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  • unhappy

    by Linda stafford at 22:50 on 16 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    EE home broadband is terrible one year wifi has never worked , on the phone for 3 hours this evening and many times during the year customer services non exsistant rude unhelpful. Lorraine (team leader in customer services) is rude and so unhelpful she told me it wasn't EE responsibility 'actually it is' very rude lady. Customer services terrible they all need sacking. DO NOT GO WITH EE HOME BROADBAND

  • unhappy

    by Tim Byrne at 20:43 on 16 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    EE are absolutely CRAP. My bills were over £100 per month due to no service and listening to voicemsil. Everything they promise is a lie. They should be investigated by the government for fraud. DO NOT JOIN EE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THEY TAKE EVERYTHING AND OFFER NOTHING.

  • unhappy

    by d johnson at 19:30 on 12 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    joined 3 months ago with ee engineer never turned up 3 times
    been to fosse park shop today very poor sevice ee want closeing down.
    crap company.

  • unhappy

    by Simon at 15:40 on 8 Nov 2015 Report abuse

    One year on, my contract has finally come to an end and has NEVER WORKED! Numerous telephone calls, website contacts and even recorded delivery letters resulted in me being passed back into a NEVER ENDING LOOP of 'customer services' acknowledging that there was a fault, followed by an assurance that they would sort it out . . . . followed by a text message 'Please call EE 0800 ####### if you are still experiencing issues with your service or need further help'! Do they have any idea of how frustrating it is!? Even when i managed to speak to people in the UK I was told to speak to 'customer services'! When i finally gave up after a year and moved to a competent supplier, they tried contacting me that day seven times! DON'T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE!

  • unhappy

    by David Ward at 10:27 on 30 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    Bad, useless. abominable, intractable, and any other adjectives that would suit the customer service efforts of this company would be welcome.
    I have been with this company through all its previous incarnations and since the technical help moved to India it is just one big joke!
    As a previous commenter said "robotic instructions are all you can prize out of them". Slow speeds and constant dropping out of my Brightbox going around in circles with some unintelligible Indian advisor have all brought me to the conclusion that this company should not be selling broadband.
    After them flicking some switches I finally got my speed up the 14mbs up from 0.5 Mbps then slowly dropping again to 2 and three and if I am lucky 4. I have done all the tests bought an iPlate and my router still drops out. I was told my line was fine then told I must pay £60 if an engineer visits and finds a fault.
    I then requested a new Brightbox but was told that an engineer must visit first with the chance I must pay the fee!
    I have now purchased a Brightbox off EBay from somebody who was sent two by mistake.
    Question, does any technophile out there know what changes to the new box I must make to make it work with my account?
    Obviously on the keep me card it will have a different wireless password etc!
    Thank you if anybody can help.
    David Ward

  • unhappy

    by Ross at 17:38 on 29 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! Ordered broadband on the 8/8/15 canceled contract 8/10/15. 10+ failed attempts at getting me live, 4 supposed engineer appointments booked never turned up. Customer services is none existent take a hint from plus net EE!!!!

    Went to plus net and was activated in 10 days.

  • unhappy

    by Hao Li at 13:03 on 29 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    Just bought an EE mobile wifi yesterday at oxford circus store but the there was no signal when I use it. I went to the store today and wait for 30 minutes and then he asked me to call customer service myself. He called the number for me and it takes about 10 minutes to get someone to speak to me through the phone. Finally a lady picked the phone, and said it's the wrong line for my service and need to speak to someone in the store. I then went to him and he said he was with another customer and had no time for me. I told the lady on the phone about this and she said she cannot hold long. Therefore it waste me 1 hour time and get nothing for help. Very rubbish service, don't go to EE!!!!! disappointing. I would never use it again.

  • unhappy

    by Lynne at 23:09 on 25 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    My complaints are really no different from anyone else's to be fair. I live in a rural area so don't really expect fantastic speeds anyway but was promised between 5-7mbps. Not once have I received the 5! At best, just above 4mbps which is a luxury. However, at its worst, which is becoming more common we're getting 0.3/0.8! Netflix is a no go, I'm studying at the moment and a 3min online clip took half an he to watch last night. Have sent in yet another complaint as a 45 min clip tonight is now bordering double that. I'm absolutely fed up with it now and looking for another broadband provider and they dare to ask me for a cancellation fee either, as they wont get another penny from me. Had BT before which weren't much better and they struggled to give us 2mbps but enough is enough, sick of paying almost £45 a month for substandard service. Avoid at all costs!!!

  • unhappy

    by Richard Kirton at 23:32 on 20 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    What a shambles. I was persuaded to move to EE for my Broadband from TalkTalk. TalkTalk has disconnected me at 10pm today 20th October 2015. I am told by EE that I will not be connected to EE Broadband until 30th October and there is nothing that they can do about it since the delays are with BT. Again what a complete shambles. Two large communication companies cannot communicate and synchronise connection and disconnection. Perhaps the Chinese would be better able to manage our communications networks in the UK. EE has left me with no internet connection and the router has not even turned up yet. I should have stayed with TalkTalk.

  • unhappy

    by Aga at 16:57 on 19 Oct 2015 Report abuse

    My friend suggested EE I said why not this was the biggest mistake!!! It took 3 weeks for engineer to come around to reactivate the landline than we have waited another 2 weeks for the rooter to arrive being honest we are still waiting!!! How they expect people to live without internet. EE if you can’t keep up with the demand DO NOT take any more orders!!! Disappointed

  • unhappy

    by Peter at 22:12 on 24 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    AVOID! at all costs, WORST broadband provider I have ever used. It drops off when using the Xbox and makes the EE tv box run slow. Also the EE tv box does not get some channels and we get the whole runaround. as soon as I can i'll be going to another provider,

  • unhappy

    by Frank at 18:43 on 20 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Switched to EE a few months ago due to BT getting greedy but wish I had not, keeps dropping off all the time and have to reboot iPad about every half hour, the kids xbox is the same with tantrums every time it drops off, have spoke on phone a few times and have asked to be put on to someone who speeds English so as to tell them the problem but Indian run around. Going to get out of contract as soon as I can

  • unhappy

    by Sarah Tench at 19:14 on 17 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    EE asa company are the WORST they are incompetent and totally unable to supply broadband in fact it is fraudulent taking money for services they cannot will not and frankly have no intention of providing. BEWARE avoid at all costs.

  • unhappy

    by Pauline McMullen at 16:46 on 14 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Worst internet service I have encountered - endless phone calls and broken promises of engineer call backs. Slow speeds and intermittent drop outs several times per day. Netflix unwatchable. Going to BT before the end of my contract and they want to charge me £58 which I am going to fight as their product is not fit for purpose - I have two teenagers and just want a stable fast connection so I get some peace.

  • unhappy

    by David at 15:31 on 10 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    I moved to BT Infinity for my broadband and EE switched me off 7 August 2015 and will not be connected until 20 August 2015 because there is a 11 working day before I can be switched, they do not make it easy to move. I will be checking to see how much they will bill me for this lack of service,

  • unhappy

    by sue at 22:11 on 9 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Moved to EE a couple of months ago on the promise of better speeds etc, etc, what total rubbish, always cutting out, no service, cant load anything!!! How can they get away with charging for a service they'r not providing and then have the cheek to say it will cost me £135 to cancel !!! Avoid at all costs, I wish I had done

  • unhappy

    by Sue Taylor at 19:38 on 9 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    Had to move out of my house due to an escape of water which did a lot of damage. Orange/EE took 3 weeks to reinstall broadband and landline in rented property I moved to close by. 5 months later I gave them as much notice as I could - about a week regarding my return to my house. Despite the fact that I told them that I had lived in my house for 10 years they insisted that "as it was a new property" an appointment for an engineer would be made for 5 working days time. I waited in that day, only to be told. when I rang customer services around 4 pm. that I should have been told 7 working days and the engineer would actually be coming 3 days later. As I had a hospital appointment that day it was delayed for a further week. When the engineer finally came, he told me he only had instructions for a landline and had no equipment for broadband. He showed me the information he had on his handset. There was all sorts of nonsense about me moving to a new development etc. despite my having repeated my story endlessly to customer services. After 4 weeks and escalations to managers I am still without broadband. I feel like a refugee, keying into friend's broadband whenever I visit to keep abreast of banking etc. Orange have given me some compensation, but it really isn't money at issue.
    Over the last five months I have been flooded out of my home, had a car crash, had several hospital visits but my experience with Orange/EE has been the most distressing and frustrating.

  • unhappy

    by Neil Guevarra at 19:04 on 6 Aug 2015 Report abuse

    In all of my life. I have never ever encountered such a slow if not the slowest broadband. It might be one of the worst broadband out there. Hold on let me rephrase that. IT IS THE WORST BROADBAND OUT THERE. I tested it and said 14mb/s download speed and that is just the graph is shown but when it comes to reality how or WHY the heck am I getting 1-3kb/s!!!!!!! Absolute rubbish. They may have good deal on this but trust me it is not worth it. It's not worth what you pay for!! Again, Absolute rubbish

  • neutral

    by Vitor at 23:32 on 25 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    EE the WORST EVER broadband!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Jayne at 9:16 on 23 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    I too am having the same, with my broadband and landline. I advised of my house move on the 4th June, we were moving on the 4th July.... I had a date of 6th July for an engineer to come out. I confirmed on the day that they were coming, I booked half a day of my precious works holidays and guess what, no one turned up. No one had the decency to tell me. I had two further appointments no show, and it is now 23rd July, I had my landline done on Monday 20th July and still waiting for my broadband. I have been lied to constantly, I have just been told my broadband had not been ordered....... and it could take another 2 weeks to get up and running. This is just not good enough. All i get is 'i can only apologise'

  • unhappy

    by Andrey at 0:13 on 17 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    I ordered fibre broadband on 31st of May and EE still is not able to provide service after 1.5 months. Customer service which is located in india does not speak good English nor have a right skills and helpless after dozen attempt to solve issue. EE thratens to charge 500gbp for early termination so I have to start sending papers and collecting facts to go to small case court due to violation of Supply of Goods and Services act from 1982.
    Never ever even think becoming EE customer!

  • unhappy

    by Kim at 21:56 on 14 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    wish I had come to thus site and read the comments on here before leaving sky, I thought sky were bad but they have nothing on EE. The broadband is absolute rubbish, so slow it's unreal....and as for customer service, I can't even find a word that can describe them, honestly!!!!! I joined EE at the end of May this year and I must have phoned them at least 30 times and I'm still nowhere near sorting my problem out. Everyone I speak to tells me something different...I'm at my wits end, I really don't know what to do next.....I've learnt a real nasty lesson by going to EE

  • unhappy

    by James burrows at 17:54 on 12 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    Just cancelled EE broadband, possibly the worst service I have ever recieved, I was promised an average speed of 11Meg, but I have been getting 0.05Mbits/sec. Useless. I complained and they said my line was only capable of 8 Meg, but if I gave them more money for fibre they could flip a switch and I would have a useful service. Well there is no way I am upgrading because they are not able to deliver the service I paid for. VirginMedia, here I come.

  • unhappy

    by Mr H at 1:09 on 9 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    My broadband speed has gone down and down since EE bought over Orange. I have been with Orange and its predecessors for over 25 years. Since EE took over, I have had nothing but problems, the biggest being slower and slower speeds.
    I phone customer services and I was sent on a journey to the technical team in India. First I couldn't hear what she was saying and couldn't understand a word she was saying. She kept asking security questions which were already asked for and my mobile number, which I don't have. She asked me about the problem and I explained that my speed was so slow, my computer and games consoles struggled to work and sometimes would throw me out of my connection. She asked me to reboot my bright box which I did. Then said nothing. I kept saying hello, hello and no response. eventually she said that there was a problem and could i unscrew the telephone line cover from the wall and look for an internal connector. I said I would not touch the wiring, that was surely and engineers job. There was a long debate on this and she eventually hung up.
    I phone customer service back who merely said they could not help but I needed to go back to the technical team. Once again I was put through to someone who read from a script and could not speak very good english. I had to keep asking him to speak louder and clearer. To which he did not. He told me that I probably had an issue because i had mobiles phones lying too near the bright box. Hardly seeing as i told him i didn't have one. Or that my iPad was too close. It was in the other room. This is when I knew this chap was no expert. I explained I had done a test on my pc and the speed I was getting was 0.30mbps. he told me not to trust that as they were usually wrong. He would test it for me. He did and would not tell me the speed. He did however say it was extremely slow. He said he would put me on hold for a few minutes. Turned out to be 20 mins. He came back on saying he had made alterations to my connection and now I should have a faster speed. I checked. I didn't. He then said the problem is that it will take up to 3 hours for the faster speed to work and to test my pc in 3 hours time. He then told me to keep all electrical equipment away from my bright box, never to turn it off and to stop relying on speed testing. Only EE could advise of the speed I was getting. So I asked what speed was I getting. He again said well, wait for three hours. If it isn't faster then phone back.
    So I have spent all day trying to sort out a problem from a team who don't care, who don't know anything, but are happy for me to sit without a connection that I am paying for. Come back Wanadoo and orange and kick these clowns to the kerb. I am going to ring tomorrow to report that the speed is still very slow and advise them that I am going to go to Offtel and the papers.
    BTW I am registered blind and with supportive equipment I can no longer use my pc because of the exceptionally slow speeds. We in the uk need to stand up and write to the Government about this appalling service and demand refunds and penalties for them being not fit for purpose.
    In other parts of Europe, they r getting top speeds of 100mbs. OMG we r being mugged over

  • unhappy

    by Mitchell Smith at 22:20 on 6 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    EE Broadband was the worst choice of Internet i have ever had!, its so slow, it gets disconnected at random times for no reason and i cant even play online with games!!! Do not pick EE as your Broadband Provider.

  • unhappy

    by Suet at 0:21 on 1 Jul 2015 Report abuse

    I despair - I was paying BT £40 a month for broadband and phone. Went to EE for something like £27 a month. But it is just so slow, downloading stuff, buffering, I turn the pc on and off, I turn the wifi on and off and it doesn't make a difference. Yet when I check the speed I'm supposed to have it claims its fine. What to do next.

  • unhappy

    by Jack at 15:48 on 29 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    So 2 months ago I decided to make the biggest mistake by signing up for home broadband from an EE store who told me at the beginning of may 2015 where they and I arranged for on engineer to come to my house and install my broadband on the 11th of may between 8:00-13:00 so I took the day off work to find no one was turning up until the 5th of June which I was not too happy about then come the 5th of June I take another day of to the have the same problem as before so I call EE again and they tell me there is nothing they can do until the 29th of June (2 months later) so today I have another day off work and finally an engineer has arrived to then tell me he can't help me because he's not qualified to carry out the work needed barring in mind at the EE store they informed me I live in a gold area(good connection no hassle) so he leaves and I ring EE and they say we will give you a call in a few days to so they can try and sort out another date which tbh I'm just waiting for another excuse I definitely not recommend EE home home broadband to anyone!! I'm absolutely discussed with the service I have or haven't received :/

  • unhappy

    by Bill Quinlan at 13:25 on 28 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    Everything Everywhere should change their logo to "Nothing Anywhere"! Totally useless. After being with this "service" since Freeserve days and all its mutations I've had enough. My speed is now down to 0.3Mbps! - slower downstream than up!! I can't stream even musical tracks from iTunes or Spotify without re-buffering every few seconds. Not fit for purpose.

  • unhappy

    by Paula at 23:26 on 22 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    What more can I say... EE is total waste of money and time. First problem was after purchase the broadband- in shop they promised it will start after few days- it took around 16 days to start the connection. Then after 3 months of using it started to be slow, sometimes no connection for 2-3 hours 3 times a day. But the real problem started after moving house. We moved in on 12.06, 19.06 the engineer has come, the line was working for 20 minutes after he left. Two text messages that the broadband will start working on friday (19.06) midnight. It's 22 almost 23.06 and it's not working. Customer service is rubbish, people can't speak there english, they didn't help at all. The told that they are doing some tests and the line will start to work on Monday. It wasn't. Second call- they told that it will start shortly after this call. 12 hours later it's not working. I'm going to find a new provider because it's some kind of joke. I used to have broadband at home in Poland since 2004 and never had situation like that. In three days after purchase you have the engineer and everything's set up. No further problems for some years and now with EE in UK is some kind of nightmare.

  • unhappy

    by Michelle at 22:01 on 18 Jun 2015 Report abuse

    I've had EE broadband and phone for 10 months. Got them as the deal was such a steal. Despite the bad reviews broadband was fine for six months. For the last few months it has slowed to a crawl, I'm better using my 3g mobile reception then the unpredictable wifi speed. Avoid avoid.

    I also get hundreds more junk calls than with any other previous network, somehow my number has been sold on (by ee?) So bad, I have bought a new phone to block withheld numbers (a service which costs £3pm from ee).

    Coming to the end of my one year contract I phoned to cancel and was told that the international number add-on I accepted when cold called was actually a new one year contract. This was never mentioned by the smooth sales man of course.

    If you like fast reliable broadband stay away from this company at all costs.

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