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  • unhappy

    by Utkan at 16:05 on 9 Dec 2016 Report abuse

    Unreliable and unethical broadband services.
    After wasting my 6 weeks time, I have decided to go another company, EE has sent me a bill for payment their unrealistic services, Can you imagine, You could not have any broadband 6 weeks wasting your time with many lies, than they ask money.
    Never try to communicate with un reliable supplier.

  • unhappy

    by Samantha at 22:16 on 2 Dec 2016 Report abuse

    I have EE broadband and it is a terrible service. My Internet connection keeps cutting out. Trying to watch catch up is so frustrating. It always cuts out.

    Warning do not go with EE broadband. Once you are tied into the contract you can't get out.

    EE sell a service they can't deliver. It's an appealing service.

  • unhappy

    by Utkan Alacakanat at 11:53 on 28 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    I have had the worst customer experience in the world with EE,I suggest everybody do not go this unreliable broadband services. The costumer services has trained to best lie. They lie everyday with a different way, and regardless what they said before. I have a new broadband for my new house, and they could not able to give me any services, They wasted my time without any reason . I have been without internet during 6 weeks. They started to ignore my telephone, when I call back. They are not able to solve the problem. They could not give any services about broadband, They have a good experience to lies.

    They have given 15 times promises but they did not get their promises. Than they started to blame me and swearing to me.
    If you do not waste your time you never contact with unreliable services, and their lier costumer services.
    Don't go EE.

  • unhappy

    by Am Singh at 15:15 on 26 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    I too have experienced the worst broadband service ever!!! Twide i have had line tests and told it was due to the condition. BT and sky never had issues like this when I was a customer of theirs, not that they're Perfect but they don't claim to have the fastest network do they? Everything Everywhere? Haha its a joke!

  • unhappy

    by RACHEL at 19:07 on 21 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    EE customer service must have training on how to mislead and delay fixing issues!! I have barely had any service since joining and each time I call they run through the same line checks, confirm its unacceptable and promise they will monitor the line and call me back. No calls back just more lame excuses.
    I think it's time watchdog got on the case because I'm sure it's theft to take people's money and not give them the product!!!!
    Stay away from EE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Angry me at 19:53 on 16 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    I wish I had checked all reviews before choosing EE. The worst broadband ever!! We have been without internet for 4 weeks. 2 new routers were send but never worked. EE always blames something else. They blamed BT line. Two guys from BT came in in two weeks.. but is nothing to do with the BT line. EE can't solve the problem. They started to ignore my calls. Always promises to call me back but never does. Or they just leave you a voicemail that they couldnt contact you due to my bad reception!!! We're is the good attitude to customers???? Terrible service.

  • unhappy

    by Jason campbell at 16:16 on 15 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    Awful. Constant disconnects . Never ever get the stated speeds . I've called them at least 9 times over the last 2 years and as I sit here typing this I've had to switch WiFi off and use the 3g on my mobile because the page took over a minute to load. Their adverts are complete fantasy . Avoid like the plague

  • unhappy

    by Brian at 21:15 on 9 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    EE Broadband is cheaper than sky; But if you add up the stress, and time you will waste, trying to get them to repairer the broadband connection, which will slow down after a couple of weeks, then constantly stop and start. which is has happening to me.
    It will take over a week for an available engineer, to come out( my one did not turn up)
    I spoke to a manager,( waste of stressful time) another 7 days for one, early in the morning though so I don't have to waste another day off work.
    I have only been with them for a month, there's got to be away to get out of this contract."18months, What an idiot.. BE WARNED.

  • unhappy

    by jim at 21:45 on 8 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    cheers guys i will not be using EE for broadband in our new home! seems yet another company cap speeds. sky in our old house used to run at 3meg and a quick change to plus net boosted that to 8meg so it looks like plus net again then

  • unhappy

    by Brad at 20:58 on 3 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    I wish I had checked the reviews before going with EE fool me.....we have just been without internet for 12 weeks after our EE router stopped working. A new one was sent and never worked so we spent most evenings for a couple of weeks running faults with a call centre and trying to get it fixed. Eventually we insisted on an Engineer to come out who said it was a fault with BT, another week passed after being promised a call back and after two nights spent trying to get through to the correct dept another Engineer was sent out who was here to do the same thing as the first one! This amounted to 7/8 weeks without internet before again no contact from EE and consistently speaking to foreign call centres before demanding to speak to a manger we eventually got another Engineer sent out, this one insisted it was a fault with the BT line externally and he couldn't do anything. I was at the end of my tether after consistently being ignored and then when you do get a call it's from an automated message whilst at work and having to hold for 10mins to speak to someone!!!!! BT Engineer came out on Monday, spent 30mins testing everything and discovered what 3 EE engineers couldn't in over 11 weeks and over 30 hours wasted being on the phone and fault finding, chasing answers and chasing engineers that they had sent the wrong router and that the line was working the whole time........please don't choose EE you will regret you ever did!!!!!

    Nightmare, terrible service, terrible internet and terrible experience. We will be switching at the first available opportunity

  • unhappy

    by Charles Stanley Gordon at 19:03 on 28 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Very similar problems, I have streamed video on various channels without problem with a smart TV box. The computer worked with VIP box, you tube etc.
    Now for some 4 weeks, every connection buffers continuously. All internet connections are hard wired in cat5. speeds on BT Wholesale check are always about---Ping 49.88 Download 14.74 Mbps, Upload .89Mbps. The figures are in line with speeds from previous years, yet streaming is impossible now. I am convinced Line is capped somehow. Is this possible.??? Even catch up on the telly buffers.I regularly switch off the Bright box Router and reconnect, getting the same speeds and the stream on the telly is no different-- continuous buffering. I`m only some 600yards from the main Cramlington Exchange----- FRUSTRATED

  • unhappy

    by Laura at 16:13 on 27 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    For all of those who have fallen victim of EE.
    The act, proves that you can get out your contracts if you are not being provided with what you have bought.
    You can get compensation or at least a way out of the contract.
    To the person who mentioned them saying and them buying multi room to be told they do not sell it and to rudely hang up, this is how you can get them back.
    Dont let corporate men in suits still your money with nothing in return.


  • unhappy

    by Laura at 16:01 on 27 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Right. My godfather has had EE for roughly 6 to 8 months. During this time we had 3 brand new routers sent to us. Up until august i could barely even load facebook bare in mind stream anything ! ( which is what i mostly use it for after a long tiring day at work)
    Late august came along and FINALLY something magic happend , i could watch netflix again. Now its october 27th, 2 days ago its started all over again, it may not be as bad as it was, i can just about stream youtube but netflix is out of the question.

    Now EE, even while i was living in saudi arabia or traveling high up in the himalayas the internet is STILL FAR BETTER THAN THIS.

    The sales of good act prevents you from selling products which are falsly advertised. Which in this case has just about happend. You advertise super fast wifi, which by looks at these reviews you arnt supplying.
    So please sort your s**t out and actually provide decent streamable wifi which i can call my mum abroad on or stop advertising super fast wifi.
    Im very disappointed. Sort it out. For your reputation at least or even better for a customer( aka me and my godfather)

  • unhappy

    by Ole Johan at 1:18 on 15 Oct 2016 Report abuse

    Echoing all the negative reviews here. Currently writing this from my mobile phone (3g) even though the router is sitting just beside me.

    It has been nearly a month since we signed the deal with this abhorrent joke of a company, and we've been promised time and time again that our internet will be up in no time, "we just need to fix this little thing", sending technicians, replacing routers, turning dials, etc.

    When I ordered fiber back home in Norway, it was up and running, no questions asked, in a week. 300 mb down, 100 mb up with absolutely minimum throttling during peak hours. Literally never had any problem, and it's been 6 years.

    I must admit I honestly don't know what to do anymore, and I feel that every single business in this country is dishonest at best. Ever since I got here, I've been getting fu**** in the a** by landlords, estate agencies, internet providers, telephone providers, banks, and their bloody dogs. NOTHING JUST WORKS.

  • happy

    by Maureen Coughlin at 11:29 on 6 Oct 2016 Report abuse


    I would like to commend one of your technical advisers by the name of Jumpi for her efficiency, patience and technical knowledge. She was not over familiar and intrusive, she had a very pleasant manner. She was able to rectify my online problems in a very professional manner.

    Thank you Jumpi, I hope I can speak with you again should I have further technical problems.

    Kind regards,


  • unhappy

    by Marilyn croft at 8:28 on 28 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    Disgusting service, Internet so slow. If you are in a contract with them you can still pull out as you are not getting the service that you are paying for. I'm giving up with them I am cancelling, my money will spend elsewhere.

  • neutral

    by Graham at 19:12 on 22 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    Having fired Virgin off for massive price increases, I was in the process of being sold EE broadband. Predictably, when I told them on the phone today to give me time to look at some reviews, it went a bit quiet. After reading your comments, I know why. Thanks to everyone on here for your clarity and help.

    I know not everyone is in a position to do this but unless I can find reliable broadband at less than £20 a month and no connection fee, I'll do without. These comedians think they are selling oxygen and they can drive us all up to £100 a month by 2020. Not on my savings, they won't. Thanks again, everyone.

  • neutral

    by Mark at 14:30 on 22 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    I have EE broadband for £1 a month with phone line paid upfront for a year to get the cheapest possible deal - with router for £6 it comes to £206 per year all inclusive.

    I have speed about 17.50 - 19.50 MB/s which is not bad at all. It happened that I got completely disconnected for 4 days. It wasn't a failure of EE but rather phone line provider as they cut me off by mistake when setting up new line for neighbor. Recently I experienced a slow down to 12 MB/s and even less than 3 MB/s. I called EE and they fixed it within hours although from that time my router restarts itself about 10 times a day.

    My relative had a BT broadband without any problems for a year. Than three was a disconnection for 2 weeks. They sort it out over the phone. Now it happened again. They said they will have to send someone there and it will cost some serious money. My relative decided to switch to EE completely on my advice as they offered better deal on SIM only as well.

    Overall I am happy to stay with EE because of no major problems for me yet. I will see what the life brings.

    I might think that some if not all network providers often make a gold mine from all sort of convenient and inconvenient deals. Later on they might try to make out money of you with faults, disconnection and price increase. Who knows? Business is business for them and loyalty doesn't count. So it should not for you either. If you see a better deal with not such a rogue company, then you might just go for it. No hard feelings, corporates are heartless, they are after your cash only.

    I would think of Hong Kong company Relish with 4G router. Deals are really amazing. I only don't fancy having a wireless internet cause router with Wi-Fi on give me massive headaches.

    Cheers guys!

  • unhappy

    by Roobear at 1:53 on 17 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    EE are the worst company. My parents signed up to them because they were promised over the phone that if the brought the TV package you would be able to use it as multi room and that there current wifi connection would improve if they swapped and would save them some money. Well we waited an age for it to all turn up and when there was only one tv box my mum phoned up and asked why as we were supposed to have multi room there reply was we do not do multi room and have never offered that, my mum explained that she was specifically told that she would get multi room they explained again that they don't do it but no apologies made; they just hung up the phone. The WiFi is another matter. It's so bloody slow. It doesn't load anything on our phones or the computer, don't even waste your time trying to use an xbox or playstation for online gaming because that does not work. We've not saved money because we use mobile data and I thank God I had sense and didn't sign a phone contract with them too. COWBOY COMPANY. CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICE. RUBBISH WIFI SPEEDS. LIARS.DO NOT USE THEM

  • unhappy

    by Mark at 0:11 on 13 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    Absolute trash of a company. Internet is slow, cuts off once a day at 11pm on the dot for an unpredictable amount of time. Could be ten minutes, could be two hours.

    Slow connection. If I'm using the xbox I'm lucky if videos on youtube/netflix even buffer in good time, let alone lag throughout. God forbid if I'm using my phone too. The whole thing shuts down.

    Seriously advertising themselves as the best in the UK? I thought Virgin Media was bad. EE takes the cake. Genuinely awful provider. Customer service? Don't get me started.

    They are a trash company. Take your money and leave you in the dust. If you have a contract with them, threaten them with a County Court Order for false advertising of their internet service and they'll soon close your contract. They shut mine in three days after this threat.

    Go for literally ANYTHING else. Seriously. Even Virgin Media are worth more.

  • unhappy

    by J Mills at 18:48 on 8 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    EE down in Blackburn area since Friday ! WTF is wrong with EE ? also lying to customers, I for one will be switching providers !! that is the only way to make them listen

  • unhappy

    by Lou at 21:23 on 30 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    Really seriously fed up with EE. As I type this I am still holding in a queue on the phone 17 minutes and counting. My mothers internet has gone down 2 weeks prior to being cut off as we have decided to go with BT broadband.

    Such dreadful service beyond belief. If you are thinking about EE think twice for god sake.

  • unhappy

    by Jinny at 15:31 on 22 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    Ordered EE broadband and was expecting a maximum 10 day wait until my internet is up and running. Waited for two weeks, zero news, tried calling up their customer service, got transferred several times to nowhere and was put on hold for ages and was unable to resolve the problem. After 4 days of phone calls, finally found the department that can help, no explanation at all. Simply asked if I wanted to replace my order. Needless to say that I cancelled my order immediately. Really sad that I wasted so much time dealing with the incompetent EE team.

    Absolutely rubbish service, stay away from EE at all cost. Rubbish management, rubbish customer service, rubbish everything.

  • unhappy

    by Lissenup at 19:22 on 12 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    It appears that the posts depicting EE as a cowboy outfit are correct. I tried to get a question answered by them, no chance.

  • happy

    by Maria at 22:20 on 10 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    Thank you to all you guys for your feedback. I will definitely not be signing up with 'ee tomorrow.

  • unhappy

    by sj at 14:52 on 7 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    The slowest broadband I have ever had - cannot watch movies and forget about connecting more than one device.
    After complaining to EE several times nothing has changed - cancelling my contract as soon as I am able to!

  • unhappy

    by Vasu at 20:55 on 2 Aug 2016 Report abuse

    Internet is so slow, when taking an internet speed test the download speed comes to 1.96mbps. I called the up and they say it should be atleast 2.5mbps which i think is still too slow and no where near the amount the promised we would get.

  • unhappy

    by Taliyyah at 10:10 on 16 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    Can never get more than one device connected to broadband

  • unhappy

    by Rick at 20:07 on 14 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    Where do I start. Placed an order to switch from Sky to EE fiber. EE messed up the first order, then the second, then the third. As a result our internet got swich of. Their constant errors caused our switch on date to be moved everytime. This caused me to call them more times than I want to remember. Each time to be told another lie. Our switch on date came after not having internet for 3 weeks, only not to work. Somehow our telephone line where cut off just to be told O'Neill go live tomorrow, each day for another week. This is when I cancelled my order, and still no internet. PLEASE DO NOT USE EE. The stress and aggravation is juts not worth it.

  • unhappy

    by Katerina at 18:44 on 8 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    EE are the WORST company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with! Horrible customer service, horrible managers

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