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  • happy

    by Trish at 23:46 on 17 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Hi I just like to say that DO NOT GO TO EE FOR £1 BASIC BROADBAND. I left BT infinity 2 to cut cost and OMG you get what you pay for switching to EE - Grap service call them and speed will increase and a few days later it drops below 2mps. i believe they are controlling speeds and it became unbearable to even open a short video on facebook not to mention netflix buffing buffing.
    They are definately not what they advertise "Everything Everywhere" they should be call NN Nothing No-where The government needs to step in a get them to be liable for the low speeds. if you got a business and using EE believe me you will lose out on your business because you can never connect to correspond. But with the grace of god I was able to end contract my contract after 4 months and change providers without been penalized. The amount of calls justified that they were just not providing a basic service of adequate speed. So they are not all bad and I was not penalized for ending contract. Well it is to be finalized when I switch to a new provider!

  • unhappy

    by Peter at 10:01 on 15 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    We decided to get both mobile phone contracts and home broadband with EE. This was a bad mistake in so many ways I can't fit them in this post.

    First, the EE sales team in our local shop was slow and incompetent. They lied to us twice saying that that they could cancel our contract with our current broadband provider and start the new one with no overlap (similarly to what you do with energy providers, as you don't pay your electricity bill twice). They also told us that, in case of an overlap, they would have reimbursed us of any money we would have paid the other provider. Guess what? After two months of trying to get two months of overlap back, we have got nothing. Zero.

    On top of this, we've had delays in the set up of the broadband, mistakes in billing, and no access to our online accounts for days (they had misspelt both our names and our Gmail account - they had written GMIAL...). And the accounts of our broadband and mobile phones are all separate, which is inconvenient and makes no sense.

    Don't make our same mistake!

  • neutral

    by sjc at 10:22 on 10 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    no worse than any of the others; at the cheaper domestic end of the market they're all as bad/good as each other. Upgraded to fibre last year, as been with Orange and predecessors forever, now EE. Did it all online via 'chat', very helpful member of staff. Really, minimal problems, as we live at end of unmade lane with antique copper cable telecoms, can't complain. Connection appears slow on occasion, but we can't expect high urban speed here. When changed to fibre, speed noticeably increased although admittedly not brilliant, but adequate. You gets what you pays for........................!

  • unhappy

    by Mary at 1:31 on 10 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Surprised I could get online to write this review. Do not buy. The worst Internet connection I have ever had, customer service tells you they've sorted your problem before putting down the phone and leaving you buffering your 240p 30 second video on YouTube. Please avoid and save yourself the apparent bargain price of this drivel.

  • unhappy

    by Jayne at 9:57 on 9 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    The internet seems too be getting slower and slower and often times out loading everyday pages including hotmail and a google search. It's as if I've gone back to 90's dial-up! I now appreciate SKY broadband. Why oh why did I switch!

  • unhappy

    by maz hussain at 19:40 on 8 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    I was on the verge of joining EE for phone and broadband but decided to look at the reviews ,I am thanking my lucky stars that I did not join,this company should not be operating.THANK YOU PEOPLE .

  • unhappy

    by Unhappy at 22:56 on 7 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    Been with ee for 3 years spent more time of line than on line had 4 new boxes still the same had engineer out a fault at the exchange still intermittent Internet.
    They r now saying fault in my home same as the last House they want 60 quid to sort ringing tomorrow to end my time with them
    Stay clear of them I have tried to be reasonable with them but no joy..
    U spend more time on hold when u ring why they obviously drink tea or coffee cus they can't sort problems out

  • unhappy

    by Martin at 16:34 on 2 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    EE's customer service is absolutely horrendous, today I've been put through to at least 10 different department and still no further to rectifying my miniscule problem of moving my broadband from my old office to my new. All call centre workers must be retarded!
    I then tried to cancel due to there incompetence and was again passed from department to department! still my issue has not been sorted. I would not recommend EE to my worst enemy!

  • unhappy

    by Jayne at 13:51 on 30 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    I've just discovered that EE charged me £60 for an engineer visit during switchover when they cocked things up. The engineer did not find any fault at my end but EE have just lied to me over the phone saying that he did!

  • unhappy

    by Graham Grimshaw at 23:11 on 28 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    This is my second comment regarding EE. I am now at the stage where I am waiting for a call from one of the executive team to sort my problem although, until EE changes it's traffic management policy, this can't happen. My download speed drops each evening just after 4-00pm until just after 1-00am and at weekends after 1-00pm until 1-00am, as stated in EE's policy documents. What their policy does not state is that this speed reduction is in excess of 75% from just over 8mbps to less than 2mbps. I am using BTbroadband speed tester and tbbMeter to verify this speed reduction and have screen dumps and graphs to prove the above reduced download speeds. This can't just be happening to me! Whatever EE considers to be reasonable traffic management I don't consider that this is, and it is not what I am paying for. After 4-00pm my download speed is lower than when I was using dial-up, and yes I am old enough to have connected to the internet in this way. EE is being less than honest when it says it has the fastest internet service because nowhere does it state just how much throttling it does to your download speeds. If you want an accurate check on your connection use one of the above, BTbroadband is the easiest one of the two. If you play games on-line I would be very surprised if 2mbps would be of any use.

  • happy

    by Dan at 1:17 on 28 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    Overall EE has been very reliable with just a couple of dropouts in approx 2 yrs but speed usually averages around 7 down / 1 up. Not sure if this is due to new build on a new estate but I am noticing traffic managing in the evenings which seem to affect online games. Line tests score well at pingtest wuth minimal jitter so all appears good both in UK and nearby EU locations.

  • unhappy

    by Joanne at 17:40 on 26 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    Absolutely disguised with it we left sky broadband as it was slow I was promised by ee that their broadband would be a lot faster which was a total lie I wish I hadn't left sky now

  • unhappy

    by Rod Hughes at 19:11 on 20 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    All I can say is -ABSOUTELY ABYSMAL. We have been loyal EE mobile customers for years and this is the second time we got their broadband (this time fibre). We have now had an ongoing fault with our broadband speeds and stability for 3 months, and it's still not fixed. We have now had BT Openreach out 4 times and everytime we ring technical support we have to re-explain, re-test our line and confirm we still have the fault before we can get through to their faults team. It's like they don't keep any records of what has happened before and just run through the same script again and again.
    They don't call back when they say they will, I can't tell you how many hours we have spent on hold and after a while they just start telling you to change another setting and it will fix itself. It doesn't!
    We have made 3 complaints and no-one seems to act on these. We are getting out of this contract as soon as we can!!!

  • neutral

    by Nathan Jones at 22:04 on 17 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    I was connected on the 15th of December, it went down on the 16th of December.. The technical support teams really let EE down.. First of all they tried to advise that it was a router problem, then they decided it was the phone socket, but then they changed their mind and said it was an external problem.. They refused to get Openreach out until the 29th of December.. When the Openreach guy turned up asked the question why didn't EE get them out sooner as they were not busy and had no work on... EE claimed that they didn't have the capability to contact Openreach.... Anyway they don't call you back when promised the service is poor.. Even though it's back up and running I can't stream a low quality movie or TV programme without buffering... The other night I had to turn WiFi off my phone just to send a picture via WhatsApp.... I have not had their service for a full month yet and I have asked another provider to take my number and services.. EE can whistle dixie for the early termination fees because I will not be paying them.... I would strongly recommend that you think twice before choosing EE

  • unhappy

    by Graham Grimshaw at 18:15 on 14 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    I've been with Orange/EE for eleven years but have only noticed poor download speeds over the past months. Perhaps it's always been like this and I've not noticed but I doubt it. It is now a poor service with an obvious reduction in download speeds by EE after about 4-00pm. Tested download speed with BTWholesale and get 8mbps during the day until around 4-00pm when it suddenly plummets to less than 2mbps. This happens every day. Have made numerous phone calls to various people who seem to be very helpful and go away to 'check the line, the router and other things' but then never get back as promised to tell me what is going on. There is clearly no way in which my situation can be improved until EE changes its traffic management policy and purchases more bandwidth for its customers. Having unlimited broadband is of no use if it takes all night to download a relatively small file!

  • happy

    by shar at 12:23 on 10 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    Been with Orange/EE for years. 2 breakdowns, soon sorted, goodwill gestures of 2 months' free line rental.
    Enquired as to a better price as were paying £29.50 per month and now paying £15.75 per month for unlimited broadband, anytime calls, 1000 minutes to mobiles and free calls to 30 countries.
    Very pleasant customer service,

  • unhappy

    by Maryam at 9:32 on 4 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    One of worse companies to be with!
    I went to oxford street brunch to upgrade my phone and tablet and they missold the divides to me!! I didn't want any divice and the guy said you have to have it, it comes with it free of charge! Just to find out I've been charged double for unwanted item! Rude costumer service and poor team support!! Shame that I've been with the company for three years and now I'm thinking of leaving!

  • unhappy

    by Lisa bell at 21:03 on 3 Jan 2016 Report abuse

    WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE!!!!!! I have just cancelled my direct debit even though I have only been in my contract 6 months, my internet when working is very slow, but that is when it works, 75% of the time it says no internet access

  • unhappy

    by Robert at 18:40 on 24 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    I have been a customer of theirs (originally called orange) for 9 years when I got a mob via them and broadband for seven years, paying at one time over £100 a month to them for 2 x smartphones and home broadband but now down to one phone and I can't wait for that contract to expire, why? somewhere along the line they changed there name to EE and the product went out of the window to be replaced by "customer service" via Indian call centres, endless apologies and passing the buck but no real service. Living in the sticks I had broadband via the BT phoneline and for months the signal kept dropping out, always the same, apologies and blame BT, the line, the exchange etc etc but never taking responsibility for the service that they were not providing along with promises to adjust the bill which never actually happened. The funny thing is my neighbours on either side had similar broadband packages via other providers and did not suffer these problems, or days where there was no service at all, bt phone lines? the exchange? poor old Gupta did not like being told this at all.
    I finally changed provider and lo and behold I have a reliable service everyday and it has not dropped out once since the switch, bt line? the exchange? no, EE and their crap service and excuses was the problem all along.
    Amazingly my new provider charges two thirds of what I was paying EE, work that out.
    Also, once I had informed them that I was going they could not contact me enough pleading with me not to go, by text, phone call and email promising the earth and how sorry they were.
    Having informed them both before and after the switch over that I would no longer require their broadband they still kept taking money out of my account until I cancellled it at the bank.
    Their broadband is crap, their so called customer service is crap and they have lost forever a once loyal customer who used to spend good money with them over a long period of time.

  • happy

    by oliver at 20:01 on 23 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    Good value and great service, avg speed 16 meg, just taken out second year contact.

  • happy

    by Carla C at 15:05 on 19 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    Hi there,
    Must say I was veryyyy scared to move to EE after I read reviews but as I had the worse provider ever TalkTalk I took my chances... And so far it payd off! Gave realistic start of service and since I plugged the router no breaks in service at All as it used to happen with TalkTalk! Online gaming OK and several devices plugged at once. Very happy costumer so far 😀😀😀

  • unhappy

    by Ashley Boyles at 0:42 on 16 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    Awful, awful, awful, less than 1mb/s at all times, very bad customer service, consant drop outs and disconnection. I wish we had never chosen to get EE broadband.

  • happy

    by David Barnes at 14:24 on 15 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    Guys, We were about to switch over to EE. WOW..... and I mean Wowoooooa boy. I have never seen so many ANGRY people in one place. Don't think we'll be going to EE!... Back to the drawing board...

  • unhappy

    by Not impressed at 16:51 on 6 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    This is the worst ever broadband. Avoid it at all cost. As a reliable customer of over 6 years, I moved house and had to wait over a month to get an active line. I was then offered a month's discount for the inconvenience. I noticed my service was cancelled by EE for being in arrears of £2. How the £2 arrears was generated I have no clue as I was meant to have a month's discount and had a direct debit set up.

    My account was terminated completely and was asked to set up a new 12-month contract for something I wasn't responsible for. I'm glad I'm rid of EE. NEVER AGAIN.

  • happy

    by Steve Wyatt at 21:03 on 1 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    I have just moved from BT broadband to EE and so far I am very pleased. I was kept up to date by EE on the run up to the switch over date and everything happened as I'd been informed. Router arrived in plenty of time and EE TV box arrived the day after broadband went live. As measured using BT Wholesale speed checker I'm getting 10mbs faster broadband than BT ever gave me. My wireless is also much better all around the house. EE TV is also very good, the box being far more responsive to the handset than BTs Vision box. So far very happy but it is only day 2.

  • neutral

    by Mike at 13:20 on 28 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    I've been with sky for 3 years and it was ok, went down once as far as I remember. I'm now switching to EE as I want a router with 5Ghz wifi.
    I wish I've read reviews before I've made the switch, I'm starting to panic now as the contract with EE is for 18 months.
    In the email they said my broadband will be activated on 25th Nov 2015, so Sky switched off the line on 25th and EE sent me a text saying it that the EE broadband will be activated on 27th (not 25th like they said before). They switched on the phone line on 28th Nov at 8am but the broadband is still not working. I've been on multiple calls with them now and they'll be sending someone to inspect the fibre cabin and will call me back within 24h.
    I'm not impressed so far, I wonder if I can still quit this contract and go back to sky?

  • neutral

    by Bob Cartmell at 23:39 on 26 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    Wondering what I've signed up to after reading the comments on here!

    I've been with EE and Orange previously for a few years. Just mobiles (2) to begin with and broadband and mobiles for the last two years. I've had a couple of episodes of very slow broadband (

  • unhappy

    by Martyn at 9:36 on 25 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    Possible worst reliability I have encountered - works for a few weeks and then drops out to less than half a meg for days.

    Came to end of contract, phoned for migration code, customer service is rude and obnoxious, hung up on me. They did tell me I was out of contract and there would be no fees, but then charge me £10 because I am still in contract after I move. Phoned multiple times a day by their call centers after leaving, who just hang up on you when I say that I am not interested and to please stop ringing, won't be going anywhere near in the future, very bad form from a huge company who should know better.

  • unhappy

    by Sarah at 18:29 on 23 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    Just cancelled with EE with having them less then a month. No phone for 14 days constant calls to technical support in India . 2 engineers assigned only one attended. Engineer assigned and told us it wasn't a fault on our side. So another call to EE tech support where they wanted to send another engineer 7 days from now meaning we've been without a line for over 18 days in the end cancelled contract with threats of a 165 pound charge which was waived when we threatened a counter court charge due to my mum losing earnings as an agency nurse on call and not being able to get calls. When your on the phone and the tech support make you do the same tests again and again and then each technician suggests different faults and doesn't rectify after engineer assistant its a joke .

  • unhappy

    by Kim at 15:09 on 20 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    I cancelled my contract and asked on the phone if it was OK to go ahead and remove EE from my direct debits on online banking. The person on the phone said that yes, as a payment had just come out I was OK to cancel the direct debit. EE then tried to take a further payment after I'd cancelled the direct debit. When I received the letter stating that my payment hadn't been collected I contacted the customer services to explain the situation. After being put on hold for 20 minutes while the operator spoke to her manager I was told that no, I had to pay the last amount as they had no record of me cancelling the account. I had to re-cancell the account. I was told either to pay up or to go through to the customer complaints process. I didn't pay, initially believing in the process, then filled out the customer complaints email but got no answer. I thought the problem had been dealt with but then received another letter threatening my credit rating and that my 'debt' would be sold to a collection agency. I called the number to pay the amount because I don't want that, and even THEN it wasn't easy - the automatic payment process switched to a person who needed to take all my details again. When she asked for the payment due date on the letter (there isn't one) I was told I couldn't make the payment. So now I have to pay but can't pay. After I took her employee number so that I could try the complaints process again she magically could take the payment without the mysterious disappearing due date. Please for the love of humanity, if you're reading this before getting into a contract please don't sign with EE or Orange, or T-Mobile (they're all the same company).

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