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  • happy

    by Happy Happy Happy!!!! at 9:23 on 29 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    As a former Orange Broadband customer I am over the moon with my new BT Broadband connection.

    Faster than Orange, better router and always available!

    Thank-you BT!!

  • unhappy

    by Javier at 10:51 on 18 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I agree with most review. Been with BT for a year now and the speed is ridiculous slow. Instead of the up to 20mb advertised and never get past 1mb!! Very dissapontined, looking forward to my contract expiring to change provider.

  • unhappy

    by Angry P2P at 19:50 on 13 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    i have been trying to use P2P with completely legit files for weeks now, ocassionly i get a nice speed of 250 - 500 kbs (not bad but not great) but most of the time it is shocking (all day today since midday 30 kbs MAX im at 3kbs right now) earlier this morning i had 160 kbs which was satisfying because of the speeds lately.
    Three times yesterday my connection just completely went and i had to reset the hub for it to start working again! I am meant to be getting high speeds and that is what is being payed for, i have been with BT for a few months now and their speed is highly dissapointing, apparently throttling at peak times starts at midday!
    im glad i dont have to spend my whole time in this house and am glad i am going abroad just for the faster wifi connection at the hotel, if they have BT i will flip!

  • unhappy

    by John Hurn at 10:54 on 13 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I agree with every single review on BT I should never have left SKY. As everyone mentions below my BB speeds are no where near the advertised speed, their TV service never works and the customer service is terrible. I can't wait to get back to Sky, it may be a little more but at least you get good service, great TV and a broadband service that works fine.

  • unhappy

    by whindlepoons at 20:40 on 9 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    I am utterly appaled with BT right now!
    Since March when I joined BT broadband I have been charged excess usage every month, on option 1, this was my mistake and i have paid and accepted the charges, although I am unsure if I was informed of these charges in the begining...
    I have since swapped to option3 with ''unlimited'' downloads I have just discovered that this service offers nothing like unlimited broadband.
    I am now restricted to 1mb for AT LEAST 30 days at peek times.
    Despite paying for a premium service at premium rates I am being given a far less than premium service..
    I cannot understand a companies business model that punishes the very customers who are willing to pay for the most expensive service they offer and make the most use of it and are therefore the most likely to continue to pay the premium.......
    So my advice is if you like online games and Iplayer etc then for your own piece of mind DO NOT GET BT.......

  • unhappy

    by Scott at 22:00 on 7 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    BT broadband is complete rubbish. I'm downloading a file from an established respectable site (no torrents) and it's Downloading at 9KB/s.

    Avoid BT like the plague. Their adverts say its reliable and fast but that's a lie! It's SLOW!!!

    I hope it gives me enough KB's to post this :o)

  • unhappy

    by k1klass at 18:54 on 3 Dec 2009 Report abuse

    Been with BT 10+ years, could accept the terrible indian call centre as i did not have much problems.

    Yesterday i had a line fault, phoned up india and not to hard and then got a call today to say its fixed, when i got home i speed tested the line to check if the speeds were ok on there own tester.

    In the pass 7 months my connection speed has been changed to a max of 2mb and i was pulling a speed of 1.6, when i last tested in may i was getting a max of 4.5 but was pulling 2.4.

    I phoned back and when the indian women could not cope, they put on some english lass who tried to fob me off with the some the worst bulls**t i have ever heard, working for a large I.T company with a call centre i instantly knew she was bull s**tting me.

    She could only comment on the current speed, meaning she knew my line had been changed with out my knowledge.

    To say im upset is a understatement, come april i will change and never use them again.

    BT are pure rubbish.

  • unhappy

    by ste at 21:44 on 23 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    please dont give your cash to these criminals, they deceive there customers with there false claims of high speeds when they know there service is over subscribed and slow,,,they have traffic shaping policies that limit your download speed to 10kb/s - 20kb/s on every web protocol apart from http this means that if you use any p2p or torrents you will be downloading at dial up speeds whilst paying £25 per month for fast unlimited broadband LOL. i tried to cancel because i wasnt informed about there download cap on there unlimited package or there traffic shaping measures but was told that to cancel would cost me £11 per month left on my CON,tract. i wrote this review to save you from this. dont bother with them unless your prepared to be very dissapointed as i am

  • neutral

    by Arthur King at 22:53 on 13 Nov 2009 Report abuse

    Not with BT anymore but I can understand negative comments against ripped-off BT as a well known name under "British Thorttles" and "Dial-Up Broadband" latter part of 2005.

    I like many others will never ever go back to BT. No matter what.

  • unhappy

    by JP at 11:28 on 24 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Be especially wary of BT "Unlimited" option 3. The Fair Usage limit isn't set in stone and can't be found anywhere in there policies, so one doesn't know exactly what he's paying for. At the moment, the cap is set at 100Gb (subject to change whenever they please) which is not exactly competitive compared to O2 "unlimited" 400GB or even Virgin "unlimited" 250Gb. A bit of downloads, a tad of youtubes, iBBC or PS3 various downloads, and you'll easily go over that tiny cap especially if there is several computers/etc and users in your household.
    Worst thing is that when the cap is reached, they do not fairly restrict you for 24-48h like the others providers. No : you get capped at 1Mb (despite paying the high price for 8+ Mb) for the WHOLE following MONTH.

    I would not recommend BT to anyone.

  • unhappy

    by Ian at 23:33 on 23 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    What was i thinking. Avoid BT at all costs or tipex out unlimited from every dictionary you can find. that way BT will not be lying t**sers, just t**sers with no consideration for customer service.

  • unhappy

    by Aine Dillon at 16:16 on 16 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    BT's website seems to advertise that, when moving house, they can make it all easily happen. I asked for all my services to be transferred over. They screwed up the order. Nobody phoned to let me know, so sat waiting. Had to phone up to find out what happened. Ended up putting two more orders in for BT vision which were cancelled without any contact. Have to speak to too many people from different departments, and each person has their own version of why things are going wrong. So far the whole process has taken four weeks and it is still unresolved. Recommend if you are moving house, just cancel the whole lot as I have found its more stress and hassle than its worth contrary to what they advertise.

  • unhappy

    by Rod Marshall at 16:59 on 11 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    Been with BT for several months now and have to say this is the worst broadband service I've ever had. I too have found the internet almost useless after 4 pm. In fact I did a download test at 3.55 (it was 600k a sec) and then at 4.05 (it was less than 10K a sec!!). Been doing this test for a week and the results are always the same. I also have a PS3 and can never log on after 4pm either, making online gaming impossible. I moved from a property where I could receive cable - I NEVER had a problem with it. Unfortunately, where I live now has BT lines only. Any advice on a new ISP would be appreciated (Tried Sky - they're customer service was terrible!)

  • unhappy

    by Tadas Balnys at 19:46 on 8 Oct 2009 Report abuse

    I am at BT option 3. Few days ago I found that BT renew my contract without notification regardless that a month ago I ask them specifically not to renew it. So for renewing my contract they took £67.50 for three months and I'm not sure if I will be able to take at least some of my money back. Anyway, yesterday I asked my MAC code and told them that O2 offers me about £7/month for 10mbit. Since I didn't agree with their NEW proposal to pay £15.55/month for REALLY unlimited download (I was capped once because I am a heavy user) so just after we finished our phone conversation they capped my bandwidth speed once again to 1mb/s though it's just the beginning of the month ant there is no way I could be overused 100gigs limit.
    Doesn't it look like that blackmailing is one of the ways BT deal with their customers?!

    Ps. Sorry for my English.

  • unhappy

    by gary at 19:16 on 28 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I have to agree with a lot that's already been said on here. Having been a previous customer of tiscali where for four year we experienced only one loss of service, we've already had the BT engineers out twice already within the space of less than two months of joining. I don't know what it is about BT but i think they've totally lost it as far as customer service and general quality of service is concerned. If you have a problem you have to call India, it's so obvious that they have all been through the same training and have a list of 'standard answers and apologies' each time i speak to them they end up apologising over and over again and literally saying the same sentences over and over again to the extent that you don't actually believe they mean it at all!

    It's a bit of an insult really as you just feel that BT do not actually give a toss about you at all. you feel as if your being fobbed off and that BT dont really want to listen to your Issues with their service.

    We too have also noticed what appears to be the standard drop off in service speed. When we first came online we were told we'd get 6 meg and this was correct. however speeds now rarely get over 1.5 meg on average and during the evening its been down to as low as 25kbps which is pathetic.

    I'm just glad we didnt take any of their extra packages that allow you to watch programmes via download as we would have been paying for service that we would only be able to watch during the day -while were out at work!!! what use is that.

    Effectively it feels as if we are paying more money for a poorer service.

    I could not honeslty reccomend BT to anyone.

  • unhappy

    by Sean at 17:44 on 28 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    The worst ever I have had to deal with.. I have a had a continual broadband problems since Jan 15th 2007,One day it works the next it doesn't. When you EVENTUALLY get through to the call centre and eventually overcome the language difficulties ( no fault of the call centre staff BT fault for not having UK based centre) they can never fix my continual problem. No one calls you back, you are left hanging on the phone listening to the same tune for hours at a time.. yes hours no kidding.

    They have sent engineering to my home blaming my equipment, disconnected all the other phone sockets in my house.. and still they have not fully fixed the problem...
    This is the worse customer service that I have ever experience in my 43 year of being on this planet and if I wish to live for at least another 43 years then I must leave BT broadband or I fear my heart will give up on me whilst I am involved in one of the many many conversation I have had with their support team.

    The Bt Home hub is useless, the phone that comes with it is useless and the quality of the calls are very poor, the ringer on the phone is so quiet that you miss it ringing if you are not within 5ft of it...

    ADVICE.. Stay well away from BT.. They are useless and I am surprised to see that on the comparison web site they are always near the top..why I don't really know.. I have now acquired my Mac code and moving on to pastures new..

  • unhappy

    by Joe Muggins at 13:52 on 22 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Terrible service. Signed me up without me asking. Took hours of calls to cancel this 'order'. They promised not to cut me off as it was unsolicited. This morning my phone and broadband had been cut off. When I called they just tried to sign me up to BT to get line back. No apology, no nothing. Complained to Ofcom.

  • unhappy

    by stuart at 15:44 on 16 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I thought when I previously ordered bt broadband they would be the best, what a mistake. The ordering process was easy I was able to speak with people who understood me. I have a Scotish accent and this proved ver difficult to the oriental ear. The customer support was lousy, I found it impossible to be understood, they had a script that was very frustrating. I was passed from one person to another who all asked the same questions. I was very unhappy with the service and I remonstrated with the customer support, they had been instructed to disconnect the call when things got heated. I am now with Tiscali, I have had little need to contact their customer services as the system works better. On the occasion I did make contact the problem was rectified and a financial recompense was given. Unless BT improve dramatically I will never join them again, looking at the other reports on this site they have a long way to go before I darken their door again.

  • unhappy

    by davey at 18:50 on 15 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Total waste of time company. They tell you anything - they're supposed to take complaints seriously, yeah right. since joining these had nothing but hassle - i have two months left in contract and be leaving straight away. wouldnt recommend these if these were the only company - they dont even help you if you have a problem...

    stay well clear of these cowboys yeeee haaaa

  • neutral

    by Evelyn at 11:33 on 11 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Typically, I was just in the process of writing a review when my page disappeared and the review was gone !!! So here we go again -- I have been with BT since 1985 and can't wait to move to another service. Lately, BT's service, both on the phone and with broadband, has been the absolute pits. As for the phone, it is crackly and hard to hear through the static. And as for broadband, I used to get speeds of from 600-700 kB/s which has now been reduced to a maximum of 20 kB/s 24 hours a day. I supposedly have Option 3 which is "unlimited" broadband. This term is, at best, a misnomer and, at worst, false advertising, if not outright fraud !!! What is advertised as unlimited broadband is, in fact, limited to 100 GB a month. I have rung their so-called service dept. a number of times to complain and been told that it is not true that my service has been curtailed and I am wrong about the speeds I used to get. In other words, they imply that I am lying. Since the last time I rang, I have installed a broadband meter to monitor the speeds I get so I now have a record of the poor service. Also, if they are going to curtail my service so drastically, why do they continue to charge me a large amount for a service I'm not getting? Interestingly, last week for two days, someone must have thrown the wrong switch because suddenly I was getting speeds of approximately 680kB/s which ceased after about a day and a half. So it's not the line that is limiting the speeds, it's the company.

    For your own sanity, if you are thinking of subscribing to BT broadband, think again !!!

  • unhappy

    by Jane at 15:10 on 10 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    I had to move temporarily and a home hub was already installed. I wasn't looking forward to it as I had already had trouble with the BT phone service being awful. and now they are having business talks with Phorm I want nothing to do with them. The lines had to be replaced 3 times and it still crackled. Its such a shame as years ago they were excellant. Now everything is in India and the technical expertise is lacking in the extreme (told to buy another computer after switching off and on again did not work doh). I have been abused on the phone, hung up on, names are refused and they refuse to let you speak to a supervisor. The Billing is all over the place and can vary ridiculously. They just make it up. The Ombusdsman got involved and they still didn't get the billing sorted out. In the end I had to pay a vastly inflated incorrect bill just to get my finances tied up in time to move. If you can get to speak to the technical office in Wales they are excellant, wonderful people but the finance and Billing side still always has to go through Inida at some point and it is unberably crap. Sometimes I can get online to access my email some days I can't. and it is slow. I am so relieved I put my account with free-online now part of Plusnet on hold. As soon as my house is ready I can go back to them for free I can't wait as they have excellant service. I am angry with BT I had to give up trying to get a correct Bill after 7 months where the phone attitude in India got so bad I took to recording them as people didn't believe me. Save your sanity and go elswhere. Also look into their possible tie up with phorm the spy ware company via wikipedia before you commit.

  • unhappy

    by Margaret Hall at 19:39 on 7 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    BT are the pits. They always have been and always will be. I'm desperately trying to find something that is independent of them but its not looking promising. I spent 2 years trying to get a connection that lasted more than 7 minutes and my phone line was so crackly I could not make or receive calls so had to use my mobile. In the end the Ombudsman had to intervene and their customer "service" centre in Durham would not even respond to the Ombudsman. So I was awarded £150 that the Ombudsman demanded they pay me. They did... but bearing in mind I lost on average £25 a day in business working from home, that was little recompense after 2 years. Then the greedy moneygrabbers charged me £160 to disconnect the service when I sold my house. Oh by the way....the exchange was so close to my last house that I could read the BT van registration plates through my windows...and that was the service I could get. I would advise anyone to avoid BT at all costs if there are any alternatives. I miss the days when I was in London and able to get Cable London who were spot on from the day I got them to the day I moved.

  • unhappy

    by ben at 14:29 on 7 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    absolute waste of time.had nothing but trouble with broadband phone and vision.highly expensive.always loosing signal.call centres are a waste of time as it usualy takes about an hour and 6 different advisers to get through to any1 that talks sense and even then they make promises that they dont keep.also had problems with billing.they charged far to much(£80 a month) which never got refunded.glad to get out of it.would advise ppl to steer clear!

  • happy

    by Becca at 0:11 on 7 Sep 2009 Report abuse

    Have been with BT for years. Have had few problems, connection is excellent. Download speed I receive is 6.46mbps last time I checked today. Modem always works perfectly, and the very few times I've had minor incidents, just resetting it has been fine. Only had to do this a few times. I know it's not the cheapest option out there, but I've had the least trouble with them then I have with other providers.
    Also find that whenever it's close to renewing our contract they ring up with an incentive, either money off or last time they gave us a free BT Vision box.
    We have had a few problems with the box and have had it replaced several times. We had to ring up quite a bit but the call centre staff were always helpful and if they couldn't find a problem it was no problem to send an engineer to have a look. When something was obviously wrong they straight away gave us new equipment right then and there.
    I can't fault BT at all, and I feel that the service we receive is worth the money we pay. I'd rather pay more for a good, fast, faultless connection with no technical difficulties.

  • unhappy

    by L.Pattinson at 19:57 on 28 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    BT is slow,works now and again,cost to much,cant wait till contract ends.

  • unhappy

    by Paul Ainsworth at 22:07 on 9 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I am stuck with BT until my 18 month contract has ended. I hate speaking to people who I can barely understand. My speed is 0.13 mbs which is twice dial up....rubbish. Recently I called them and they "Flexed the line" and it went to 1.5 mbs...wow I was so excited until it began to drop on a daily basis...now its back to 0.13 and apparently it's with the parametres of the contact so they are not interested. .

  • neutral

    by jack at 10:44 on 9 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    BT broadband is good but it is expencive for what you get!

  • unhappy

    by [email protected] at 8:39 on 3 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Had bt broadband for years, recently droned to almost a halt but they have put the price up from £28. per month to £50. Going to change to another provider.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 3:59 on 3 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    Really poor connection speeds over the past month or so, I was downloading at 100 kbps + but has dropped down to below 50 kbps. Not impressed at all

  • happy

    by William Burrowes at 13:20 on 2 Aug 2009 Report abuse

    I have been with BT for five years and they have provided me with a first class service. They told me I would get 6.5 Meg but tests show around 6 Meg, which is OK. The only problem I had was when I moved house I was with out a connection for over three weeks and I eventually got refunded. I have option three at present that comes with free BT Home hub and phone plus free MacAfee anti virus & firewall for use on up to 8 computers, and as there are 5 on the home network, this saves me quite a bit on antivirus software. The wireless is very good, with good signal strength bandwidth and range for laptops.

    In conclusion would recommend BT for a fast stable connection and free software.

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