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    by spike at 16:34 on 6 May 2007 Report abuse

    Joined bt in feb 07, migrating from AOL gold to BT option 1 as a "treat". The service has not lived up to expectation and the bandwidth is heavily throttled by the ISP. The best connection speed I have achieved is 1/2 a megabit when browsing pages. If you like P2P software then this is not the ISP for you. Any access to P2P ports / channels is heavily throttled making it worthless. In order to achieve this it implies that BT are monitoring the activity of its customers - taking away the spirit of the internet & broadband somewhat. All together a disapointment and if you have a problem, dont bother ringing as the call centre is in India and no one understands you when you ring which means you can not comlpain! Im stuck in an 18 month contract, run while you can and find a decent ISP thats a little less red army!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    by rubbish. at 13:15 on 28 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    it was rubbish, they guaranteed 8mbps, i'm still on 2.2mbps, then they start saying that our area wasn't supported by 8mbps, considering that someone up the road is on 8mbps internet, i could tell they where lying, lay S.O.B's

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    by jambo at 14:57 on 23 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    i've had option 3 for 3 years now. for the last 6 months i have had problems connecting and over the last 4 days i get no 'net connection at all: they don't have a scoobie: they keep passing me to other departments: i am an the highest possible priority to sort my problems out but i don't really expect them even to phone me. funny thing is i threatened to leave them and 5 minutes later i got a phone call from a bt guy in scotland. for 3 years i've asked the indian call centre for a uk number to phone. customer service is absolutely deplorable. they promise to phone back and don't.

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    by ehm1980 at 22:13 on 17 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Had many problems with BT Broadband since getting it in August 2006.
    Had to call service centre several times, where the call handlers are all foreign, and cannot understand what I am saying and vice versa. They also appear to have no idea how to fix the problems, so I have spent hours on the phone to them, resulting in large bt phone bills. They have sent me out 3 wrong set up discs, and a new Home Hub, which still hasn't solved many problems.
    As soon as my 12 month contract is up, I will be cancelling my BT Broadband service.
    Shocking service all round.

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    by pinsharp at 22:11 on 17 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Had BT 8 meg Broadband for about 12 months. It was great at first, but now I frequently find I can't get connected. Problems only seem to happen at peak times. At all other times it's fine. I called their support number and got put through to Indian call centre who told me it was a problem with "static on the line" and told me to disconnect everything from my BT Voyager router, wait 2 mins, then try to reconnect. This procedure works sometimes, but often it doesn't. The guy in the call centre couldn't explain why static would only occur at peak times. My theory is that BT are running out of bandwidth/capacity at my local exchange, but don't want to tell customers this.

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    by Andy at 22:04 on 15 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    I've been with BT for years and years now...if you don't have to ring them, great...if you do and you're no technical dont bother...you probably know more than they do.
    Homehub? chuck it in the bin...always loses signal, range is shocking.

    Good speeds all the time! cn peek at 850kb/s at silly-o-clock :-)

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    by David J Lewis from Brightlingsea at 14:35 on 7 Apr 2007 Report abuse

    Loaded up OK but could not download supplied anti-virus & firewall. Spoke to very nice lady in India, took her 2.5 hours to download software, all working OK. I personally gave up on WiFi for my & daughter's PCs (lost signal connections etc) but eventually recognised my laptop settings. All in all not a bad system.

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    by Dangerous Bob at 23:21 on 25 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Been with BT for years.
    The BT total broadband Mb upgrade went smoothly, had to wait for the hub telephone, but considering the demand, I was'nt surprised.
    Hubs reasonably easy to setup and change the config, but it works straight out of the box.
    Reliable connection ~6Mb, though I'm expecting to be throttled at peak times due to being a heavy user.
    Quite willing to pay a little more per month just for the reliability.

  • happy

    by s morrison, warrington at 10:48 on 20 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    fantastic - best on the market by far - once set up which is easy, guaranteed speeds, free wireless minutes, free openzone!! love it

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    by Keith Jeffrey at 10:35 on 18 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I signed up for Up To 8mb Broadband last May 2006. I was told when I signed up that I could expect 6mb ( which I was more than happy with ). In the 11 months I have been on this contract I have only ever had 6mb speed for about 12 days ( over Christmas just gone ).
    I have an ongoing battle with BT about this in that I feel I am being ripped off. I have now been told that the best speed I can / have been getting is about 2.5mb ( well below the 6mb I was told I could expect ). BT seem to think that 2.5mb on an "Up to 8mb" contact is OK....I don't !!!!
    Trying to get this sorted out with them has taken 5 months so far and is still going on. The way I see it is that BT have been taking money off me under false pretences. I just keep getting passsed form dept. to dept. and nobody is addressing the problem. I have sent emails ( loads ) to the Complaints Dept. but nobody ever gets back to you..EVER. My only error in all of this is believing BT in the beginning and I am paying for that now !!

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    by Stagpole at 19:40 on 16 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Really fell for all the great promises made by BT Broadband wireless Hub, Hub phone, 8meg contection, BT Vision (pay as you talk TV) need I go on? Entered my telephone number on BT's Website, it reported 6.5meg, not 8meg but I was Happy. Signed up for top package, Hub + 3 Hub phones, then it all went wrong. Only one phone arrived and Hub didn't work. A week later Two missing phones arrived. One of the power units faulty. Week after new Hub arrived. Great I thought. Speed very slow but was reassured by Bt it would take 10 days to obtain fastest speed. Ordered BT Vision paid my 90quid and set an instalation date online. Recieved message from BT that my line was unsuitable for BT Vision. My speed in fact was not 8meg not even the 6meg promised by BT online speed checker but only 2meg. Therefore I will never be able to get BT Vision. On top of that the Hub phones onboard clocks reset Date and Time a few times everyday. I just don't bother resetting them anymore. I just feel let down.

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    by Dave at 17:48 on 16 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    Joined BT from Orange 08/02/07 sighned up to there top package suppose to be getting 8mg download Actual speed im getting is 241kbps download 112 upload funny thing is the hub says im getting 8meg independent speed test say diffrent called BT got put through to india who was suppose to be sorting the problem suppose to send a engineer out to look twice they didnt turn up with no explanation not even a appology complained BT say that they can see im only getting 241kbps download and cant understand why the hub is saying 8meg to date im still waiting for it to be fixed but at least they said there is a problem DAMN shame they dont know how to fix it!!!!!!!

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    by salisbury65 at 10:51 on 15 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I would NEVER recommend BT Broadband to anyone

    Have had several problems with this rubbish ISP

    I ended up cancelling contract and they had the nerve in the next quarter to continue charging me for their rubbishy Broadband

    Have sent numerous letters of complaint to their HO but had no reply-have sent letters to the Telephone Ombudsman who are dealing with it.

    Under no circumstances buy this ISP

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    by ML at 10:16 on 13 Mar 2007 Report abuse

    I was a BT Broadband subscriber for 2 years until I moved house. They assured me that my new landline at my new address would support broadband and that the transition would be effective 19th September 2006. Unfortunately it wasn't. I phoned up at least 10 times to find out why my broadband hadn't been activated only to be passed back and forth between BT BroadbandTechnical Help Desk and BT Broadband Line Faults Dept. These are both 0845 numbers and your calls are always answered in India. They never really seemed to appreciate the problem and asked the same stupid questions on their checklist. After 2 and a half months, my patience finally ran out and I cancelled my subscription. A useful point to note is that if you do choose BT, but have technical problems that are their fault, then your contract states that you can cancel anytime before 3 months for a full refund.

  • happy

    by J Kent at 13:00 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    just joined, very easy to set up, just put the CD in the computer, and follow the instructions. Laptop and desktop, both working, however, there is a problem with Internet Explorer7 conflict with the BTYahoo browser, but BT have said it should be sorted by March, I think a lot of programs have conflict with IE7, but have had no problems with connection. Has a very short WEP key which is handy when manually inputting. Security software is easy to download, as with all available software on the BTYahoo site. If I have had problems the BT email help desk is very prompt with easy to follow instructions, therefore don't need to contact call centre in India!

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    by jwc at 13:00 on 28 Feb 2007 Report abuse

    BT Broadband was a huge disappointment for me. I signed up online and installed the equipment, but it never worked. BT told me it would be working the following day, it wasn't, this continued several weeks - I called BT dozens of times, and each time a polite rep in India told me it would be working the next day, but it never was. At one point a BT person told me 'we don't know what the problem is, but it will definitely be working by Friday.' Needless to say, it wasn't. So I called Sales and asked to cancel my contact, only to be told by a feisty rep that the fact my Broadband wasn't working wasn't a valid reason to cancel, which really got my back up, finally they did cancel. It has all been a huge disappointment, because I really wanted BT Broadband. I was just too annoyed at being constantly given incorrect information. If I had been told the reason why my Broadband order hadn't been completed, I might have been willing to wait longer. An unhappy outcome for both myself and BT.

  • happy

    by Ella Chandon at 18:07 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    I've got the package with the WiFi hub included and it was pretty easy to setup and get going. BT are never the cheapest but I've never had a problem and it goes with some useful anti-virus software.

  • happy

    by Mike Heard at 18:06 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    Converted to Bt option 1 about 12 months ago using both wifi and cable. no problems with setting up and non since.

  • happy

    by nomie44 at 18:04 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse

    I've had BT wireless for about 3 years and though they cost a bit more it's always been very reliable. When I did have an access problem, they were really helpful - even knew how to sort the problem on a Mac, which is rare indeed! Plus, a follow-up call was made to check my problem was sorted.

  • happy

    by D.MORRIS, FIFE at 17:54 on 8 Jan 2007 Report abuse


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