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  • unhappy

    by chris at 10:49 on 10 Dec 2016 Report abuse

    stopped me paying my land line in advance hence costing me over £6 a month more Very angry wil leave at end of contract They do them selves no good at all they will lose in the end.

  • unhappy

    by Martin at 18:57 on 23 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Avoid like the plague. All good until something goes amiss and have terrible communications for a communications provider where they take weeks to respond to you.

  • unhappy

    by Jorge at 11:17 on 13 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    I had joined in August and this looks a scam. My service is around £17 and got billed twice around £21. Mail them and never had a response since August. Also very slow.

    Charged me for calls after 7pm when says free after 7pm or weekend. Charged me for paper invoice where never says when you sign up. They say is free online but never received the log in details. Also the save card they offer for a year, never got it yet.

  • happy

    by Douglas at 16:39 on 19 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    Your correspondents have confirmed my suspicions about Direct Save Telecom. I shall take great care before switching from my reliable BT Infinity service although the price is much higher than from other ISPs,

  • unhappy

    by Alan at 6:37 on 6 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    They are rubbish!

  • happy

    by Natalie Wardale at 2:36 on 22 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    Been with DST for 6-7 years never had a problem with them, fantastic prices, can change date when bill comes out of bank, customer service is second to none, always happy and friendly. I get 24/7 free calls, cheap mobile calls and a great speed on my broadband... my old router kept cutting out, contacted them on a Friday explained the problem by the following Monday a new router arrived...can't find one fault with this company.. guess some just like to moan cos believe me if i wasn't happy with DST i would have left them for another company.. Keep up the good work DST and fantastic customer service.

  • happy

    by Kate at 16:28 on 15 Aug 2016 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by keith garner at 21:39 on 30 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    I joined in May this year and seem to be paying more than expected. Have just had 13
    days without internet,little help from DST and only reactive.Up to 15 mins. to answer `phone.£439-45 to escape.Big mistake joining.

  • unhappy

    by jason at 19:05 on 30 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    Where do we start after years of rubbish service its got to the point we took them to OFCOM in a major complaint against poor services being disconnected forget using them. Please excuses after excuses, lost our lines, moved our numbers, changed our status from Business to Home user, never refunded costs for lost business, lost our IP's all sorts of problems. DANGER BEWARE.. if you want the real story please feel free to contact me. Save your self the stress.

  • unhappy

    by Emma weale at 12:00 on 23 May 2016 Report abuse

    As i was leaving the house set for the school run. The phone rang and DST asked me if id like to switch to thier "cheaper" service. As i was in a rush i agreed. BIG MASTAKE!! The roughter arrived and it was a white plastic box that felt so light it couldnt of had anything electical inside it. I plugged it in and waited, and waited... nothing, i made endless phonecalls to them with no internet for over 6 weeks!!! So i cancelled the contract. I had to switch back to talktalk and now ive had letter after letter that i was in a 24 month contract and im breaching it, and they want £540 for me leaving them early!!! I didnt ever get a day of internet with them. And there calling off period is 14 days witch means you dont get enough time to get out of this hell that is thier company!! Load of old crap. They can see me in court!! Im not giving them any money as i had to pay them for the connection fee and as i said i didnt recive any internet at all! Im not paying for nothing. Why should i!! Daylight robbery... 😕😕😕

  • unhappy

    by Jamie Rox at 12:29 on 29 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    Left them over 3 years ago, emailed the accounts dept to tell them and everything.

    3 years on being hounded for £19.50 "for not giving notice" as their depts can't communicate with each other.

    They've spent more in postage with their threatening letters than the sum they accuse me of owing.

    I left them because I wanted a more reliable connection and good communication. My line went down for a week and they wouldn't refund anything

    I emailed them and told them I was leaving to go with BE and then moved onto Plusnet fibre years later.

  • happy

    by Raymond sandell at 14:00 on 28 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    Changed over provider on 16 /3/16.Router arrived day before just had to plug in all preset painless change over.So far very happy with service

  • unhappy

    by J warby at 0:10 on 11 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    Moved onto a new build estate and only had the choice of direct save telecom/broadband or see the light . Neither of which I had heard of .so opted for direct save, after 3 months have not received 3mths half price as in offer , have even been charged for calls that should have been inclusive ,have paid monthly amounts from £30-£47.
    When I called to ask for a copy of my original contract and deal and itemised billing I was told they would be emailed to me . I have yet to receive them , who knows what I will be charged this month.
    The worst part is that the broadband is horendous. Hardly any internet access

  • unhappy

    by D johnstone at 8:22 on 23 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    Been without phone now for ninet weeks after umteen calls from mobile still no land line worst firm ever i am 82 years old on my own get fobed off every time i call customer service is a joke stay clear of direct save doing that you will save yourself alot of hassel

  • happy

    by John at 23:43 on 16 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Switching from another provider to DST was painless, with no technical problems at all. So far everything has been faultless!!

  • neutral

    by Lindsey at 18:58 on 3 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    This company is a pile of horse sh*t. Poor customer service and poor results from their broadband. They are neither cheap of efficient. They couldn't run a bath that alone be a provider of broadband the worse ever. I would advise anyone getting a call from this company to tell them you are not interested in spending money and wasting valuable time. I feel ripped off!!!!

  • neutral

    by James at 15:14 on 26 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Persuaded to join DST and was happy with what i was told on the phone. Due to go live on 27/07/14 yet no router was delivered so called to question this. Now they saying no work has been done i.e no order placed as there needs a £40 charge to keep my number which they tried contacting me about on my home phone. No call EVER received and no message on answer phone. Pointed this out and then its they sent a letter on 25/07. Also tried telling me a load of technical nonsense regarding someone having to flip a switch in the exchange to switch to the right cable connection. Seeing as how BT themselves have told me that this is rubbish as they know i am on latest tech at the exchange I am wary of this company.

  • unhappy

    by Brian at 15:28 on 8 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    Don't do it this is the worst services ever customer services are s**t ,they lie to you and past the buck to different departments internet services kept going down had to keep resetting the modem your be a mug if you join this service

  • unhappy

    by Gemma Dick at 13:22 on 15 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    Direct Save are THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!! I have been with them for about 3 months now and have probably only had internet (which has been extremely slow and poor) for about 2 weeks of this. After trying to contact someone for a long time, I eventually got through to someone who kept putting me through to someone else. They did nothing to help, and as it stands, for the past 2/3 weeks our box doesn't even have lights on and doesn't work AT ALL. NEVER go with them, horrendous customer service, shocking internet and WAY overpriced. Very Very Angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by James Knight at 12:49 on 20 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    One word ..... Disgusting ..... On all accounts a complete waste of space excuse of a company, no wonder they operate out of a crummy office in a retirement residential village ''Carpenders park' avoid on all accounts it's fortunate that I have experience deal ting with comms companies could have been trapped in a contract, reported to of com , when I challenged their advisor on the poor customer feedback, their reliance was 'well dir have tho read the poor review on bt , Virgin, ,talk talk' AVOID!

  • unhappy

    by Da BozBoz at 17:48 on 29 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    Where do i start with this lot?..............................................
    !!! WARNING !!! AVOID DST !!! AVOID DST!!!
    Having received 5mb/s with my previous ISP for 3 years solid , ( IDNet - excellent provider but not the cheapest) i foolishly decided to try and save a few quid.
    Been with DST for five days only and its been a total nightmare. My speed when good is a 1/16 th of what i had before and when its bad , i get dial up speed at 50 kb/s. Cant watch youtube, takes forever to load a page, its like going back in time ten years. They have had £90 off me already.
    Whenever i phone them its one naff excuse after another from staff who obviously dont give a ......;...
    They have lied to me repeatedly, not only about the service i'm supposed to get but also the reasons i aint receiving it, trying to tell me its due to line faults. They can have the £90, just let me get back to my old provider.
    My friend in London had the same experience with them
    !! AVOID DST........IT WILL END IN TEARS !!!

  • happy

    by Ian Boothby at 10:38 on 25 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    re Mair Fear,
    Sorry, do not want to appear rude, but this is user ignorance - you have not lost anything and DST were correct in their advice. You can access your emails and all contacts via bt.com, but you MUST do this at least once every 30 days or BT will close your mail account - see http://bt.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13140/~/what-happens-to[email protected]%3F

  • unhappy

    by Mair Fear at 18:01 on 24 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    I suppose you reap as you sow. I was courted into changing my provider, while my greatest concern was loosing my e-mail address and all contacts that I had. I was assured that this would not happen. I lost incoming call facility and no e-mail availability for 24 hours. (1 hour after the new router was delivered. I have lost all my saved e-mails from my BT account and all my previous contacts from work. I am a retired nurse. I have lost all my saved e-mails that have dealt with a complaint. (Cost of £3,000 ) I had all my contacts regarding the charity organisation I work with and have to organise all of the above by delving through files. OK I wanted to save money. . .but I asked whether anything needed changing and or backing up and was assured it was not a problem. I am not angry as asked in your comment, but I am sincerely disappointed as I really believed that was considered.

  • happy

    by James Turnbull at 19:14 on 26 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    After reading the review i risked it i joined DST and I'm very happy the same speed i was getting with bt but for a fairer price

  • unhappy

    by JM at 13:56 on 21 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    I have been with them for 3months, and I have been enjoying internet for only 2weeks.. Now I have requested to cancel my account a week ago, and it's still not done.. " phone calls and 6 chasing emails, and my account is still not closed.. The worst customer service ever.. Telling you that it's cancelled then nothing is done.. Don't trust them, just a bunch a liars.....

  • unhappy

    by Peter_B at 10:29 on 17 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    Just a post script to my comments below....An envelope from DST dropped through my letter box this morning. They've charged me £19.50 admin fee for leaving them.......When I rang DST to find out why they've made this charge I get a message that their customer services are closed, so presumably they've removed support from me. I don't accept that, and I'm going to persue this admin charge because it's not in their terms and conditions...............still no emails

  • unhappy

    by Peter_B at 20:52 on 16 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    OK this is a long one, but you REALLY need to read it to get the message on this ISP.....

    September 16th 2013. Just 6 months after the last email outage, (reported below), DST have done it again. I haven't been able to receive emails for 4 days and here's the story: Friday 13th Sep (had to be didn't it), emails dried up. Ah well, lets see what tomorrow brings. Saturday 14th still no emails. Ring DST, spoke to chirpy young man who, for me, was too full of himself. Can't receive emails, I told him. Yes, he said, we've had lots of calls on this one let me see if I can help you sir, you need to change your browser, try Mozilla Firefox. .... I am on Firefox, I tell him. Oh, he says, short pause, then have you tried Internet Explorer he asks...... Yes I tell him, but then I put him out of his misery......Look, I say, I can't get emails from your email server either on Firefox or IE or my tablet or my laptop, or my daughter's computer or on your own DST Web Mail, so this is a DST problem, not my problem, could you please acknowledge that. Silence....Just a moment sir, let me consult a coleague......Hello sir... Yes I'm still here.....actually this is a customer services issue so you'll need to ring them on Monday morning, he says. Does that mean I'll have no emails over the weekend, I ask. Silence. You'll need to ring customer services on Monday morning he says. OK Thanks, I said, goodbye.

    I then rang another ISP and signed up with them for the same phone + broadband package for half the price, and a fixed price at that.

    Sunday - no emails.

    Monday morning. The phone rang....Hello this is DST, we've been contacted by anbother ISP to tranfer your account to them, but we've heard nothing from you.....Why should you have heard anything from me, I said, I've just changed my ISP and I have no obligation to contact you first. Silence.....well could you tell us why you've left DST. Yes, I said, because I haven't had any emails since last Friday and after ringing you, you haven't done anything about it, it's not the first time this hasd happened so I'm changing my ISP. Silence.....well email is a free service, (no sir now), you don't pay for it you know and I've lost my emails for two weeks before now, (yest he really did say that). Well then, I said, your expectations of your ISP are much lower than mine and I hope you're happy with them, but I'm ditching you. He then tried a few more tricks to get me to stay, but I made it clear I was off. The conversation ended at that point.

    Monday afternoon 2pm, phoned DST again. Any forecast on restoration of my emails, I ask. We're working on it sir, was the reply. That's not what I asked, I said, can you tell me when I am likely to get my emails back. Er, well, we're working on cease work today sir....Does that mean I'll have my emails back by 5pm today, I ask......silence.....We're working on 5pm today sir.........It's now 9pm ....still no emails from DST

    Good bye DST..........you're losing the plot, and if there's any justice your customers too, like me

  • unhappy

    by MrT at 14:47 on 23 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    I have been with DST for over 6 years. At first they were great. The past 18 months have been terrible. Incorrect charging, service drop-outs, inconsistent advice for customer services. I have requested on-line billing (many times) and they still can't seem to manage that (I still get paper copies!). I have asked for my MAC code twice and am still waiting. Excuse after excuse. The sooner I can leave the better.

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 10:06 on 23 Aug 2013 Report abuse

    Be very wary of this company. I switched my broadband to this provider after years with Easynet.
    I was told I would be on a 1 month rolling contract at £14.95 p.m. They sent me a router which failed and left me down for a week, they sent a second router which also failed so I switched back to my old router. All this cost money for an engineer to sort out connections/network etc. so DST agreed to reduce my monthly charge to £9.95 as compensation. The first months bill showed £14,95 and when questioned about this they now say there was no such agreement and that the 1 month rolling contract is actually a 12 month contract
    Sharp Practice would be the best description for this.

  • unhappy

    by RobC at 18:33 on 5 Apr 2013 Report abuse

    Let me say that I've been with DST now 6 1/2 years. The service has gone down the pan of late, I suspect that as they are buying broadband bandwidth from other providers that it's the contention ratio that is affecting their service (I think talktalk in my case). Had enough and moved on to a cheaper package with all the same provision (free calls, broadband + line rental). Spoke with customer services today (obviously they panic'd when the new provide told them of the change, customer services were really missing the point of the word "customer" in the discussion I had. Could learn a few pointers in politeness, even with a departing customer. Then again an occasional check up with you customers to see what they think of your service would be good too and if they are having problems with the broadband connection would help. I've sent a few emails complaining of poor connections and loss of broadband in the past + having to reset my router, and never received a reply. For the cost, I'd suggest you compare and look elsewhere, if I was paying peanuts for the service I'd expect monkeys, but £35/m is a fair amount for broadband, over 6 1/2 years.

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