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  • unhappy

    by Katerina at 18:34 on 8 Jul 2016 Report abuse


    Horrible experience with them.

  • unhappy

    by Andrew at 0:44 on 6 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    Appalling service, I've been waiting over a month for my broadband to become live and still sat here staring at a red light on the router, I've contacted customer services more times than I care to remember and have been lied to on every occasion......absolutely crap....avoid ee at all costs.

  • unhappy

    by David at 0:46 on 5 Jul 2016 Report abuse

    Got broadband today well 2 o clock on the 4 july no internet, rang them they said it will be on at 11:58pm still not on tried going on their website, thats not working. Worst company ever oh and cant ring them til 8 in morning they better give me a discount and my internet or they aint getting money.

    Do not get broadband with EE!!!

  • unhappy

    by Alex at 10:57 on 22 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    I have had the worst customer experience in the world with EE, where they have cancelled engineer visits 5 times in a row for no reason last minute, making me miss 5 work days for no reason, and offering no explanation.

    Seriously appalling service where the customer service representative apathetically said "sorry sir there's nothing I can do for you"!

  • happy

    by Edan at 11:02 on 18 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    I have to say EE sound brilliant and everyone slagging EE ARE hypocritics
    EE are a good brand and bt are useless so these comments are all rubbish!

  • unhappy

    by Louise at 9:10 on 7 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    EE are the WORST company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with! Horrible customer service, horrible managers that speak over you on the phone telling you it's your responsibility to ask them questions about contracts at POS, not up to their staff to tell customers!! Taking money with no prior notification, hanging up on you! The list is endless! Oh, and our broadband runs fine...unless you want to use it. It's only able to connect to the Internet after 7pm! By far the worst service I've ever received or even heard of. If I could go back I WOULDN'T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE!!!!


    Easily the worst company in the uk!

  • unhappy

    by Sally at 22:05 on 5 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    Never go near the EE STORE..I have had poor connection for a period of nearly one year, I am waiting for the contract to end next month and am done for good with this company.

    I sent a letter of complain to the head office because I was having difficulties sorting issues over the telephone and never received an acknowledgement or even a reply. Telephoning the EE help line has been the most agonizing experience, you end up very angry and with a massive headache. Bad customer service, for example one of their customer adviser hang up the phone on me.

    Last week I picked up call from a number I dont recognised, someone on the other end quickly said 'whats is your name bitch' I thought I was dreaming for a minute and thought maybe I might had not heard it right. I call the number back and discovered it was from the EE customer service.

    Enough about the staff experience. The company has no interest with the customers whatsoever! Once the company traps you with the contract you are nothing of worth to them.

    EE has also refused to cancel my contracts, its been 11 months since I started to complain about loss of connection, I have been pass you down to more than 5 different departments every time I call with no resolutions. At one point when I called to cancel, I was kept on hold for long period and eventually the call was terminated.

    Please do yourself/yourselves a big favour and AVOID this company. No matter how cheap an offer is! I have been on T-mobile contracts for over 7 years but this is my last. Never again!

  • unhappy

    by Stuart at 11:03 on 4 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    We recently upgraded from ee broadband to ee fibre. Result, day 1 Internet and phone line cut off. Telephone line fixed in a day but took two and a half weeks to address the fibre broadband issues on the phone virtually every day. Customer services making repeated commitments that they failed to deliver on and the engineer failed to turn on 5 different days without any notice of the no show despite written confirmations from ee. The broadband seems fine now but technical support and their relationship with open reach has a lot to be desired

  • unhappy

    by Stuart at 11:02 on 4 Jun 2016 Report abuse

    We recently upgraded from ee broadband to ee fibre. Result, day 1 Internet and phone line cut off. Telephone line fixed in a day but took two and a half weeks to address the fibre broadband issues on the phone virtually every day. Customer services making repeated commitments that they failed to deliver on and the engineer failed to turn on 5 different days without any notice of the no show despite written confirmations from ee. The broadband seems fine now but technical support and their relationship with open reach has a lot to be desired

  • unhappy

    by gemma at 13:27 on 29 May 2016 Report abuse

    I have had no Internet for months and I've called over 30 times and they have all been telling me different reasons why so I told them I want to cancel so even though I've been paying for no Internet they always want 250 of me to cancel my Internet and TV no chance not getting another penny of me 😠😠

  • happy

    by Jo at 15:35 on 15 May 2016 Report abuse

    I've only just joined EE for my broadband... everything is jut fine for me at the mo, quite happy with them... considering I was paying over the odds with Virgin (we are talking £86 a month) EE was the better deal. And apart from the slight overlap in still being charged by Virgin for another month (my mistake due to knowing that there was probably a months notice I had to give) Im still very happy. Network is fine!

  • unhappy

    by James at 21:39 on 8 May 2016 Report abuse

    Waiting time 34 mins! Honestly, who has time to waste?

    I'm paying for the new fiber broadband but only getting 16 Mbps - even after two separate engineer visits. Total waste of money. I will be moving to Virgin as soon as possible.

  • unhappy

    by Tracy at 8:27 on 8 May 2016 Report abuse

    PLEASE don't use this company. Its been over six month now and they have not been able to stop our intermittent internet connection on hard wired and wireless connection. Had over 16 engineers out still not fixed. Stated they would stop my DD but noticed they have just charged me again. Keep closing the job down so they don't get into trouble. Not getting what contract stated. Customer service very poor don't update you and don't call back when stated they will. It just goes on and on with this company. Now going to the Communication Ombudsman if you have any sense do your research and don't use there are better providers out their. But why should they get away with it won't stop now until they fix problem or openly admit they can't, one way or another still currently breach of contract by them.

  • unhappy

    by Mii at 11:27 on 3 May 2016 Report abuse

    Just awful, I live in Manchester and the connection is constantly dropping out and terribly slow. They are useless, DO NOT JOIN. We are now moving to Virgin.

  • unhappy

    by Sara at 14:24 on 29 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Worst company I have ever dealt with.

    Even if I manage to make one single person decide not to join EE then this review will be worth it.

    The customer service is appalling; there is nobody competent who can answer your questions, no consistency and the waiting times are reminiscent of the 90's. I was put on hold on and off for over 40 minutes (listening to headache inducing music) for a single inquiry that EE didn't even help me with. Oh and did I mention how rude their technical support is? And if you complain and give them bad reviews in their own 'How did we do today' polls, then absolutely nothing happens.

    EE wanted to charge me 230 pounds in cancellation fee because THEY could not provide me with decent reception in our new house. I was furious and after 2 weeks of waiting and shouting and stressing they cancelled my number without giving me a PAC code or compensation for the month I had paid for with zero reception. It is just horrific behavior from this useless company.

    I cannot express with words how disgusting I find my EE experience and would never ever recommend them to anyone. Please stay away. Please.

    EE: your days are numbered if you continue like this. Just read your own reviews on EVERY site there is and stop robbing people.

  • neutral

    by Mark at 14:49 on 23 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Speeds aren't great and unstable, but generally adequate for my needs most of the time. Interesting to see other people's experiences are similar. EE must throttle traffic at peak times, as I can almost tell you which sites will not work & when. Netflix, iplayer etc buffer constantly on a Sunday evening. There has been the odd occasion when things are positively turbo charged. enjoyable as those fleeting moments are, they support the idea that slow speeds are not related to physical limitations of my connection.
    Customer Services, also variable. Wait times recently have been impressively low. it appears their call centres are UK based and operators generally friendly. Although their default instant response has been to accuse me of basic stupidity and tell me that I don't understand. Without making any effort to understand the facts presented to them. (Even if what I present to them is in their favour). Most importantly their billing is a shambles, they absolutely cannot be trusted.

  • unhappy

    by Nazir Ahmed at 12:15 on 19 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    yes i made the mistake of joining EE without checking their service review! what a major mistake, will never ever go close to any of their services.

    I was with another service provider for 4 years, never rang them for any technical issues related to broadband, not even once in 4 years.

    Switched to EE in nov/dec 2015, first month didn't notice much but i think that is where the catch is as they tell you that it take few weeks for the service to be become normal!!!! that is the time when you are out of your rights to leave the service!!!!

    The internet is slow during the day, evening/nights. It connects to some sites at time and wont connect to others, total shamble from EE.

    People running the service should be ashamed of themselves for such a service! never ever go close to this rip off massive big name under BT umbrella!

  • unhappy

    by Lisa at 11:55 on 15 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Worst service ever!! Ceased my order twice even though the previous company running the line was ee!! (Was living with a friend who has now moved out and had the account in her name). Promised call backs that never happened.
    Cancelled my order not once but twice, no communication from ee to me about any of it, have had to spend hours upon hours of my time on the phone to ee customer services although whether it could even be called that is up for debate. ...the "service" is rubbish and non existent. ..promised an activation date of 20th of this month now told it has to be investigated with bt openreach and will take another 10 working days after that before I will get a line taking an order that was made on 9th April originally till start of may...a WHOLE MONTH!!!!!!!! to activate any services...treatment I've received from ee broadband team is appalling they call back and then hang up leave you on hold for best part of an hour to then only tell you the dept you NEED to speak to as they are the only ones who can investigate it are now closed...speaking to a manager..we'll that's pointless they can't organise anything..couldn't organise a drinking session in a brewery...absolutely crap....
    A warning to anyone considering ee...DON'T DO IT...STAY WELL CLEAR THEY'LL NEVER SWITCH YOUR BROADBAND ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Til Kumari Gurung at 13:11 on 14 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    I bought a contract phone on January 2016 £29.99 from Wembley store. When I sign a contract a staff hand me over 4 sims card with 1GB capacity. I told him I didn't want the sims. But he manage to tell me it's company policy that I have to take the sims and will be free for a month and will be charge from another month. I went back to store after 2 weeks and hand it all the sims to him. The name of the guy is Raghav. His an Indian guy. He told it's been cancelled but I was been charged £63.17 in First month and second month I was charged £69.71. I been to the store 4 times to talk about my bills but no one could help me out and told me I got to wait for the guy to return back from his holiday. I have called EE but the customer service was poor. They could only say sorry. Sorry doesn't make any change is because they are not paying a penny. My money is been charged. I have been loyal customer with EE for almost 8 years. My whole family members are with O2. These is what feedback I prefer to get. I am really I unsatisfy with the service.

  • neutral

    by Bowen at 16:22 on 12 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Where are the rest of the good reviews?!
    Have been with Orange/EE for over a decade.
    Got landline and broadband 7 months ago.
    No problems, customer service is superb and in the UK. I can only recommend them.

  • unhappy

    by Ktb at 15:12 on 10 Apr 2016 Report abuse


    I have been an Orange-EE customer for over 10years!!!! I have 2 mobile phone contracts with them (both £50+each a month). I was offered the new EE TV, Fibre optic broadband and Phone services at a very reasonable price. I decided to give it a whirl...... Biggest mistake of my life!.... They told me they would take care of everything to ensure a smooth changeover of services. I trusted them.....they contacted my current provider and cancelled services. I thought they had it in hand until I had NO services running..... I contacted them to ask where my equipment was and why my old services has stopped/been cancelled if EE were joy I a position to provide their services immediately...... From this call I was assured my services and equipment would arrive any day and they apologised..... From then on I had to chase and chase and was told totally different information by at least 8-10 service advisors....... To then be told in the end that actually they were not in a position to provide the broadband. I obviously terminated the contract with EE but I am now left without ANY services. EE were unable to provide me with a single reason why they could not provide the promised/sold services apart from blaming BT???? Apparently BT provide the services to EE?? Who would have known, however when I spoke to BT they could not confirm this?? I am now awaiting my mobile context to end with EE and I will NEVER use their services again!

  • neutral

    by Steven at 11:22 on 6 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Got EE broadband and phone 3 weeks ago and was worried by all the negative comments but so far its been fine apart from I can't login to my account t to check my bill, it says details not recognized, even tho they are right

  • unhappy

    by paul di mambro at 22:17 on 3 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Broadband works so much slower than talk talk i moved from. Can get it to go faster by resetting the router. They changed the router but the same issue. So must be their routers are rubbish. Talk talk was in never turned off apart from when changing to ee. But ee is so rubbish that google after the router goes wonky takes 50 seconds just to load the google page. 56K modem i am sure would be faster. Reset the router and google becomes a lot less than a second. Rubbish broadband.

  • unhappy

    by Karolina at 2:58 on 2 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    NEVER EVER go for EE broadband! The worst quality and the most miserable customer service! I will keep it short - stay FAR from EE!!!!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by David at 13:21 on 1 Apr 2016 Report abuse


    I am going to pay what ever EE will ask for to cancel my contract.

    Signing the contract was just one huge mistake. Painfully slow internet from day one.

  • unhappy

    by Mark Lock at 16:26 on 28 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    EE - a company only interested in keeping shareholders happy at the expense of their loyal customers. Last month I exceeded my voice allowance, not by a little in reality, some 400 minutes over my 1000 minute call allowance and was supplied with a very extortionate monthly bill of circa £225 (normal bill is just £27). FYI, I have never exceeded my call allowance in the past, nowhere even close. Normally my usage is somewhere in the region of 400-500 minutes per month. I do however regularly get close to my data allowance and when I get close to it I receive text alerts happily reassuring me that EE will keep me informed as to my proximity to my monthly limit. I get nice alerts at 80%, 90% and at 100%. I always know where I stand with my data. I always assumed the same would hold for voice (never having got even remotely close it was only an assumption and a very flawed one at that it seems). It seems that EE in their infinite and ever greedy rational have decided to offer this as a service but only as an opt-in service (3 of the operators did not even know this service existed by the way so how do they expect the customer to know?) whereas the data allowance alert seems to be set for all (at least I never opted in for it). I can only see one argument for making this an opt-in service and that it to benefit EE with the ability to present customers with huge bills when they exceed their allowances. Anyway, some 5 or 6 calls later, 3 of them to chase a response, 2 attempts to raise said complaint only to find the first attempt was not even logged and I finally get a call some 8 days later by an operations manager telling me basically tough!!! Apparently, EE are very happy to have charged me some £200 pounds for exceeding my allowance and they will not compromise on the amount. Now, I know they can and they do compromise, it just seems to be a lottery as to whether or not they will. In my case they are not prepared to budge. I offered to pay twice my monthly contract rate which would easily have covered the minutes I used but no, they are not willing to entertain that as an option with me. I have used EE for in excess of 10 years now. Guess what, not anymore! As soon as my contract is up then it is a wave bye bye to EE along with the other family owned contracts – I have a big family btw! Told EE this as well, guess what – they did not give a monkeys!

  • unhappy

    by John at 17:39 on 18 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    I had an extremely bad experience with EE and would advise everyone to AVOID THIS PROVIDER BY ANY MEANS.

    Several things were problematic with their service:

    1) The internet speed was nowhere near to what they claimed it will be. I was paying for 17Mb/sec. However the actual speed was close to unusable and when I tested it with http://www.speedtest.net/ it would normally show me a download speed around 2Mb/sec.

    2) After a couple of months, EE randomly charged me £240 without being able to explain why the charge has been made. I could only complain about this to the customer service over the phone, as employees in their stores claimed that they can not do anything about it. After countless calls and spending days on the phone (quite literally) I somehow convinced them to return the money. However, I had to repeat my calls several times to remind them they should return the money and they needed 4 months to actually do it.

    3) Their salesperson simply lied about the terms and conditions before I signed the contract. They said I will not pay for the landline for the remaining months in the event of cancelation. However, after I decided to actually cancel the contract they claimed that this was not part of our agreement, which in the end cost me unanticipated £80.

  • neutral

    by A plimley at 16:41 on 15 Mar 2016 Report abuse

    Absolutely horrendous experience with this company! Please people do your homework before entering into any contract with ee. Thankfully I Cancelled within the 14 day cooling off period. Or I would of had a penalty of over £150.00 pounds. After at least 20 phone calls often to call centres in other countries.People that are very difficult to Understand waiting up to an hr,to be passed on to somebody else to be told someone else would ring me back! But never did!! Sent me 2 extra routers and also an Openreach Engineer even though i kept saying i didnt need or want them as my landline was working perfectly fine.One hand doesn't seem to know what the others doing. I wanted fibre due to very slow speeds in my Area... told me this wouldnt be a problem, only to be told when i rang back asking for an update that I wasn't allowed fibre as the cabinet was full and I would have to wait for someone to cancel before they could connect me They tell Lots of lies and waffle a load of Jargon!!!! I finally Caved in they are not getting an 18mnth contract out of me. And for those wanting to do the same ring Cancellations ASAP......

  • unhappy

    by Jayne at 11:20 on 26 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    I am trying to work and study but I'm unable to get videos going with EE as their BB is so painfully sloooooooooooooooooow!

  • happy

    by Beulah Proops at 21:09 on 25 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Thank you so much for your health jest, open court comments. You have saved me time, money and so much aggravation.
    Again, many thanks.

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