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  • happy

    by sjp at 17:51 on 9 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    This company is a joke customer service diabolical AVOID AVOID AVOID.
    Moved to a brand new house so needed my phone line connecting up, BT gave me a date and then changed it and then didn't turn up (1 day off work) promised me a new date again didn't turn up (2 days off work) again promised me another date again didn't show (3 days off work) me having to ring them of course on a mobile costing me a fortune. On the fourth attempt they rang me to tell me the date had been changed again my blood was boiling by this time so I told them to cancel my contract absolute disgraceful customer service don't even go there.

  • unhappy

    by [email protected] at 21:53 on 26 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    ordered bt broadband, waited the entire day for the delivery, the equipment never turned up, so phoned bt to complain and cancel order, the privilege for cancelling an order was £180, crap service, please please stay away from bt they are useless

  • neutral

    by Lee at 22:13 on 17 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    I took out with bt fibre broadband. Every was perfect until i have a bill twice of £200 for over the usage of download. I phoned BT and told them I thought is was unlimited download usage. They said not if I go over 5GB download. At this point I said goodbye to BT. I went with Sky which is unlimited download usage. People need to be CAREFUL with their usage download. I am going to CAB to fight with BT case because I feel I was mis-sold from their advertisement saying unlimited broadband (no mention of usage until I was told on the phone) I think that is WRONG. I am glad to say goodbye BT!

  • unhappy

    by Tony at 13:33 on 20 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    I am SO pleased I can finally get away from this pathetic over priced sub standard ISP. I cannot think of a good thing to say about this company, which is hard to believe as I thought my last ISP was as bad as it could be, but I was wrong, at least they were easier on the pocket in these tough economical times. I had problems twice in the space of 3 weeks, both times at their end, as a result I had NO broadband for a month, yet they STILL had the NERVE to try and bill me for it. It took 2 LONG phone calls to them for anything to be done about it, and when something did get done, the result was an insulting credit note for £7.50, (WOW! HOW GENEROUS!). As for the download speed, if it went any slower it would be going backwards. I regret going back to BT. If anyone is looking for a decent reasonably priced good quality service, AVOID THIS LOT AT ALL COSTS!! A WASTE OF TIME, MONEY & EFFORT, IN RETURN FOR EXTEMELY POOR QUALITY & SERVICE.

  • neutral

    by Trinity Abbertson-Woo at 13:40 on 15 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    If only BT can transfer our home connection to our new address - it will be marvelous. BT is most difficult to contact. I've emailed them but the reply was asking if I need a removal for my house goods and items. I replied we need internet connection in our new home.

    Please can someone help me how to contact BT? We just need to transfer our connection to our new home, without paying another package? Can we just use the same modem which at the moment working? Does anyone out there knows? Thanks.

  • unhappy

    by Lorraine at 16:18 on 22 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Have had 2 quite good years back with BT until we had superfast fibre-optic in the village, the emails & letters trying to upgrade me have become really annoying, I have been on 10gb since the beggining I received this information regarding overusage which has only been reached once, my granddaughter was using it when she visited. At 23:59 on 21/12/2012 you had used 12.43 GB of your 10 GB usage allowance.th average monthly usage is 6.24 GB
    they have the cheek to tell me my average monthly usage is 6.24gb but obviously they won't carry unused over. I rang customer services but could'nt understand the Indian Lady so asked her politely to slow down, after being kept on hold for 10 mins I was informed by the same Indian Lady that I could upgrade for ? I requested her to again speak slower but kept going so I really couldn't understand what she was saying so I am still in the unkown of BT's prices and policies can anyone help

  • unhappy

    by Barti at 14:52 on 30 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Returned to BT as it is effectively a monopoly when you get line problems. With BT, you get it fixed with a flick of a switch. With a competitor, every obstacle is put in the way of putting it right.
    Allowed them to upgrade me to whatever they call their high speed broadband and tie me down for another 18months contract on an unlimited at supposedly up to sixty something mb/sec, was getting around thirteen from Talk-Talk, and evenings and weekend calls only.
    Reality from BT? a shade better at fifteen and often a lot less, with occasional freezing and insane bursts of speed.
    Just had the last bill...with all the confusing B--l S--t it totals £38.39 with no additional phone calls.
    I would have liked to use ZEN broadband, but again, if you have line problems, the B-----s at BT will spin it out. When I last used Zen and there was a ticket on the line from a previous company, it took 3 months before it was cleared. It would not have been cleared then if a friend in the industry had not intervened.
    BT? Love them or hate them, which I do...were stuck with them!
    Open Reach, my A--e!

  • neutral

    by Gino at 10:39 on 28 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    YAHOO! I am able to get rid of BT broadband on 5th of November. 18 months of dreadful service will come to a end when I go back to 3 mobile (3 mobile may be slow at peak times but at least I wont get disconnected all the time) 18 months of being fleeced by the Bandit Traders (BT) will come to an end

  • happy

    by hussarman at 14:46 on 17 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    Been with BT for six months now after leaving TalkTalk. I have no qualms with BT.
    Three months after signing up I completley lost my broadband connection, phoned BT and the assistant said she would send me a new router. The router duly arrived within two days, a short time later the same assistant phoned me back to see if everything was now OK.
    Can't complain at that!

  • neutral

    by Alan at 12:01 on 4 Oct 2012 Report abuse

    The word Quality should never be used with BT the company is a shell of its former self. While trying to renew my over priced service with them I was offered several prices for the same product, each time I checked something else cropped up that I had not been told about, and while trying to resolve problems and get further information, two Indian customer service agents (which I do have a problem understanding sometimes) just put the phone down on me. While trying to renew the contract they denied offering that package at that price and offered yet another deal would not explain the complaints procedure and selectively managed to ring back while I was still on the phone to them so no comments and questions could be answered about the quality of the last person I spoke to. I would image there are problems with all providers and I think having worked in the communications business it is obvious to me that many are due to BT holding the key to the public paid lines and exchanges.

  • unhappy

    by xyzxyz at 4:54 on 20 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    BT 'unlimited' is marketing nonsense and limited to 30Gb per month. After that it costs £5 per GB!!!

  • neutral

    by Bob at 17:03 on 14 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    Is the only point of this forum to moan about bad service ? I have used BT for 10 years and found their broadband service to be perfectly acceptable.However as my latest fixed rate deal is coming to an end I thought I would compare other providers to see what savings could be made and what people thought of the service provided.Unfortunately I haven't found this website to be any use whatsoever as the reviews for all providers are exactly the same, namely they are all rubbish.BT, Sky, Plusnet, Talk Talk , nobody has a good word to say about any of them.Armed with this information I think I will stay where I am.If it aint broke.........

  • unhappy

    by Christina Cooper at 19:52 on 13 Sep 2012 Report abuse

    BT are the worst broadband provider!! i switched to bt from virgin in may of this year. after the installation process it then took a further 2 weeks before i received an active phone line or any of the bt channels / packages i had paid in advanced for. however my broadband was connected but only worked for a couple of hours a day. i called bt and after the fustrating voice recording of "press one, press two, press one, press two!" and being on hold for about half an hour i was then connected to an indian call centre who i could barely understand and had the faintest idea of what i was going on about. he had no idea of how to solve my problems i was recieving. i phoned bt every day for about the next 2 weeks spending around 3 hours per day on the phone to numerous near enough non-english speaking customer service prividers. i was told i had a dropping connection and every time i phoned up i they kept saying i assure you your problem is resolved i assure you. however everyday i still recieved the same problem and was told the same thing every time i phoned up. on one occasion they asked me to screw appart my router! when eventually they sent out an engineer they told me it was an error at their end and they changed a few plugs and wires around and told me everything would be fine. howere i still recieve the same problems till this day my internet comes on and goes off constantly all day every day!! Also since i joined bt i have received numerous calls trying to get my to get my bank details and trying to sell me so called anti virus software. claiming to be different people from different companies every day they tried to persuade me to hand over my bank details and on one occasion even claiming to be the police! saying they had arrested a male of polish origin and was in the possession of a long list of bank details and even read my address, name and date of birth. when i went to the police station they said no such officer existed and there was no body in custody anywhere under that offence! when i called bt and told them i wanted to cancel contract with them i was told i would have to pay a £400 cancellation fee!

  • neutral

    by IRATE at 19:36 on 27 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    I wish someone who know what they are doing would take over at BT, They blame their rubbish service on everyone but themselves. One good thing though, at least the rest of the world now know not to touch BT with a barge pole

  • neutral

    by brian at 12:42 on 27 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    have been with B.T.for 4 years and have never lost my connection,and it stays at 10MB.

  • unhappy

    by John at 19:58 on 21 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    BT are the worst company I've ever dealt with, either through business or personal. They have the worst service, the most ridiculous response times and they continually make mistakes.

  • unhappy

    by josie clarke at 14:13 on 17 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    i am at the end of my wits and have got to the stage when my phone rings i burst out crying. i have an ombudsman case against BT and have been receiving threatening phone calls from there centre in the phillipines and i have been trying since march to get answers from them

  • unhappy

    by colin at 0:16 on 14 Aug 2012 Report abuse

    After joining BT Broadband I left 5 weeks later owing to no stable connection.During the five weeks I had 10 Openreach visits, 1 week off work and a increase in my blood pressure.Moved to O2 and everything just worked from the day of connection.
    Funny that!

  • unhappy

    by caroline heywood at 18:00 on 11 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I have been a bt customer for over 20 years. I resented paying £47 a month for a few calls and some broadband. When i went to cancel my account i was told i will have to pay £40 for my broadband to be disconnected. i would be grateful if anyone could think of a way to get round this without being blacklisted.

  • unhappy

    by Tom at 16:44 on 11 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    On no account take out a Broadband contract with BT! They are expensive, but more importantly they provide the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE on the planet - it is truly abysmal: protracted, inept, inefficient, unhelpful, confusing, obfuscatory, and enormously frustrating. My Broadband has been down for more than two weeks now and during that time I estimate that I have spent between 7 and 10 hours on the phone to people in India who haven't the faintest clue how to resolve the problem. Yesterday, out of sheer frustration, I cancelled my subscription. BT ARE THE WORST - AVOID!!!

  • unhappy

    by MAD at 23:34 on 8 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I have been having problems with BT for over a year. I finally got hold of a broadband manager who actually speaks english. I was told that there was a problem but it would be sorted out within 3 days, that was over 2 weeks ago and the service has got worse not better. BT ONLY RIPS YOU OFF

  • unhappy

    by I HATE BT at 22:10 on 5 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I used to love BT, fast broadband and everything you would expect from BT until their service screwed me over. I have a PS3 which I used to stream movies and play online but I always lose connection when I am enjoying a game of Fifa with mates.
    Now my mum has been a customer of BT for a long time so we decided to go for Option3 'unlimited' so to speak, until today I never knew it was only a 100gb. So I asked myself why did BT deceive their customers. Towards the end of the month, my connection gets slow, the Broadband light keeps switching from RED to orange. Today has been the worst day ever, for 24 hours I could not even use the internet. Why Bt has decided to make my holiday sad, is still a mystery!. Do they do this to there So Called loyal customers?. I think BT is just Cr*p and when our contract expires, I will change to another ISP

  • unhappy

    by Anthony V at 17:26 on 5 Jul 2012 Report abuse

    I was a BT customer up until February this year. Their uptime was pretty good but...
    - Speed was pretty rubbish in the area
    - Too expensive
    - Technical support was just terrible. I dreaded hearing the polite voice at the end of the phone going through the same old scripted options with me.
    - I had the first model of the Homehub. Terrible bit of equipment by the end as it kept on dropping out.
    - Leave them at your peril as they seem determined to charge you for going as well, despite me being out of contract with them.

    Problem is I've now gone to an even worse ISP for customer service so I've obviously not learnt my lesson. Hopefully next one I pick will be third time lucky!

  • happy

    by Catherine Francis at 10:58 on 29 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    I love BT, I have just moved from AOL where I always got less than 1mb. I now get between 5 and 8 mb which for my rural area is good. For the first time I can watch iplayer or youtube etc. I could never watch with AOL as the service constantly buffered and made the whole thing useless. I can always connect and I have unlimited daytime/evening/weekend calls etc. plus broadband for £35 per month. I paid £20 just for a hopeless AOL connection and then they wanted to increase it to £25!

  • unhappy

    by Rolf Jespersen at 16:41 on 23 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    Worst customer service ever, avoid BT like the plague!

    Thinking back I am not sure why I even considered signing up for BT broadband as I had not heard anything good about them. I guess it must have been the sleek adverted they bombard us with and the 8X times faster broadband claim was the one that did it for me. I cancelled my reliable internet connection as it gave me maximum speed of only 7Mb and the BT website promised me speeds of up to 52 MB. Biggest mistake ever!!! I went for the £26 a month package with unlimited downloads and speed of up to 72 Mb.

    Took a day off 15th of May (I live in London and can not get home easily to let the engineer in) for the engineer to install the router and what have you. I was told that the speed would fluctuate for the next 10 days. I did a few speed tests and got speeds from 28 –5 Mb so exactly what the engineer had told me. I then went on a business trip for 2 weeks and when I returned in late May looking forward to trying my super fast internet. However how disappointed was I when I found out that my average speed was now around 8-9 Mb! Called up BT and did some tests while I was on the phone and did find that my speed had dropped dramatically and an engineer would have to be sent out. I requested if the engineer could come on a Saturday, which I was told he could if I did not mind waiting one and a half week which I told them I didn’t.

    The Engineer then came Saturday the 9th of June and spend about one hour and a half in our flat and at the exchange. Was told the problem was sorted and that over the next couple of days the speed would fluctuate which it did from as high as 40 Mb to as low as 8. However after four days the speed was an average 15-17 Mb so far from the 52 I had been promised. Called BT again as my average speed had now dropped to 2-3 Mb! Went through the same test as before and booked another engineering this time for a Friday the 15th of June as they had no Saturday appointments. Wanting to get this fixed as soon as possible I took another leave day.

    Waited all day on Friday the 15th for the Engineer to come, which he never did wasting not only my time but a precious leave day as well! By now I had lost my patience with BT especially when I was told that the reason the engineer had not come was due to resource problems (funny that this happened on the same day that England played Sweden in EURO 2012)! Requested an engineer was sent out the following Saturday as I was not prepared to spend another leave day on this. They agreed and I was told a booking had been made for me on Saturday the 23rd of June.

    Come Saturday the 23rd I waited and waited but no engineer showed. Now being at the end of my tether I called BT and was told that no a booking has not been made for the Saturday the 23rd but for Monday the 25th. So it seems that the BT employee I spoke to on the 15th rather than given me the bad news that I could not get an engineer to come out on a Saturday just booked another day to get rid a of me! Being now very angry I asked if I could then book another Saturday and was told this is not possible until July, which does not work for me as I am on holiday. Therefore I saw not other option than to cancel my subscription with BT and I was connected to someone in the sales department.

    In the sales department they were very apologetic (they are always very polite at BT I give them that) but I was told that a cancellation of the contract would cost me £202. I made the argument as they have never have uphold their part of the contract (ie giving me 52 Mb broadband speed) I considered the contract void! To this I was told that they were still trying to fix this and did not think that my argument that I had given them plenty of chances to do so was valid. Clearly not getting anywhere with this I asked him if he could then book a Saturday appointment and he said he would try. On hold for some time and then told not this was not possible as the company who does engineering work for BT (I was amazed that BT have outsourced their Engineering department) does not do Saturday appointments over the summer! A bit puzzled by this as I had a Saturday appointment a few weeks before.

    Now I have not many options left as I cannot cancel my subscription without loosing a substantial amount of money and cannot book a Saturday appointment. I now have to use another leave day to get this sorted! I try to get an appointment on the same day as a doctor appointment but as this is not possible and I have to look at alternative dates. The person in the sales department is clearly feed up with this difficult customer and now transfers me back to the technical department. Back at where I started I again try to get a Saturday appointment but are told they are fully booked. However I am told that they do Saturday appointments but that they are all booked, which means the sales department claim that the outsourced engineering company who does not come out on a Saturday doing the summer is a lie. This is now the second time BT has lied to me. I do not manage to get an engineering appointment the same day as my doctor’s appointment so not even that could they do.

    So where am I now? I have an appointment on Wednesday the 28th of June for an engineer to come out. However I have no confidence that one will actually turn up and if he does not I will be in the same situation as before. I understand that companies get it wrong and appointments get missed but my issue with BT is that while they apologise for this they do not do anything to rectify their mistake. I mean, I was lied to by their staff as he booked another day than the one I requested and still they show no flexibility in booking another appointment which suits me. Also at least they could agree to give me my money back and I would leave them alone but they cannot even do that. I was told they would refund me the days that I did not get the promised speed (assuming they do manage to ever give me this) which would come to about £30-40, but that is nothing compared to the money I have “lost” taken three days of annual leave not to mention time wasted waiting at home, having arguments with BT staff and writing this complaint. I really regret the day I signed up with BT and would recommend other not to!

  • unhappy

    by FED UP at 8:43 on 23 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    I wonder if BT (bandit trader) offer such a shoddy service to all their loyal customers

  • neutral

    by FED UP at 20:09 on 21 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    193 minutes to download 118.6 mb of updates, says it all about BT

  • unhappy

    by Puya at 16:46 on 9 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    I can rely on it to be slow
    I can rely on it to crash repeatedly at any time of day or night
    I can rely on its lousy technical support
    I can rely on it to get me very steamed up
    I can rely on it to put me off the internet
    THEY can rely on me to stop paying until THEY GET IT RIGHT

  • happy

    by paul at 20:40 on 7 Jun 2012 Report abuse

    ha ! 'please describe your emotions in making this comment' ? extremly happy, after reading customers reviews about BT i am so glad i did'nt take the plunge this evening and sign my hard earned cash over to them, i phoned them earlier to ask a few simple questions, and was then asked if i would like to sign up there and then, no thanks at the moment as i want to see if my current isp would do a price match, told him who they were and he told me that they would do a price match !! thanks for the info, a great service and bargaining tool for me, ok, aol have'nt been brilliant but compared to BT they sound like angels and, it looks as if i'm going to get my monthly charge down to BTs rate, so win-win for me.

  • unhappy

    by ANGRY at 19:17 on 7 Jun 2012 Report abuse


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