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  • neutral

    by Adam at 18:43 on 5 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    The broadband internet speeds I am experiencing with ee are very similar to those in the mid 90's when I was on dial up. However, when I had dial up back then - at least once I was connected I knew I would stay connected for as long as I wanted. Now I have dropouts daily and I've had to purchase a mifi device to use when the brightbox decides it's not going to play. Customer service is absplutely useless. I can't understand what they are saying to me as their English is almost non existant and the call volume is so low I had to turn my electric fan off to hear them last time I called. Don't bother with them. Their only aim is to make money. They don't care for their customers whatsoever. If they did - why would they run a customer service centre like this?

  • neutral

    by Simon at 15:14 on 5 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    Useless !!!! I placed an order on the 6th February and its now July and still don't have a functioning service. Customer service is atrocious - what a waste of time ! Don't even entertain the idea of using these Muppets.

  • neutral

    by Odette at 20:20 on 4 Jul 2014 Report abuse

    AVOID EE. Appalling customer service. I would not use EE again. I took advice well in advance of moving house about the options of transferring the service to my new address, transferring my current service back to my landlady and setting up fibre in my new house. Every piece of information I was given by phone was incorrect. This included how to transfer an account into a new name, the notice period required (I was told none several times but have now been charged both for 14 days and a disconnection fee). New contract was mis-sold both by price and coercion (customer service agent lied about price plan changes that were due the following day). When I finally cancelled everything and made a complaint the customer service team could be heard heckling and whooping in the background. Completely unethical business with no interest in customer satisfaction. Also takes 20 minutes to get through by phone and several of their advertised numbers are routinely cut off once you've got through if they are busy.

  • neutral

    by Not A Happy Puppy at 16:31 on 26 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    It's a piece of crap. Dont bother.

  • unhappy

    by navod at 14:44 on 23 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    I am not sure where to start, but here it goes anyway.

    I was a Virgin media customer (Happy one) and unfortunately they don't provide broadband to the place where I had to move. So I chose EE. Since I already have an Orange Phone I thought EE price plan looks better.

    Gave EE a call as soon as the previous tenant moved out (1 week before I moved in) and they came back to me saying there is an active line in my flat. So I talked to my agents and the previous tenant and both confirmed the line has been cancelled or at least asked to cancel the line.

    So I fixed a phone and to my surprise it was fully live, incoming and outgoing. Then I called BT to find who the service provider is and shockingly it was EE. So they could not recognise their own number. Next morning I called EE and they said the previous tenant did send a cancellation notice but they haven't taken any action to cancel the line. Therefore I had to waste one week of my time (Pathetic)

    So moving on to the next issue. They promised BB and Phone line on 20th June 2014 (end of the day). Still No landline and BB. So I called this morning and they said there's an engineer at the exchange (like right freakin' now) working hard to get my BB live. This made me laugh because the landline still doesn't work and the chap who was on the line was surprised to hear that because on their system it shows my landline is active. So then they logged another case to fix my landline.

    Now, EE why the hell would you send an engineer to fix my BB without fixing my Landline first? Are you that thick? Or are you lying to your customers? Your customer service is all over the place, none of them seem to know what they are on about. One guy is saying your landline is working the other one is saying they will send an openreach Engineer to fix it and at the same freakin time someone else is saying an engineer is at work to get my BB up. Sort yourself out first!

  • neutral

    by Amber at 11:27 on 21 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Never sign up for EE broadband, the worst internet ever, worst customer service and the worst company to dealt with. The speed is the lowest I have ever had, I called Technical Department after 30 min conversation he said he will call me back but he didin't get back to me. I emailed Executive Office to cover my cancellation fee which I received from SKY broadband because at store I was told they will cover any fees up to £100 now officer is refusing to to do that. Please don't waste your money and time with EE broadband.

  • neutral

    by colin at 17:02 on 20 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    2 year contract up so called to double check I could move without fear of costs. Chap was clearly not in the mood as I clearly told him I just stopped a t mobile phone account due being overcharged. Call ended on understanding current contract details would continue. Left it at that giving me options to consider possible change..2 weeks later broadband goes off with email saying its closed at my request. Apparently I told him im moving house? Nasty. So I called got india and he couldnt even get my number right. Then transferred to a tier 1 rep. She told me account closed. Will take 10 days to resolve. Tried to pass me to dept but they wouldnt lift phone! Then demanded cust care to complain. She called them then came back on to me and said....Because you have no account they wont deal with you...offcom here I come. I want that spitefull s##t dealt with

  • neutral

    by Alexander Ross at 20:31 on 18 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    When I signed up for EE Broadband and phone I was a little concerned after reading the bad reviews.I considered a few companies but after receiving a phone call from EE and told of the benefits on offer I decided to give them a try.It has now been two months since I was connected and I can honestly say I could not be more pleased with the service I received.Connection took place on the day stated and I was surprised just how good the broadband service I receive is.I would say it is as good as my last supplier and less than half the price I was paying before.Maybe not everyone has had such a good experience as I have had but I certainly am very happy with the service up to now,especially the amount of money I saved.A very happy customer.

  • unhappy

    by frank at 16:26 on 12 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    I decided to transfer my phone and broadband to EE, I was assured that this would all happen on the 8th May, my old supplier disconnected both line and broadband at 11am, it is now the 12th of June and I still have no line or broadband, hours of wasted calls from my mobile and emails to Ofcom (ombudsman unable to intervene before 8 weeks) chairwoman of BT, downing street, there appears to be no one who can actually make things happen, openreach's monopoly has a lot to answer for, if you could contact them. The loss my line has cost me dearly and I would hope that others may learn from my mistake and only transfer if there is no other choice. I was reluctant to do it because Tesco/Virgin had lost my line for 2 weeks on a transfer to them, when recently the line and broadband went down I tried to contact them only to find you could only ring support from their line which wasn't working and they never replied to my email. Dont transfer!!!!!

  • neutral

    by Henry at 20:16 on 10 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    This is totally a rubbish company. We signed on EE because we had a mobile contract with them. After signing on the service, the problems never stop. I don't want to complaint about the low speed because this might be because of the long distance from the exchange centre. However, it kept disconnecting from service. This time, it gone worse. The network has been disconnected for days. I called the customer service and they blamed the problem is on TB socket and asked me to open the TB socket. Nosense! Once they can't find a solution, they cut me off and change to another representative. I have been wasted nearly two hours to try to sort the problem out. In the end, I have to give up. One thing I am going to do is to sign a new, reliable provider and terminate the service with EE. It doesn't matter how much the cost is!

  • neutral

    by Nicky at 19:55 on 3 Jun 2014 Report abuse

    Do not go there. Consistently the worst customer service I have encountered in my life. They are rude, blatantly lie, make promises they don't keep and clearly have no intenetion of keeping, keep you on hold for hours on end, repeatedly cut you off and fail to make records of your calls, so you are continually repeating yourself. I have wasted 5 hours today, speaking to at least 10 different people. They treat you like idiots and there is absolutley nothing you can do. I am normally a calm and laid back individual but am still seething at the lies and sheer incompetence I have been faced with today.
    Orange/EE mobile is equally is bad - avoid both at all costs!!!

  • neutral

    by Alan from middleton at 13:23 on 28 May 2014 Report abuse

    The worst broadband supplier known to man. Avoid at all costs.
    I signed up in late october,
    They got my first bit of internet working (slowly) last week in may.

    Been charged every month since november, and told im only entitled to 2 months free!

    Not to mention £60 connection fee they take out your bank with no warning months after signing on.

    To the ombudsman!

    Avoid avoid avoid

  • neutral

    by Jakub at 22:32 on 27 May 2014 Report abuse

    What a rubbish internet. You have 2 weeks to opt out when you sign up but it takes them 2 weeks to connect you so by the time you find out it's rubbish, you are tied up! I am tied up for a year and can't even play youtube videos. I will rather pay £70 penalty and get a sky again. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID !!!!!!!

  • neutral

    by Emma at 0:11 on 12 May 2014 Report abuse

    Ordered internet in July 2013 took over 2 months to install the line.. Ring to change my direct debit.. Wasnt able to do so.. Spoke to somebody else at EE a week later and they changed the date no problem.. April 2014 had a rather large amount taken out of my bank.. Check my statement and EE had taken £69.80 out of my account.. Have a look online and apparently ive had an engineer call out (nobody from EE had been to the property since end of Aug 2013)... Ring EE to find out what the hell is going on.. was told that id had another line installed..(very unlikely i live in a 1 bed flat why the hell would i need 2 lines.. i was also told i cant have the money put back into my bank i can only have an account credit.. Guy on the phone was one of the rudest people ive ever spoken to.. Asked to speak to a supervisor or a manager was told nobody was available and id have to wait 48hrs for a manager call back.. i told him this was not good enough and i wanted to speak to a manager immediately he then hung up on me... i will be visiting my local EE branch tomorrow and thats not resolved i will be going to trading standards stay well clear.. EE are an absolute joke!!!

  • unhappy

    by Devinder sehmbi at 11:53 on 19 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    I ordered EE fibrebraod band on 13th Feb 2014 and was given an activation date of 5th March. My existing broadband was deactivated on 4th March. On 6th March still no broadband - BT OpenReach had to do more work on the line, and the activation date would be reviewed on 14th March. 15th March still no BB and again given new date of 18th March. Called today, 19th March 2014, to be told that it would be reviewed on 24th March. I immediately cancelled the order. 30 secs after the call ended I received a text saying BB service would be activated 2nd April. During this time, I have been without any broadband connection. Sheer incompetence.
    Hopefully Virgin will be better

  • unhappy

    by Diane Woods at 22:03 on 14 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    EE are the most difficult company to make a complaint to. They are situated in India, you cannot hear anybody when they talk to you and they never rectify the problem. THAT THEIR INTERNET SPEED IS THE WORST EVER!!!

  • unhappy

    by Gerry at 18:32 on 6 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Customer service is hilariously bad and comparable to buses in the way that i was going live with broadband and phoneline on 20th jam, sornt the follwing weeks calling in to see why i hadnt reciebed router, finally recieved 4 ee routers on 19th february. They even took the direct debit for first months bill.
    Gaining quite a reputation round here. One bloke on our street was waiting 3 months for his phoneline after moving house with EE,
    The testimony of which i wouldnt be able to repeat here.
    Also i learned that EE is basically BT in disguise, as its all bt equipment and bt engineers, so if you had a shocking experience with the ignorance of bt and signed with EE to escape them, then im sorry, you've been had.

  • unhappy

    by Eric at 16:16 on 5 Mar 2014 Report abuse

    My advice is not to get involved with EE or Orange their customer service is dreadful and the way they behave as a company beggars belief. They make promises that they don't keep, they take money that they are not entitled to and seem to rely on dirty tactics to get their revenue rather than providing a service that is worth paying for. Don't go there, you will regret it.

  • unhappy

    by Maba at 21:18 on 27 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    them, but they never delivered the internet on time, as a matter of fact they never provided me internet. I cancelled the subscription, called them many times, but they never took the phone, or made me wait for hours then drop me after transferring me to several agents. They owe me 10 Pounds.

  • unhappy

    by ray at 17:16 on 23 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    EE has been nothing short of a disaster, broadband speeds advertised have no relation to what you get.
    The broadband speed varies to such a degree and is slow at best, the technical call centre are frustrating and poor, will never entertain EE again, stay well away.

  • unhappy

    by Duncan gray at 16:02 on 8 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    EE broadband!! Where do I start... Took out a contract last October when I transferred from Sky. I was promised 6-7 meg no problem. So I signed up to their 12 months at £2.50 per month for unlimited usage deal. No problems with connections, all went to plan. Starting using the broadband and tested the speed using Ookla. I was barely getting 3 meg. Rang to check why we were getting such a poor speed when promised double that. Response was that ee never guarantee a speed!! So basically I was miss sold the product. So on 3rd Jan this year I opened a miss sell case. Which takes 21 working days. Meanwhile I get my bills and find out they are charging me the full amount and not the promotion I signed up for. Rang back to complain and surprise surprise no record of me asking for that deal. So after many calls to complain they backed down and put me on the £2.50 monthly deal . On 2 nd of Feb I get the result of my miss sell enquiry, they couldn't find the records of me being offered 6-7 meg but as I was unhappy I could leave my contract early with no penalty. Hooray!!. Friday 7 th Feb I call EE to get my mac code to migrate to BT fibre. And told the young lady politely that EE were a shoddy company and would be happy to be leaving. I was told a mac code would be generated in 3-5 days. Goes back on the internet later in the evening. No service!! She had cut us off and the department was now closed. Called on Saturday morning 8th February and it was confirmed that she had wrongly and spitefully cut our broadband account off!! We are now without broadband until BT connect us on 21st Feb. Stay well clear. If I can stop one person making the same mistake as me, this rant will have been worth it!! Peace out........

  • unhappy

    by senthil at 13:24 on 4 Feb 2014 Report abuse

    Due to moving house, internet was transferred. But the service from EE is really bad. Nobody knows whats happening inside. Initially they me it will take 10 days, later when I wanted to check the progres , they said 5 days. and now it is 20 days. They dont have a clear information. Even earlier I had a similar experience when my broadband was very slow/ similar to not working.
    And no body reported the status, even though I asked to keep me informed.

  • unhappy

    by rich at 22:36 on 29 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    Broadband speed from EE is awful. Completely inconsistent, but regularly get extremely slow connection at peak evening periods.

    To add salt to the wound they seem to ACTIVELY throttle BBC iPlayer streaming traffic. This is essentially denial of service.

    I happily left BT for their utter ignorance about their prices and the fact they would not replace a faulty Homehub, but I wouldn't jump to EE in the future.

  • unhappy

    by Paul at 10:18 on 24 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    We have been with EE broadband for about 3 months now. What a joke had a problem on the first day and had to call and that is another story.

    We were promised speeds between 4 and 7mb but to keep the line stable we got down graded to 3mb. The best thing is while streaming half way through surprise nothing then comes the dial up moment buffering for the next 5 minutes. So I guess peak internet time is after 10 week days and start at 7am every day. Dam internet drops out all the time at any time I am sick of this, then you speak to someone in India who reads from a sheet telling me to do this do that. I have done this we not all idiots!

    We have had engineers out a number of times they test the line and it works great up to 3MB. My counting might be wrong but where the hell does 3 come between 4 and 7.

    If I were you I would pay extra for a better service stay far away. Now the hard work starts leaving without paying the £75 cancellation fee.

  • unhappy

    by willdone at 15:11 on 2 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    I wanted to become an EE customer almost three months ago and went to an EE shop. This happened after I moved into my new home with no previous contract. Pretty clean sheet to start with (you would hope).

    I bought the 30MB Fibre deal with All inclusive calls and extra mobile internet capacity for the mobile contract.

    They setup my mobile account without any problem. However, my fibre connection turned into a real nightmare.

    First, they gave me a date for an engineer visit two months after I purchased the deal. On the day of the engineer visit, nobody turned up and nobody bothered to call me.

    I called them after 6:30 pm (which was the time I was supposed to wait until the engineer comes) and they told me that I should call the next day to set up a new day. I was already frustrated that I didn't have any internet connection for two months and now I was going to wait even longer.

    Anyway, the next day they told me that the earliest the engineer can come was 2nd of January, 2014 (Today!!). I didn't do any holiday plans so that the internet can be setup as early as possible and accepted the date.

    Today, I gave a call to EE in the morning to see if everything was allright. They told me that the engineer is NOT booked for today and there is no record of any appointments being setup!!!

    After three months I am still without landline and home broadband and continue to use my neighbour's access (many thanks Gaurav!!).

    I cancelled my order and am looking for a new deal now. Not from EE!!!

    My mobile contract was going to benefit from an extra 20GB of internet data capacity due to fibre purchase and I am left with a mobile deal with less-than-enough data.

    The people working in the customer services were kind but didn't help at all to reduce my frustration.

    Sorry EE, but you need a lot of improvement to be customer-worthy.

  • unhappy

    by Rob Johnson at 15:30 on 15 Dec 2013 Report abuse

    EE replied massively defensively, justifying a rubbish service and dysfunctional response systems, to a complaint recently. They did not acknowledge shortcomings, or show any real determination whatsoever to address serious failings in their customer 'response' service. I would be disinclined to recommend them even to my worst enemy, so to speak, not that I have any! If they had at least acknowledged that they 'are wrong when they are wrong', instead of trying to defend the indefensible I would not have been inclined to register my feelings about the organisation here. They seem to be somehow 'quickly' becoming 'past-masters' at disenchanting their customers, including their very long-term ones. RJ

  • unhappy

    by antney at 17:28 on 24 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    I have been with EE for 7 months now and overall the internet is ok when its actually connected, when i first became a customer I pay £20 a month for fully unlimited internet and it started well i had internet for 2 weeks with no speed drops or any problems, but then the internet would drop out a few times a day then after a month it was dropping out every 2-3 days for an entire day this went on for 3 months during that time i phoned there customer service about 30 times and every time it was the same s**t connect to test socket reset router nothing ever helped then i noticed that everytime they did a line test it would regain connection until it dropped again so i had to phone them every time and go through the same s**t just for them to run a test to get it turned back on eventually the problem stopped about 4 months into the contract. Then 1 month ago i got a new bank card and the Direct debit was cancelled i tried to change the details but was unable to do so online so i phoned them up and they refused to help me there and said to go onto my account which never worked anyway after a few week of this my internet goes off and i phone them up to be told my account has been deleted??? due to unpaid bill despite having not missed a bill until then and the fact i tried multiple times to fix this with them they just wiped my account without a single word of notice absolutely no notice now i had to re register an account witch meant waiting another month to be switched back on only to get the same f**king problems i had with them the first time around and all they can do is tell me to do the same s**t every f**king time. If i could afford going elsewhere i would but to get the deal i have here anywhere else would cost me 40-50 £ a month and i cant afford that.

    If you can afford that then do EE's customer service is full of robots every single time they tell you the same s**t which does not help you and they don't seem concerned about the fact there customers are not getting any sort of service from there "customer service". If you can afford it avoid EE at all costs if your lucky you wont have a problem but when you do dont expect any help from them at all.

  • unhappy

    by erica at 16:01 on 5 Nov 2013 Report abuse

    Mis sold product, absolutely horrendous customer service, on hold for hours on a 50p a min line, contradictory info and rude attitude. Stay well clear. They lock you in and then refuse to co-op in any way.

  • unhappy

    by Mike at 21:15 on 23 Oct 2013 Report abuse

    Never even contemplate joining EE you will be so, so sorry there customer service is totally horrendous and there technical dept. is even worse as far as internet goes this is the bad boy of all companies.

  • happy

    by Chris at 13:00 on 23 Sep 2013 Report abuse

    Had to leave Virgin reluctantly having moved to a non cable area. Plumped for EE as £5 p/m discount for being Orange mobile customer and a whopping £120 cash back through the topcashback website plus half price for 3 months!

    Installation engineers were contractors and their attitude was appalling towards the BT engineer (yes three of them sorting out the new line etc). Got to the point where I had to step in and calm it down. EE don’t deal with complaints of this sort, just log it, apologise and forward it to BT. As a side the contractors also cocked up my TV signal having pulled the aerial lead in the wall somewhere when fitting the open reach box (which in itself is huge and sits a good 2.5/3 inches off the wall). Again EE will not deal with issues at installation as it is BT Openreach. The EE guy actually told me I’ll be on to a losing battle with them which was nice. What was nice though, having pointed out that my contract was with them, was the £50 credit to my account or the offer to invoice them the repair bill up to £50. As it was I took the credit and fixed it myself.

    Service itself is fast and as expected. Beware of EE’s broad band throttling policy mind which is not clearly stated (nearly all providers have some sort of throttling policy). At weekends and between 2030 and 2330 (peak times) downloading certain files from certain sites is restricted massively. There are work arounds to this if you know where to look mind. That said, for legit purposes EE prioritise gaming and video streaming so my 36Mb gives me a lower ping and better streaming service than my 60Mb virgin did.

    All in all and given the options available I’m happy and would recommend.

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