Direct Save Broadband

  • Range of broadband and phone deals available
  • Short, flexible 28-day rolling contract available.
  • Direct Save discount card scheme available for DST customers

Best selling deals from Direct Save:

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Broadband + Phone

DST Fibre Deal
38Mb max speed 18 months FREE £14.75 after 3 months 0800 2802027
3 months FREE broadband
DST Broadband, Evening & Weekend Calls
17Mb max speed 12 months £1.95 per month 0800 2802027
DST Broadband Family Option 1
17Mb max speed 1 month £16.95 per month 0800 2802027
DST Broadband Basic
17Mb max speed 1 month £11.95 per month 0800 2802027
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Who are Direct Save?

Set up back in 1999 to offer discounted line rental and calls, Direct Save Telecom (DST) now offers a range of residential and business broadband, phone calls and line rental tariffs. Running off BT's UK exchange network, it claims to offer savings against the likes of BT, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin Media on its services, while being committed to offering 24-hour UK-based telephone support.

Direct Save Telecom (DST) broadband deals come in a variety of flavours, including short term 'no contract' broadband that only ties you in for 28 days, or longer contracts that come at a very low price.

There is a variety of download limits to meet most tastes, plus a good spread of call plans. Other optional services include PC backup and support.