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  • unhappy

    by Jason Ireland at 18:12 on 18 Nov 2016 Report abuse

    SHAME ON YOU JOHN LEWIS having problems with no in coming/out going calls and no boardband still without services after 14 days call centre staff not interested in sorting out and as a diabetic was asked to send in medical records by call centre person to prove I was a type1 diabetic (I live in riral location with limited mobile coverage) not happy, go with a decent provided who values customers if you need a provider you values customers and takes ownership of problems please do not go with these people

  • unhappy

    by Maureen Connelly at 10:23 on 20 Sep 2016 Report abuse

    My internet is working, but not my landline! I tried to phone (from my mobile) but was told a 45 minute wait so I sent on online message (which they state will be replied to within 24 hours) on 9 September. Three messages later and still not able to get them on the phone have just made a formal complaint and informed them they are in breach of contract as they are not providing the service they contracted to and they are not responding to my problem. I have no phone line. As they are in breach of contract I am moving to another provider. Let's wait and see how they respond.

  • unhappy

    by Robert Turner at 17:49 on 23 Apr 2016 Report abuse

    Recently left Plusnet to join John Lewis Broadband; didn't know at the time they had a cosy relationship (same head office in Sheffield). My conditions on joining JL was that I must keep my phone number and that migration (from Plusnet to JL) had to be smooth and start when my contract with Plusnet ended, this to avoid paying cancellation penalties. Led to believe it would be smooth. On the day before my contract with Plusnet ended I got an email from John Lewis saying they had to cancel my contract and re-order it. The (timely) delay resulted in forking out £28.50 to Plusnet (for either breach of contract or going onto a rolling contract - I was never told which). Next, I got an email from JL saying they were increasing Line Rental by £2.00 per month - when the account was just two weeks old. Furious. The last paragraph in their email said I could cancel without penalty (with qualifications) so called customer services for clarity and confirmation. More mud. The advisor said there was no record of such email being sent (it was on my screen at the time yet he still denied it ?). Enough. Soon as I got off the phone I signed up with Post Office.
    To JL’s credit they have acknowledged my complaint(s) …. WOW. Something Orwelian there when they brag on their website ‘‘We are committed to offering the highest levels of service within our industry; therefore you can be assured that we take all customer issues seriously’’ I’m sure I’ve heard that before !!

  • unhappy

    by gail at 13:19 on 12 Feb 2016 Report abuse

    I would not have believed that any company could be this bad, let alone John Lewis. Dreadful customer service, incorrect bills every month, hours on hold having to listen to the worst loud on hold music on the planet. The whole thing is run by Plusnet and you are just paying twice as much for the John Lewis brand. But complain to John Lewis and they don't want to know - they just tell you to call the help line, which is actually plusnet. It's a complete con and an absolute disgrace. I have now left and gone over to the Phone Co-op who are great, but John Lewis are still demanding money I don't owe.

  • unhappy

    by Philip Barr at 12:02 on 31 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    Went to john Lewis because of good Which report on customer service but found that customer support was non existent.
    The y took my money but never connected me so after many emails and 11/2 months wait without being connected I went to Sky and am know having to fight to get my money refunded

  • unhappy

    by Emil at 20:12 on 29 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    The worst provider ever had, I've suspected that they are crab at the very beginning and tryed to break the contract within the cooling period however the hustlers managed to deley to discontinue the services and now I have to pay the early discontinue fees. AVOID, they are CRAP

  • unhappy

    by Sharon at 18:50 on 18 Dec 2015 Report abuse

    John Lewis broadband is shockingly bad. I spent 1 hour 45 mins waiting to speak to their tech team the other day. They connected me, conveniently, after the 14 day period during which I could cancel my contract - and now they tell me I have to pay a cancellation fee. They failed to call back when they agreed to, but did manage to take payment from my account 14 days before connecting me (connection doesn't work). Just avoid them.

  • unhappy

    by AL at 9:06 on 31 Dec 2014 Report abuse

    Avoid JLB like the plague. They messed up the order, didn't instil me with confidence, then became difficult to deal with when I cancelled during the cooling off period. Refused to acknowledge my cancellation request, wouldn't take it by email, I had to write and send a recorded letter.

    And even then, after all this, they were still trying to debit my bank and kept sending me demands. Luckily I had cancelled the DD or I would be pulling my hair out to try and get my money back.

    Really, use somebody else, I'm not someone with a grudge, just a normal person who had a very bad experience and doesn't want others to go through the same. I've dealt with a few broadband companies and before that dial up, they all have their problems but none like JLB.

  • neutral

    by Eric at 0:08 on 30 May 2014 Report abuse

    John Lewis were helpful at first and succeeded in moving my (40 year) old land-line number when other service providers insisted that I must have a new phone number. I was happy to pay a premium broadband price for a year's contract in thankful exchange for keeping my number.
    Now, a year later, I thought it would be easy to save over £100 per year by moving seamelessly from John Lewis to their service provider, Plusnet. How wrong I was. I placed an order with Plusnet and cancelled my direct debit to John Lewis to prevent any overpayments, and asked John Lewis for a final invoice to be sent for me to pay as soon as they knew the changeover date. However John Lewis have cut off my services insisting that I must make an overpayment. Now they are threatening to damage my credit rating. When I phone John Lewis I find that I always get a Plusnet employee, pretending to be John Lewis, who is very unhelpful and tries to bully me into overpaying. Plusnet have, of course taken the first month's payment for my new service but are not providing any service at all and say that I will never receive any service until I overpay John Lewis (alias Plusnet). What an unhelpful mess.

  • unhappy

    by Simon at 19:21 on 24 May 2014 Report abuse

    This company is truly shameful and i would stay far far away from their broadband service.

    I joined them on the 25th April and my activation date was 13th May, But on the 13th no bb so i contacted them and they said sorry it should be active by the 14th but that didn't happen so after a long time on the phone and a lot of messing about with routers and passwords they finally said they would send out an engineer the engineer never showed so JL (john Lewis) said they re-booked the engineer but again no show this happened 4 times and was escalated 3 times during that time, any company that escalates your problem more than once is not to be taken seriously. I phoned this JL up and canceled my account today due to the fact they are useless and have done nothing but waste my time i was in my 30day cancellation time by 1 day, but i cant seem to get any of my money back that they took up front. They are also sarcastic as soon as you request a cancellation.

  • unhappy

    by Redwardo at 16:44 on 18 Jan 2014 Report abuse

    Poor service and a bad attitude at times. It took nearly a month to get everything working. They just did not seem to understand what they were doing half the time. Will be switching at the first opportunity

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