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  • unhappy

    by jk5 at 14:22 on 2 Oct 2007 Report abuse

    Very poor support from Indian call centre (BT Home) - not only difficulty with English but not technically competent either. Spent 9 days and 14 hours on phone going through the SAME set of 'tests' over and over again. Fault was finally resolved by a BT/Openreach engineer finding a wiring fault in the exchange.

    No support for Linux!

    Thought BT Business would be better. Wrong! An obscure, non-standard, eMail system hamstrung by tying themselves in 'security' knots spoilt the whole thing and I had to cancel the service after only one day.

  • unhappy

    by Atul Garg at 13:54 on 12 Sep 2007 Report abuse

    I have had massive billing problems with BT. Their Broadband service seems to be good, but their billing software is totally useless. Keep making mistakes. Keep charging you extra for no reason and then you have to call one million times to get the money back.

  • unhappy

    by Sharon Ray at 20:25 on 26 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I have recently upgraded to option 2 from option 1. Since I have upgraded I have had major difficulties attempting to download the Norton Security. BT yahoo have tied 6 times over the past 4 weeks with no luck. I am very dissapointed with the lack of communication/acknowledgement from BT regarding this problem.

  • unhappy

    by BT CAN GET THE F OUT OF MY COUNTRY. at 20:13 on 20 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Was with BT since Wireplay Dial up, in the last 2 years British Telecom is a total joke as BT can't do broadband, I am not kidding. December the 5th contract runs out and surely will be glad to get the **** out.

  • unhappy

    by Tom Wise at 23:01 on 18 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I wanted to connect a phone and order broad band. I waited 10 mins, had to call again, waited 26 mins got through and got dumped in two, tried again and gave up after a 30 mins. All of that cost me, as I could only call from a mobile. Outrageously bad service. A saturday in the middle of August is not a peak time.... Does it get better from here or is BT always so carelessly wasteful of customers time?

  • unhappy

    by dissatisfied customer at 15:09 on 14 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST BROADBAND PROVIDER EVER.The service they offer isnt even good enough to be called broadband.I was assured by them that i can recieve 6mb,I recieve 512kb, and i rarely go that fast, most times i get about 56k is the off peak times and about 20kb during the daytime and ive been with BT for a year now. Also there have been months ive been without service and suffered as a result.I will not recommend this service to anyone.PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY!

  • unhappy

    by Cliff Jones at 13:06 on 13 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Upgraded to BT Total Broadband Option 3 in May 07 from my BT Broadband Option 4. Can no longer play online games due to a very slow IP throughput of only 0.11 MBPS. Contacted BT support several times and still remain with very slow connection speed. Often have no connection at all during busy times. Complained to BT three times and still no response other than an automated message stating that I will be contacted within 24 hours.

  • unhappy

    by M HOWELL at 15:15 on 10 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    Since recently moving to Berkshire (Feb 07) I have experienced nothing but trouble with BT Broadband. Often I am unable to gain any connection for days and when eventually connected the broadband service just drops of its own accord. Having spent countless hours/days talking to the overseas call centre (mainly I discover at my own expense) no progress has been made. Having been categorically assured that my old modem BT Voyer was at fault I signed up for Option 2 (Home Hub). Naturally just like their Customer Care this was useless and does not overcome the problem. Having had 2 home visits from BT Openreach line engineers I know that there is definately nothing wrong with my telephone line however, trying to get this broadband problem resolved is like getting blood from a stone. If anyone knows how to get hold of the appropriate broadband engineering service desk in the UK by telephone they should post it on the internet. In summary BT Broadband is RUBBISH.

  • happy

    by W.Cochrane , Glasgow at 21:58 on 7 Aug 2007 Report abuse

    I`ve always stuck by Bt for its service I know you pay a little more but I like a few others on this forum thought it was worth the extra pennies , any way I recently upgraded to option 3 end of march from 2 mb and i must say at first it was amazing peaking at 750k download anytime of day I know it slowed down at certain times but nothing like I`m experiencing now , during peak times anything after 5 pm my speed drops to less than 100kb , when you phone helpline you get thru to someone in delhi who doesn`t even know what day it is nevermind anything else about your package , its not their fault they have a standard set of questions to ask , fair enough but surely once you register a complaint you don`t have to repeat it every time you call , anyway i complaint about sudden drop in download speed all they eventually do is do a line check their end and tell to you goto to speedtester.bt.com which does show my download speed full pelt , but every other site/server i visit shows otherwise

  • happy

    by S Holmes, Lincoln. at 18:56 on 25 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    My husbands BT Yahoo E Mail account was compomised when the Technical helpline in India changed the password for his account, for a customer with the same name and similar e- mail account address. They changed the password to allow him access despite him being unable to answer my husbands security questions and answers to his memorable information. This allowed the other customer access to all my husbands private e-mails, and personal information. BT now think that the matter is all cleared up because they have solved the problem, and changed my husbands e-mail address.They don't seem to be able to grasp the serious implications this may have and the anxiety that we have in case our personal information is used. We have been offered no re-assurance that everything is ok and that they will persue the matter to ensure all is well, nor an offcial apology.
    I would not recommend BT to anyone now and we are in the process of leaving BT for good.

  • happy

    by Dan Ware at 7:37 on 18 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I have had really good speeds with BT; 5.5 Megabits + for nearly a year, until a week ago...

    Now it is 0.1 Mbps (120k) download speed - and unbelievably 360k upload! More than twice as quick to upload! In the small hours of the morning the download speed peaks at 200k.

    Tech support again down't believe I know my figures (and I am a programmer by trade). I have been happy with BT for nearly a year but now my trust has gone.

    They must have tons of people on the same switch around here and gone cheap. That's the problem with being the first fella in the village to get broadband! D:

  • happy

    by M. Shafto, Northumberland at 22:13 on 16 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    What an absolute load of crap. BT total Broadband is to be steered clear off. they upgraded me to a 4mb line, which is the highest i can get in the area i live, yet the connection rate is worse than when i had a 1mb line. Theres point in phoning, as you will be put through to somewhere in india where they cannot understand a word you say, and therefore cannot help. once i managed to get a engineer come out, they said that the line was working fine. yet every speed tester i have tried has said that the connection is running at only 133kps. steer clear from this lot an absolute joke.

  • happy

    by angry customer at 14:46 on 11 Jul 2007 Report abuse


  • happy

    by T Weston, London at 15:17 on 4 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Absolutely appalling download speeds. You might pay for the best package available but at peak times you'll actually get a service worse than dial up. But hey don't worry, if you use the web at 3 am you'll get something approaching what you paid for! BT assured me that this was "normal" at peak times (6pm - midnight!). In fact once my complaint was directed high enough it was disclosed that BT was rationing its bandwidth because there were too many subscribers! I spent over 16 hours calling, writing, Emailing, stuck in call centre hell and raising my blood pressure no end. At times it was so slow an internet page would not even come up (and you get forget about getting onto the BT speed test site!) Avoid this, steer well clear and if can get broadband via cable. This was a truly horrible experience.

  • happy

    by Brassed offf Bob at 12:43 on 3 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I have been a BT broadband user for about 4 years and was getting peppered with e-mails and letters to upgrade from my 2mb opt 3 to the Total Broadband 8mb opt 3 with a promise of 4.5mb speed.
    I did and it was the worst, fastest I am getting is 1.8 mb I can't even watch streaming video, tried the bt help online and phone what a nightmare on the phone for hours passed from one to the other with no result. Complain and it is ignored, there is no one person you can talk to. My advice don't go anywhere near it, I don't know about other suppliers because i have always been with BT but give this company a miss, I am going to..

  • happy

    by P Clifton at 20:07 on 27 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Upgraded from BT 2mb connection, on which I used to get a consistent 220k download speed. Now on 8Mb Total CrapBand, if I download at 3am, yeah around 600k, between 6pm + midnight I'm lucky if it goes above 55k. WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE. No help from New Dehli, cant even understand the difference between 2mb and 8mb. If your looking for decent(300k - 600k) download speeds steer clear of BT.

    Right I'm off to scream for a refund and to cancel my contract!!!

  • happy

    by mike c at 12:17 on 21 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    I moved from another supplier to BT because I thought it was a name you could trust - boy was I wrong!
    Technical support (if you can call it that) is in India and they dont even know what services you have. I complained within 24 hours of getting the Home Hub with IP Phone that the phone had a echo on it - they had never seen the IP Phone in India! When they rang me on it they said they could not hear an echo - strange how everyone I speak to on it hears the echo!

    Upgraded to BT Vision - my advice don't bother! It never worked the day they upgraded it they dropped my broadband speed from 6.5mb to less than 0.5mb - meaning the vision would not work. After two months of argueing and 4 engineers coming to my house, they could not fix the problem, they have cancelled the contract.

    Thanks BT - you are completely useless. Your strap line "It's good to talk!" - well maybe you should take your own advice none of your deparments talk to each other - making it impossible for customers.

  • happy

    by B A at 17:14 on 13 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Absolutley terrible speeds since the end of February. Between the hours of 4pm and midnight the speed drops from a respectable 4500kbps to somewhere between 40-200kbps. This means streaming media and downloading files are pretty much out of the question, and web pages can take minutes to load.

    This problem seems to be fairly widespread, check out the forums at dslzone and thinkbroadband.

    No one at BT is prepared to help, you'll just end up talking to the brick wall that is the indian call centre, stuck in a 18 contract.

    My advice is to stay away, there are for more reliable and helpful providers out there.

  • happy

    by D. Tree at 0:19 on 13 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    brilliant service had a glitch for about 1 hour while they where repairing somthing or other down my street always very friendly and reliable service would definatly use bt again and the mac support is deffinatly a plus

  • happy

    by Vern Moorhouse at 1:50 on 10 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Been with BT Broadband for about 3 years now. Not the best but definitely not the worst (having read about Tiscali elsewhere:.

    Most of the time does what it says on the box.
    Despite several months where I'm positive I exceeded bandwidth allowance, never been threatened with a Fair Use enforcement or move to a higher option.

    Much vaunted upgrade to 8Mb service runs 5.5Mb at best and before they activated had to agree to a further 12 month minimum contract.
    Connection reliability varies. Line rarely drops but using an ASDL modem many times could not get the Internet connected despite a steady ADSL signal.
    Now on Wireless, some initial problems with router not picking up Internet/PPP service. Very frustrating series of calls to the 0845 Indian call centre. Problem eventually resolved though no real information as to what was wrong. Would be much more efficient if Tech support UK based, surely beneficial for BT.

  • happy

    by Jaxo at 22:59 on 6 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    bt broadband is OK....not great...not bad...Just Ok. when i first signed up 3 years ago it was brilliant. i was getting speeds of double 8 meg. now my average is about a 1/4 of 8meg (200kbs) its still fast at silly O Clock where i can get 8ish meg or more but this isn`t when i want to be using my computer. the equipement they supply is absolute ****. the home Hub is a very cheaply made attempt of a netgear router copy and isn`t worth even opening the box for. If you must use bt supplied equipement go for one of the voyager series routers and stay well clear of the home hub. They are made by Alcatel (remember the crap mobiles they made in the late 90`s) and desguised as Thompson speedtouch. (makes u wonder whats in there exchanges) mt by limit is 8meg but sky can give me 16meg down the same line..strange??!? If you live in a cable area virgin/ntl/ is prob your best bet....but then there is there crap tv to got with it

  • happy

    by Michael at 10:02 on 6 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    In response to Jim - you are clueless - don't slag off a company when you don't actually know the first thing about the subject matter in hand.

    What speeds exactly are you expecting to download at? 300Kbps is pretty respectable on 8Mb.

  • happy

    by J V Cooper at 17:37 on 3 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    Incredibly slow of an evening, making it unusable.
    So slow it cannot even connect to the BT speed test site.
    Paying a lot of money for 8mb, and struggling to get 48 kbps is a bad expensive joke.
    I am being robbed, and am looking for another provider.
    Forget the wi-fi, call for help and spend half an hour basically switching it on and off. 2 days later, not working again. Connect the cable, at least it keeps the slow speed going.

  • happy

    by jim at 22:37 on 28 May 2007 Report abuse

    BT broadband is an absolute joke. The advert says up to 8mb. The line test i took before i signed up said i'd get 6.5mb. And providing nobody else in my immidiate vicinity is using it - i can. The problem is that a lot of other people in my area have BT broadband which means during evenings (when i and everybody else want to use it) my download speed averages around 300kps. Nowhere in the world (not even by BT's very loose definitation) does that qualify as broadband. How do they get away with this? Just because at random moments in time i CAN get 6.5mb - surely the fact that it is normally able to only achieve 5% of that speed must be breaching a service level agreement. It's not like i am the only one - it looks like a common phenominom. According to a friend of mine on VIrgin he usually gets the advertised speed. In Japan i was paying £15per month for 24mb and my connection often exceeded that (i dont know how!) For £30 per month in the UK i get on around 1/100 of that.....

  • happy

    by Ernie at 15:18 on 27 May 2007 Report abuse

    Since going over to broadband, couldnt be more happier, checked out other providers first but settled on BT, as we have a BT landline it made sense. Yes the router crashes on the odd occassion but switch it off leave for a couple of minutes switch it back on and runs fine. Little tip. Turn on router before switching on PC. do same in reverse. (only if you have to reset router) I only had to call helpline once.very prompt they called me back when they said they would. Highly recommended. Not sure if I want to go WI-FI though. scared of hackers etc. I am not a youngster (62) so very hapy with service and ease of set up. Even I managed it.

  • happy

    by deecee at 21:13 on 26 May 2007 Report abuse

    had/not bt broadband since may 2006 mega trouble all time/no broadband for 2/1/2mnths appalling service they upgraded us to a faster service and the speed is like dial up, at only 451kbps which is 25 %what it was before the upgrade and it is rubbish

  • happy

    by Alan Darbin at 10:58 on 17 May 2007 Report abuse

    what problemms havent i had since going over to bt, the hub will stop talking to one of my computers art random and wont do anything till i restart, doesnt like my mac at all!!! with constant slow pages and failing if i dare to refresh two at the same time, however i have the sollution to the time and date on the phone - it takes it from the hub so you need to go in to advances and set it ideally put a time server in one of the slots ntp.euro.apple.com works quite well bt has there own i would have expected that done also you have to log in and select summer time it doesnt do it itself!! over all i hat e the thing. i was with F2S befor not a problem and im sure i had a faster connection at 2m. i have asked multiple times for a new hub with a basic no and little understanding of the problems. your having proble,ms with your wireless connection stablity and it doesnt happen with a cable well thats the microfilter!!!!! i dont fink so!

  • happy

    by Michelle - Fife at 19:42 on 16 May 2007 Report abuse

    Terrible donwload speed, no one want to deal with you, pass you from dept to dept and no-one speaks english. As soon as my contract is up i'm leaving, only a few months to go. i asked to downgrade and usually this is free if you have been with them 6 months but they wanted £30!!! BT hub is rubbish as are the phones. If i were you, go for someone better. I was cheaper before and had a better service. Im not looking forward to disconnecting, i have previously been with bt and it took me weeks to get disconnected, they kept saying it hadn't went through and blaming the previous person and i kept being charged. All in all not happy with them at all.

  • happy

    by D.Martin,worthing. at 18:18 on 10 May 2007 Report abuse

    Bt broadband is a good service when it wants to be but as i noticed above someone has had same prob as me.Was getting speed test results from speedtest.net and bandwidthplace of only 250-450kbps which is pretty bad for toatal broadband 8meg.phoned bt was on phone for 3 hrs to english woman who eventually made me flash driver software onto router.After this it worked and now at peak times i have the problem of falling to 1.5mb which is less than i ever got with AOL.when it does work though it is a good service and no complaints about the wireless ps3 and pc hooked up.One thing that does annoy me as stated above the poxy hub phones never keep date and time and always display update available.In a way wish i had gone to NTL as now they giving 20meg :-( but still ill settle with this a bit longer i guess.Bloody contracts!!!oh and how can you bitch and moan when you`ve rated it with a thumbs up lmao

  • happy

    by mysteryreviewer at 17:04 on 7 May 2007 Report abuse

    Excellent! If your on a Mac like I am, all the equipment and software provided works with a Mac. Had a problem with the HomeHub, but they sent a replacement no questions asked really and now it's back up and running. It might work out a bit more expensive than other providers but its reliable and great telephone support!

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