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  • happy

    by Rich at 10:45 on 2 Jan 2009 Report abuse

    Been with DST for a couple of years, had 1 problem a while ago and phoned customer services, call answered within 6 rings by very polite and helpfull person, problem sorted straight away.
    Customers are only on a 28 day contract, so should you have problems for any reason youre not tied in and free to move on.
    Thumbs up from me.

  • unhappy

    by dude at 17:00 on 16 Dec 2008 Report abuse

    Terrible company been with them 6 months service fluctuates. They are not available weekends. they must have only a couple of people running the phones because whenever you call, "It appears you have called at a particularly busy time for us" and held for about 10 mins minimum.

    The staff are both rude and incompetent. If you try writing to them they NEVER respond no, not once

    These guys are amateurs dont touch them the little money you will amount to nothing when you consider the hours you will waste picking up the pieces

  • happy

    by Julie at 7:25 on 12 Nov 2008 Report abuse

    Been with dst for couple of years and had good service throughout. I had a problem and they were patient with me explaining the problem, in the end all I had to do was switch the router off for a minute.

  • unhappy

    by Unhappy at 15:34 on 5 Oct 2008 Report abuse

    I have also been with DST since the beginning of the year using Eclipse. I was reasonably satisifed until about 2 months ago when my broadband speeds suddenly reduced dramatically to around 0.1mb at best. DST say that they are not limiting bandwidth (right) however I cannot even watch a short video clip without it buffering every two or three seconds. I am looking around for a new supplier as option 4 is a waste of money.

  • unhappy

    by colsen43 at 12:12 on 9 Apr 2008 Report abuse

    been with this company for 6 weeks now iam on 8mb plus the top package and my speeds have not even reached 1mb

  • happy

    by teejay at 20:37 on 29 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I will keep this short I have been with DST for about 9months and I am more than happy with the sevice .For everyone's information from day one they gave me the settings for Outlook Express to receive my mail (no problem)

  • unhappy

    by Villhelm at 22:50 on 27 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    Been with them for nearly a year, good service with the telephone, but keep getting outages, did not know what this meant.I do now as it keeps happening, it means that the supplier Eclipse has gone down.
    This keeps happening at weekends and with DST not available then, I have to pray, not at church.Looking for a change, but don't want a long contract. Best of Lucy!!

  • happy

    by dutchjack at 19:12 on 18 Jan 2008 Report abuse

    I was with a certain brit tel com and they done me option 1 and from then on i had problems first they charge me for loads of help it take to set my line up with THERE btyahoo browser haha if you can call it that .then I get massive bills after wards while in hospital ,,OF corse soon as i went into dispute they found that i had been haked into and some one else had used a lot in my name ..THIS WAS WITH THERE SECURITY INSTALLED,,,and still i got a £4oo bill and i ask time to pay and they put it into debit collections agency Which then went to £600 and i still paying now as i not want any black marks in credit history.
    THEN I DISCOVER D>S>T> and try them and wow the service and talking to real people and flexabilaty just to name a few of the manners of buisness life THEY got me totaly away from billing from any thing to do with B.T. WELL DONE DIRECT SAVE TELECOM......
    YOUR service is the best to have and now with wireless well the sky is limit ,,,,Everything fast and good .....

  • unhappy

    by Edward Five at 13:51 on 26 Nov 2007 Report abuse

    I've been with DST since leaving Tiscali which was dire. Since being with DST I've tried to resolve serveral issues with them, non of which have been resolved. Customer service is very poor, and trying to leave them is like being in Prison Break.

    The day I decided to leave them I called customer services, the lady on the other end was great until I said I wanted to leave, then she suddenly didn't seam to understand English. Her whole attitude went from 10 to 1 in a second and she went on to be rude and very un-helpful.

    Now I'm victim of the red tape, no reply to emails I've sent. I bet they aren't slow at removing £50 from my account and any other fees they deem as owed.

    Overall service for broadband (supplied by Eclipse internet) is a 2, the phone side has been excellent though. Great for phone not so good for braodband. As most of my time connected has been at lower than dial up speeds.

  • happy

    by Pete O'leary at 11:47 on 21 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    I have today received my contract from DST and have already sorted an e-mail address but i am concerned however that this company doesn't have any customer services or technical support at weekends? I wanted to run my e-mails through incredimail? I must say that so far customer services Mon-Friday have been great? I have been dealing with Hayley who has been very helpful?

  • happy

    by bill at 22:57 on 19 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    Technically not had any problems with the broadband service offered but the e-mail offered with the Option 4 is useless - can only be used with webmail, not outlook, so you need to go and buy a domain name to get a proper e-mail address. This fact is not mentioned anywhere in their terms and conditions as far as I can see.

    Customer service from this company is awful - rude, unhelpful and completely unprofessional. I think it is outsourced to someone and if they want to maintain customers they need to dump this supplier as soon as possible.

    Overall - offering is OK, but let down in key areas which need to be sorted out otherwise customers will just give up and go elsewhere.

  • happy

    by liono at 17:25 on 12 Jul 2007 Report abuse


    Ive been with the company for about 6months and really wish i never joined! I have problems the phone line going dead and if phone line goes dead do does your internet!

    I phone phoned straight away and they took two weeks to sort the problem! without a phone line or internet all this time!! I mean what if i fell down the stairs and needs to call an emergency service!??

    Then after they repaired the problem which was a completely simple 2min job of changing the phone socket.. i mean two weeks!? two months latter i receive a bill for £218!!! for changing their own equipment!

    Their customer service team hung up on me and generally ill mannered and rude at other times. Then when i wanted to get out of contract hit me with £50 disconnection, £19.50 for cancelling direct and god knows what that other charges!

    DST stands for DiSasTer.. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

  • happy

    by Woodlawn at 15:30 on 5 Jul 2007 Report abuse

    This is a small operation based in Hertfordshire but I found them to be very good. The website has an amateurish feel which is possibly due to the size of the company. There is a £40 connection fee which comes with a free wired modem. I found the switch to the phone service to be seamless as was the switch to broadband. You can usually get through to an adviser if you need help. You need to log onto a separate web site (www.directsave.net) for the email service which is web based and you cannot download on to Outlook Express or Outlook. The price is very good and the server has never gone down since I joined in May 2007 unlike Plusnet. I think a deal cannot be beaten and the speeds are also fast.

  • happy

    by bambi at 19:43 on 13 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    i have been with dst for 3 years and out of the 3 years i have only ever had a couple of minor problems. when i do call customer services i get through to a very polite and helpful person. they are always more than happy to help in anyway they can. ok when they say they will call back they might take a little bit longer to do so but at least they do call you back the same day. and with everything sorted. i am glad i went to dst and i recommend anyone that is thinking of joining directsave to just do it as i did and will never look back.

  • happy

    by redshorts at 20:46 on 8 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    great, monthly bills halved and getting speeds of 5.2Mb. called customer services twice with minor queries and found them to be helpful. recommended to a friend and they're happy too. Good value.

  • happy

    by eldobkram at 20:01 on 5 Jun 2007 Report abuse

    I signed up even though the man on the phone was not terribly polite because the offer eemed so good. The Option 4 said unlimited 8Mb broadband and after a test they said I would receive 6.5Mb which was brilliant...wroong.
    Firstly, they didn't read my e-mail and take the MAC code from it...3 times! I kept phoning but they didn't care enough to put it right. I eventually got connected with a new MAC code from Bulldog my old supplier and being without any broadband for two weeks. Since then the service has supplied a bandwidth of a max of 0.5Mb one quarter of my old Bulldog Broadband and one thirteenth of their promised connection. I have been called a liar, and worse. I am desperate but they just won't respond. I am paying for nothing. I even e-mailed their MD but like all his staff he doesn't respond. Don't touch them!!

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