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  • unhappy

    by Benjamin Hodgetts at 16:02 on 13 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    BT fitted a new line for free which seemed excellent. Speeds were 28MB with a low ping.

    Fast forward 3 months, my sync is suddenly locked to exactly 20000Kb, ping is terrible (35 when previously 8 to UK servers).

    I try over and over to speak to BT, being told someone will contact me and that they are chasing the fault. After weeks of chasing them they finally get back to me and say there's no fault and everything is fine.

    Apparently is sudden 8Mb drop on my connection (30% of my total speed!) is normal and is possibly down to, and I quote "more people connecting now".

    My old connection had a slightly better ping and would sync at 25Mb. I've moved to BT and EVERYTHING IS WORSE.

    I couldn't recommend against them enough.

  • unhappy

    by D & K at 10:04 on 22 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    Spent 3 weeks trying to get an engineer out. When I managed to book one he did not turn up. Waited another week and had a visit and was told it was fixed. In this time internet dropping out for days at a time or so slow unusable. Still not fixed. Rang call centre again who refused to request another engineer to visit as we were 'long line' i.e. rural. Had broadband for many years at this address so why can't they sort it now. They dont listen to what you say, just keep repeating the same thing. Also they gave us the option of cancelling the service( without penalty! How generous) or carry on paying for the few minutes we manage to connect. As they are the only providers in the area we have no option but to continue paying a premium price for an appalling service. Also our neighbours (who presumably have the same length of line are able to get reasonable broadband)

  • neutral

    by A Khan at 10:30 on 19 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    BT customer service is the worst service I've ever experienced.

    BT are unable to deliver to Internet speeds they boast about

    BTs wifi signal continually drops and when challenged BT inform you that they can "not guarantee" the wifi signal.

    I would urge you not to purchase products from this company.

  • neutral

    by john at 18:27 on 30 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    been with BT 2 years, and the improvement on EE is amazing. good reliable service, although it can be slightly more expensive you do get what you pay for and the wifi hotspots has saved me a great deal on my mobile data. good call centre staff and extremely quick response with engineers for a fault i had at the start, was even offered goodwill free service for a month after a 2 day delay. would recommend and dont think i will be switching to one of the cheaper less reliable providers.

  • neutral

    by Andrew at 15:37 on 4 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    If it weren't for the most stubborn parents in the world I'd have left BT long ago, been absolutely useless since we moved, speeds never exceed around 1 Mbps and are often below 0.3 up 0.3 down

  • neutral

    by john at 13:54 on 29 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    Had BT Engineer call on 4 occasions over the past 2 years for the same problem. ie poor connections a extremely variable speeds. Will have to call them again. I keep telling them there's a problem with the junction box on the telegraph post outside my house but they ignore me and try something else which never works!!

  • unhappy

    by Darren at 17:16 on 16 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    Bloody disgusting we ring up a call centre worker hangs up we report on facebook. Then next day ring in again and we are told we will be compensated !, then when it's eventually fixed you say you don't count weekends even though we are paying for those days and you don't count the day I reported here and the same day your call centre worker hung up. Then today I explained my mum has been with you decades and will leave the reply was if you decide to that's up to you !!! Great thanks !! So 5 days no phone no internet and no great customer service. Do you want to retain your long time customers ? Who haves been with you many decades? Clearly not

  • unhappy

    by Darren at 10:03 on 15 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    @BTCare No phone line & internet for 5 days and no compensation!What a rubbish service Top price too!may go plus net it's half the price!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Mafimish at 19:41 on 14 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    About 3 weeks ago my BT broadband started dropping out been through customer service/several hours of testing/engineer failing to turn up/threats that I will have to pay £130 because the fault is caused by my equipment/cabling/trees/vandalism. Last night the guys in Bangalore phoned in response to my text replying to the BT here engineer coming - only he/she didn't. No explanation. Have a promise that engineer coming Friday evening. Here's the strange thing - broadband connection has been working fine since that call. Coincidence? Mind you the speed is terrible - can't use iPlayer, open messages on Facebook or anything more than basic stuff. My theory echoes other comments. Three weeks ago BT started promoting Infinity - now all of the new customers are being set up with a limited number of engineers and equipment being diverted from the basic service. Can't wait to end the contract and find the next dreadful service, but at a reduced price.

  • happy

    by Sean at 10:41 on 10 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    switched to bt to get there fibre package since i wanted fast speeds. bt connected me within 2 weeks and i have not had any problems since. bt router is reliable. customer service is alright i have managed to get the information i want.
    Only concern that i have is there bills are way to complicated, they need to be more simple.

  • neutral

    by Mark at 10:52 on 25 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    I am fed up with BT and by sound of many of these posts I am not alone. Their after sales service is terrible and has left me feeling angry and upset.

    My broadband connection went down last Friday (a week ago). I rely on broadband heavily as I work from home a lot of the time. I phoned up BT on the day. What was three hours later, talking to at least three operatives, trying all sorts of tests on the line they finally came to the conclusion there was a line fault. I could have told them that within 5 minutes. An engineer visit was arranged for 5 days time!!!! The day came and the engineer didn't turn up! Phoned BT again. I was told the engineers were busy and couldn't turn up on the agreed day let alone agreed time! Incidentally I received a few texts previously explaining the engineer was going to visit at the agreed date and time and that it was a fault inside the home. That was not the case. Many tests over the phone had proved it. They were trying to put me off asking for an engineer.

    So after more waiting on the phone talking to numerous people another time was arranged for the day after. This time the engineer arrived. He was a pleasant and knowledgeable person who fixed the line fault in a couple of hours. He tested the line and informed me everything was now ok but that there was a cap placed on the line because of the fault. I was limited to a 288kbit/s download speed but a 1051kbit/s upload speed. Almost unusable. He told be all I had to do was phone the broadband support line and they would remove the cap. So more hours were spent trying to get through to the right department. The right department would have to phone me back in the evening however. The agreed time came and went. Half an hour late the engineer called. What I was told next just beggers belief! They couldn't remove the cap because the line had to settle down for 24 hours. Uncapping it before hand would do irreparable damage. I wouldn't consider myself stupid but please someone tell me this is true because I think I'm losing my mind.

    So a long phone call with the complaints department was next. This was as much use as a chocolate tea pot.
    Where am I now? Still with an almost unusable broadband connection and no hope of resolution in sight.
    My theory about all this. BT have reduced their engineering team to such low levels it is now severely impacting customer service. So they put a line of incompetent call handlers in the way using a useless call script to try and persuade the customer not to call out an engineer. I pity those call handlers. They are probably paid a pittance in India and have to handle extreme abuse from unhappy customers. I may have raised my voice but I was not rude to them. It's not their fault. And the 24 hours to let the line settle? That's probably the SLA for proper engineers to remove the cap on the line.

    You know what is so frustrating is the fact that regardless of provider, when living in a rural area like me, you are tied to the poor service because BT own the lines.

    I am seriously looking for another provider. Perhaps TalkTalk? I get the same poor service for half the price!

  • unhappy

    by Sharon at 11:16 on 10 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    So fed up trying to deal with this company! Just get passed from pillar to post. I had a great deal but was told price would increase substantially after 6 months but if I called after the 6 months they'd give me either the same or better deal. I did so and was told they'd have to cancel my contract which would take upto 24 hrs and they'd call me back to arrange this new deal. No call! I called them when I received my astronomical bill. They apologised and gave me the same deal I was on before. Following month, still charged crazy price, I called again. After many many calls and apologies they kept trying to rip me off so I cancelled my direct debit and moved supplier. Bt are now stating my contract was never cancelled and I owe them lots of £££. Not only are they terrible in the customer services but are complete liars.

  • neutral

    by Steve Guest at 11:26 on 8 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    BT HAVE DELETED ALL OF MY DISPOSABLE EMAIL ADDRESSES when they changed my email account from BTYahoo to the new BTmail system. There were approx 30 in total which were used by banks, building socs, shops, insurance and other companies to provide me with important information.

    I rang the BT email helpline on 25 June 2014 to see if they could reinstate them:-

    (1) The first person I spoke to clearly did not know anything about disposable email addresses and eventually, by my insistence, passed me onto their manager.

    (2) The manager knew little about disposable email addresses and said they were not part of the new BTmail system and so I had to instruct him where to find them under settings! He clearly could not answer why it had happened so passed me onto an BT email specialist(?)

    (3) The third person gave up very quickly and she passed me onto a BTYahoo email specialist(?)

    (4) This person knew of disposable email addresses but in the end just stated that BT had deleted them in the transfer. AT THIS POINT I RAISED A FORMAL COMPLAINT. On a follow up phone call I was told that I would NOT be able to have my BTYahoo disposable email addresses reinstated.


    Several obvious questions arise from this:-

    Q1 Why didn't BT transfer the disposable email addresses?

    Q2 If they can't transfer them now, how did they design a new email system that would not allow it? Are they so stupid they don't realise the problems this might cause for their customers?

    Q3 Failing both of the above why didn't they advise their customers this would happen before they did it?

    Q4 Has BT trained its staff adequately? The phone call detailed above would indicate not!

    Clearly BT does not care about its customers and I suspect one of the main reasons for the new BTmail system is to tie you in with them - if you cease to pay BT you loose your email accounts so it makes it more problematical to move your broadband provider. Of course the answer to this is to keep your email account with Yahoo, Google, etc that provide the service free through advertising.

    SB 2014
    This complaint is available on the internet.eventually, by my insistence, passed me onto their manager.

    (2) The manager knew little about disposable email addresses and said they were not part of the new BTmail system and so I had to instruct him where to find them under settings! He clearly could not answer why it had happened so passed me onto an BT email specialist(?)

    (3) The third person gave up very quickly and she passed me onto a BTYahoo email specialist(?)

    (4) This person knew of disposable email addresses but in the end just stated that BT had deleted them in the transfer. AT THIS POINT I RAISED A FORMAL COMPLAINT. On a follow up phone call I was told that I would NOT be able to have my BTYahoo disposable email addresses reinstated.


    Several obvious questions arise from this:-

    Q1 Why didn't BT transfer the disposable email addresses?

    Q2 If they can't transfer them now, how did they design a new email system that would not allow it? Are they so stupid they don't realise the problems this might cause for their customers?

    Q3 Failing both of the above why didn't they advise their customers this would happen before they did it?

    Q4 Has BT trained its staff adequately? The phone call detailed above would indicate not!

    Clearly BT does not care about its customers and I suspect one of the main reasons for the new BTmail system is to tie you in with them - if you cease to pay BT you loose your email accounts so it makes it more problematical to move your broadband provider. Of course the answer to this is to keep your email account with Yahoo, Google, etc that provide the service free through advertising.

    SB 2014
    This complaint is available on the internet.

  • neutral

    by A Rhodes at 23:03 on 9 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Our worst experience ever, we've a problem with the parental controls meaning we can't get onto facebook, twitter et al. The help dept promise help, arrange follow up calls which never happen. I would recommend a length of string between two empty bean tins before I would suggest BT as a broadband service provider. The service in our experience is not of merchantable quality and we want out unless they come good on the latest promises! Given a 1 star review because a zero option is not available!

  • neutral

    by chris at 17:05 on 30 May 2014 Report abuse

    My normal data usage was 40 gig which was also my dowload limit. My bill was always around £50. One month I got a bill for £97. I had been charged for uploading 45 gig of data at £5 odd per gig. I contested this but got absolutely nowhere after wasting many hours on the phone and waiting to be called back (which didn't happen most of the time) and using the chat service. No one would accept even the possibility that it could be an error in their system. As far as they were concerned their system said I had uploaded the data so end of story.

    I asked for proof that I had uploaded the data and they told me to look at my broadband usage in my account. That was what I was deputing, their record of my broadband usage. It occurred to me that they could do this any time and I can't do anything about it so I have changed ISP.

  • neutral

    by RPG at 9:59 on 19 May 2014 Report abuse

    What is wrong with BT Customer Care?

    More appropriately, BT Customer Care ought to be called the BT Customer Barrier. Its primary function is to defend BT from the problems its customers may be having and its fundamental ethos is that the customer is always wrong.

    This is made abundantly clear at the point of initial contact, its internet pages, where the first thing to greet you is the statement that most faults occur within the customer’s own infrastructure. This bizarre assumption is carried right through the extensive faults procedure where each step is directed remorselessly toward persuading the customer to find and fix a fault that without further investigation is undoubtedly on their own premises and of their own making; BT does not admit that faults might occur outside of customer premises or make provision for those who are competent enough to have already carried out these basic checks and want to move on. Neither is there a clear onward step for BT to take ownership of a reported fault after the checking procedure has been completed – again there is an assumption that all faults are the responsibility of the customer. For a persistent customer it leaves the complaints procedure as the only option to progress.

    The complaints procedure is another mechanism dominated by the customer-is-always-wrong ethos. The first thing a customer service operator will do is to insist a customer go through the same step by step procedure covered by its internet pages, regardless of whether or not the customer has already done this. Presumably the operator is trained to believe that the customer is incompetent. There is a pre-scripted, condescending and belittling conversation that follows which often involves the customer service operator magically changing from a care representative into a sales representative, offering new packages and various pieces of equipment that he is almost sure will cure the fault. The last resort, if a customer manages to stand firm and turn down all these alluring offers, is for the operator to reassure the customer that everything will be all right if they just be patient and give it a couple of weeks. Then it’s goodbye.

    During the lifetime of a fault this procedure will repeat itself several times and each time the customer service operator will behave as if it were the first. BT appears to have no method of gathering useful retrievable information about a specific complaint or sharing it between operators. Eventually frustration and anger from a customer will lead to elevation where the customer is promised a call-back from a BT engineer. Call-backs from BT engineers are not lightly won.

    If you are lucky to be promised a call-back you will be given a time slot and an automatic telephoned reminder first thing in the morning while you are still in bed. A pre-recorded voice message from a hugely condescending and suspiciously sceptic female will make sure you are awake and ready for your call, which may not be for several hours. If you are very lucky your call-back will be made, but often they are delayed or forgotten or have not been booked at all. And, of course, it will be your fault.

    I know all this because I have been through it on more than one occasion. My latest battering against the BT Customer Barrier began four or five weeks ago after I had meticulously carried out my own checks. For some months I had noticed that BT broadband was either dropping out completely or reducing strength to download speeds that were unusable, sometimes as low as 0.01mbps, but mostly between 1 and 2. This always seemed to coincide with peak times when my BT contract assured me my signal would not fall below 5 or 6. My own checks consisted first of looking closely at my wifi which at the time admittedly was quite weak. I installed a wifi repeater which boosted the signal but did not resolve the problem so I changed my phone filters but this did not resolve the problem either. I tested the line using quiet mode but there was no noise on the line, I changed my router, I repositioned my router, I changed to Ethernet and used only the BT service socket cutting out all intermediate infrastructure in my home, and I tried all of the above whilst turning on and off various devices I thought might affect my broadband signal. Nothing solved the problem.

    At this point I fully believed I had covered every possible self-check known to man, but BT felt differently and tried to make me go through them all again. BT then told me it was my router, which I knew it wasn’t, and that I would have to buy a new one, which I already had, so I declined; then they told me that most probably there was work going on in the area that I did not know about, but neither did the operator because when I asked him about it he admitted he did not know if there was work going on in the area or not. I actually admire him for making that bit up; it showed a spark of spirit. Eventually he told me everything would be all right if I was patient and to wait a couple of weeks, and then he said goodbye.

    Everything was not all right and after two more weeks, two more emails and two more conversations that had to begin from scratch because BT had forgotten everything I’d said previously, I eventually won my call-back from a BT engineer and an agreed time slot. Only it didn’t happen. I waited for the call but it never came. A call did come, nearly an hour after the allotted time slot, but I was not there having already given up waiting for it. And that was my fault again.

    So, what is wrong with BT Customer Care? Well, just about everything to be honest. It is fundamentally flawed from top to bottom. It has a preconceived conviction that the customer is always wrong and does nothing to hide that conviction. From a customer perspective it is like trying to swim up a waterfall. They make you feel so small. BT Customer Care needs dismantling and rebuilding from scratch, it is an appalling, abhorrent and arrogant organisation that ought to be banned from having the name British in its title; I am pro-European and British, and I am ashamed that BT Customer Care can use the same designation, which is less confrontational than it sounds given that it is mostly located in India. It has become the benchmark by which all poor customer service in Britain is measured by, a level of incompetence to avoid. It’s no coincidence that other internet service providers make a major selling point of not having the same customer service setup as BT.

    Eventually my call-back came after weeks of trying and BT agreed to monitor my broadband speed to see themselves what was happening – an appropriate course of action I suggested at the outset. No apology because, naturally, I had been wrong to suggest it and it had only become the correct thing to do when they thought of it. They agreed to monitor my broadband speed and to call me back after three days. After only one day I received an email saying that I should monitor my own speed and send them the results. I pointed out that I had already done so, several weeks earlier. I sent them new results. In all the speed test results sent to BT a clear pattern of drop-out and poor signal strength at regular times during the day were obvious. BT then took to calling me back at times when they knew my signal would not be dropping and asking me to run a speed test, thereby proving I was wrong about having a fault on my line.

    Fault or no fault, BT Broadband remains unusable for around two hours per day. When this current contract ends I shall be looking for a new provider.

  • unhappy

    by Andy at 13:57 on 20 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    I agree with everyone complaining about the lack of customer service and resolution from BT. I had a near perfect download stream from my up to 8meg connection for years until I received my new tariff from BT in September 2013. According to BT my internet service is still the top unlimited package so nothing changed there.
    Since September my speed has fluctuated wildly after 5pm through to midnight and all weekend, EVERY WEEKEND!
    My normal speed should be 7.15meg download and 0.37 upload. For the past 6 months I've been getting anything from 2.75meg to 0.21meg on the download. This is ridiculous. Watching the speed over any given time period sees it jump wildy from one extreme to the other. during the day when at work I am told the speed is stable, at maximum and consistent. Yet after 5pm it all changes.

    Like so many others trying to get answers from BT about it, I too am one of these people. Many countless hours wasted (entire evenings when I should be relaxing after work) trying to get some kind of support.
    I've had the whole gamut of excuses, which vary depending on the mental capacity of the indian helper at the other end of the line. To begin it was my internal cabling and filters, which were all replaced. Then it was the fault of my router, which (to be fair) they sent out a replacement. That did not fix anything. Then it was back to blaming my internal phone cable coming from the main box. That was replaced at my expense but still no change. Then I get someone who passed me to "level 2 support" only to be forced to explain my problem all over again. Told to wait 2 days for engineers to correct a fault they detected at the exchange. Funny it was blamed on my substandard internal connections for 2 months. 2 days pass and no improvement. back on the dog and bone to BT help.
    This was a rinse and repeat of all the above for the next 4 months. Eventually they sent out an openreach engineer to test connections at the house. Miraculously the speeds were perfect all the time he was testing the line. I would not let him go without getting some explanation for the problem. He couldn't be any more vague if he tried. He said to begin, I might be suffering from what they technically call the rain effect, where external devices interfere with the broadband signal (e.g. plasma tvs or street lights) but I was having none of that. He then made some calls to his team and after a bit of muttering to and fro, he tells me its a known fault due to over subscription at our exchange. He tried to explain saying the card my connection is on was maxxed out and this caused automatic throttling of the connection to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks. I said "ok, bottlecks eh? so in order for others to get their paid for internet service at a speed they enjoy, my paid for connection must suffer?" Again I was not convinced.

    The engineer said there is an open ticket with the "Operations" team but when I queried on when this would be done I got no real timescale. So I suppose I'm meant to accept that as a closed and resolved issue? The short answer is no, but BT say yes it is.

    This fight continues and I know switching to another provider at this stage will not resolve the speed issue.
    I'm absolutely exhausted trying to get any headway with BT and they just don't care so long as you keep paying.

    For all those coming in this forum saying their internet is fine with BT, just wait. You'll be next (if not already suffering since posting.) I have many frends up and down the UK, and the majority of those who are on BT are having this same problem. I do not lie.
    Furthermore I checked on samknows website my local exchange and from what I see there is no evidence of over subsricption on the exchange - 657 retail users and 60 business users. So there you have it. BT will say anything to stall you for another few days or weeks and do less than zero about it.

    It's time we got some kind of petition together and boycott payments to BT. Perhaps when the money stops coming in they might actually do something about it. But then again they won't. They have the monopoly over all the phone lines across the UK, which begs another question -why are we paying for line rental to third parties? Why should we pay line rental at all?

    Its the biggest fleece this side of the northern hemisphere, but because BT is part government owned, nothing will ever be done except to help those in the big cities.

    I come home from work at night and expect to get use of a service I pay top whack for. Instead I just get a jittery connection unable to hold a steady ping, upload or download. When I need help my entire evening is killed whilst a helper refuses to get past his/her scripted response.
    I don't put up with doing any of their tests any more. It's wasteful time, stressful and pointless. It just gets you nowhere slowly.

    Its high time we all made a stand. We are not sheep, we are PAYING CUSTOMERS.

  • unhappy

    by Lynda Sales at 21:54 on 4 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    I can only agree with the negative comments above. I am usually a calm and polite person but dealing with BT would drive a saint to swear.

  • happy

    by Keith at 18:11 on 21 Dec 2013 Report abuse

    BT? Absolutely brilliant. Very high speeds- in excess of 19mbs, superb service. Very stable speeds too- no capping or slowing down, goosd service, well worth the cost. Installed into new home in August. Keep it up BT.Thanks.

  • unhappy

    by Tennisplayersson at 19:30 on 29 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    BT tell lies.
    My hub broke, BT said it would take 2 days to get a new one, 3 days later when I asked where it was they said that the minimum time is 5 days - of course working days!

    Despite that I have just signed up my Dad, 93, to a BT phone, broadband and TV package. Everything went fine until I tried to get the free sport - there were no channels showing. To cut a long story they had sent the wrong box, or rather they said I had ordered the wrong one! But as there is no choice on their website how can you choose the wrong one.
    They agreed to send a replacement - but only after trying to get extra cash by trying to get my Dad onto Infinity.
    They then tried to get £10 for the viewing card, this I reminded them was to watch FREE Sport...........................eventually they relented and said it would be 2 day to get the box. Guess what it didn't arrive. They then said it hadn't been ordered. After much discussion they agreed to get the box delivered TOMORROW - hurray.
    Guess what tomorrow never comes, and neither does the box!
    It is now the day after tomorrow and the box is still not here. BT then tried to push a second hand box off on my Dad because he was changing the order. That was supposed to be sorted a new box was coming in 2 days time.
    It must have been my masochistic tendency that made me check - they were still delivering a second hand box! I am now promised a new box in 3 days time.

    OK so anybody can make a mess of an order, it takes a really bad company to make such a mess, but when they have a company policy that clearly amounts to telling lies I do wonder why anybody should use them. I am almost tempted to go back to TalkTalk.................. are they really worse than them?

  • unhappy

    by DON'T USE BT at 15:20 on 23 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    When I first signed up to BT on an eighteen month contract, I wasn't worried about the length of this contract due to BT’s “Moving Home” service. I remember thinking, “well if I need to move house after a few months, that’s no problem, I’ll just move my BT service with me”.
    When I did move home, I realised just how wrong I was.
    I was staying briefly at a friend’s place whilst I was trying to find something new. So I call up BT to try and get my services suspended whilst I find somewhere new. Note I was trying to suspend only my services, not payment, I was happy to keep paying the monthly fee.
    BT tell me they can’t suspend internet services, and can only block outgoing calls for a fee (of £25, despite the fact that it took them a minute to do). So I had to settle with the thought that the new tenant of my old flat could use a BT router to access heavens knows what on a connection in my name, and only me paying £25 was stopping him from doing the same with the phone line.
    So when I complained to BT on the phone about this, they informed me that they are unable to suspend a service. I emailed several times, and eventually received one reply which stated that not only would I have to accept any charges for SOMEONE ELSE using my services, but that if someone moved into my old place and set up internet there before I could move my services somewhere else, I would be charged the cancellation fee (of £200), even though this is something I have no control over and was not attempting to stop or suspend paying my monthly fee.
    So I complained to the communications ombudsman. It took two months for them to get back to me with an answer. They were polite enough but frankly have no clout whatsoever. They said they couldn’t deal with this as it was a “commercial decision made by BT” (as in something BT is doing? So what exactly can they deal with?). Nor did they make any reference to my complaint at being charged £25 for BT to block outgoing calls from my number. The ombudsman is useless and clearly don’t challenge BT at all. I shouldn’t have been too surprised seeing as how readily BT advertise going to them on the BT website.
    My advice, no matter how tempting a BT contract may look, DON’T DO IT! There customer service is non-existent and they squeeze money out of for doing (poorly) things they should already be doing.

  • unhappy

    by JUST DON'T at 13:19 on 7 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    I would go into the detail of my complaints about BT but I have spent so long on the phone trying to get some service (4 hours and counting) I now no longer have the time to write a complaint. So if you value your sanity and your time I have only have one word in relation to BT - DON'T!!

  • neutral

    by Neil at 17:21 on 25 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    I concur with all 1 star reviews. The following is my woeful experience of BT:

    26 Mar 13 - Ordered BT infinity for my new home. Informed that the afternoon of 24 Apr was the EARLIEST that an engineer could visit to do the install. Received e-mail from BT confirming this appointment.

    I booked the afternoon of 24 Apr as holiday

    23 Apr 13 - Sent e-mail from BT stating the appointment would be for the morning of 24 Apr with no explanation as to the reason for the change. Called BT Customer Defence team in Bangalore who stated that there was an error on their booking system and the earliest they could re-book would be for the 7 May. Told them in the strongest terms this was unacceptable. Bangalore relented and promised that an engineer would visit on the 29 Apr. I booked another afternoon's leave.

    Morning of 24 Apr 13 - Called out of work meeting to answer call of engineer who was waiting outside my house. I told the poor contractor (they don't work for BT) that I'd already told BT I could not be there in the morning.

    25 Apr 13 (today) - Received email stating that the appointment would be 9 May 13 with no reference to the above promise of 29 Apr. I called Bangalore and lost my rag.

    Now debating with myself whether I can stomach BT or cancel and book with Virgin Media instead.

    Are they any better / quicker?

  • unhappy

    by essemmgee at 2:51 on 25 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    BEWARE BT : A despicable, avaricious, old fashioned company who behave as though they have a monopoly and are too dumb to realise that they are being outstripped in every way by their competitors. They are (presumably) trying to make up for lost sales (due to their outmoded outlook, overpriced, substandard service and cheap, nasty products) by ripping off their existing customers in every way possible.

    •Their calls are overpriced and the tariffs are tricksy - make sure you read the very small print (usually well-hidden on another page entirely).

    •BT broadband is unreliable and – contrary to what those irritating adverts would have you believe – will frequently slow you down. If you contact customer services because you can't get online an automated voice will tell you that many of your problems can be solved by going to their website, DUH, how daft is that!

    •BT Vision is just dreadful. ie. It frequently spends up to 15 minutes spontaneously rebooting itself mid-programme. The interface is a design disaster which is hellishly annoying to navigate – the TV guide jumps about all over the place and the additional services will have you repeatedly clicking-on like a mad thing in order to do something basic like play a recording! The choice of films is extremely limited and 90% of what is on offer is antiquated and would only appeal to those who think that TOWIE is 'drama' anyway.

  • neutral

    by Scott Anderson at 17:28 on 18 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    interesting reading...as i am now in the process of migrating to BT from AOL/Talktalk lol.....
    makes u wonder if there are actually any good providers in the UK...We're not getting value for money thats for sure & a lot of us aint getting the speeds that we should be getting either.... test case needed in court i think.

  • unhappy

    by rab at 12:57 on 18 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    re Charles, you have it nailed these people get paid for non achievement that Is OFCOM
    The Ombudsman (services ?) they sit in their offices doing SFA and getting well overpaid for it, its a bit like solicitors and the Legal Aid rip off and our MPs and the annoying thing about it is they go throught all the motions for you to end up with SFA took my case to Financial Ombudsman Service because Barclay's was not providing a course that I paid £4495 for won the case and Barclay's were told to supply everything for my course and extend my time limits to 3 years but they have again failed to keep to a legal agreement and what does the Ombudsman do SWA what a waste of space these agencies are.
    no teeth and no gentlemans hangers either they make you sick.

  • neutral

    by Charles at 11:09 on 11 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Reading these reviews they are 100% typical of the experience I received. BT are a joke of a company, and the biggest disappointment is OFCOM. They are supposed to be the regulator, but they do nothing, look at any forum on the internet including BT's own and you will read the same stories of incompetence, arrogance and a "couldn't care less" attitude. The call centres tried to telkl me that the issues are to do with openreach which is another company (100% owned by BT) who own all of teh infrastructure, but have to make it available to other providers. Its about time a Government broke this monopoly up, or regulated it properly. Unfortunately with the political donations made to the ruling parties that isn't going to happen any time soon. Our telecoms system is as corrupt as any banana republic you care to mention. Come on OFCOM, read the reviews, speak to the customers and pull your bloody finger out and DO YOUR JOB.

  • unhappy

    by shabaka at 10:34 on 11 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Started out with an issue with noise on my line, The technician came out after going to check some area out on the street. Miraculously the noise stopped when he turned up. He then proceeded to check my line and told me there was no issues on it. I asked him if I would be charged for this visit as he did nothing and he said no. Lo and behold 2 months later I have a £99.00 charge from BT for technician job done at my home because apparently to BNT the technician took a splitter off of my line. I went through a long winding process to get my momney back to no avail. I have now cancelled all my services and now have this case in the hands of The communications Ombudsman and tradung standards. BT is the worst Ive ever come across and will advise all persons to take note of everything that is said and done by BT when dealing with them and their cohorts with their constant underhand tactics. They may be the cheapest but then again I guess the service says it all .. thank you BT for three years of stress.

  • unhappy

    by Charlie at 23:35 on 10 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Dearest BT,

    I am not happy. I am usually quite a happy some say optimistic person. Then I started dealing with you.
    I’ve dealt with incompetent businesses before, I’ve been let down by companies before, I’ve even felt the need to complain before. But never before have I felt so let down and utterly dumbstruck by incompetence that I’ve wanted to cancel a service before it’s even been provided.

    Below is a chronology my dealings with yourselves. Shakespeare himself couldn’t have dreamt up such a tragedy. Enjoy.

    Catalogue of Errors

    21.02 - Order optimistically placed for BT phone line and Infinity. Informed that an engineer is booked to install both services on the PM slot of 07.03.

    04.03 - Magically informed Infinity appointment moved to 15.03 AM but phone line install remains the same date.

    07.03 - Date of PM line install appointment. Took the afternoon off work and eagerly waited in from 1pm. No news until 5.15 when a chap calls to inform me the engineer “can’t make it today”. Bless him, he must be a busy engineer, oh well, that’s only one afternoon wasted. Given a new appointment in 7 days time.

    14.03 - New line install date arrived, take morning off work and as I’m given an AM (8am - 1pm) slot by BT as stated online and via SMS. The weird uncle of BT that is Openreach who actually manage the engineers have it as a PM appointment. No one told me that but then I’m only the customer. A friendly engineer shows at 3pm.
    All credit to him, after sweating and tutting a bit the line is connected but with the wrong number so he waddles off to the exchange to change it to the number on my account.

    15.03 - An AM Infinity appointment. Great, I’ve got a working phone line so I though. Now for the superfast interweb bit. Well no. BT seem to think there’s a fault on the line. Quite what the fault is and where it came from no one know, magic. But you neglect to tell me this so I wait until 2pm then call BT to be told no engineer today. What, why? A nice Indian lady informs me “We are working to fix the fault” What fault? “There maybe an engineer visiting on Saturday, they will call you”. Brilliant, I love it best when you’re vague, it makes we want you more.
    That evening I got a callback for the complaint email stating I’d wasted 1.5 days waiting in for you. My reward? Offered £10 x 2 for missed appointments. Lovely, thanks.

    16.03 - Saturday passes. No news or visit from anyone in the UK or India.

    18.03 - I call you as I start to think you don’t love me anymore to be told call back on Wednesday for an update on the mysterious fault which should be fixed by then. There might even be a possible engineer visit on 22.03. Oh goody.

    21.03 - Still nothing from you so rather than let love go cold I call for a chat.
    I’m informed that I need to check the phoneline myself now. How strange, why was I not told this on Monday?
    I don’t have a phone to plug in so had to borrow the unsuspecting neighbor's phone and check the line myself. Low and behold it’s working, a dial tone and everything but we knew this anyway.
    I called you back to inform you it’s working and has been since it was installed several days ago. I’m told we now have to wait for the engineering team to ‘resolve’ the issue as it was ‘stuck’ in their system. Ouch. How did it get stuck? Where? Who’s system? It was all fine and dandy after the line install.
    Now I’m left waiting for someone to call with new appointment. I’m told it will be escalated, not sure what it means but it sounds exciting. Turns out it means nothing. It’s just something you like to say to imply action that’s not actually taken.
    I calculated that was 1hr total on calls with BT today. I’m beginning to think you like me.

    25.03 - A day of confusion as a new appointment is magically booked for an Infinity engineer to visit on 27.03 and then moved before sunset.

    At 11.55am John left voicemail informing me of a new 27.03 AM appointment, go John.
    There’s also an SMS from 21230001 to confirm the above AM appointment, nice touch BT.
    Followed shortly by an SMS from 64364 at 12.02 PM to confirm a different new appointment booked for 07.03, which is remarkable as that was 18 days ago, you tease.

    At 6.07pm a voicemail left, I hate missing your calls but love is tough sometimes. You inform me of a shiny new PM appointment on 04.04. This is being confirmed at 6.10pm by an SMS. What a wicked beat you are. Another 10 day wait.

    26.03 - I called you to try and claw back my earlier appointment. I was told that John had been naughty and since told off for booking the 27.03 appointment. Poor John. You called through to the wonderful Openreach to try and move it back, I’m told should be possible and they will call be before 2pm to make new appointment. Another glorious 30mins on call to BT.

    No call by 2pm as promised so called at 2.40pm. Told another email sent to Openreach to escalate the issue. On how you love the escalation. Finally got a voicemail in the evening for an apologetic man informing me it’s near impossible to move appointments. Which is funny as you seem to manage doing it really well. No joy, I’ll just have to wait a little longer for something ‘superfast’.

    04.04 - Infinity engineer day. I waited in for another no show for the PM appointment. I called you at 4pm to be told the engineer was on the way. The automatic message on your system says there’s an issue with my order. Your staff said there wasn’t. Who do you believe, a person or a machine? It depends which films you watched as a kid maybe. I called again at 6pm to be told an engineer can materialise anytime up until 8pm.
    The short of it being, they didn’t.
    The online account now says 18.04 for an engineer to not show up.

    05.04 - Well done. You’ve beaten me. After 3 days of waiting in and countless hours on the phone waiting in a queue I give in. I cancelled my Infinity order. I will play your games no more.

    So there you have it, the story of my BT experience. Did you enjoy that? I certainly didn’t.

    I really don’t know what annoys me more, there’s plenty to choose from. The general incompetence, the lack of communication, the loss of earnings, the broken promises or the fact that you are still responsible for the UK’s communication infrastructure and profit from it.

    That’s just my story and I know with one quick search online there are thousands more, equally as bad if not worse.

    So my questions to you BT are:
    What are you going to do to compensate me properly?
    Why did this happen?
    What are you going to do to stop it happening to others?

    One thing's for sure, we know why you call it Infinity. The problems go on for ever.

    Angry or Lewisham

  • unhappy

    by fede cattani at 20:01 on 10 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    We decided to switch to BT as internet and phone provider. They confirmed by email that they would send us our internet kit at our home address, they even wrote the correct home address in the email confirmation.
    On April 10th, I have been at home waiting for the delivery but the kit has been sent to the wrong address.
    I have called BT and they say that they shall deliver the kit at my home address but they do not know when, at the earliest in 24 hours, at the latest in 48 hours.
    This means that I shall have to stay at home for two more days.
    This level of incompetence should NOT be accepted.

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