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    by sbdeco at 18:44 on 21 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Every late afternoon / early evening and at weekends, my EE broadband, which delivers no more than 2Mbps at the best of times, becomes so slow that I cannot download internet pages. This is even the case if I have only one device attempting to access the web via EE. After failing to resolve the matter over a period of nearly 7 weeks, EE are now implying that if I don’t like it I can leave, but it will cost me “a cancellation fee of £61.70 as you are still within your 12-month contract”. I have suggested that it is they who are in breach of contract.
    I will update.

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    by sbdeco at 19:47 on 20 Nov 2012 Report abuse

    Before signing up to EE broadband I suggest it would be a good idea to read the reviews at Orange broadband.

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