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  • happy

    by lynn at 14:27 on 23 May 2015 Report abuse

    i am happy and relieved to have read the above reviews as i was about to change to EE this has saved me a lot of stress,i wont be going anywhere near EE and thank all the reviewers for their comments and wish them a better time soon.

  • neutral

    by stevie at 15:52 on 20 May 2015 Report abuse

    have been with EE since freeserve days - mainly because can't bear hassle of losing business email address. Have today finally got upgrade to fibre connected. To be fair, they have done everything they promised, itemised details of charges/upfront/discounts etc emailed immediately - you do need to read these, folks! - new router arrived next day. Slight delay - for which they apologised - in upgrade, but done this morning as promised. I have found their local helpcentre staff are polite and helpful - they rang immediately in replay to an emailed query - but do have to agree with everyone else - their technical support in India is dire and impossible to understand or hear - interference on line is dreadful. So far today can't complain - they've done what they said they would, and as soon as plugged in new router everything sprang into life again. I can't expect truly wonderful service as in semi-rural area at end of unmade lane - ancient copper cable from fibre box huge distance away - but it has to be better than current! Am waiting to see what happens in 10 days time after 'settling in' period!

  • unhappy

    by tim at 12:25 on 18 May 2015 Report abuse

    The worst company I have ever dealt with.

    Messed up our original order and left us with no internet for 3 weeks ( at which point I changed over to sky broadband). told account would be closed with no charges as they had messed up the order, 6 months later I received a letter from a debt collection agency for £551.85 owed to orange home services. So mad that words cannot describe it, permanent blemish on my otherwise good credit report and endless time and money wasted phoning the worlds worst customer support centre. As long as I am alive I will never have another EE product or service and I advise anyone else to do the same.

  • unhappy

    by Richard at 8:49 on 18 May 2015 Report abuse


    Agreed to contact providing fibre broadband. The speed is 50% of what I was promised. Phoned to cancel but had to pay£400.

  • happy

    by Iain shilliday at 16:56 on 15 May 2015 Report abuse

    I already have a post about how unhappy I was with EE customer service, after being very frustrated about my lack of landline and low broadband speeds, both have now been resolved and EE have compensated me with 2 months free service which I thought was a nice gesture considering my services were off for around 3 weeks
    I believe if a company does a good thing that should be spoken about on here as well as the bad stuff
    I am a very happy bunnie now

  • unhappy

    by Gintare at 12:07 on 15 May 2015 Report abuse

    I have 3phone contracts and 1 home broadband .
    But they treat me like s**t . I lost internet , i was calling them for tree days nobody pick up , after they pick up , told me to wait 7 days after 7 days again 7 days . They are the worst company ever

  • unhappy

    by Debbie at 18:59 on 9 May 2015 Report abuse

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! BE WARNED THEY ARE THE WORST AT BOTH BROADBAND AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! £30 FEE to disconnect even after my contract of 12 months has expired!!!!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Iain shilliday at 18:50 on 6 May 2015 Report abuse

    Got fibre broadband and home phone From EE nearly 2 years ago. Fibre speeds are very debateable, you definitely do not get the top speed they estimate.last week my phone line went dead, I called them I was on hold for around 20 mins I finally got an appointment made, engineer came diagnosed fault as water damage and it was fixed. Trouble was now my fibre broadband has slowed to less than 1 mb.About a dozen phone calls later the escalated my complaint to open reach after me sitting talking to an advisor for around 1 hour on my laptop adjusting router settings, a complete waste of time as the signal was low due to a fault on the line to the exchange. The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, the staff are all Indian and they seem to have very little understanding of the English language outside the script in front of them. They can't answer simple questions and also book open reach engineer appointments without even asking you if its suitable. Mind you when the open reach engineer fixed my phone line due to water getting into the cables due to the plastic cover not being sealed against the wall, I have noticed there is a gap, which water will get in and damage the cables again unbeliveable!!!!!
    I will tell you about excellent customer service. The company is the computer people Apple. Amazing mind blowing customer service, an example, I purchased a song on their iTunes site for 59p , there was an issue with the download so I contacted them, answer the phone virtually straight away, resolved the download issue and gave me a song credit worth 99p for my inconvenience, plus sent me an email asking if everything was ok. Don't forget I only spent 59p originally. With EE I am spending £30 a month and they can't even be bothered answering the bloody phone!!! And when they do they are useless!!!

  • unhappy

    by Kevin Johnson at 16:19 on 2 May 2015 Report abuse


    My flatmate and I recently decided to sign up to EE Home Broadband and EETV. We were of course very interested in such a competitively priced TV and entertainment package.
    Having spoken to a couple of friends, who had heard very negative comments about EE in general, I was a little wary so had a look online, including this very Facebook page, to see what the feedback was. I saw mostly angry customers voicing their frustration online, seemingly due to them being unable to get anywhere with EE's customer services.
    I always take online social media comments with a huge pinch of salt, and I figured we had a 50/50 chance in things working out so decided to trust in what we had been told by the store salesperson and went ahead.
    Well I can only say I truly wish I had trusted my own instict and stayed away.
    We are now over 3 weeks with no broadband whatsoever. You get told that you will be up and running within 10 days of activation, and that you may experience an 'intermittent service' during that time. So far we have had nothing at all!
    I work from home, and my flatmate also runs a small company from home too so the internet is vital to our day to day work activities. This is of course not EE's problem, and 10 days without service relying on our mobile data was something we were prepared to do, however over 3 weeks without it has now resulted in us having to pay a lot of extra money to repeatedly increase our mobile data.
    During this ordeal, we have made repeated calls to EE's customer service line. We have managed to successfully speak with them 8 times. Numerous other calls were made but after waiting for an average of 40 minutes, and on a couple of occasions over one hour, we had to give up.
    Of the 8 conversations, 5 were with the technical team, who each time went through the same checks and advised that for some reason our account was 'locked' and they needed to submit a work order to another team. The first person advised that it will be unlocked and working within 48 hrs. 2 days later the next person advised word for word the same thing, only this time it would be working in 24 hours. 1 day later, another person repeated the very same info and advised it will be unlocked and working in 4 days! 5 days later we were advised the account was for some reason locked, but they will submit a work order to another team and it will be unlocked and working in 48 hours!!!
    That was 3 days ago, and I have now been speaking daily with the cancellation team, as they seem to answer their phones, asking for our contract to be cancelled as we no longer have faith that EE are doing anything to fix this. I was also then told that they had set up the account incorrectly in the first place.
    I have explained all the above to 3 different people in the cancellation department now and literally pleaded to cancel the contract as they have completely breached their side of it by providing us with no broadband and absolutely no service whatsoever. They had also said we wouldn’t be charged, however they HAVE taken the payment from us for a service we are not getting access to.
    I am now being told that even though EE have provided no services whatsoever we would have to pay a cancellation fee to come out of the contract. Clearly a very clever way of taking money from people for nothing in return.
    The current status with our account is that we have to wait another 3 days for them to ‘speak with BT’ to see what is wrong. This is after another 2 and a half hours on the phone this afternoon to them.
    I believe that our experience is not a one off, and is in fact very common but I guess most people prefer to just pay the fee to be rid of them. I think that the way we have been treated by EE has been utterly disgraceful. I cannot believe that in 2015 a company can be allowed to operate like this, and I truly hope that more people might stand up to air their full and honest experiences here with the aim of saving many people time and money in the future.
    If you are, like I was, feeling 50/50 feeling about signing up, GO WITH A DIFFERENT PROVIDER! Unless you are prepared for the amount of time you will need to spend on hold, or repeating the same checks over and over again.
    I genuinely wish I had never started this process and will NEVER have anything to do with this company again.
    I work in customer service myself and am utterly appalled by the lack of care or interest EE shows to their customers. I have requested to speak to a customer services manager but they will not put me through. I have requested call backs but nobody ever calls back. I have been hung up on 3 times, and not through myself being aggressive. As I mentioned, working in customer service I understand that it is not the fault of the person on the other end of the phone, so have remained perfectly polite throughout.
    This experience has caused nothing but stress, time wasting, additional costs and possible loss of earnings due to being unable to work as normal.
    I have successfully stopped 1 person from signing up with EE already, and I truly hope that this information helps others in moving away from EE.

  • unhappy

    by ben at 23:48 on 1 May 2015 Report abuse

    Further to my previous review post I am now unhappy to report that after 2 months of messing about I finally have my superfast fibre connection that I signed up for...oh wait, no it's actually ADSL and..gosh...2Mb download speed....what a joke...EE is absolutely atrocious...AVOID AT ALL COSTS.....never should have switched from Plusnet.....pure snake oil

  • unhappy

    by valcus at 23:30 on 1 May 2015 Report abuse

    just so so unhappy!!...they are rubbish

  • unhappy

    by Sarah Callingham at 9:26 on 1 May 2015 Report abuse

    Avoid EE at all costs.

    Was absolutely fine, great internet speeds and never needed to ever call them...until we decided to move.

    I read on their website it could take 4 weeks, so we let them know long in advance. Finally got the switch over date to be middle April. They said we'd be connected that day as they'd sent out an engineer to connect it that morning. Midnight came and went, no internet. Called the next day to ask why and after a while on the phone with non english people that could barely understand me, it seemed like they'd sent the engineer to the OLD address, although they denied that when we quizzed them later. On hold for 50 mins with no answer, being hung up on. These are all the things you'll expect from an EE customer call centre.

    On one occasion we were told we were out of contract so tried to cancel and then they gave us a MUCH cheaper deal if we signed up for another 18 month contract which did tempt us, so we said we'd call them back after we'd through about it. Decided we'd rather go somewhere that actually gave us good customer service even though it was such a cheaper deal, and they then denied we were out of contract and tried to get us to pay £100 for breaking contract and £30 for deactivating the service. I wish we'd just cancelled straight away as they couldn't have done anything about it then rather than going away to think about it. So we're stuck for another 6 months.
    After getting nowhere they explained that the bt engineer had to come out again, suprise suprise (because in their error they'd sent one to the old address before) giving no real reason to us at all, and he's just finished today, so I called them and said we should get internet before midnight tonight now? (as that's what they said on their website) and the guy in the home love department said no, it's booked in for 15th of this month. After asking why we had to wait another 2 weeks as we had a phone line now, he finally had to agree with me, and put a request in for tomorrow. I doubt we'll get it though, as they promised we'd get it middle of April and still nothing.

    For all you people who are stuck in contract, EE have 30 days legally to connect you so if it's been longer than 30 days they've broken contract and you can get out for free. They told us this when we tried to leave, so they conveniently put the connection date on day 29 (middle of May) of us having no internet. How convenient!

    Also to stop loads of waiting time we got a direct number to home move which has no hold time at all. It's 02890446554.

    Avoid EE at all costs, the cheaper prices are not worth the hassle. We didn't plan to move but circumstances made us and now we've been without internet for half a month because of their incompetencies.

  • unhappy

    by tim at 20:22 on 28 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    ee what a joke they should be closed down for being not fit for purpose appaling customer service palmed me off with no broadband and crackling phone line for 3 weeks and still no closer to being fixed so cancelled as out of contract and stopped direct debit avoid these clowns at all cost just read every email here they all say the same thing it some shape or form

  • unhappy

    by valcus at 4:09 on 26 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Ohhh gawd ..I am now past my 14 day cool off period & my broadband has dropped from 17 to below 8 ...surely if everyone is right something should be able to be done?

  • unhappy

    by [email protected]@M at 21:08 on 25 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Hi Guys,

    I'm using EE Broadband for few months now and have the following issues.

    1. When I signed for the contract it was told i can cancel within 14 days after the service starts, which was later on told that it cancellation date has already been passed and it started when i signed for the contract. (Big Liers)

    2. I was told BT (my broadband and phone supplier) will return my line rental which is paid annually, which BT never refunded (Another Lie)

    3. After joining service had various issues with WiFi and their tech support always told me we will reset settings and bla bla and when nothing changes they said someone will call me back but no one ever called (please note this was told 3 times) and i was always very patient. I already knew that they are lying as i know how stuff works, note that i have 3 years of broadband support experience so i know what im talking about.

    Finally one day one of the guys finally accepted that and his exact words were "the device is not really good and we have lot of complaints about it, you can buy Netgear router which is a good one". So if you are singing for the service remember they are big liers and you will end up buying your own device.

    I have already spent more than which i was thinking to save by joing EE.

    They are simply rubbish.

  • unhappy

    by Ricenny at 14:04 on 25 Apr 2015 Report abuse



    Worst customer service and worst broadband( dropping line every 5 mins

  • unhappy

    by Baz at 11:44 on 24 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    This is the worst thing in the world go to Tesco and you'll probably have better internet. I think even if you live on the moon you would have better connection than this. I have had it for 2 months and I have had 0 internet from day one they haven't done anything and it is just not acceptable.

  • unhappy

    by Barbra at 8:21 on 24 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Absolutely disgusting customer service we moved house have been out of internet 4week due to mistakes they keep making when we rang up to see when the problem would be sorted the customer service adviser HUNG UP on us!! When they finally did come to fit it the man who spend 2hr in his van with his friend finally decided to do some work had no idea what he was doing and failed to mention we'd be out of Internet for a further week!! Do not join absolute joke

  • unhappy

    by Giverny at 1:52 on 23 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    The staff clearly don't know what they're doing. Moved house that needed a phone line connecting so informed EE of this and they've arranged for 4 BT engineers to come out and reinstall the phone line (to which none have turned up even with dates constantly changing - no wonder!!).
    Called up to ask about the progress and why no one has shown up yet and been given some b****hit about not needing an engineer out and its spmething to do with some external cables. Been waiting 10 weeks now for this broadband to be switched, been told we wouldn't get billed as we haven't ised any internet (we literaly can't) and yet they're still expecting £55!! For what?! USELESS COMPANY!!! If you don't know the answer, find someone that does and start earning your wage like everyone else!!! So so lazy and unprofessional. Highly regret having anything to do with EE and will not reccomend to anyone and everyone I know.

  • unhappy

    by sara at 0:06 on 23 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Its been 8 months and Not working since day one Worst Internet broadband ever, scam, I regret having EE broadband

  • unhappy

    by Tim at 16:48 on 22 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    I cannot agree more with the above comments. EE tech help are:- unbelievablely useless, incompetent, unhelpful, non technical and cannot understand me, perhaps because the help centre in based in India. I have had no trouble with my BB connection for many years then when help is needed, NOTHING absolutely NO help whatsoever. I'm going with BT.

  • neutral

    by Melika at 13:01 on 22 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Good to see this reviews before switching to EE

  • unhappy

    by ben at 12:48 on 22 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Signed up 21 Feb for Fibre....2 months later nothing after 3 different promised connection dates....not a good start. Should have stuck with Plusnet

  • unhappy

    by Joanne at 20:30 on 21 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    They changed my existing landline number which i had for almost 10 years. They kept coming up with excuses and said they'll restore my number in 2 weeks (which they didnt), then they said 1 week (which ofcourse they didnt), then they said 2 working days (and suprise, suprise, they didnt)!! Its now been 3 months and im still hearing the same 'dialogue' from them. Ha, ha, ha. Please, please, please, DONT JOIN EE!!!!

  • unhappy

    by Julie Peczek at 14:02 on 17 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    Why didn't I read the reviews before signing up with EE Broadband? Absolutely the worst service ever!!! Broadband speed is unbelievably slow and constantly cutting out so down loading is virtually impossible. When you ring to complain make sure you have a couple of hours to spare - will be minimum 30 minutes on hold before speaking to an operater. Someone usually answers within 40-50 minutes. Difficult to understand the operators who answer - my last phone call lasted 1hour 13 minutes and I hung up in sheer frustration.

  • unhappy

    by tezzer at 20:33 on 11 Apr 2015 Report abuse

    only just got my ee tv and broadband first day wiffi net work did not work. 2nd day ee box not working right spent nearly 2 hours trying to get through to ee customer service reps are useless. hoping to get through tomorrow to cancel it it is diabolical service do not touch it. i just want to know if my contract start s when my internet went live if so i should have ten days to cancel

  • unhappy

    by Rachel at 15:23 on 27 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    TERRIBLE!!! The Norton that you get with the boradband deal is a con. I tried to download it but because I have the latest version of the Mac, it won't download and it's not compatible! They don't tell you that wehn you order with them. I've been on the phone to them now for over an hour and been passed to every foreign speaking numpty available, also very rude ones!! Don't waste you time and energy with them!!

  • unhappy

    by jason smith at 4:02 on 21 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Do yourself a favour. Avoid at all cost. Absolutely the worst customer service ever.

  • neutral

    by ee call centre worker at 21:58 on 20 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    I am a call centre worker who work in ee new join team this comment is not ee in a good light I here to reveled every thing.

    We do I begin I work them job until I find something better cause my first day on the phone I almost quit the job I have work other call centres which were better ee use 8 systems to make broadband and landline order which I think is wrong , all people working in ee new join campaign  are temps and they keep losing people cause of poor training and not told how order has messed up were are told lie so there is not a lot experience advisor that you get other call centres I have a friend who works for mobile call centre he been there for 3 years and was very helpful to anyone but at ee there none it very had to get help if you have no idea what going on with an order.

    Here two big thing I hate my job number 1 and some people won't like this mangers don't do call backs in my 24 weeks here I only seen one manger do a callback and rest of them are lazy f##ks

    Number 2 which big fact have every tried to call our team at night past 6pm waited for around 30 mins reason why is there only about 15 to 25 put in for late shift I think  if a campaign get high volume of calls at night and less during the day you would get more people to work on a late shift , here a example from another friend who works for mobile customers care not ee there late shifts there are 50 plus people there until the line close for the night.

    I hate to say it I use to work in lot of different call centres with different companies and they would improve there campaign this ee new join does nothing to improve itself . I got less stressed in sales now and I don't know if you can on this ask questions if you please do ask . Also to the moderator of this site I don't know if this comment can stay since it isn't a review but it is inside knowledge from one of the ee workers.

    Also saying you are loyal mobile customer doesn't help in any way cause

  • unhappy

    by Sam at 12:40 on 18 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Disgraceful, incompetent completely unsympathetic and unreliable customer service! Worst customer service in my experience of 25 years! Would never go with them again. Customer care definitely not one of their concerns. You are treated as a number, not a customer.

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