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  • unhappy

    by Debbie at 12:55 on 29 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    So pleased to read all these problems I'm having other customers are also having ,don't even get me started on technical support ,,I spend hours a day trying to sort my slow and then none existing broadband out..to keep being told over and over again it's my iPad, strange though never happened with my old supplier ,,as far as I'm concerned orange are thieves,they take your money each month and do not supply the broadband promised,,the salesman from orange insured me fast reliable broadband ,,it was one big lie ,,stay well clean ,,can not wait to change my supplier and be able to enjoy using the internet again

  • neutral

    by Mark Gavin at 16:24 on 25 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    Well what can i say, like other EE customers on here. I can only describe the service as appalling, No words can describe the frustration of trying to get an issue resolved with customer/Technical service. I can not recommend this company to my worst enemy. from the slow broadband / dropping out to non existent customer service, Cant wait for my contract to run out to get a decent broadband provider. i have slow/ dropping broadband connection, not what i signed up for, literally less than 1mb speed. after 10 phone calls 5 of them to tech dept (which btw is in India and you can not understand a word they are saying, no bias just can't understand their English) 5 to customer/ complaint department and i am still no nearer to resolving my problem. I did get help from a guy called Richard in the tv dept who understood my frustrations, but he could not help me resolve the problem because he said his hands were tied.

    If anyone signs up to EE broadband because its cheap or the cheapest. be WARNED of their total incompetence if you have a problem, Frustration is not the word. I just want to warn others of their extremely poor customer service from long waiting times on the phone to being cut off half way through conversations ( 3 times) to techies that you can not even understand. Overall a very poor company and this will be my first and last time with them.. 0 / 10 for customer satisfaction

  • unhappy

    by Hannah at 11:16 on 24 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    I don't even know how to put my experience with EE and their customer service into words.

    I cannot for the life of me recall how many times I've had to call them over the same issue.

    For your own sanity, AVOID!!!

    Do not get sucked in by their supposedly low prices.

    You are not getting a bargain as you will be getting unbearably slow speeds for what you are paying. You will also be making up for it in time, frustration and anger.

  • neutral

    by john smith at 13:12 on 15 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    The most awful broadband provider ever!! Shoddy customer service and technical dept useless if u can understand them. And they have a cheek to say they are fast and reliable how ofcom allows these jokers to run a business is beyond me!!

  • neutral

    by David at 19:48 on 11 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    Having been a customer of Orange since there inception and never had a problem with service or their amazing customer service, since the merger or whatever it is with EE it has ALL gone horribly wrong.

    Both Mobile and Home Broadband provision customer call centre staff dont appear to know what they are doing and cant understand half of what you say. Managers of technical support that give you a customer complaint ref number for them to never make contact with you again because the one call they obviously feel obliged to make is sufficient for their records even though the reason I couldnt talk right at that moment was... oh yes I was working!!!!!

    My issues with EE???

    3 months + of intermittent slow and completely non existent internet access. Tech support have tried the old 'Oh its the line, you need to get in touch with your telephone provider'. RUBBISH!
    It has nothing to do with that at all.
    My landline is fine, noise free and thus has nothing to do with the service that you are NOT providing!

    And good god, if I'm asked to turn my router off and on again once more!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr
    I feel like I'm on the set of the IT crowd. This approach seems to be the only technical prowess this company possess.
    Three months of crap service no offers of compensation.
    Well EE its all coming out on here now and to anyone with the slightest idea of signing up to EE home broadband, DONT DO IT, YOU'LL REGRET IT.

    And whilst Im ranting their mobile provision has sucked since this EE merger too. Appauling 3G signal at present, and you want me to take up the limited 4G signal that you have???

    'You cannot be serious' to quote J McInrow

    We are the largest supplier of 4G? Well lets be relative to the coverage over the uk that you provide. That is only relative description to that of your competitors NOT the concept of idea that your network coverage covers large swathes of the UK. Because it doesnt!!!!!

    Good bye EE. With a tear in my eye for the good old concept of great service backed up by a fantastic team of uk customer service staff who would bend overr backwards for their customers Orange.

    EE stinks!!

  • neutral

    by kashmiri at 19:02 on 7 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    Well, I switched to EE from Plusnet when I moved houses and Plusnet did not want to offer me anything interesting. A £131 cashback offer from one of the cashback sites made the decision quick. Switchover done on time, albeit with four weeks' waiting for BT engineer's visit (world standard is 3-5 days, in some 3rd world countries they connect you the next day). Cashback received, happy :) But barely 5 months down the line I am fed up with unresponsive pages, blocked sites, throttled P2P traffic, and darn slow internet - max 11Mbps within the Greater London area! True, all providers do some traffic management on consumer broadband (if you don't like it take out a business package). But EEs level of throttling is unbelievable! Sometimes you just don't connect, or wait an hour for a photo to finish uploading! I am now moving back to Plusnet (with a £175 cashback!) - an EE guy called to ask me to stay, promising that they "will sort out all my issues within 30 days", but I am too old to fall for such a cheap marketing trick. Next week, gone EE, welcome back Plusnet!

  • unhappy

    by Philip Edwards at 10:58 on 7 Nov 2014 Report abuse

    Signed up for Mobile Broadband using an Osprey. Service is so intermittent its basically unusable. Contacted EE Technical Support and was raised to level 2 then level 3 as they agreed there was a connection/speed problem. Was advised they would call within a week. No call, so called them back, now they are saying its in hand but there is no time scale to getting the problem fixed, could take a year! but I can't cancel and have to continue paying £35 a month for a service we can't use.

  • neutral

    by Jason Wells at 14:58 on 30 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    Ok so I run a computer cpompany and did a terrible thing TRANSFERED TO EE so far from the get go it has been a sham to say the least, BAD CUSTOMERSERVICE is one thing but total INCOMPETANCE is something altogether worse!

    So I was with talk talk (no angels themselves) and went for EE to help reduce outgoings and low and beholdf no notification of an activation date! But BAM I come in to work and NO INTERNET, by this time the bloody router fromEE hadnt even turned up yet, so I ring CS and try to find out what the hell is goiong on, "your router could arrive anytime today sir" ok fair enough, but instead of waiting I decided to set up my own router with all the settings and but nada NOTHING! Ok have to wait maybe later in the day, then the router turns up so I set it all up STILL nothing after checking around in the settings on the EE router they have it set up for FIBRE OPTIC! lol My area isnt even fibre ready yet and there was never an option to select fibre when I signed up online, so again back tocustomer sewrvice and sure enough the order has been put through as fibre optic!!! I am told error on their part (obv) and they will push the activation through and will be ready by the end of the day/tomorrow! Came in next day and still nothing rang CS again and explained to the guy NOT HAPPY I want to speak to supervisor so he puts me on hold for 20 minuted then hangs up looool GREAT CS and then a few minutes ;later I get a text saying your phone will be activated on the 6/11/2014 a WEEK now without internet WTF EE get a grip

  • neutral

    by Jennie Sutton at 17:32 on 28 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    I have never, ever, been so frustrated by a complany as EE. The contact centre promised to provide a smooth re-connection from Tiscali on 6th October. This never happened. Apparently, ..'Openreach had seized my phone number' & the order was cancelled on 30th September. No-one told me this from EE. I had to find out by calling 6 days later when we had no landline nor internet/broadband connection. Since then I have regularly called EE and they have fed me downright lies. I'm so incredulous and yet it continues. I have just received a temporary tel number (yesterday) but outgoing calls only. I have spent hours on the phone. When you try to speak with the a contact centre person who you've spoken to previously, they will not let you do so. I don't know what to do. They should be accountable for the rubbish they claim. Yet, will this happen?

  • neutral

    by Michael at 21:52 on 26 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    Hmm where to start.
    I opted on 21st August 2014 to upgrade my Orange mobile as it was old and unreliable. EE shop stated that as I had a contract with Orange for mobile and broadband(thought they were the same) then I would need to start again with EE and they were "kind" enough to offer a mobile/home phone/broadband package at a lower cost than the original Orange mobile/broadband and BT home phone deal I was on. Problems started when EE "forgot" I was an existing BT customer and determined that I needed a new home phone number. I was unable to stop the process despite determined efforts, so EE's answer after the change was to cut me off and inform me that I couldn't open a new contarct for 30 days. I overcame that at the EE shop I started at, and all was set to get sorted - well I eventually got my phone live and then got my original number back - hooray for small mercies! Then started on the home broadband ... well all I can say is that I still have no broadband after several weeks. To his credit one of the EE shop managers gave me a demo wireless broadband unit to tide me over and a promise to credit £40 towards the £20 per month cost of having the service. Well as I write this I'm getting near the end of the credit (which incidentally they seemed to forget when it was not shown on the last bill) - and promised that they would apply for the credit to a higher authority - so no guarantee there then! I'm still making calls to EE's hateful support area - many depatments - residential, business, broadband, mobile, accounts, Tier 2 technical, Mumbai centre etc. Same questions same or similar answers - still no resolution on broadband. EE at one point denied I was a customer! I wish I wasn't!!!
    As I have signed up for a contract for broadband/home phone and mobile and they have only delivered on 2 out of 3 - I'm seriously thinking about declaring that they are in breach of their original contract to supply the services, and that I will cancel. Not sure if anyone has had the pleasure in going down this route - would be interested to know how they got on.
    ps Latest text from EE broadband states that they will contact me at the time slot agreed to discuss problem and to be by my PC - I didn't agree a date/time for a call!
    At least they thank me for my patience. If only they knew!!!

  • neutral

    by Matt at 13:17 on 26 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    EE customer service is abismal! Had to wait nearly 2 months for broadband to be installed. The first problem was due to EE not being able to transfer the number however I was not contacted to tell me this! The 10 working day connection period then had to be reset for installation as it was a new order. This happened again and I was the one who had to call. The staff had no power to do anything and put the phone down on me! I wanted to cancel but by now didn't want to waste time with waiting for further connection times The final issue was they inputted my name wrong which stills shows wrongly on my statement. Broadband is adequate if not a bit slow. Overall you get what you pay for.. its cheap for a reason.

  • neutral

    by Helen at 15:59 on 24 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    The whole EE broadband changeover has been extremely stressful. I would avoid at all costs and can not wait for my contract to end. I was told the changeover would be within hours, I was without broadband for 11 days! I have been billed incorrectly and everytime you need to call them you are on hold for ages trying to get through. I rang the customer services at 6.45 pm last Friday was on hold waiting to get through for an hour and 15 minutes then it just cut me off saying the office is now closed. Never had such a terrible experience with any other company. Filled a complaint which is supposed to be replied to within 72 hours. That was 8 days ago and not heard a thing!

  • neutral

    by Adr at 17:41 on 18 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    I changed from PlusNet to EE in June via Money Saving Expert (MSE) website to save money & the promise of a £120 Amazon voucher after 3 months. After providing the MAC code, changeover went smoothly for both Broadband & landline on the dates agreed. After the usual initial 5-7 days, broadband speed was same as PlusNet (which was same as BT which I had before that)- about 14-17Mb d/l + 1Mb u/l. EE has more bandwidth restrictions than PlusNet, so if you torrent, its after 1am for you!
    (Reading some of the other comments on here, I have read elsewhere that changing FROM Sky & Talktalk to ANY other provider can sometimes be problematic, but can't remember the techi reason why)

    Occasional (weekly) problems with unresponsive page requests (either nothing happens or new page appears after 5-10 seconds). Changed primary & secondary DNS server in router settings away from Orange to faster alternatives - Problem solved! (Namebench software gave results)

    EE charged me full price for 1st month instead of offer price, after several emails & phone calls - customer support they said they knew nothing about the discounted offer but after 30 minute phone calls & call backs from managers (which I recorded for training & security purposes!!) they agreed to sign me up for a new deal, which was cheaper than the original MSE deal & assured me that the Amazon voucher would still stand....Hmmmm....my 3 months are now up, so time to start chasing MSE/"Affiliate Window"/EE or whoever for it, I can't imagine it will just turn up!

    In summary, EE's reputation for c**p customer support still seems true. I came from PlusNet which is said to have some of the best.
    Speed & reliability 4.5 out of 5

  • neutral

    by Leon at 20:25 on 17 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    I have recently set up Mobile Broadband with EE (60 min's ago). During the call I was advised that I could get a 50% off my mobile phone. At the end of the call I had to get my details verified. But the verification person had no idea regarding the Mobile discounts. So I went online and tried to use the chat facility, but the person advised that they had no knowledge regarding this discount. I then phoned 150 and spoke to a young lady who had no knowledge regarding the 50% discount. Then she put me through to another lady who works for the Broadband department. She advised that due to her working on the inbound phone line she is unable to advise regarding the outbound deals which was made. This is all very strange as I would assume that should I call any department within EE they would have the required details to advise. The inbound person did say that the outbound staff may have different deals available. However, I am not sure why nobody knows the required information? I think I may cancel my Broadband contract as Virgin haven't caused me any problems in the 2 years+ which I have been with them. I'm not angry about EE's lack of service as it greatly highlights that they are very much an Arthur Daley establishment with no real solid continual customer service or any info regarding shared information.

  • neutral

    by Graham at 12:23 on 7 Oct 2014 Report abuse

    I've been trying to get a fibre connection issue resolved for 2 weeks. Daily calls to people who cannot communicate in English, 6 BT Openreach no shows, and one very big headache. Avoid EE as if your life depended on it.

  • unhappy

    by Eric Thomson at 13:54 on 30 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    I recently switched to EE and 3 weeks or so done the line I have cancelled my contract. The internet was only working about 40% of the time and issues with the phone line. Whilst I accept that problems occur with any operator, what was not acceptable was the 'service' that they provide - or complete lack of it! I made countless phone calls to their Indian call centre - most of the operators do not have an adequate grasp of the the English language and the line was so bad that most of the time I could barely hear what they were saying. I made about 10-15 calls to them and each time they went through the same process again and again and despite being told on more than one occasion that 'my next call would be to organise an engineer to come', they never followed that through. Even getting a refund for the downtime resulted in an argument and at no point in all the calls I made did anyone seem even slightly apologetic. The last call to the team dealing with cancellations was thankfully dealt with by a UK team in a speedy manner, although not much compensation for the 10+ hours spent on the phone trying to get it sorted. If you are looking for good customer service, you would be well advised to avoid these people as their technical team are utterly useless if you experience any issues with the line or connection.

  • unhappy

    by imz at 5:29 on 30 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    I had 1to1 , T-Mobile ,EE
    I tell you, that today I am going to change this s**t EE.
    The reason is - it's 5am and I have never had any " content
    Just wanted to watch porn...hmmm hmmm
    15 a month for 4g.....mmm.mmm.

  • neutral

    by K at 22:00 on 21 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    The worst experience ever. internet connection is very bad. I changed my broadband service now. if any body is thinking of joining EE please DO NOT.

  • neutral

    by D at 18:02 on 20 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    Dreadful, very slow speeds, drop outs and a customer service who simply have no idea. They are cheap because the service is cheap. Small tip....if you stand your ground and insist that they put you through the UK they will, its a struggle but they can put you through to a UK based adviser

  • neutral

    by Lord at 12:49 on 20 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    I have sign up with nasty people first email I received wrong phone number I called 4 times customer service person said they don't know what happen and transfer the call to another waiting for 55 minutes again said my refereance number not work he transfer again I am fed up I hang on like this I am calling every day my phone bill charged nothing had happen. I advice please do not sign up with ee at all.

  • neutral

    by Andy at 10:19 on 20 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    Signed up for 38mbs fibre optic broadband and after two months highest speed as been 10.5. EE sent a BT engineer who could not find a fault with the line. He tested his laptop via the Bright Box 2 and got 10mbs. The secong Bright Box two wa delivered and still only 10mbs. Had go through the same script for three weeks to get another engineer come out. Conclucsion Bright Box2 doesn't work and neither doe EE fault reporting service.

  • neutral

    by Ellie at 13:16 on 17 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    Shocking customer service, day 3 of trying to get my broadband set up. First advisor sounded like he hadn't a clue what he was doing. The second wrongly advised me on the connection. Two call backs i have been expecting neither actually been received. Costing stupid amounts on phone bills. Definitely wouldn't recommend ee at all. Perhaps try training your advisers. Your review page maybe wouldn't look so bad then. Very disappointed!

  • neutral

    by lorraine at 17:03 on 9 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    I have been with ee for almost a year now and still have problems with my landline,,,,just recently I have been getting calls in the early hrs of the morning so I called ee to help try and stop them!!!! well....I was on the phone for half an hour spoke to several non English speaking people who quite obviously couldn't understand a word I was saying, all i wanted was for then to block the calls but they didn't understand my request to the point he even asked me If I wanted caller id, I was so angry I have now swapped to a company the speaks the queens English and have some decent customer service skills so if any body is thinking of joining EE please DO NOT

  • neutral

    by K at 21:17 on 4 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    The worst experience ever. I could just about write this review as my internet connection is so bad! The worst customer service ever experienced. I am so unhappy with this company and they will not help one bit to make things right. I pay them every month and I can't even use my internet

  • neutral

    by Paul at 20:27 on 1 Sep 2014 Report abuse

    Absolutely awful customer service. They've messed up the broadband order over and over again and their technical team has lied to me on several occasions. The worst company I've ever had to deal with.

  • neutral

    by Jan at 16:02 on 30 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    I spend a couple of months in the UK at a time for business reasons, and need internet during that time. I got it through a dongle with a phone SIM in. 30 days cancellation, they said. The line was very good. I've previously used T-mobile and paid in advance with no problems.

    So 30 days before leaving the country, I called to give notice. The person on the other end the line switched me to a plan with 2 days cacellation instead, saying this was better, as I was not 100% certain which day I would be flying out.

    I was a bit suspecious of this, so checked with the local ee shop, who confirmed that this was indeed the case. 2 days cancellation.

    Of course, when the time came to leave the country, ee claimed to never have heard of the 2 day cancellation time, or have any record of our call. By now, I was out of the country. I called the local shop, who suddeny were exceptionally rude, as opposed to the friendly attitude when I was signing up, and hung up on me. Everyone at ee claims there is no other cancelllation policy than 30 days.

    Fun fact: While ee is claiming there is no record of the originall call to cancel 30 days before leaving the country, we only use ee for the internet. So we called them on an O2 phone. O2 does have a record of this call being made.

  • neutral

    by TerryB at 20:37 on 24 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    I was persuaded to move to EE fibre broadband as part of a phone upgrade. I should have left well alone. The package of up to 38mbps has not been fulfilled and rarely indeed do I receive anywhere near 32mbps. Mostly the tested speeds lie in the range of 11 to around 28mbps. I wasn't told that EE severely managed traffic, but these speeds are often outside the evening hours they impose this.
    I had absolutely none of this palaver from my previous provided and I wish I'd only stayed with them now as their speeds ranged from around 31 to 37mbps no matter what time of day I was on the net.

  • happy

    by Wanwan at 16:15 on 20 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    Just to say THANKS to all who took the time to write reviews regarding EE broadband, thanks to you guys i think i swerved a curveball! was about to leave fibre optic deal with BT a happy customer for 18 months, (i was only tempted because of the EE price plan) sometimes its not always worth forgoing customer service etc on a promise of a monetary saving. I caught out EE with their first lie due to an efficient and honest BT worker, EE told me they don't traffic manage, mt BT lady said they did, i called back and challenged Tony from EE who sheepishly admitted to it but qualified it by saying "its only for you, we manage the people who cane it.". Thankfully i managed to negotiate a better deal with BT and am really happy. {^_^}

  • neutral

    by Ben at 10:41 on 20 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    I didn't have any problem with mine. Everything has been done in time and works properly.
    Looking at the previous comment, hopefully for me everything is fine and I don't have to deal with their customer service.
    However I'm going to move into in a new house soon and I'm dreading moving the broadband there.

  • neutral

    by scott at 18:03 on 15 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    AVOID!!!!! signed up 12 days before leaving sky so thought i would have plenty of time for them to set it up how wrong was i long story short i have now been without broadband for 6 weeks no apology or contact from ee like i said avoid at all cost cheap prices for a cheap service

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