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  • neutral

    by Ashley Cassidy at 4:53 on 13 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    DO NOT GET EE INTERNET. Terrible for watching videos and gaming. It's like travelling back in time to the dial-up era, truly unacceptable.

  • unhappy

    by Debby at 10:17 on 10 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    I cancelled EE broadband and phone due to losing connection constantly. I rang then spoke to an adviser who was not helpful, I decided to change to BT, who were going to sort out the change over, this did not happen according to EE, they have been billing me for a service I have not used. Rang them again to find I have to give them a further 14 days notice and will be charged £29 for the disconnection fee because BT didn't request the PAC code. the service is shocking and the customer service is appalling. BEAWARE

  • unhappy

    by micron12 at 14:41 on 9 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Another EE Trick,my broadband should have been activated on 19th Feb but due to some issue on EE they changed it to 27th.On 27th line got activated but no Active internet connection was there.Talked with so many in technical department.,...none capable of solving the issue ,thus escalted the case.Finally the line was activated only on March 6th ,without the Router being sent by EE.On 8th march called EE retention team,argued and finally the guys said if you havent received the router ...so i can cancel my order.He promised me that my order is being cancelled on 8th march ,but again he played a trick with us.Today i called and found that the guy has placed the order for my Router and hadnt cancelled my order.I havent received my router yet.
    Very bad Team in all,if we argue they try to avoid and just put the call on hold indefinitly.
    Now iam trying to cancel but again the retention team being rude saying i have to Pay £95 pound:(
    Please avoid EE if you could at any cost & their traffic managementt is worse

  • unhappy

    by Neb at 11:52 on 6 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Just arrived in London and was lazy finding a broadband operator. Now I regret not taking the time to look up on the internet for comparison. And since I am stuck with them for 2 years the least I could do was warn you against this lazier than I am provider. Should you get any issue, do not even bother calling the CS, the only thing you will achieve is get even more pissed than you were before the call. They cannot do anything: do a gesture of goodwill, pass you to a manager, help you... They will only say they are sorry which is fine, but is not the reason you called in the first place. Hope I'll get my broadband connection one day... you certainly will before me.

  • neutral

    by Tony at 15:40 on 5 Mar 2015 Report abuse

    Slow broadband and very poor customer service. I have just terminated my contract and gone to another provider. Anything must be better than EE.

  • neutral

    by Sandeep at 15:35 on 27 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    PATHETIC, Avoid it, worst service you can get. Ordered a house move request, 15 days and engineer visit is done and still no sign of Broadband. I have spent hours on costly PHONE CALLS. You will reach customer care in 30 min waiting time and then customer care people will transfer your calls 5-6 times and in end some one will hang up. FRUSTRATED !! .... Please avoid. I will now have break contract and pay 100£ and shift to perhaps Virgin or someone else.

  • unhappy

    by Nick Chinn at 21:40 on 26 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    EE is simple appaling! The product was completely mis-sold, with installation timescales promised that it later transpired were known to be incorrect. Customer service is extremely bad. I strongly advise everyone to steer clear...

  • unhappy

    by Mikey at 14:53 on 24 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Possibly the WORST customer services I have ever encountered together with the worst service - DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR LINE RENTAL UPFRONT - I MADE THAT MISTAKE, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. YOU WILL BE FAR FAR BETTER OFF IN THE LONG RUN. I'm currently in dispute with them and am using the Ofcom ombudsman service -CISAS- but they (EE) even appear to be ignoring them. Dreadful Dreadful service.

  • unhappy

    by vicky at 20:06 on 19 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    ee have terrible customer service i asked for highest speed to find out after a week of been with them they put me on a 40mbps instead of 76mbps the kept tell me i was getting 66mbps and im trying to tell them im not they gave me tv with no extra charge and told me i could have this because i was taking a fibre package then yesterday rang them to up my package got shouted at but a member of ee staff and got told because i didnt have ee mobile i shouldnt have ee tv then he abruptly hung up on me the today i got told told i could have the box they then reduced me to tears because they are now confusing me i made it quite clear i wasnt on ee mobile and asked from the start for the fastest broadband im not one for crying it takes alot but ee have succeed well done ee

  • unhappy

    by dave at 15:51 on 18 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    I was with EE for one month,cancelled the service after 10 days using broadband and phone,getting phone calls all day long from spammers from India,the broadband was not very good either,spoke to customer services to cancel and they said i had to pay £116 to cancel plus £30 pounds fee,then had a letter from them saying there was no cancellation fee,spoke to customer services and they were very rude to me,and said you will pay them fees,I said i am not arguing with you and told her to cancel,I would advise people to check the terms with EE as they tell you one thing then another,would not recommend EE for anything..Very bad service from them,Now back with sky...much better customers services and broadband,be warned EE is not very good

  • unhappy

    by Petee at 20:45 on 13 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    EE are by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Their staff are not English speakers and they fob you off. I have more hours on hold than it would take to fly to Florida this week and still the slowest broadband on earth. What the hell am I paying for? If you change to these thieves you are a halfwit. You have been warned.

  • unhappy

    by Trish Stevens at 18:56 on 13 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    I went into an EE shop to look at phones. Ha, someone recommended them. My old phone was Orange anyway. I was asked would I like get a cheaper phone service. They mentioned a great price. Too cheap to refuse. I had the same connection problems that everyone else is talking about. But on the whole not quite as bad. The bill was low for the first month, but is creeping up each month, but it's still cheaper than the old company. My main problem at the moment is that they won't send me statements, and I can't get on line. When I call CS, as the other people describe, you are on hold for hours, or you hang up, or they cut you off. I have been trying for nearly a week to check my latest statement, but can't get on. It says it's the em listed on the card they gave me at registration. It doesn't work. When I do get through to CS, they have me try this, and that, then ask me to put in codes so that they can take charge of my computer to help me log on. One man was so rude he said I was not listening to him, and not doing it right. They help me to get on, then the next month it happens all over again. I am not stupid, I have not had any trouble with any other company that I have to sign it to. Also my internet does keep cutting off, I thought it was my new computer with windows 8. Which I hate, but now realise that it probably is the internet. Good job I didn't thow it out the window as I have felt like doing, as it's also doing it with the old one anyway.
    I have to go through to next August to get out of this contract.
    DO NOT SIGN UP FOR EE. I have heard that BT are going to take it over, it can't happen too soon for me.

  • unhappy

    by ah at 9:21 on 11 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Absolutely awful, avoid at all costs. Clearly stated that we wanted to keep our existing landline phone number, they totally disregarded this and changed it anyway. Our service was due to go live on Jan 26 2015, only now on Feb 11 are we able to use our landline and broadband.

    Big mistake moving from Sky, I'll be switching back in 12 months time and I'm also taking my mobile phone away from EE at the end of May.


  • neutral

    by Shahan at 10:29 on 10 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    Based on the experience I've had recently with EE I wouldn't recommend them at all. Their broadband customer service is more than useless, they don't listen to what you've got to say and never give a straight answer.

    I even had a first line support personnel factory reset my router without asking me if it was OK to do.

    I am trying to sort out an issue and despite 2 visits from BT wholesale engineers nothing has been resolved and then I was told that my new router that they were supposed to send out "got stuck in the back end."

    You'll need anger management after speaking with their support staff.

  • unhappy

    by Ang at 11:10 on 5 Feb 2015 Report abuse

    I have been trying to leave EE for several months, will not give me my code to leave. Have been frustrated to distraction with their inability to be honest with you and avoid at all costs to let you go to another supplier. The last time I complained about the poor internet speed and connections they eventually agreed to proceed to improve the service without a new contract. No improvement, so when I asked for the leaving code they said there would be a £75 charge as my contract doesn't end until Sept, but if I let them 30 days to investigate and a fault was found I could leave without charge. He said he would put me through to the technicians I was left on the line, nobody came. They just are professionals at stalling you and it is like getting blood from a stone to get the Mac code off of them. Be warned don't go there !

  • unhappy

    by Kaya at 12:21 on 30 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    This company makes my blood boil, I set up a contract with them in December to supply broadband to my new address. They told me about this amazing deal of paying only £1.99 a month and paid all my landline bill upfront. They told me by January 12th the internet will go live and on the 15th January the line will be installed. There was a phone number on the contract that said I can call them if I wanted to keep my landline number of the previous address, I called them everything seemed to go smoothly and they told me not to cancel the broadband and landline with the current providers to transfer the number.

    Comes 12th January I didn't receive any notification of internet going live. I called them using my 3 phone as I had no landline and spent £10 calling credit and got nowhere with the customer service. Then I had to take a bus and go to the EE shop I first got the contract, all they did to help me was to get me on the phone using their store mobile to their customer service. There I spent 2 hours on the phone with customer service to only find out that my order was cancelled, WITHOUT ANYONE TELLING ME.

    By this point I was EXTREMELY angry, they gave me another landline instalment date and that the broadband will be live on the 28th January. I had to accept as a family of 6 we urgently needed internet for school and university. 2 days before the activation date an engineer came to install the landline, who was very unproffesional by swearing several times in front young children in the house and throwing his tools onto the new wooden flooring which in several places it has caused damage.

    Anyway this was overlooked for the internet to come back. Now on the 28th January again I set up the router and there is no internet. I call up their customer service to find out that the date it will go live is on the 4th February. UNBELIEVABLE!! I asked to speak with a manager and they left me on the line for an hour and a half without anyone answering so I eventually hang up as I spent the whole night trying to get them to tell why they lied to me.

    Now I also found out that they haven't even transferred my old landlines number nor cancelled my service in the previous address. That means I have paid £35 for January for nothing as they continued and I paid service for an empty property.

    This is absolutely horrendous, never experienced such ignorance and disrespect toward a PAYING customer. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED WITH EE. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR PROVIDING SUCH ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH SERVICE!!

  • unhappy

    by PB at 14:48 on 28 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Connection fails daily
    Indian call centre for technical can't understand
    Allow 30 minutes plus if you want to speak to them
    Make it impossible to grange supplier and get refund even after only 2 weeks of service
    Don't expect to get your problems resolved

  • unhappy

    by Stan at 17:20 on 24 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    After 10 years of shoddy speed internet, terrible customer service and average prices I finally decided to call in to get a MAC code to transfer away.

    I spent 55 minutes on the phone to Orange (EE) before they'd agree to let me leave their broadband service. I was put through to their retention department without my permission where I had to say no 5 different times, in 5 different ways to a rude, overselling staff member.

    In the end the ONLY thing that stopped her fighting me on my opinion and what I wanted out of MY broad band service was that I told her I don't believe in companies that go "Oh you're leaving? Here's a better service to keep you interested" because I believe it should be the best service you can offer from day 1. That is the ONLY thing that stopped her arguing with me, and agree to give me a MAC code.

    Will not even reconsider them if I switch again.

  • unhappy

    by pek at 17:11 on 24 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    OMG!! I wish I had read all these reviews before locking myself into a contract with EE. I have spent nearly every day for a week trying to get through to the Customer Service/techinical support to sort out my rubbish phone line and no internet. They pass you from department to department and then the line gets cut off. So after that I have no choice but to redial and be held endlessly on the queue again. Worst service i have every had in my whole life and I am not joking when I say this. DO NOT take up EE whatever 'offers' they might tempt you with. You will just be throwing your money away.

  • unhappy

    by Donna at 15:53 on 23 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    I have have 2 mobile phones and have been a customer since 2009. I have ee broadband and home phone at my home since April 2014 paid upfront for the year. and a 2nd broadband and phone at my office since August 2014 On 15th January I called and explained to both Shannon & Samantha that my office was closing on 23rd January and asked if I could have the phone line moved to my home. I was advised that as I already have an EE line I cannot move it here so the option would be to cancel. I asked what the costs of cancellation would be and was tol £26...something. she advised me to call back on the day. Today I called and after 40 minutes the phone was answered by JOrdan in cancellations who advised me the same only he told me that the costs would be £97. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he refused, he was very rude. He placed me on hold for a further 10 minutes and I did not wish to wait any longer so I hung up and redialed. I asked the person who answered if I could speak to a supervisor and was passed to Joshua. After the was I was treated by Jordan I had decided to record this call and informed Joshua of this right away. I explained to him again the situation and I asked would it be better if I cancelled my home account as I have already paid this upfront and the contract is up in April and move the other to my home and this is when he told me that I started up a new contract for my home account on 8th August. This is absolutely not at all true...I did not at any point start a new contact for my home account...what did happen at this time however was I had made a complaint about being missold my office braodband and as a "gesture" Sarah Wright on 23rd of July had changed my package and then on 8th reverted it back..she had never at any point advised me that I was entering into any new contract and i never agreed to any such thing. I had emails between myself and Ms Wright as proof which I can forward. The fact is I only have 1 property. I would happily keep paying as I am and have 2 lines but you will not allow it so I need to cancel 1...My contract as far as I know runs out in April for 1 account and i'm paid upfront so this would be the preferable one to cancel and I am happy to pay the £27 I was quoted on 15th January. I am now taking advice as this is unacceptable.

  • unhappy

    by vincent at 22:51 on 21 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Absolutely disgusting behaviour from customer services. Typical overseas useless staff. Slow broadband speed and connection. Once they get you in a contract they don't have any after care service!

  • unhappy

    by mr.s at 15:16 on 15 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Ee from the get go, mislead to get a contract signed then deny all knowledge, then fit broadband in the wrong room and tel you it will cost 80 pound extra to have it in the right room, then take payments out early and cause bank charges and the Internet connection is very poor. NEVER in my life would I wish an ee contract upon anyone! SHOCKlNG company!

  • unhappy

    by kevin at 23:29 on 12 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Stay away from EE. Useless customer services and a bunch of idiots.

  • unhappy

    by Ian at 21:08 on 8 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    I wish I had seen these posts before signing up to EE broadband. I received a letter from the broadband team with an activation date of 8th January. Sure enough, the day came and my phone line was dead at 9.30. Five hours later the phone came back on, but no broadband. Called customer service who said that broadband won't be activated until 15th. So I will be without internet for at least a week! They promised to do all the work transferring the line from previous provider, so how difficult is it to schedule the work so that line and broadband are switched on the same day?

  • unhappy

    by Maria at 16:52 on 6 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    Strange! I have had exactly the same problem as the previous poster; I paid a year's line rental in advance but they didn't credit me with the discount until 3 months later. I think it is a scam whereby they stagger your account so that you have to stay with them past your agreed 12 month contract in order to get the benefit. #sleazy

  • unhappy

    by Sparklequeen at 21:02 on 2 Jan 2015 Report abuse

    I used to have Orange which was a fantastic service, no complaints at all. Since it merged and changed to EE I've had nothing but trouble and the last three months, December in particular it has been atrocious! the line keeps dropping,, it's the second router I've had in a year! I can't believe how many times they asked me to log into broadband again I literally feel like banging my head against my desk! And the Indian call centre I've had to ring several times I had to ask the poor man several times to repeat himself as THEIR line was so crackly and vague! It's soooo frustrating, this is apparently because they use a joint line with a couple of other providers and so they have to put caps on usage. I have today signed up to another provider who have their own lines and I've had loads of recommendations from friends and family, I hope to God it's better! I don't think it can be any worse!

  • unhappy

    by jeanette at 21:18 on 23 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Signed up with EE ,three months now, told at time pay £132 in advance for linerental would only be paying £2.50 a month, I paid in cash to the assistant in the store,check my bank details taken out £8.25, goes to the shop told no proof I paid no reciet, told have pay £18, a month because they can't find out until assistant who served me back in the shop three days time, trying to tell me they dont accept cash for advance linerental, like im lying! see what happens, won't be dropping with this company at all.

  • unhappy

    by Rob at 11:09 on 15 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Awful service constanly dropping speeds unable to load simple web pages or stream Movies, Patronising Indian tech advisers with little or no knowledge of anything they talk about, They do not listen to what you are saying and constany talk over you.
    3 months of this unstable service had to pay £130 to cancel early so I could go back to sky Broadband.
    EE Broadband is cheap for a reason because it does not work properly! AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  • happy

    by Sarah at 10:12 on 15 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    After reading all the negative reviews on this website about EE, I was a little worried as I ordered the standard broadband package without any research (silly me!). However shortly after the order, I was sent an email and a letter with the estimated date my internet would go live. The router arrived 2 days before the estimated completion date. 2 days later, I received a text that my broadband was live - as promised. I may be one of the few that did not have any problems with EE (yet!). The estimated speed was 10mb to 19mb and with a quick speedtest last night it told me I was on 16mb which was more than I expected.

    They did however forget to deduct the discount on my first bill as it should only come up to £2.50 a month. I have called them up and was told that in the following month twice the discount will be deducted and the rest of the months should be deducted accordingly.

    Other than the little blip in the billing side, everything went well. They could improve with being able to answer account queries on the live chat system and I reckon it would be perfect after that.

  • unhappy

    by Les at 8:35 on 13 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    I've been with this broadband account since it was Freeserve back in 2000. Then it become Orange , now EE. That's when my problems started . I'm paying for 18mb , but actually getting 0.23 ! Can't download anything , takes forever to up load even a photo , it's like going back to the days of dial up ! Been in contact with Tech , and was instructed to unscrew the main phone box and plug the router directly into the line . Then give it 24 hrs and my download what improve. Guess what ? 24 hrs later ....no change . Just a crock of s**t to get you off the line. Have told them politely that after 14 yrs I've lost confidence and will change provider . They are begrudgingly sending me a Mac code as apparently I need this to change . And it will take about 5 days to arrive . Why it can't be emailed defeats me.

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