 Report abuse

    BT say the service is unlimited. This is a blatant lie. Their "fair usage" policy allows them to limit the service to a useless crawl if you exceed an unspecified amount of downloads. Furthermore, they will not tell you they are limiting your service or even tell you when your service has been limited (they call it "restricted" to overcome the embarrassment of admitting it is limited).
    I know, because my BT broadband has been limited on their Option 3 package despite advertising it as unlimited and is of little use so I am going to another provider. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • unhappy

    by |Katz at 18:11 on 27 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Just went with BT, I wish I'd read this before I had.
    I had a lot of trouble with virgin internet as much as 10-12 hours a day went totally dead.
    Just gone with BT 12 days ago, speed is absolutely dire, support so far has been useless, it's an upto 8mbps connection often I get 0.1mbps, just about 4 times that of 56k modem. I am ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS WITH BT! I will be demanding a refund for every day they've fleeced me and if it's not sorted out within the next week I'll be working on any way possible to cancel the damn contract.
    That speed isn't even broadband. It's old ISDN speed.
    I had better than this with ntl when they first started 8 years ago.
    Head the advice everyone else has given, steer clear of BT.
    btw, I am only 1/4 mile from the exchange and BT told me I'd get around 6.5mbps originally when I first speed tested. Now they say 2mbps max, which is utter crap.

  • unhappy

    by jam at 5:39 on 20 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    ive had bt broadband for 5 years everything was fine on a 1 mbps connection for the first 2 years and then they upgraded me to up to 8 mbps and eversince its been a nightmare download speeds as low as 60kbps from my normal 135kbps then 6 months ago it went up to a steady 290kbps 3mbps connection and then 2 month ago the phone and internet went dead and they got us back on in a few days and ever since i am lucky to get a 0.128 mbps with a max download speed of 15kbps yet the line tests at 3.5mbps it takes 50mins to download a 40mb driver for an ati video card and ive phoned bt about 50 times and always go to india were they always take you through the same thinks that never work

  • happy

    by Cakes at 21:07 on 15 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Been with BT for about 10 years - had broadband Option 3 for about 3 and half to 4 years. Got the home hub. Everything works great. Have two PCs one right the way up in the attic and 4 laptops and i-touch all of which connect via wi-fi with no problems whatsoever. Only problem I had was when I installed Norton Anti Virus - caused problems no end so took it out and installed AVG free. Also the hub phone works a treat. Have openzone when out and about and have just signed up for the new broadband anywhere with the free [blackberry style] phone.
    Some of the reviewers above - instead of slagging off BT if they have nothing better to do - should go check their [notice that - 'their'] grammar.

  • unhappy

    by bt totalcrap at 17:38 on 15 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    Having changed to bt total broadband 8mb 2 weeks ago after several years with freeserve and a steady 2mb speed I have had less than 1mb for the 2 weeks. Foriegn helplines that are impossible to understand and emails to bt have proved fruitless. I have asked for my MAC code so i can go back as they are not keeping their part of the deal, but they cannot even send me that. KEEP AWAY FROM BT BROADBAND

  • unhappy

    by Ian King at 14:27 on 19 Mar 2008 Report abuse

    BT Broadband Option 3 - Worked fine for 6 months then 4M connection dropped to about 256K.
    BT at a loss to explain it. BT Wholesale were throttling account but no-one at BT broadband aware of that.
    Next issue - lost connection altogether - tried 3 different routers before BT would send an engineer - he came and wrecked the internal wiring of our Master socket before realising someone had cross-wired at exchange. I had to rewire internal sockets - BT said they would have to charge for him to come and repair the damage he had done - no thanks.
    Now moved to SKY broadband and I get the same old 4M connection but for £20 less a month. At least I'm getting value for money now at £5 per month.
    Steer clear of BT - fat cats at the top, monkeys at the bottom!

  • unhappy

    by BRIAN JACKSON at 1:34 on 22 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    I have used AOL for the last five years but when they sold out to Carphone Warehouse, the service became non existent with excusess, poor service, slow speed, more excuses and even lies. Finally i had had enough and left to join BT three weeks back. I opted for the top package, 8 meg speed, home hub etc etc. fastest speed i have had was just under one meg, despite line being capable of 7 meg plus. I have spent hour on the helpline who have blamed everything, the line, the socket, my computer hardware and software and still i only have about half a meg. Cannot run the BBC i Player as its constantly getting disconeects and buffering. Web pages take ages to load, Skype and MSN messenger have become increasingly unreliable and still the excuses continue. I used about a dozen different speed testers and they all give results around 1.5 meg with the exception of BTs own recommended one which gives me a clean bill of health. (What a surprise that is) even Real Player dropped to 512.

  • unhappy

    by hilary at 21:42 on 8 Feb 2008 Report abuse

    Apart from current technical problems, I am being driven mad trying to get BT to explain why my local exchange has suddenly stopped providing up to 2mbps and now promises only up to 0.5mbps per second. Asking this question seems to prompt BT operatives to shift me around the infernal carousel that is their complaints system until I reach a dead end. BT is arrogant, devious, useless and crap, but has raised the art of meaning-light communication to new levels. Either they are truly inefficient or they are aliens seeking to weaken the resolve of the human race prior to invasion.

    However, they are super good at taking your money!

  • unhappy

    by Dave at 18:15 on 28 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Awful Broadband support... I was with them for 1 month on a 12 month contract and manage to leave. I explained they were Throttling my broadband speed on everything apart from port80... so no Bittorrent, no ftp, no youtube... no nothing apart from text.

    They said I could leave as this was a line issue....? Why did it work with UKonline?????

  • happy

    by Colchester. at 10:46 on 25 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Seem to have had the opposite experience to the majority of people. Have been with BT for 4 years now and have never had any problems. Am on option 2, and still get excellent download speeds despite being right on the edge of the max distance from exchange.

    Wireless is excellent, and can run Eve-Online on my laptop from the garden with no problems. Sometimes Router freezes, but switch it off for a few minutes and then switch it back on and works fine (and this is not unique to BT may I add). Have had some issues with download speeds dropping after firewall has downloaded upgrades, but this is due to the firewall settings and not the BT service.

    Only complaint would be the customer services, as they can be less than useless, but this is no different to most of them I think, and as I have never lost connection due to network problems, not that big a deal.

  • unhappy

    by Victor Crane at 16:54 on 20 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Well it looks like everything has already bee said, but just to throw in my tuppence-worth, I've been with BT for almost two years now and I can't think of a single good thing to say about them. I cannot wait for my contract to end so I can get shot of this ridiculous system.

    I have the up to 8mb service but have never in a year got better than 2mb. The router continually drops on and off the network, the wireless is absolute trash, it's much more expensive than other providers.

    If you're not with them already then PLEASE take it from me, AVOID BT LIKE THE DAMN PLAGUE!!!!

  • unhappy

    by D Smith ,Lincs at 17:34 on 17 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    BT IS TOTAL CRAP they throttle any kind of downloads after 5 especially with that homehub ,i couldnt wait any longer and paid up my contract early just so i could get rid .went with orange and even though there helpdesk is as bad i am gettin 5mb all the time instead of crappy 1.5mb from bt 8mb

  • unhappy

    by harrypothead at 12:21 on 9 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    have bt option 3 with home hub for 8 months now.the first 5 months were fine,good speeds around 6mbps and no problems at all,until a few months ago that is. According to BT, my line should be able to support a 6.3 Mbps ADSL connection via ADSL max,at the moment its 0.5 - 1.5 mbps. After spending hours and hours pulling my teeth out as to find the reason for this i eventually put it down to bt throttling my speed,eventhough i am not a heavy user.the 4 o-clock slowdown slows my speeds to 20kbps, its 60kbps at the best. i live 86 meters from the exchange and get 20kbps after 4 o-clock? im just fed up with this plastic company who would sell you there mother.there service is rubbish,there product is unreliable and i find there customer support is useless. MY ADVICE-DO NOT GO NEAR BT! IF YOU HAVE BT COMPLAIN AND COMPLAIN TO THEM MORE. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

  • unhappy

    by ManInTheBoat at 14:46 on 6 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I've had BT broadband since 2005 and up until a month ago it was working perfect. I was getting download speeds of 6.5 - 7.5mbps. Now I'm lucky if I get dial up speeds. I contacted the helpless desk in India, eventually got an engineer round who told me it was a problem due to port forwarding. I changed routers and the problem was solved for about 2 days and then it came back. I shall be changing providers as soon as possible.

  • unhappy

    by Gram UK at 23:47 on 5 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Bt Home Hub - if you have one of these - get rid of it.
    I had this for 6 months or so before I decided to get it repalced.
    Turning point was that I would get dropped down a few Mbits after 2 - 3 consecutive days running. When I was only getting 2.5 Mbits tops - going down to

  • unhappy

    by Big Tiny at 12:25 on 23 Dec 2007 Report abuse

    I've been a BT Broadband user for almost a year now and and am getting excited by the fact that I can go somewhere else for my service, although there does not seem to be a "good" one out there. I have BT Option 3 which includes a totally useless 'phone. The volume is very low and the echo makes me think that my voice is being transmitted down the duct that the cable runs though. I was promised 6.5Mbits but have not reached 2.0Mbits, more often 100kbits is the norm and that doesn't include the long wait to sign in. As many have said call centre is in India which I can't be bothered with anymore. I was told by a supervisor? that I was a rasist as I had said that the English that they spoke was not the same as mine. I have used a friend to ring up for me but he was unable to comprehend either, he's from India so what chance do I have? I am disabled and am very much dependant upon my laptop for communication with the outside world but am feeling very isolated at times due to BT!

  • unhappy

    by Mr Delboy at 20:30 on 24 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    UTTER RUBBISH and the Indian call centres with people that can hardly speak or right english most of the time is the Icing on the cake.

  • unhappy

    by orkneybits at 14:18 on 6 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    BT, umm that stands for Broadband Trash doesn't it....no, wait, Bad Telecom? - which ever, it's terrible. We're treated like second class citizens, their support, umm what support, unless you have an eastern Indian language, it's terrible to try and understand, then you come away feeling bad because of it. BT drape their cables over our fence posts, we get dial up speeds, they are expensive, they do not fix the line, they will not provide any support what so ever. It will either work, or it won't - tough. Was easy to set up from the box, although the wireless router has a fault, and really can't be bothered even attempting to get it fixed, only one port in the hub faulty, we can live with it. Ok, our location may have a slight influance in this, but even so, all customers, no matter where their location is should be treated equally! Don't go with BT, and no I don't reccomend Virgin either!

  • unhappy

    by The Analyst at 10:22 on 2 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    BT Broadband is absolute RUBBISH! The download speeds NEVER reach close to the advertised level - I'm paying for 8Mb and get 1.4 if I'm lucky. Their call centre is in India and staffed by morons working to a script who don't listen and have accents that are close to unintelligible. I've had 3 engineers call and no-one has any answers. MY ADVICE - STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM BT AS POSSIBLE

  • unhappy

    by c bodley,staffs at 10:46 on 26 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    trouble from day 1 with bt option3. norton security that was supplied was corrupt. phoned tech centre who couldn't download it either. after one and a half hours on the phone and watching an arrow dart all over the screen they askd me to reboot, which i did but mouse wouldn't work -there reply- call me back when the mouse is working! i had to have my computer but back to factory settings by the local computer store. set broadband up again this time security worked but not the bt helpdesk. after a week or so the norton security wouldn't scan so phones tech department in india and again they went on to remote assist and deleted files left right and centre. after three hours watching the arrow i was left with an unworkable computer. got it fixed again everything going fine till i realised i hadn,t had a update from norton for a while. i decided to do a complete scan which ofcourse didn't work. currently i have a computer with no security and a bt engineer that never showed up

  • unhappy

    by xxcarrieannx at 21:27 on 24 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    BT is the worst ever broadband! Ive been with wanadoo and AOL had no problems, BT cant even get the connection right, the engineers are rubbish and tell you to go and buy parts you dont need , absolutley rubbish, also half the time i cant even connect, STAY WELL CLEAR!

  • unhappy

    by ambste at 12:40 on 18 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    have been with bt for around five years now. took out the first broadband with the speedtouch modem. thought it was great. better than dial up anyway! then upgraded to the bt voyager wireless modem when that was available. again, not really any problems once up and running. not really sure what speeds i get but it seemed great. until that fateful day when i upgraded to option 3 with the hub! what a pile of crap!! and thats polite. it freezes, drops the connection, resets itself god knows how many times a day, updates itself god knows how often, has to be switched off and on to sort it out. when downloading at night or in the early hours the speeds are great. during the day, you are wasting your time. as i said, i have been with them for five years and am counting the days, as to when my contract runs out. they must know this is a crap service. they e-mailed me saying that if i sign for another 12 or 18 months i can save £2 a month and get a free hub phone. the same as a new customer!!

  • unhappy

    by cdrwizard at 22:58 on 16 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    STAY WELL CLEAR OF BT! I have BT option 2 broadband which is supposed to be 8mb, I actually get between 2 & 3mb!! My exchange has been tested & I should be able to get at least 6.5mb. When I complained to BT they had me test the line for a month, it was the same all the time. I spoke with their technical support who said that "I SHOULD KEEP QUIET, DON'T SAY ANYTHING & BE THANKFUL THAT I AM GETTING 2 TO 3mb!!!!!" cheeky son of a bitch! Thank god my contract has now ended & I can give them a well deserved boot up the backside.

  • unhappy

    by garethc at 9:45 on 10 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    keep away from bt, works well but the company stinks, been with them 3 1/2 years and apparantley when i went to cancell was
    told that i had 7 month left on my contract, then was told that because ive phoned bt in the past i am agreeing to there terms and conditions witch inclued an other 12 month contract, might have it sorted but took 6 month of phone calls/emails, the slowness of bt combined with the call centre monkeys unable to get a grasp on easy situations (cruel to monkeys ok baby chimps with learning difficultys then) make them the worse company ever when you want somthing sorted, beware how many of you are still in contract without knowing it,

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