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  • unhappy

    by Jim House at 21:32 on 16 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    I have been an EE broadband customer since the swap over from Orange a few months ago. Since that switch over we have had LOTS of problems with the broadband speed and the only way to try and resolve this was via the EE Customer Service number listed on their website. Getting connected to the CS centre is very difficult, most of the time I cannot get through as it's too busy and of course it's a premium number so I have spent a small fortune so far and still have rubbish connection speeds. AVOID EE like the plague - their customer service is unbelievably bad, and if you’re not happy with it you have to write a letter and put it in the post box!!

  • unhappy

    by KAE at 15:00 on 12 Feb 2013 Report abuse


  • unhappy

    by Nidgster at 20:48 on 11 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    After two hours on the phone of asking for my MAC code so I can leave this provider, I have been told they will send it by email within the next 4 to 5 working days. Well I just hope so! Slow connection service, an overseas call centre who don't understand English are just a couple of the reasons why i'm leaving. I first tried to leave a few months back and was 'bullied into staying. Took five hours that day and didn't get a MAC code. Had to cancel my order. Last Saturday was final straw. I work as a market researcher and need to synce my data through my broadband connection. "internet connection failed" came up on the screen, the data lost in cyberspace - thanks a bunch ORANGE / EE (whatever you want to call yourself). The broadband market is poorly regulated. There seems too many unhappy people as far as broadband is concerned. I know some people have a grudge against a company and blog several times. Just go on plusnet reviews to see that. However I'm trying Plusnet for a year - see if they're any better.

  • happy

    by Jags at 15:31 on 11 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    As an original Orange BB customer on 8meg connection, we decided to upgrade to the EE fibre 80meg service. BT engineer installed the kit and made sure the BB was working before he left - took less than an hour. Can't complain about the speed or the provided service, however, I can sympathise with those who have had issue with EE customer/technical services - they are diabolical.

  • Matt Powell - EditorEditor - Matt Powell

    by Matt Powell at 13:29 on 6 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    @Shane Parkins

    Run some speed tests over the next week or two, and if your speed continues to fall significantly lower than the estimate you were given on joining you should write to EE.

    Start off by asking them to check for a fault. If they are unable to find anything or improve your speed, ask them to either offer you a better deal or end your contract without penalty. Many providers are signed up to Ofcom's voluntary code of practice which says they agree to give you a lower price or end your contract if the speed you receive is significantly lower than the figure quoted when it was sold.

    If you don't get any joy this way, write a complaint to Ofcom and the ombudsman, which in EE's case is CISAS.

  • unhappy

    by Shane Parkins at 11:30 on 6 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    I have been told that my average speed is 0.7mps and they cannot increase it yet being sold it at 2.5mbps

    Absolute joke of a company EE Broadband Reviews

  • neutral

    by Brian de Snail at 11:24 on 5 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    I feel I have to add a further warning about this company. I ascertained there would be no cancellation charge when I left them well after my initial contact was up. Indeed not. But they tell me I have to pay a 'disconnection charge' of a few pence under £30! At what point does playing with words become stinking cheating? Never in a million years will I go back to them.

  • neutral

    by Chris Harris at 21:51 on 2 Feb 2013 Report abuse

    Moved from Sky since their prices kept creeping up. After 4 days of total incompetence and lying on EE's part I've left and gone back to Sky for cheaper. The speed is slower than what I had with Sky, the router isn't all that good considering its a "n" standard. After 16:30 the internet basically becomes unusable for anything other than reading a few websites... if you want to download anything or watching Lovefilm/Netflix etc, wait till the morning. What really annoyed me was the sheer amount of crap the technical support spew... and since I work in IT myself, I know the difference. If you like to use your internet at night, STEER CLEAR

  • unhappy

    by yaku at 11:44 on 29 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    21st century broadband but I am getting lower speed then dial up connection slower then I used to have in 2002-2003. I ordered like before Chirsmas 2012 they said its going to take more then 10 days just to have my phone line even I already had working one in my home. Ok then it took another week to get my broadband almost end of month Jan 2013 still getting dial up connection. And you know waht evertime when i call the customer service it takes half an hour to reach and they cut u off.....and they do not bother to call you back..Also on 21th Jan we had a chat they couldn't fix our problem remotely so they said they will send enginners on 24th Jan from noon to 3pm and they didn't even bother to turn up neither they phoned to say that they couldn't come how disgussting. And since then I tried to call many times again same story .........They are not motivated to say sorry or they would come fix the line but they cut you off on middle of conversession. What a dessaster. DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE............... EE bradband crap ..........

  • neutral

    by Brian de Snail at 11:22 on 23 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    My not-yet-final experience with this ghastly company has been typical. I am trying to cancel my deal, well after the locked-in contract period. It has taken me two days of attempts to get anyone to answer at customer services (on hold, at my expense, of course). I am giving them a month's notice. Finally I got through, and was told that their notice period is exactly two weeks, and if I attempt to give more than two weeks they will cut me off early. So they expect me to go through all this again, exactly two weeks to the day before the cut-off date I want. They are totally inflexible and typically unhelpful on this. Never get involved with this company.

  • happy

    by Jim hedgehog at 16:17 on 22 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    Has no one got anything good to say about EE?
    they connected me up today and i must say 'simply excellent'
    650 download speed well impressed, i have only just moved in to this area but my previous max speed was 200

    i like it very much

  • neutral

    by Abdul Moore at 12:51 on 20 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    Do not switch to any ee package. Toatly incompetent. I signed up beginning of December and to this day I have no broadband or working phone line. I have rang and asked and they inform me there a fault with the main terminal. They seem unable to deal with this problem.

  • unhappy

    by hquk at 19:50 on 19 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    WORST PROVIDER EVER!!! They throttle youtube, iplayer, netflix!!! Throttling is one thing, but throttling to the point that you cannot even stream 240p is A JOKE!!!!!! I was with 02 before, I am defo going back!!!! This is an absolute JOKE!!! I only signed up to prevent others making the mistake i did.

  • unhappy

    by jands at 19:01 on 13 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    Avoid EE at all costs. I was connected to Broadband with them on 8 Jan and have signed back up with Sky now on 13th January. The speeds are worse than dial up and even although they say this will change in 10 days( too late for the cooling off period to cancel contract) the Customer Service is the worst I have ever come across. It appears to me they have a large amount of phone operators who talk to the customers and take them through a series of pre determined questions then when that does not solve the problem they have to shout for the attention of perhaps ONE person who does know about broadband and computing. You can actually hear them all shouting in the background trying to ask their question, trying to be heard,and you can eventually hear what the man says to the telephonist and then the telephonist repeats it to you... and so it goes on and on and on and on and on and on............
    . I wouldnt care if they had the fastest speed in the world because I could not go through that experience again in the customer service Dept
    AVOID !

  • unhappy

    by Zee at 9:49 on 9 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    I have signed up to EE unlimited phone and broadband in October. I mOved from fantastic Bethere to Orange. It's January now and my maximum download speed is 0.2mbps and upload if higher 0.3mbps. They have been trying to sort out my speed since October and keep sending BT openreach engineers. 3 visits so far and still not much difference. I have yesterday asked them for my MAC code in order for me to switch to BT infinity 76mbps unlimited. BT is expensive but I believe they will be much better then EE. Steer away from EE.

  • neutral

    by sbdeco at 13:32 on 8 Jan 2013 Report abuse

    8 Jan UPDATE to 13 Dec entry below: EE has now been failing to deliver the contracted broadband service for over three months, since it went live on Friday 5 October. There appear to be four different departments ‘dealing’ with the matter, none of which effectively communicates with the other, let alone with me. One of the four, The Executive Office, refuses to communicate with me at all. Only one of the departments ‘Customer Service’ will communicate with me by email, but they seem to be two steps behind the Faults Escalation Department This department, in turn, refuses to provide an email address on the grounds that they are a ‘call centre’. I have obtained an email address for the Executive Office via an independent web site. The Executive Office has not replied to any of my emails, though it appears to be instructing the (sub-contracted?) Faults Escalation department, but whenever the latter phones me they appear to be poorly briefed.
    Despite failing to provide the contracted service, EE insists it will charge a cancellation fee of over £50 if I change provider.
    I will update.

  • unhappy

    by Griff at 15:25 on 24 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    I have been a customer of Orange, now EE, for nearly ten years, which included use of the anytime VOIP phone. Towards the end of November. I placed an order for my account to be upgraded to the EE package that included unlimited braodband, anytime + calls to mobiles, and also to switch my landline from BT to EE. From that date until the present, EE's handling of my order and their customer service has been a catalogue of disaster.
    The first thing they did after a week was to prematurely cut off my original VOIP phone service, and they explained that had been a mistake, also that they had lost my order, so the new phone service would be delayed. I rang a week later to check progress, only to be told they had again made an administrative mistake and my order for the landline had not been processed. I emailed a complaint and was rung by a lady claiming to be a complaints manageress, who said she would sort things out, but the landline would be a further two weeks, but would be switch by 21st Dec at the latest. That did not happen, and I still am having to pay BT for calls I would otherwise have had free. They say it will now be a further 10 days after Christmas before I get the line.
    In the light of my experience, which seems far from unique, I suggest anyone thinking of moving to EE changes their mind and uses another provider.
    Obviously EE has over sold its ability to deliver, so I am contemplating making a complaint to Stading Standards about misleading advertising.

  • happy

    by Clive Poulton at 12:11 on 14 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Update on my experiences with EE

    I have been an EE customer for about a month. When I signed up by telephone I was given the opportunity to ask questions about the service I was likely to get from EE. As a prolific down and up loader I naturally wanted to establish what speeds and data limits I would receive. I was assured that I would receive up to 800kb/s down and up to 250kb/s up.

    I was informed that it would take up to 14 days for the line to be 'optimised' for best speeds and that up and down speed might be very slow at first. This was indeed true, the initial speeds were frighteningly slow as described by other EE customers in this thread. I was also informed that once the 'optimisation' was complete there would be no limit to the amount of data up or down and that the speed would remain the same 24/7.

    I can now confirm that this has turned out to be completely true and that both up and down speeds are blisteringly fast for my location. I hope I do not have the experiences that have befallen others, so far so good!

  • unhappy

    by Miles at 10:04 on 14 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    We've been with Orange for about 18 months and experienced no issues. We could even stream movies direct from LoveFilm and more recently Netflix. Since the EE merge the service has been intermittently on par with dial-up. Now and again I do actually get broadband speeds. The timing of all of the problems seems quite clear to me. But not to EE. You phone up customer services and they follow the usual script. The last time they wanted to reset my router to the default (thus wiping out all settings, passwords, and mac addresses). Of course I declined. They then suggested replacing the ADSL filter. I did this since I had a spare to hand. This made no difference. I'm not investing any more time with them and have signed up with BT again.

  • unhappy

    by Sissi at 22:49 on 13 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    I joined EE through TMobile 2 weeks ago. They sent me a USB Key to get a mobile broadband which finally didn't allow me to stream and watch simple short video, use Skype or even listen to the radio online. They then gave me a router saying that it would be better bla bla bla. The whole thing is a nightmare. I can't even surf on Internet properly. I then discovered that I will be charge an extra £3 per day if I go beyond my allowance which is only 1 giga byte. I was quite surprised to hear that as I never been told that when I took the contract by phone. When I try to speak to a manager to complain - I called maybe 6 times in one day- they told me that 'if I was not happy I should cancel the contract'. I am very upset and shocked at the way TMobile deals with its customers. That's a shame!

  • neutral

    by sbdeco at 19:54 on 13 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    UPDATE to 6 Dec entry below: EE asked me to suggest a specific time for them to phone me. I have given them two 2 hour time slots and they have not phoned me in either. Thank goodness I have mobile broadband as back up when, every evening, EE becomes NA for me – Nothing Anywhere. I will update.

  • neutral

    by Alex at 23:06 on 11 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Am going to dump BT (Bombay Telecom!) in January.

    The above comments have been ever so useful. Hutchison group have proved to be a pain in the ar*e in the past, so I will be keeping well clear of EE.

    If they didn't upset customers, they wouldn't need to change their name. Says it all!!

  • neutral

    by sbdeco at 11:10 on 7 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    I should add that the reason I now want EE to phone me is so that they can arrange for somebody qualified to sort the problem to speak with me (see posting below). Each time I phone them I have to get through layers of deflection. They continue refusing to deal with any matter by email.

  • neutral

    by sbdeco at 10:02 on 7 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    UPDATE to 21 Nov entry below: I have now been with EE (formerly Orange) for over two months. Every evening the speed becomes so slow that I cannot download web pages and EE have failed to remedy the situation. They do not answer questions and refuse to give me a time range when they will phone me about it. I have already spent hours phoning them going through the same irrelevant details over and over again.

  • unhappy

    by Ultimark at 23:20 on 5 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Signed up to EE broadband a fortnight ago. 19.99 L/R & unlimited broadband @ 18mb P/S. a great offer I thought to myself...not great I'm afraid to say. When ordered I was advised it would take 3-5 working days to Receive new router & would be contacted before or just after notifying me that the connection has been activated. Well 11 days later my router turns up. Unboxed the very basic router, which boldly states "plug me in when we've told you your broadband is ready" so I wait! 14 days pass & surprise surprise I've been cut off. I was notified by my previous ISP that they require a 14 day notice. So EE have failed in every way possible for me at the moment & they have already issued me a statement for the first month. I've yet to speak to any representatives yet. But I think I might as well just cancel & go back to BT :(

  • unhappy

    by Steve at 17:43 on 4 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    EE are absolutely HORRENDOUS. So, we've had £5/m Orange Broadband for years because it was cheap, it recently switched to EE and then we fancied the Fiber broadband. Ordered it, the box came and we got a date for the setup.

    We get told that we will be able to have the box wherever we want, so instead of the living room, we ask for it to be a few feet away in the hall - wouldn't do it! Then we ask if he will just set it up where it is, on the floor in the living room. He said he can of course do that, but needs to DRILL IT TO THE WALL?? For HEALTH AND SAFETY?! Are you kidding me? If we want a router on the floor, behind a sofa and coffee table we damn well will!!! We just had the whole house redecorated and I'm not having some amateur drilling things into my walls.

    He then had to ring his brother for advice on what to do, what the actual F***? And then went on to tell us that they didn't send us the right wire so it couldn't be set up anyway.

    So, on the phone to EE, got put on hold for 30 minutes, then some horribly rude lady told us we couldn't cancel or change anything (WRONG! Statutory right to cancel within 14 days!!) Unlucky for her though, she had left her mic on loud and her manager heard how rude she was. We said we wanted to cancel the fiber broadband, not the £5/month broadband, yet then put us through to cancellations for the whole thing?!

    Needless to say, an official complaint has been made, I expect all of the money back from them and will definitely be finding another provider ASAP.

    We also found out from the (Stupid) set up guy that apparently we were supposed to set up most of it ourselves, and that EE are the only company that don't offer full set up!

    I'm going for PlusNet, and as soon as my phone contract runs out I'm getting away from EE completely! They were never like this when they were Orange.

  • happy

    by Craig at 19:44 on 3 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    Internet is too slow and it doesn't work. BUT I LIKE IT! AHL TAK THAT!

  • happy

    by Clive Andrew Poulton at 10:13 on 1 Dec 2012 Report abuse

    I have to report that so far I have not had any problems with EE. I am a recent new customer having given up on the Post Office which got so bad I began to refer to it as Post Orifice. My upload speed has gone from 37.5 kB/s to 120 kB/s. Download speed is around 700 kB/s, which is what I used to get with the Post Office until they started throttling the speed, which is why I left.

  • unhappy

    by Sameer Khosla at 15:06 on 30 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    EE have the worst imaginable customers service, keeping you waiting for over an hour, constantanly passing me between handlers, and worse still pretending they cant hear you on the phone when you say you want to cancel. I was stubborn and stayed on the line as they cant hang up, and eventually they had to speak to me. I was calling to tell them my Internet service was very slow and i would like more time beyond the 7 days trial period to test the service (they say it takes 10 days for speed to optimise, yet only give you 7 days to cancel). Eventually told them i will cancel as i dont ever want this customer experience again rather than have an extension. The previous call i made was worse than this one - i was disturbing an office party at a call centre in India no-one wanted to talk to me and the advisor was being harrased to hurry up and Party (i understand Hindi and understood clearly) awful experience

  • unhappy

    by mark buckley at 18:32 on 29 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    EE customer service is the worst i've experienced. before orange OK now cannot get through. i don't think there is even anyone there. i will be moving when the contract finishes. really displeased customer. Yes EE, i am a customer. i pay money for your service!

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