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  • neutral

    by TerryB at 20:37 on 24 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    I was persuaded to move to EE fibre broadband as part of a phone upgrade. I should have left well alone. The package of up to 38mbps has not been fulfilled and rarely indeed do I receive anywhere near 32mbps. Mostly the tested speeds lie in the range of 11 to around 28mbps. I wasn't told that EE severely managed traffic, but these speeds are often outside the evening hours they impose this.
    I had absolutely none of this palaver from my previous provided and I wish I'd only stayed with them now as their speeds ranged from around 31 to 37mbps no matter what time of day I was on the net.

  • happy

    by Wanwan at 16:15 on 20 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    Just to say THANKS to all who took the time to write reviews regarding EE broadband, thanks to you guys i think i swerved a curveball! was about to leave fibre optic deal with BT a happy customer for 18 months, (i was only tempted because of the EE price plan) sometimes its not always worth forgoing customer service etc on a promise of a monetary saving. I caught out EE with their first lie due to an efficient and honest BT worker, EE told me they don't traffic manage, mt BT lady said they did, i called back and challenged Tony from EE who sheepishly admitted to it but qualified it by saying "its only for you, we manage the people who cane it.". Thankfully i managed to negotiate a better deal with BT and am really happy. {^_^}

  • neutral

    by Ben at 10:41 on 20 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    I didn't have any problem with mine. Everything has been done in time and works properly.
    Looking at the previous comment, hopefully for me everything is fine and I don't have to deal with their customer service.
    However I'm going to move into in a new house soon and I'm dreading moving the broadband there.

  • neutral

    by scott at 18:03 on 15 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    AVOID!!!!! signed up 12 days before leaving sky so thought i would have plenty of time for them to set it up how wrong was i long story short i have now been without broadband for 6 weeks no apology or contact from ee like i said avoid at all cost cheap prices for a cheap service

  • unhappy

    by Steven Ketdee at 1:16 on 15 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    signed up and service went active on Aug 4. Knew there was a settling in time but DID NOT expect to get a d/l speed of only 0.21mbps Have made so many calls to Indian tech help centre. Am now having to reboot router every 30 mins yet they say there is no problem and also told, if I leave, not to expect refund of line rental paid upfront. Avoid this company at all costs.

  • neutral

    by M at 11:39 on 7 Aug 2014 Report abuse

    Got my mac address 23.07.14 and was going to shop around. Done nothing with it, so came home yesterday to find no broadband, and when i phoned ee, they said there had been a note put on that call to disconnect within 14 days. Idiots - acting illegally, spitefully and without my permission.

    Said get me reconnected. This was eventually speaking to an english person with no language barrier, which only took about 6 calls. She said we cant do that, but we can connect you as a new customer, for 3 months, and you can leave then. Said no forget.
    Then I said I have already paid you for a further months usage on 18th July, and she replied, yes, and we have requested the 18th august payment already on the 4th august. WHAT!!!!
    well you owe me money then, yes, we will take your £20.43 (that price cos I have been with freeserve/wanadoo/orange, and been too lazy to switch) and we will give you back £19.11 in September.
    I dont think so. Direct debit cancelled. and they can whistle for the £1.32, in fact I emailed [email protected] (big boss), to inform them they have acted illegally, have breached their contract to ME, and I shall be pursuing costs for loss of internet until PLUSNET -- British company, -- get me up and running.

  • neutral

    by Bossman at 9:38 on 30 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    EE is the worse network provider I have dealt with. My connection suddenly was slow and could use internet for almost a month. Been on the phone with EE basically every day to try and sort it out. I finally lost it and asked to cancel my broadband but a member of the cancellation team said ahe will put me on Fibre which will give me a better service. So they will have to transfer my plan to fibre which will take 2 weeks. The day came and still not working and still on the phone to them trying to sort it out. Called to cancel but I will have to pay for my remaining contract left which it's a big sum so have to stay with them to fix it. A month and almost a week without internet. Their customer service is very poor and don't have a clue about anything. Really disappointed in their service and wish wi could cancel it without paying for it. My advice to anyone wanting to join EE to think through very well or join a different provider because EE is stressfull to deal with. Feeling very angry.

  • neutral

    by Bob at 20:50 on 28 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    EE has to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. The incompetence, rudeness and level of apathy from Customer Services was unbelievable.

    I signed up for landline and fibre broadband deal, which was going to save me around £20 on my BT bills. In hindsight, I had a few misgivings about the customer services at the beginning as rep's, were having difficulty pulling up my details. However I let this go and the broadband was switched on when they told me and I was happy enough. There was fluctuation in speed to begin with, but this was to be expected whilst the service was settling in.......however a month later, the speeds are very slow, especially at peak times. I was trying to download some movies on a Friday night and instead of normal 1.5 Mb download speed, I was getting 2 - 10 kb.

    I was also told that my phone line would be activated up to 20 working days later, which it hadn't been. I called customer services as I hadn't heard anything, and was treated very rudely by staff, who left me on hold listening to blasting out pop songs, on a call I was being charged for. They told me they couldn't find my details and they wouldn't call me back as they weren't allowed. I called back a couple of days later and was again put on hold for ages as they still couldn't find my details. They said I had come through to the wrong department, even though there were no options to go through to any other from their website. It also turned out that the website was stating I had not yet been activated for the Fibre??? I then asked the rep to call me back and he was very rude and asked me if I wanted to sort it out or not!! On hold again, and then came back to say he was transferring me to Fibre dept. On hold for 5 minutes waiting to be put through and still nothing, so I hung up.

    I managed to find a free phone number from a different website and spoke to another rep, telling her my problems, saying that I would be looking to cancel if it wasn't sorted........she put me straight through to cancellations, without further questioning!! The cancellations operator then took my details, and asked me what was wrong, I was in the middle telling her I wanted to cancel because of all the bad service, when she interrupted me in the middle of a sentence by putting me on hold. Came back to me 2 minutes later telling me it had all been cancelled!! I couldn't believe they hadn't even tried to keep me as a customer, or remedy the problems, she just cancelled me there and then! I asked her about this and she just said 'you wanted to cancel, so I cancelled you??!'. I asked her what happened now, as I had been using Fibre for the last month. She said that it showed I hadn't been activated on their system, which is why she could just cancel me without any issues. She was about to hang up, when I asked her what I should do with the router I'd been sent - she said - 'oh yeah, just stick it in the post and hand it in to a shop' and then hung up????!!?!?!?!

    I then checked my EE online account and confirmed this was closed. However, I am still using Fibre broadband.......I also received a payment of £19.99 from Orange, which I believe was supposed to be credit for half price activation, however, there are no further bills owing (I think), as their systems were showing I hadn't been activated........

    Overall, I believe I've been receiving free Fibre for the last month, I've been paid £20 for the priviledge, and although I've cancelled, I am still getting a fibre service???????? Think I may just see how long before somebody somewhere realises.........

  • neutral

    by Donald at 13:38 on 27 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    I switched from a BT service to EE's Home Broadband after seeing a great deal online.

    Problem 1 - On my first bill I had been charged £5 more than the price stated in the deal. I had to call and get this fixed. They said this was because I did not have another EE service like mobile, however the original deal stated I did not have to be an EE customer already to get this deal.

    Problem 2 - I was also charged P&P of £6 for router, this was not made clear in the original offer. I just paid this anyway as I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of explaining this to their customer service folks.

    Problem 3 - On 19th & 20th July I had no service - the broadband wouldn't connect. I believe services were down for most of Scotland. No communication from EE online or via social media to explain problem or apologize.

    Overall, when the service worked, it has been OK, not any faster than my previous supplier. But the big let down is the reliability and customer service received - It's been totally crap. I will never use EE after this contract is out and I will be telling all my friends and family to avoid them for these reasons!

  • neutral

    by Rob Lepley at 16:04 on 25 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Just been into my local EE shop to try to donate my old mobiles to be recycled/for charity. The shop assistant was so horrendously rude and offhand I was gobsmacked. Told me I would have to wait half an hour so he could issue me with a receipt! I have been a customer of EE for ten years but will definitely be changing now to a service provider that employs staff with basic manners.

  • neutral

    by tim at 12:15 on 25 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    EE seems so cheap but in the end you pay more totally crap broadband so crap and slow

  • neutral

    by frank at 19:40 on 10 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    After a terrible experience using a tesco phone and broadband service( two weeks with no phone or broadband) a recent line breakdown uncovered that their technical support could only be contacted through the line which was down and they didn't reply to my emails, so very reluctantly I decided to search for a new provider. I had been using t-mobile for many years with no real problems, so EE must be the answer.
    The 8th of May was the changeover date, my old provider turned us off and we anxiously awaited our new service, next day still no service, then hours and hours of calls from a mobile to support staff that are completely ineffective. The major problem is that nobody can directly contact fortress openreach, they have to place an order which can take up to 12 days, the order is then rejected by bt and another 12 days starts, After 8 weeks I had a phone and broadband, ofcom, the ombudsman bt, downing street were all unable to sort things out. The worst thing was this was not my telephone number, my number which I use also for business had given a dead tone, couldn't be diverted, they advised that they had lost my number ?? and I wouldn't be able to get it back, when I requested compensation for loss of revenue, suddenly they can maybe get it back, I would know in 24hrs, over a week and they are still giving the same answer, meanwhile they are bankrupting me, Signs, stickers, stationery, internet,endless calls to customers and still we cant move on untill we get an answer, if we can survive.
    Think very carefully before moving, a small saving can turn into a horrendous cost, and they and bt really don't give a sh** anymore.

  • happy

    by Sam at 22:06 on 9 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    The brightbox came today, fast service just two days... impressed. Switched routers, set up was even easier than imagined. New router came pre-configured again impressed. Connected it all up and had two notebooks on line in 15 mins. Good data transfer speeds, better than the siemens, tomorrow I will check to see if I need to update the firmware.
    I'm on a standard broadband package and tested speed at a steady 54 to 72 mbit wireless connection between computer and router and steady 6 mbit ADSL connection speed.
    All meets my needs so far.
    Can't understand all the negative reviews.

  • unhappy

    by eeHead ache at 14:27 on 9 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    never ever go to EE, They will give you only s**t....

  • neutral

    by sercu at 20:32 on 7 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    never go for EE!! if you will for some reason- never pay them line rental in advance for full year even there will be a discount price- when their service will let you down for few times (as did to me) you will have no chance for internet provider changes as you will loose your line rental that has been paid plus early cancellation fee which will cost you more than staying with them to the end of it. They are advertising their internet as unlimited while they throttle the speed and almost completely blocking P2P! customer service is as bed as speed/reliability of their internet!
    avoid for all cost

  • neutral

    by Sam at 12:01 on 7 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Well, just took an hour to read these reviews, so here is my story. I joined Freeserve in 2000 (14 years ago !!) and have been a continuous customer since, freeserve, wannadoo, orange and finally EE. Apart from the horrendous Livebox my service has been uninterrupted all those years and all for just £10 month. I'm currently using a little siemens router recommended by Orange tech support who informed me that its the only one that really works. I have just ordered a brightbox 1 to give it a whirl and see if it works ahead of upgrading to fiber.

  • neutral

    by Kirsty at 6:53 on 7 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    There are no words in any human language that can properly describe the level of incompetence I have encountered with just trying to get broadband activated. It took them 11 weeks from the time I ordered...and of course they screwed up the billing. Can't tell you how many promises were broken (13 times they promised to call back and never did; also includes numerous promised dates it would go active and never did) - some of them direct lies just to get rid of me. They never kept proper notes, so I'd have to explain the whole story every time, they had no processes in place, their technical knowledge ranged from moderately abysmal to completely abysmal. Can honestly say they are the worst company I have ever dealt with (didn't think anyone could take the crown of British Gas, but these muppets have taken incompetence to a whole new level).

  • neutral

    by Adam at 18:43 on 5 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    The broadband internet speeds I am experiencing with ee are very similar to those in the mid 90's when I was on dial up. However, when I had dial up back then - at least once I was connected I knew I would stay connected for as long as I wanted. Now I have dropouts daily and I've had to purchase a mifi device to use when the brightbox decides it's not going to play. Customer service is absplutely useless. I can't understand what they are saying to me as their English is almost non existant and the call volume is so low I had to turn my electric fan off to hear them last time I called. Don't bother with them. Their only aim is to make money. They don't care for their customers whatsoever. If they did - why would they run a customer service centre like this?

  • neutral

    by Simon at 15:14 on 5 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Useless !!!! I placed an order on the 6th February and its now July and still don't have a functioning service. Customer service is atrocious - what a waste of time ! Don't even entertain the idea of using these Muppets.

  • neutral

    by Odette at 20:20 on 4 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    AVOID EE. Appalling customer service. I would not use EE again. I took advice well in advance of moving house about the options of transferring the service to my new address, transferring my current service back to my landlady and setting up fibre in my new house. Every piece of information I was given by phone was incorrect. This included how to transfer an account into a new name, the notice period required (I was told none several times but have now been charged both for 14 days and a disconnection fee). New contract was mis-sold both by price and coercion (customer service agent lied about price plan changes that were due the following day). When I finally cancelled everything and made a complaint the customer service team could be heard heckling and whooping in the background. Completely unethical business with no interest in customer satisfaction. Also takes 20 minutes to get through by phone and several of their advertised numbers are routinely cut off once you've got through if they are busy.

  • neutral

    by Not A Happy Puppy at 16:31 on 26 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    It's a piece of crap. Dont bother.

  • unhappy

    by navod at 14:44 on 23 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    I am not sure where to start, but here it goes anyway.

    I was a Virgin media customer (Happy one) and unfortunately they don't provide broadband to the place where I had to move. So I chose EE. Since I already have an Orange Phone I thought EE price plan looks better.

    Gave EE a call as soon as the previous tenant moved out (1 week before I moved in) and they came back to me saying there is an active line in my flat. So I talked to my agents and the previous tenant and both confirmed the line has been cancelled or at least asked to cancel the line.

    So I fixed a phone and to my surprise it was fully live, incoming and outgoing. Then I called BT to find who the service provider is and shockingly it was EE. So they could not recognise their own number. Next morning I called EE and they said the previous tenant did send a cancellation notice but they haven't taken any action to cancel the line. Therefore I had to waste one week of my time (Pathetic)

    So moving on to the next issue. They promised BB and Phone line on 20th June 2014 (end of the day). Still No landline and BB. So I called this morning and they said there's an engineer at the exchange (like right freakin' now) working hard to get my BB live. This made me laugh because the landline still doesn't work and the chap who was on the line was surprised to hear that because on their system it shows my landline is active. So then they logged another case to fix my landline.

    Now, EE why the hell would you send an engineer to fix my BB without fixing my Landline first? Are you that thick? Or are you lying to your customers? Your customer service is all over the place, none of them seem to know what they are on about. One guy is saying your landline is working the other one is saying they will send an openreach Engineer to fix it and at the same freakin time someone else is saying an engineer is at work to get my BB up. Sort yourself out first!

  • neutral

    by Amber at 11:27 on 21 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Never sign up for EE broadband, the worst internet ever, worst customer service and the worst company to dealt with. The speed is the lowest I have ever had, I called Technical Department after 30 min conversation he said he will call me back but he didin't get back to me. I emailed Executive Office to cover my cancellation fee which I received from SKY broadband because at store I was told they will cover any fees up to £100 now officer is refusing to to do that. Please don't waste your money and time with EE broadband.

  • neutral

    by colin at 17:02 on 20 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    2 year contract up so called to double check I could move without fear of costs. Chap was clearly not in the mood as I clearly told him I just stopped a t mobile phone account due being overcharged. Call ended on understanding current contract details would continue. Left it at that giving me options to consider possible change..2 weeks later broadband goes off with email saying its closed at my request. Apparently I told him im moving house? Nasty. So I called got india and he couldnt even get my number right. Then transferred to a tier 1 rep. She told me account closed. Will take 10 days to resolve. Tried to pass me to dept but they wouldnt lift phone! Then demanded cust care to complain. She called them then came back on to me and said....Because you have no account they wont deal with you...offcom here I come. I want that spitefull s##t dealt with

  • neutral

    by Alexander Ross at 20:31 on 18 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    When I signed up for EE Broadband and phone I was a little concerned after reading the bad reviews.I considered a few companies but after receiving a phone call from EE and told of the benefits on offer I decided to give them a try.It has now been two months since I was connected and I can honestly say I could not be more pleased with the service I received.Connection took place on the day stated and I was surprised just how good the broadband service I receive is.I would say it is as good as my last supplier and less than half the price I was paying before.Maybe not everyone has had such a good experience as I have had but I certainly am very happy with the service up to now,especially the amount of money I saved.A very happy customer.

  • unhappy

    by frank at 16:26 on 12 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    I decided to transfer my phone and broadband to EE, I was assured that this would all happen on the 8th May, my old supplier disconnected both line and broadband at 11am, it is now the 12th of June and I still have no line or broadband, hours of wasted calls from my mobile and emails to Ofcom (ombudsman unable to intervene before 8 weeks) chairwoman of BT, downing street, there appears to be no one who can actually make things happen, openreach's monopoly has a lot to answer for, if you could contact them. The loss my line has cost me dearly and I would hope that others may learn from my mistake and only transfer if there is no other choice. I was reluctant to do it because Tesco/Virgin had lost my line for 2 weeks on a transfer to them, when recently the line and broadband went down I tried to contact them only to find you could only ring support from their line which wasn't working and they never replied to my email. Dont transfer!!!!!

  • neutral

    by Henry at 20:16 on 10 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    This is totally a rubbish company. We signed on EE because we had a mobile contract with them. After signing on the service, the problems never stop. I don't want to complaint about the low speed because this might be because of the long distance from the exchange centre. However, it kept disconnecting from service. This time, it gone worse. The network has been disconnected for days. I called the customer service and they blamed the problem is on TB socket and asked me to open the TB socket. Nosense! Once they can't find a solution, they cut me off and change to another representative. I have been wasted nearly two hours to try to sort the problem out. In the end, I have to give up. One thing I am going to do is to sign a new, reliable provider and terminate the service with EE. It doesn't matter how much the cost is!

  • neutral

    by Nicky at 19:55 on 3 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Do not go there. Consistently the worst customer service I have encountered in my life. They are rude, blatantly lie, make promises they don't keep and clearly have no intenetion of keeping, keep you on hold for hours on end, repeatedly cut you off and fail to make records of your calls, so you are continually repeating yourself. I have wasted 5 hours today, speaking to at least 10 different people. They treat you like idiots and there is absolutley nothing you can do. I am normally a calm and laid back individual but am still seething at the lies and sheer incompetence I have been faced with today.
    Orange/EE mobile is equally is bad - avoid both at all costs!!!

  • neutral

    by Alan from middleton at 13:23 on 28 May 2014 Report abuse

    The worst broadband supplier known to man. Avoid at all costs.
    I signed up in late october,
    They got my first bit of internet working (slowly) last week in may.

    Been charged every month since november, and told im only entitled to 2 months free!

    Not to mention £60 connection fee they take out your bank with no warning months after signing on.

    To the ombudsman!

    Avoid avoid avoid

  • neutral

    by Jakub at 22:32 on 27 May 2014 Report abuse

    What a rubbish internet. You have 2 weeks to opt out when you sign up but it takes them 2 weeks to connect you so by the time you find out it's rubbish, you are tied up! I am tied up for a year and can't even play youtube videos. I will rather pay £70 penalty and get a sky again. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID !!!!!!!

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