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  • unhappy

    by Jigsaw at 19:01 on 8 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    Oh where to start with the "Cough" wonderful service "Cough Cough" BT offers!!!

    Up until 20th May 2010 i was on option 3 upto 8MB connection but was having difficulty connecting. I spoke to technical help who offered me an upgrade of upto 20MB connection, all good or so i thought. I was told it would take 7 days for the service to be activate but have since found out it only takes 7 days if ur a new customer not an existing one where it should only take 24 hrs. However the order placed on 20th May was declined (i was never told this) and reordered on 22nd of May. I was sent the letters stating my new 12 month contract began on 22nd May and 24 hrs after that i should have my upgraded connection. As of 2day im yet to be upgraded even tho for the past 2 weeks ive been paying for a servive im NOT getting. On Friday 4th June i managed to speak to an English person (c'mon get up off ther floor), who was very helpful and for a 3rd time reordered my connecton upgrade telling me that would take effect with 1 working day from the time the order was placed. Its beyond that time and AGAIN as yet NOTHING. To top this off on Saturday 5th i recived a text message stating my order couldnt be processed until 14th June as the exchange was at capacity for further details contact 150. I did this and was told be Mr. Clueless that BT would send me a dongle ouit so i could atleast connect to the net. WTF is that all about, surely the screen infront of him showed ive been paying for many months an amount for broadband.

    The conversation i had on Friday was very helpful and was guaranteed a call back on Monday which never happened so i contacted BT again to find out why and was told it takes upto 24 hrs for a call back, the email was sent to the relevant department Monday at 12.15pm, still no call by Tuesday at 7pm. These calls to headquarters are NOT free calls so when we have a promise/guarantee from BT which rarely happens we the innocent customers have to pay for a charged call to find out why our ISP is neglectling their end of a deal.

    All in all i think its fair to say im not too impressed with the sevice BT offers

  • unhappy

    by Darren at 7:32 on 2 Jun 2010 Report abuse

    I don't know how BT are allowed to get away with it. Thier advertising and web site shout about unlimited downloads for option 3. In reality, you are limited by the very small print of something called a fair use policy, which limits downloads to 100Gb. Something is either unlimited, or its not. There is no middle ground.

    As for speaking to BT? What a nightmare that is. Finding a phone number isn't simple, and as for speaking to some one who speaks clear english...don't get me started on that.

    I used to have no problems with BT, but as soon as you do have an issue, all hell breaks loose!

  • neutral

    by Ivan at 19:08 on 27 May 2010 Report abuse

    After over 4 years of continuous service, no BB at my address since 30th April, which came about during BT's much vaunted network upgrade. This applies to both computers. Have since used 3 different routers all with same result.

    BT's staff are polite but helpless. I keep getting passed around from India to here, often speaking to different individuals who make different promises about deadlines for a fix. Have also had 2 BT engineers confirming that the problem doesn't exist at my address, so it must be at the exchange. The exchange are claiming that all is correct at their end.

    All in all, nice enough folk to speak to, but recent service upgrade a complete disaster for many users, considering it's 2010. Will be leaving them on 1st June (unless they surprise me with a fix before & offer suitable compensation for this fiasco). Very, very disappointing!

  • unhappy

    by Gabor at 9:09 on 19 May 2010 Report abuse

    That's all about BT:

  • neutral

    by Suzie at 19:20 on 17 May 2010 Report abuse

    Hi gopal

    Your message -"specifics in highlighting issues in all complaints would help"

    Not sure how I could highlight so many complaints?


  • unhappy

    by Anne at 12:39 on 3 May 2010 Report abuse

    Our BTBroadband (we have option 3) has been down in our area of North London
    since evening of Thursday 29th April. It's now Monday 3rd May and still they haven't been able to fix the problem - must be something REALLY serious. Anyone know the true story?
    First day I was resigned,
    second day I was frustrated, third day I was annoyed, fourth day I'm wondering what their compensation policy and procedure is.
    Luckily I have temporary access to somewhere else to access my email but one really feels cut off a few days before the election..
    If it's like this in North London what is this country coming to?

  • unhappy

    by edward brodie at 22:49 on 9 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    bt package deals are suposed to be cheaper than any other deals i have btbroadband plus btvision plus bt line i pay £20 for broadband £15 for btvision plus phone line and calls when rang custemer servises for to put everything all i got was the usual run around no satisfaction whatsever thank you for nothing regards

  • unhappy

    by Amanda at 0:03 on 1 Apr 2010 Report abuse

    Woeful, woeful service from BT. I ordered their Talk and Surf Plus package online, received a confirmation email, order number and approximate connection date. When I phone a few days later to progress the order, I waited more than 20 mins to speak to someone only to be told,

    'Oops, the order's been lost. Never mind, just place it again.'

    By this time I'd lost my old ISP account of 14 years (thanks to a cock up by BT over phone numbers) so couldn't place the order online. BT's 'adviser' suggested they could place it for me but I wouldn't be able to have the online deal, I would have to pay extra every month.

    I got a friend to re-place the order. He got a confirmation email, order number and approximate connection date. A few hours later, I called BT to make sure they had the order. Nope.

    'Oops, the order's been lost. Never mind, just place it again.'

    Not being willing to take my place at the back of the installation queue for a third time, I kicked up a stink. I spoke to more than 20 different people (they do love passing you around), wasted heaven knows how many hours on hold and three times was told I had the wrong number, then was given the 'correct' one... the same number I'd just called them on.

    BT is abysmal and, to be honest, deserves its bad reputation and its inexorable slide into financial trouble.

    Would NOT recommend... especially if you already have blood pressure problems.

  • neutral

    by gopal at 3:41 on 23 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    specifics in highlighting issues in all complaints would help

  • neutral

    by Suzie at 12:24 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    If you want to check your broadband spewed with bt www.speedtester.bt.com

    You need Java to be able to use this one.

    make sure that all other users ie wireless ps3 etc are not downloading

    Check the box and key in your home phone number attached to the broadband

    it will then start checking your reg details

    it will then require you to fill in 2 boxes

    1st box


    2nd box


    it will then start the speed check

    At the end it will give you your profile ie 1mb - You won't get much above the profile that has been set for you.

    Your actial download speed - this is the spped that the line has managed to get to at the time of day you did the test. Usually the profile speed and download speeds are pretty near each other.

    The achievable speed is the one that could be achieved which as I said before will n ot be much above the profile speed set.

    The computer sets the profile and although you can compain that your speed isn't fast enough, and if the engineers then reset your sped, the computer can go and reset it back to 1mg. An engineer hgas to go in an d do a manual change so that the profile is not automatically reset.

    Hope this is helpful


  • neutral

    by Suzie at 11:01 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    Many commiserations to Michael x I am 53 and yearn for the olden days when we the phoine was either engaged or we got through to someone who could really help us. BT is well known for the technical support help desk being based in India now and YES it is soo frustrating. I asked to be tranferred to customer services which I thought would be in the UK but then I had another Indian speaking aid (nothing against any other culkture ect).

    IU have been with BT broadband since it bagan and had non problembs until I moved 2 years ago and then on 1st Feb 2010.

    The first time Dec 2007 I rang Bt to ask for my phone number and broadband to be connected on the day of moving(Monday). No phone and no broadband. They said that they would send and engineer on the Saturday. They sent him to the old rented adress (no on in) and said that I hadn't notified them of the new adress. Funny, since I had, in fact, received a bill at my new address from them!! The engineer then turned up, connected the phone but said that I didn't have an order for broadband. I then rang Bt to ask why and had to put in yet another order. This was on a friday and they stated that it souyl;d take 5 working days for b/Band to be working ie Friday next.

    Friday came and still no B/band. Rang BT. "Sorry, there is no order on the system, would you like to place an order?" I then had to place another order which would not be operational until the following Friday. This happened 3 more times and I ended up in the corner with my hands over my head in tears thinking that I was going out of my mind. Also, very oftern, I was held in a que and calls took ages. Eventually, a manager in the Tech Dept (UK!!) took over the problem and monitored the connection. Thge original order that I put through for phone and B/band was on the system but didn't go through for some reason. When I put in a subsequent order for b/band the system accepted it but then recognized that there was already an order, so cancelled. I eventually got b/band - sometimes up to 8mb but didn't bother to go for compensation as I was topo exhausted by then.


    Moved 1st Feb 2010

    BT Phone line was on BT b/band was on but only 0.2kb - not enough even to go into the webb!

    I was told that it would take 10 days to stabalize.

    Rang up day 11 when i was asked to do a speed test was only gettin 1kb

    Have rung up every day since - It has now increased to 3.5 MB which we are finding hard to cope with because we download a lot of films, my son is on his ps3 on wireless ands I do a lot on my laptop too. When we download my son gets kicked off his ps3,

    Nobody has taklked to me from BT in the last week although I made a compaint to customer services and they said that they would ring me back the next day.

    It seems very hit or miss with BT lines in general. Whether you go to sky or talk, talk - they both need to still use your existing BT line.

    I have been informed that the maximum speed I would get is 3.5mb. This is because I am further from the exchange (the green boxes you see dotted about outside).

    The last house had one three dorrs up and the previous house had one on my front wall.

    The further away from these green boxes the less speed you will have (SO BT SAYS).

    I live in Tonbridge Kent and there has been alot of flooding lately. Many of the boxes have been flooded and wires are corroding.

    They are trying to replace with fibre optic cables (which makes sense) but this will take time.

    As, I said I was perfectly happy with BT Broadband for 8 years but then things have gone pershaped.

    As things progress, we are downloading more, kids have wireless everything and everthing seems to be PC nowadays.

    Coupled with the flooding, BT have not kept up to date quickly enough to keep up with demands for speed ie fibre optic and replacing old wiring/cableing when damaged by floods etc.

    I'm sure that when the fibre optic cableing is in place everywhere that the connection/speed service will be absolutley great-- still not sure about the call centres though.

    Have a good day (as long as you don't have to deal with call centres!)


  • unhappy

    by Raj Khuti at 9:27 on 3 Mar 2010 Report abuse

    I had ordered BT Broadband Talk Service in December , I was told it would be up and running within 24 Hours, had a nice welcome email from the Managing Director of Customer Services, the next day received a call to say that there was a mistake and it would take a month, so I patently waited till march and decided to give them a call, what a mistake that was… I spent nearly 2 hours being passed from one call centre to the other, in the end decided to call the nice director who send me the email, apparently he only sends the emails and you cant get hold of him, the highest you can reach is a level 2 manager after that you have to consult a committee. I was so angry and frustrated and then tried to figure out what BT’s strategy is and here is my analysis.

    BT is probably now one of the very few British Institutions left, and for them to fall in to foreign hands they have to satisfy the following criteria.

    Directors must not give a crap :- just con as many people as possible and get large salaries.
    Management must not give a crap:- just lie and get the customer of your case.

    Staff must not give a crap:- just use the big words from the customer care manuals such as I ASSURE you we take your custom seriously or I UNDER.. STAND your situation.

    To prove this look at the first point when you call they give you 10,000 options and you have to wait for an hour before a human will talk to you and then that human will pass you round the world until your blood pressure rises, and then you get an email from a director who you cannot contact, so you call Oftell or ofgem, they give you a 7 digit number as your complaint number, if they started with zero that means they have had millions of complaints and guess what they don’t give a crap either, as the Terms and conditions for BT does not cover the Internet.
    Second Point. Yahoo is owned by BT if you type in How crap is BT I got 2,800,000 entries, there competitors Google had 682,000 entries.

    They are ashamed to be British company and this is only a ploy to sell of the company, they also know that they are the best of the worst bunch of Service providers, so people like us have no choice. I just thank god that they are not selling Baby Milk, I think after 3 Months I would have been charged with Manslaughter or Murder.

    I have now resorted to using my Mobile (Orange) more as they provide free land line calls, just got to look for another small provider for Internet, where I can contact the person who has written to me..

    It’s a Shame that they will be going to the Wall in the coming years, but have no sympathy for any of them at BT. I pay for my service , if I was getting the service for free then I would have been prepared to put up with there crap.

  • unhappy

    by anonymous at 14:15 on 28 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    i never get the speeds i want.
    the speed im supposed to get is 8mb/s for my area but i rarely get above 1mb/s

  • neutral

    by Michael Gaines at 11:37 on 23 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I also view BT as the ultimate in telecommunication expertise still do, but like the previous correspondents I find communicating with the call centres an absolute nightmare at times, on occasions one gets lucky and connects with a UK help centre, but mostly it seems to be of the Indian variety, I have nothing against India or it`s people but when your hearing is not what it used to be and someone has the ability to make a sentence sound like one word !, constructive conversation goes straight out of the window, the point where I despair is when the individual on the other end of the line starts to get impatient and bellows at me as if I were halfwitted, and I have to say that by the time I put the telephone receiver down I feel like I am cracking up ! and still not getting anywhere.

    I am a sixty six year old retired heavy goods driver, and sometimes I feel glad that I am as far along the road as I am, the future looks bleak and a lot of things would only improve if they made a retrograde move, and the best I can wish the younger Generation is "Good Luck".

  • unhappy

    by Maria at 14:20 on 21 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    I ordered phone & broadband on 26th January 2010. I received a letter saying that broadband & phone would be connected 15th February. On 16th January after I could not get broadband working I phoned BT. I was told call centre is closing and that I had to phone back the following day. On 17th January I phoned again. I was told that the order had not been completed and that I would receive a call back and compensation £15.99. On 18th January I phoned to chase call back and was told that the first person had not recorded who had been asked to assist but that an engineer would be requested again. I was told that neither my phone nor broadband were connected and that I would definitely have a call back on 19th January in the morning. On 19th pm I phoned again. 21st Feb still waiting.

  • unhappy

    by Ann at 0:55 on 21 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    For one month and still to this day i am trying to sort out a issue with B.T.I normally rent my line from them,and my phone calls/broadband from another company,I was sent a email from my broadband provider early febuary to tell me B.T. has closed my account with them,but gave no reason,,i was never informed by B.T. of this,and i gave no permission for them to cancel anything,near on 50 phone calls later,and being passed to every dept in B.T.,Not just once in a day but many times,then of course once you are transferred to another dept,you are put on hold,sometimes in my case for nearly a hour,I have been refused 6 times to my request to talk to a manager,I have had the residential dept hang up on me many times,it seems that a company that i pay rent to set my phone number up as a buisness account,cancelled my broadband,and now today i have been told get a new phone number and account from B,T, Your number now belongs to someone else,my problem as yet is on going,as B.T. have no idea how to,or just do not care,so all you B,T. customers beware,they can cancel anything they want without your permission,and allow anyone to take over your line and phone number

  • unhappy

    by jennifer at 9:50 on 10 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    My parents of 74 go a laptop and went on BT broadband.. well tried to, they had a problem and on a speed test it was only running at 116... i have spoken to many people most of wich i find it very hard to understand, i gave them my mobile number so they could contact me instead of my parents because they would have even less chance of understanding whats been said... but no... they were to call me on route to my parents house, but instead arrived and left at 8.05!!! leaving a calling card saying they could not get into the house... then they refused to send another engineer out on that day it would be the day after, which is not much good when i had taken a day off work to be there... other than using lots of bad language i really think the service of useless... and will be advising anyone thinking of going to BT broad bad to rethink it....

  • unhappy

    by Stephen Deacon at 12:34 on 1 Feb 2010 Report abuse

    BT's broadband is reasonable no major complaints the same can't be said for their BT Anywhere mobile service. The package was mis sold to me by an idiot who was not interested in giving correct info and good service, just selling the package. The problems I have experienced are too long to list all though recieving a bill for £131.29 when on average I spend on average £80 was the final straw.The technical problems are many broadband phone won't register so both phones ring when a landline call comes in. Trying to talk to their technicians is a nightmare a bunch of idiots who have a low grab of the English language and have difficulty in holding a fluid conversation, result last time I spoke to them I was on the phone for over 90 minutes!
    I had decided on BT Anywhere and as a long time BT customer had trust in the brand, not anymore. As soon as the Anywhere contract is up I won't renew, I will also ditch the Broadband and phone service.

  • unhappy

    by Phil Lawrence at 17:36 on 29 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I have BT Option 3 unlimited.
    Except it isn't unlimited and BT have breached my contract.

    My useage is occasionally above 100gig because there are six of us our household all using broadband enabled devices and the internet. Smart phones, games consoles, netbooks, laptops, desktops, internet enabled TV, vision box, media players, IP phone all wanting bandwidth which is why I pay a premium for unlimited access.

    As a result BT limited my speed in the evenings for 30 days and now they are regreting doing that.

    BT is trying very hard to calm things down because I happen to have a masters degree in commercial law and they now realise that they have in fact not only breached my contract in several places but also several statutory requirements too: the unfair terms act and the data protection act to name just two. They are also borderline on misrepresentation but I am not discussing that one with them.

    From my research on the internet I have been able to determine that BT has a 100gig unwritten limit, O2 has a 400gig, orange 50gig and Sky is truly unlimited.

    Honestly I can not afford the time to take them through the county courts so I am moving to O2 who at least has a realistic limit for a large modern family. Even if I did, the compensation would amount to the value of time when my service was restricted and an injunction preventing them doing it again so it is not worth the hastle. So it is goodbye BT.

    I concur with Zeke on technical support. They are based in India, have poor langauge skills and do not understand the subject matter at all. Try and get in touch with the Newcastle or Dublin parts of BT Broadband if you want a sensible conversation and you are prepared to stay with BT.

  • unhappy

    by john bailey at 12:25 on 29 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    bt has the worst customer service in the world they took 3 mths to connect business b/band then connected to someone elses line no apologies then billed me totaly outrageous sums not related to my account my second b/band account at home was swiched of for 4 months they insisted i had cancelled while still takeing my cash never properly resolved even now 2 years later they are crap

  • unhappy

    by Zeke Lemongrass at 15:50 on 27 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I've been with BT for a while now; it was really quite good. I have the BT HomeHub and I managed to port forward my Xbox and various other hardware devices with ease and as a result got some acceptable speeds- even though they were no where near as close to the advertised 8mb.

    So all was going well- and then one day my internet becomes slow and unresponsive; I leave it for some time assuming that it will sort itself out- as problems can occur and be resolved quite quickly. 6 days later I call BT to see what the problem was, and I am surprisingly greeted with an insufficiently trained technical support employee that could not help me with my simple query. I tried to explain the situation, but the people I was being ping ponged between clearly didn't speak English as a first language. We got lost in the use of the term "Port forwarding" and "This is your fault- fix it". Subsequently I was transferred to a 3rd party group that expect YOU to PAY for the technical support that BT can NOT provide even though we are paying them a good £20 something a month.

    A few days after this faith-destroying experience a piece of paper was dropped through my letterbox that read something like "Service upgrades are being performed in your area. Internet speeds will be effected- Please persist with your connection." I thought "Well, okay- I don't know why Technical Support couldn't tell me this- but Great! I'm excited now! I feel as though I can forgive BT for this time consum"- months pass; still this connection and no one to tell me what's going on.

    I am not getting my money's worth. I was, kinda; now I'm not. You won't either, unless you have decent technical knowledge- as 'technical support' clearly do not. You also need to not live in an area that is supposedly undergoing a service upgrade.

    In retrospect, I may just be impatient. But months! Months with a fluctuating connection that can't even so much as watch a youtube video without having to load every 5 seconds. I assume that this service upgrade has been finished- considering they sent us an email saying:
    "We will give you this little piece of plastic, that has a value of £50, for nothing. Just pay a £1 postage charge, then plug in. It will phase out any interference that may be disrupting your line."
    Only thing is, our line was fine. It was working- now it's not. All I can do is wait and hope for drastic improvement, because BT doesn't care enough to tell you what is going on.

  • neutral

    by Sandy Allan at 22:16 on 25 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Don't know what some people are moaning about - if you think BT are bad, you obviously haven't witnessed Pipex/Tiscali/TalkTalk. With the latest takeover (Pipex/Tiscali have not told me yet they've been taken over by TalkTalk), the cost is rising by 25% unless I give in to blackmail and take out a phone package as well as broadband. Need to find another supplier and BT is one option. For those moaning about slow speed, it won't alter much whoever you move to because, unless you are on cable, the signal will be coming down the same BT telephone line! I have no sympathy with the complaints from those morons clogging the lines with their mass downloads - if your usage is 100GB and above, why are you using domestic ADSL broadband? It is your selfishness that is slowing speeds down for everyone else. Stop running your commercial businesses on the cheap!

  • unhappy

    by dave hall at 1:27 on 23 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    it's ok and just ok,
    we switched our phone number and was without BB for a week, they said we would get a discount, we are still waiting, they don't give a damn,
    my contract is coming up soon, but who to switch to?
    there all crap by the sounds of it and BB is worse in the UK than a third world country.

  • unhappy

    by stephen at 10:04 on 22 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    BT tempted by there ads.....
    dont bother the whole service is lies and decete,
    they say you can get up too 20mb, yea more chance of getting that on the moon,
    i only get 2mb best of times, as for the unlimited downloads well another lie, after you have downloaded 100gb worth they cut you down too about 1mb download speed. and lets face it if you watch HD films online or over xbox live 100gb is not much although i could not stream HD films because my speed was too slow anyway.
    speed is based on how close you live too the exchange point well i live in a small town called felixstowe but guess were the exchange is??? yea you guessed it its in felixstowe.

    i was also an unlucky idiot too go for bt vision aswell.
    cant watch anything on it its all jittery and laggy.

    as for the router, you are suppose too be able too do multiple things on it at once ie,
    surf the net on a desktop whilst your mate is on the laptop and your flatmate is watching bt vision (not a chance in hell) you can barely do one thing let alone seven.

  • unhappy

    by John Dickinson at 20:57 on 18 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I just gave BT 1 months notice to disconnect my bt anywhere broadband package. They disconnected me immediately which would have made me liable for cancelling my contract early. I contacted them to see what was happening. They said they had made a mistake and as it was their fault would not fine me for cancelling early.They could not reconnect the service for the remaining month however (even though it was their mistake) and I would need to take out a new 12 month contract which I declined.
    Well I dont believe them. Basically I think they are quite nasty when you decide to leave and make things as difficult as possible. Check some of the other reviews if you dont believe me.
    My advice is that they are very expensive , have a cr..p support and dont like you leaving them so beware
    Somehow I dont think my troubles with BT are over yet.

  • unhappy

    by Julian Black at 11:09 on 18 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Should anyone be tempted to take advantage of BT's Total Broadband - Option 3 ... BEWARE: THE DOWNLOADS ARE NOT UNLIMITED!!! With all things that sound too good to be true, this is one of them and the e-mail I received from them today proves just that:

    "Fair Usage Policy: your speed will be restricted
    at peak times

    Dear Customer,

    We emailed you recently to remind you about our Fair Usage Policy. Our records show that your broadband usage in January is now above 100GB.

    In accordance with our Fair Usage Policy, and to protect the online experience for all our customers, we'll now be restricting your broadband speed at peak times only (typically this is between 5pm and 12am, but these times may change depending on the demands on the network) to 1Mbps for a minimum of 30 days. We'll continue to restrict your speed and notify you by email as long as your monthly usage remains above 100GB.
    Please note: your service isn't affected in any other way - we restrict only your speed, not your ability to upload and download.

    For more information, please see our Fair Usage Policy. Or call 0800 707 6044, 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

    Best wishes,
    BT Total Broadband team

    Please note that this is an automatically generated email for your information only. Unfortunately we cannot respond to 'replies' to this address."

    Aside from the fact that existing customers are providing mobile internet customers with internet through BTFON and BTOpenzone (ever noticed that those services have the same channel & mac address as your BT router?) ... I rest my case

  • happy

    by A Happy BT Customer at 16:48 on 11 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    We have been BT Broadband customer since they first introduced broadband and we never had a single problem with the connection. However we did have problem twice with the phone line and it took them a while to find the fault and fix it. If there is a problem they send out an engineer quickly and the customer service is ok too. We have BT Broadband Option 3 which they say unlimited usages but you actually get 100GB a month so that is misleading but we share the connection with 3 computers and do loads of downloading and watch streaming videos and still end of the month we have few GB to spear. We also get the max speed that our line can handle which is 5.5mb. Those who complain about poor speed try using a I-Plate broadband booster from BT which blocks any interference by electrical devices like tv’s and improve the speed.

  • unhappy

    by BT Hater at 21:11 on 10 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    I thought Talk Talk was bad, but this ought to be taken to court and fined billions. £24:45 a month for a service that's even worse than Talk Talk, and I never ever thought I would ever say that. Useless speeds and useless script monkeys.
    Like people on here have said there's too many users for the service to run properly. They make millions upon millions of pounds of profit every year and pay their useless staff over the odds of their capabilities. Why hasn't Ofcom (another useless bunch) done anything about this poor level of service. AVOID AT ALL COST

  • unhappy

    by Gabor at 7:41 on 9 Jan 2010 Report abuse

    Rule #1: don't go to BT!
    Rule #2: if for some reason you need to choose BT, see Rule #1!

    I got BT phone and Virgin broadband on the phone line, and the 1st thing BT did when I told them I was to move in a month, and not wish to carry on with them, is to swich off the DSL service on the line which basically made internet connection impossible, only phone calls.

    They did admit only once that they made a mistake, but they didn't fix it by my request, just directed me to the bb provider, so Virgin had to reorder the DSL from them which took an interesting 3 weeks to come back up, so finally they made it working on the same day I moved house.

    I tried to get them admit their mistake and get refunds over the phone, by email, by registered post, always in a polite manner, and the advisors kept hanging me up, correspondence was so slow I got my first reply after a month, already living at the new address.They were always innocent and kept bouncing me back to Virgin saying "they are your bb provider not us", but without the correct service switched off the line Virgin could do nothing but initiate another connection from them like I was a new customer.

    Customer service responsiveness 0%, helpfulness 0%. Summary: total pain in the a$$. Had some trouble with other providers in the past too including Virgin, but I could always sort it out cos I didn't have to struggle such a corporate directed, evil manner BT handles its customers.

    And they still keep sending me email correspondence which meant to be sent to another customer...

  • happy

    by Happy Bunny!! at 11:25 on 29 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    BT Broadband is GREAT!!!!

    As a long suffering Orange Broadband customer I have recently moved to BT Broadband.

    The BT service is more reliable than Orange, faster than Orange and the free router is better than Orange. I am very happy with my new BT broadband service and would recommend!!

    Avoid Orange and chose BT!

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